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MINDFUL MINISODE: Breaking the Anxiety Cycle with Somatic Movement + Embodiment Practices

Get A Helmet

  • 10 days ago
  • 17:58

Our issues live in our tissues. Ever had a dance, a boogie, worked out, broke a sweat, done some breathwork and felt AH-MAY-ZING after? Or just a bit more like yourself?   On this episode we dive into things like:    Our beliefs live in our body. Why getting into the body is the quickest path to anxiety relief. The body's mind blowing ability to hold memories and how it communicates these to you. How embodiment practice has a powerful, longterm effect on your anxiety. Teasing out the myth that movements have to be large and intense to have an impact. Adding bodyfulness to the equation along with mindfulness.   HUGE thank you to all of you powerful humans who joined the 3 day workshop last week. It was more magical than I could’ve ever imagined.    You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere else you get your podcasts. The link to listen is also in my bio!    If you listen and enjoy it, give us a cute little rating and review and share the episode with a friend! We love to see it.   P.S. The even bigger news is that the doors to my 5 Week Online Immersion for anxiety and self worth are officially open again RIGHT NOW. And early bird pricing is running until 11:59pm EST Tuesday 2/16!    OUT OF FEAR, INTO THE BODY is my signature program and we kick things off next Monday 2/22. Follow the link below to sign up!   IG: @getahelmet_

MINDFUL MINISODE: Sneaky Ways Anxiety Is Holding You Back From Living Your Juiciest, Most Joy Filled Life

Get A Helmet

  • 17 days ago
  • 17:15

We are back with another potent minisode this week. This one is all about how anxiety, fear and low self worth truly just get in your way. You are here to live a fully expressed, authentic and vibrant life, my dear. Let’s kick anxiety to the curb, shall we?   On this episode we dive into things like:    🌱 How your anxiety tries to keep you small in body, mind and spirit and stops your authentic self from shining through. 🌱 Getting caught in the fear/panic loop and how to get out. 🌱 The reality that having anxiety does not mean it will control you forever. 🌱 How anxiety invites a deep surrender to those parts of life you can't control. 🌱 The difference between just getting through the day and living fully.   ALSO, if you happened to miss out on my big announcement last week… my totally free 3 day workshop, Alchemizing Anxiety into Empowerment starts on Wednesday February 10th! I will be teaching you how to break free from anxiety and low self worth. I would SO love to have you join in on the party. Head to the link in my bio to claim your spot!    Click the link below to register or head to and claim your spot!    IG: @getahelmet_

MINDFUL MINISODE: Why the Scariest Symptoms of Anxiety are Your Biggest Allies

Get A Helmet

  • 24 days ago
  • 15:49

The peace and calm you seek lies in the full allowing of the scary physical sensations anxiety brings. Mindful Minisodes are back after a run of beautiful, expansive conversations with guests. We are back with a lot of truth bombs, mainly around those pesky panic attack symptoms and what they really mean. In This Minisode We Explore: What the nervous system perceives as a threat and how it responds. How convinced we can be that something is terribly wrong, and how real this threat can feel, when we are actually totally safe. The science behind a panic attack and what it can feel like. The importance of nourishing all 8 dimensions of wellness and taking good care of your body. The ability to rewire the brain and create another response to anxiety that the brain and body are familiar with. I also share a bit about my exciting, upcoming event. Link to join the FREE 3 Day Virtual Workshop on Anxiety + Self-Worth: IG: @getahelmet_

S2, E35: Astrological Empowerment, Nervous System Support + Collective Healing with Stevie Calista

Get A Helmet

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:02:07

Today’s new episode is with Stevie Calista of Farmhouse Moon. Stevie did a birth chart reading for me and it was next level. I knew we needed to record an episode about the empowerment that astrology brings for this gorgeous community. If you happen to have your birth/natal chart grab it before listening! Stevie is full to the brim of astro wisdom and this episode digs into it all. Stevie on IG: @farmhousemoon Full Moon Ritual 1/28 at 5pm EST: @getahelmet_

S2, E34: Crafting Your Own Career, Art Observation as a Healing Tool + Making Conscious Choice with India Clark

Get A Helmet

  • about 1 month ago
  • 52:44

India Clark joins us on the pod today to discuss how she sculpted a new career for herself out of her passions. Her blend of yoga, art museum education and mindfulness has her helping clients gain clarity. If you’re looking to fire up your creativity, get inspired and grounded, this is the episode for you. There is space for all of us on this planet to live, be and express what is in our hearts. If you have ever wondered how art can start you down a new path and fire up your intuition, seek out India’s 1:1 and group offerings. India on IG: @wayfinderinstitute  5 FREE Days of Self-Love Notes for anxiety relief and body love: