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Take me now as Judge Jeanine Piero, co-host of The Five. Trump just told Fox News Digital that the guilty verdict, Judge Jeanine, is a scar on the New York justice system. He vowed to keep fighting. He maintained that the election will be the most important day in the history of our country. I want to give props to you, Judge, because when I thought I saw one or two jurors on that jury who, I don't know, seem to me a little bit skeptical of the whole process, you said to me, Don't bank on it. This is a New York jury, and those lawyers on the panel would have a lot of influence on the rest of the jurors. This is our area of expertise. Listen to that. But you were right, Judge, and your comment on what you saw today.


Well, it's a sad day. I think America went over a cliff today. I think the indictment alone, but now the conviction of a former President of the United States on two dead misdemeanors that were resurrected to life by a judge who was not taken out of the wheel, but literally picked out because of his anti-Trump bias. A case that was advanced before the election, as opposed to those defendants who were in jail waiting for trial, whose turn it is to go to trial. The fact that they had a magic show where they literally resurrected these misdemeanors and brought them to life through a felony that none of us knew anything about, with a judge saying you don't have to be unanimous on these specifics of whether it's a federal election campaign violation, a federal tax crime, or a bookkeeping crime. We'll never know which of those it was. Of course, they had no jurisdiction over those cases either, Laura, and I can go on and on. But this was a magic show where they basically said, But look over here, we've got Stormy Daniels. Isn't she interesting? And look over here, we have Michael Cohen, and he was convicted of a federal election campaign violation.


David Pecker, he had a non-prosecution with the federal election campaign people. And as a matter of law, Michael Cohen is aiding and abetting in the same allegations that are defend it. What the judge did, he gave the jury no choice, Laura. What he said was Michael Cohen was aiding and abetting in the same allegations that this president is charged with or this defendant. The jury did what they thought they were to do, and they brought back a verdict, which is not only a sad day, Laura, but what it does to me as someone who's done this for a living for 32 years, it reminds me of the power of indictment, the power of a prosecutor. When we have George Soros-funded prosecutors, and we have the Department of Justice of the Biden Administration dropping down prosecutors so that they can assist with local DAs, we've got a kangoo court. But make no mistake, I still believe in the system, Laura, because I came up with it. This case is riddled with reversible error, and it will be reversed, but after the election.


You can imagine, given how this has gone, I think people are wrong to assume, Judge, that they're not going to try to put Trump either behind bars or basically geo-fence him in so he can't really campaign, and he needs to ask permission every time he wants to do a rally. Then that permission is, Oh, I'll get back to you next week, or it'll be tough probation until November fifth. I don't put anything past them. You have more faith in the New York judicial system, perhaps, because you grew up in it when it was truly the great DAs, who had a storied history of taking down the real criminals in the city, not this nonsense with this novel application of the law. But I'm very concerned about this attempt to remove Trump from the campaign trail when he's cutting through with minority voters, especially in places like Chicago, Philly, and maybe even in LA, which I know the Trump campaign wants to do an event in.


Well, I think that, look, this judge has set July 11th as the sentencing date. The judge can do any one of a number of things, but this team will ask for bail, pending appeal. If it isn't granted, they'll go to the Appellate Division to get bail. This whole thing has been about locking Donald Trump down. Laura, you're a trial lawyer. You were. You and I both know that you don't let a jury go for seven days and say, Look, come back after you have a few barbecues over Memorial Day weekend. The whole intent was to keep Donald Trump locked down. I agree with you, they will do everything they can to stop him. But what they have done is they've awakened a sleeping giant. Everybody listens to all the indictments, not fair. They have convicted a former President of the United States and probable future President of 34 a felon. He's based on a porn, they call her a star, and a serial purger, Michael Cohen. He was a linchpin of this. If you ask an ordinary American, What did Donald Trump do? They won't be able to tell you. Our job right now is to continue to have faith and support this man as he goes forward because he's the strongest man I've ever met, Laura.


I'm going to repeat it, Judge. Don't get mad. Get motivated. Judge, great to see you as always.


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