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In the moment, you may not realize you're being cringe, but then when you step out of it, it's like, whoa, who was that person? That was grandey. Agree? I saw my problem if it's still happening.


Hi, welcome back to another episode of Girl's Got to Eat. Welcome back. I am the best food, I guess I'm smiling in New York this week. This past week, like last week at this point, was just like 60s every day. Incredible. The energy was out of control. I was just like the best city in the world. Thank you for the reminder. One year from it being like such a scary time and such a like what's going to happen.


And it just feels like New York is back. Reminded why we live here. Everybody was out in the streets just enjoying the weather, like living like it was summertime. It was the best ever. I am so excited for what's to come. I think you are here. I can't stop smiling. I thought I was in Pittsburgh last week, which was also wonderful to see my family because they all got vaccinated and it was a wonderful week. But I pulled into New York last night, Saturday night, 7:00 p.m. and I pulled on the Sixth Avenue.


And I like I welled up with tears. People were walking around cars everywhere. And I thought about like about nine months ago. And I drove home to Pittsburgh one of the times, and I drove through the West Village and there was not one person on the street. It was scary to walk around by yourself. And I just thought, like, the city is like coming alive again. I feel like I feel alive. I feel alive again.


You know, I feel really happy to see people walking out their friends and eating out and just like putting money into these small businesses. It just it really warms my heart. There's something so special in New York. It kind of not to sound so dramatic, but like coming out of the darkness, you know, like we feel like we see the light at the end of the tunnel and like the city is always just had the best energy, like a beautiful day.


New York is the best day anywhere in the world. Yeah.


And I remember that feeling of like in the spring last year of like, do I even want to live here anymore? Like, is it over? And it's like I finally feel like I stuck it out. We stuck it out like every city stuck it out and like did it. And I see, like, the light at the end of the tunnel.


I know it just feels like I can't explain it, like I feel it in my soul and my gut. Like I went to meet friends for dinner Friday night just walking around. They shut down Seventh Street. I was like, is Seventh Street and St. Mark's going to be fucking Bourbon Street suburb of summer?


Sombath, you can't even make it out in the streets like it's be like post-war. I like it on every block in New York City this summer by a different person. OK. Oh, all right. OK, let's take some part. We're going to get into it. OK, thanks to calm for supporting girls. Got to eat. Are you struggling to sleep. You're not alone. If you're not sleeping enough, it can affect your learning, problem solving and decision making.


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. We have solidified the Florida shows, which are our next shows coming up anyways. So we have moved the dates for a couple of them. So the new dates and then we'll give you some details. Miami is going to be Sunday, May 2nd.


Tampa is going to be Wednesday, May 5th, and Orlando is going to be Thursday, May six. Go all the way up. We are doing two shows per night to try to get everybody in there. I'm OK. So a couple of housekeeping things you guys have questions about. If you had tickets you're still holding onto, they will transfer to the new dates. The times of those shows are changing. They will tell you if you guys had tickets, which time it will transfer, tell if you guys have questions, concerns.


You want to refund your tickets. You can't make it on those days. Just contact the venue. They are aware they're going to take care of that. Finally, VIP, we're not doing meet and greets, of course, just in in line with CDC guidelines. We can't really meet you guys and hug you. Unfortunately, we would love to you. We will be refunding the price of the VIP up charge on your tickets if you bought them.


Yeah. So at this point, this should be handled for the most part. We wanted to wait on this announcement because we didn't want anybody to freak out and start calling the venue or whatever. We want to make sure everybody that got tickets was taken care of before people buy new tickets and everything is good to go. So it should be people in Miami should have been called if they had VIP and refunded to the to the new ticket price and everything should be moved.


You know, I think we're moving people mostly to The Late Show in Miami, but the earlier show in Tampa and Orlando, because The Late Show is kind of late, but it should have been done by now. If it's not, the venue can help you guys out with that. You know, they're just working around the clock to get this done. That being said, we cannot fucking wait. I mean, I'm just like, oh, my God.


And it's honestly like Florida, you guys aren't aware, has been pretty open for quite some time and everybody is performing there. And we had the show scheduled already. You know, this isn't us. Like, let's go to Florida. Like, we had the show scheduled already and we're going to keep we change. You're going to make a few changes to accommodate and kind of work with their schedule. But like, we were like, we're going to keep these shows.


And you guys were d I mean, I said, please don't cancel these shows like this sweet girl from Tampa, of course, in Tampa.


She was like, we promised but wear masks and will be safe. I just wanted to cry. We trust you like we want to do. We're going to do what we can do. We're going to come to every single city that we possibly can come to. We never thought we'd be away from you guys this long. I, I just like I can't wait to hear you say, oh my God, yeah.


It's just it's my dream and I've missed it so much.


Say goodbye to my hometown. But what is out. Tequila shots. I stayed. I would stop crying. I'm so excited. I just can't wait. And like I just I love a Sunday night in Miami. It's such a good vibes. And we have never been to Orlando, so I'm so excited. Orlando, we're going to go to Disney World. Maybe maybe we're going to Disney adults. I want to end up on the like milfs of Disney World.


I first learned of Dels of Disney World through Christmas Davino because he was on the Delson. Disney was. Oh, my gosh, there's a lot of Delfs at Disney World. Yeah, I when I had I think it may have started with DLBCL of Disneyland, but I have what I had fashioned dads. They would we would collab sometimes, which is fashion dads is still an account that lives fit. It's retired, but you can always go look at the photos and the captions.


They still give you a laugh. Chrissy Teigen was a fan. It was one of my like my claims to fame. But that was funny because, like, I had I was like in with, like the dad Instagram accounts when I was with Dad's fashion. Dad, I was a child. Anyway, we can't wait, you guys. We love our Florida snack heads and family in Florida. And so we're just so excited. Yeah, we'll keep you guys posted.


We know that Texas was so it's been a lot of West Coast stuff. We're doing everything we can. The second somebody says Greenlight, you could go, yeah, be there. Yeah. And it's like I mean, it's just wild because I don't know what's going on. Like Granddaddy Biden says that we're getting like everybody should be vaccinated by summer, which is kinda wild to say, like, I hope that's the case. But I was watching last night.


I was like, if I don't get a vaccine by the time I'm popping up about putting on a kid, he's on notice. I notice. Would you get the Johnson Johnson that I'm trying to get the Johnny about to hit us at Johnson Johnson. I want the Johnson and Johnson because I feel like I'm a healthy person. I'm fine with that little less percentage. And give me one. I just all I need is one. So we are General Casey Bolsheviki.


And she said that she can't be trusted to go back for a second one. She asked to get the jobs energized because there's one shot. Well, I just think, like, if it still counts, is vaccinated and it still protects you enough, I'll take it, because maybe if the Maidana in the Fizer are just a little more than give those to the people that are more at risk. Like, I feel like I'm the perfect candidate for the Johnson Johnson.


Yeah, not quite AstraZeneca. I don't know about all that. Also, guys can't stress this enough. We are not doctors do not us about that. We are not interested in your medical findings. I'm sure that you are working at your desk job at Salesforce. Know all about the AstraZeneca vaccine, but I don't dismiss about it. Anti boxers don't forget sales force. They work for an MLM. They are peddling essential oils. I'm saying I love you guys.


We're not claiming to be doctors. I put all kinds of stuff in my body. I don't ask you guys for your opinions about and this is another one of those things. Yeah, whatever. We we promote the vaccine shocker we talked about all the time. So don't DMAs. Yeah.


You guys know how we feel. Well, speaking of things you put in your body that I don't want arms about, your girl got some fellow.


Natural beauty. I walked into the barber to a whole new face, no, stop, no one can tell. Like, that's the thing.


Like, it's just subtle. But my story with Botox and fillers is that I've never gotten fillers. I got Botox once, like of three years ago. I was literally the last of my friends to ever get it. You know, I just was like everybody stronghold. I was the last one. But I and it didn't really hold because we all know have I been expressive face. So I only got it in my forehead. I didn't love it.


My forehead looked smooth, but I did feel like it kind of lowered my brow a little bit, which it just does like, you know, more than me. But if people, you know, Botox paralyzes your muscles, you can't make the expression fillers is goes in your face. Thank you. Reply to me. But the reason why I say that is because I was at this place. I'm going to tell you guys about it. And I said, I'm getting excited.


I'm getting cheap Botox and goes, that's what I try to mansplaining to me, I study procedures. I haven't shown up my face since I was like twenty eight. Yeah. But the first time I got Botox I was twenty eight. I just got eleven lines and then I have them. Can't really. Well this is your family. Your family gave you good genes. Mine did it. No I just, I have all the other lines. I don't have the elevons.


I started doing my crow's feet a couple of years ago but yeah I've been shooting up this face for a year. OK, when you said cheap Botox, Ashley, I was like with my dad. I was like, I can't talk to you right now. I, I can manage this. Right. I was like, that doesn't exist. You're like, dude, you're so nice about it. Like you're like, so is that can you explain like I just want to make fun of you just in case.


Like in the last thirty seconds they invented Photoshop.


Yeah. So I had needles in here for a while. I just I want to talk about my experience because you know, you're getting needles in your face like it's a it's a procedure. It's nice to feel comfortable and like where you go. So this place in New Jersey, they're called plastic surgery of Short Hills. The plastic surgeons, Dr Alexander of Chimpsky, and they reached out and the girl was like, I'm such a fan, you know, like the show.


Do you want to come in and, like, see what we're about? I'm like, sure, whatever. I mean, it's kind of far. But they were like, well, take care of transportation. I was like, I'll go to Short Hills, New Jersey. Everybody in your organization houses. OK, it's that's pretty expensive people. It's beautiful in Short Hills.


I didn't know. And then they ballay your car at the Short Hills. Mom, I didn't know anything about Short Hills.


And then I was looking on my workout class to book one. They have a studio in Short Hills. So I was like, OK, Señores where it's at. Yeah, I was driving around. I was like, this is beautiful. You can recommend short short hills. OK, so I just had the best experience there.


Obviously the area super nice and the office was so wonderful.


Like the you know, I just like to walk in and people like welcome come in like they know the show. I have gone to so many different doctors offices to do this and like I am very sensitive to how they say how they treat you like what are the waiting rooms look like? How does it smell like I am really like I think about it a lot. Yes. You should have like a good experience. So and I did see the doctor, he listen to the show.


He's like Dr. Pinsky, which episodes like I was like, I love the shows like, oh, I don't know what he listens to, like BS episode this summer. Do you know, do you know what outfit I fantasize about. Where do you know. Did he listen to you. What was, what did we even call it.


My my my back, my pussy, my neck, my back, my my nudes and my crackers, my pussy, my craft. Whatever news were in there somewhere, my nudes, my rack, my pussy. My while was one year ago. Yeah. I think don't do. I was wrong but I don't know, like he looked at my face and I was like you know me, you know, I love my looks. I think everybody should love their love the way they look.


And if they want to just make little improvements here and there and like, you know, just try to we're all trying to a. age like we're all by. We spend so much money on products every year. We do these crazy facials like it's all it's the same thing on your face. But still, at the end of the day, it's all just like trying to kind of preserve your youth and it's not surgery. Yeah. Yeah. So he just looked at my face and I told him that I got Botox one time before and he was like, I can tell you have an expressive forehead.


I'm like, and he was like, you don't have the elevons. I'm like, I know, I know, Doctor. And but I do have like a really deep set crow's feet. And I always have. And I think it's because I laugh all the time and I think that's a beautiful thing. But I've had them since I was in my mid 20s and I was like, let's just kind of see what this film is all about. So he just really took a look at my face and was like, you know what I know you mentioned you don't want your eyebrows to come down at all.


We can try our best, but it can always happen, especially if you're hitting that middle line. So let's just do a little around the eyes. We'll do a little little bit of filler in your cheeks, like see what you think. And I just think that's such a good sign with people like that that they don't go crazy and they're not like, let's shoot you full of filler, especially when you're on the younger side. And then you have to maintain that forever, like when they're more conservative.


I think it's such a good sign, 100 percent. And that's what I'm looking for. Also, like when I go into a doctor's office and they try to talk me off the ledge, are paying for things like when they're like a lot of people. So to give people like a little bit of IDL. Filler, like you lose a lot of volume in your cheeks as you get older, you lose a lot of collagen and they'll do like one to two vials of filler if you want it.


And the first time I got it, they the only time I've gotten filler, they did one third of a vial. And the girls like, why don't we just do a tiny little bit, see what you think what you think. That's like the mark of like a great surgeon. To me, that's just like a little drop of that. Yes. And like explaining to you, like when you paralyze that muscle, your brows will come down a tiny, tiny bit, but like where some people might not care.


I do care because even though it doesn't last that long, I don't want to not like anything about my face for even a month because I because I got something I shouldn't have gotten. So I'm like asking all questions. He's answering them. He's not being condescending. You're making me feel stupid and I just love it. Like you can't tell. I don't think like I can tell, like I can tell that those those lines are really kind of gone around my eyes.


And I just feel like my cheeks are like a little bit lifted. It's nothing drastic. I just feel so much better. And I mean, I'm well into my thirties and I'm like, it's time to maybe just just kind of just do a few little tweaks here and there and try to maintain what I already look like, you know what I mean? I just want to look like I'm thirty three forever. Forever.


Thirty three. Thirty three forever. Thirty three. Listen, I think it's I think whatever you want to do with your face, if you want to change your whole face and buy a new one, not you personally. Anybody. Great. Do that if you can do a little bit. I have a lot of friends I grew up with that don't do any work. Great. Good for you. My mom, whatever. My mom and my mom.


My mom, your mom. Just flying on happiness. No stress, but I would rather go to a doctor that doesn't nickel and dime me. It doesn't need the extra three hundred dollars for me to be extra filler then because I'll keep going back to that person. Yeah. You know, and I had such a pleasant experience and I know that he's a double board certified plastic facial plastic surgeon. And so he's renowned for the rhinoplasties, which is a nose job.


I went so deep on his website looking at before and after, as I loved before and after. And for someone you know, I have a larger nose, clearly candidate for a nose job like, you know, you never know. But I just went so deep looking at his before and after because he's an above the neck surgeon. And since we're talking about this while we're here, I don't foresee us having any more plastic surgery conversation. So I'm like, while we're here, we may as well say it.


If you were ever going to get a plastic surgery, go to a plastic surgeon that does specifically that. Could Dr. Ovshinsky do a boob job? Probably. Do you want him to know he's the face, he's a face or just like be wary of people that claim to do everything. Like, if I got anything done to my face, like plastic surgery wise, I would go to him. He is renowned. He's won all these awards. He specializes in rhinoplasties and like, you know, chin stuff and whatever.


But like, that's what he does all day, every day in and out. Like, you never want to go to something that's like, I can do whatever you want. What do you want?


You know what I mean? I Google the stuff so hard. I look at porn actors, I look up the reviews online.


I make sure no one's bad thing to say about them on the Internet. Your face. Your face. Yeah. And like we've all seen bodies or whatever. Yeah. Whatever your body, you know. But yeah, we've all seen boccie. We like know what can go wrong. So those are my tips. You know, I've just all juiced up for my reason, like tweaks to my face. Like again I still look like me. You probably can't even tell but I love it so much.


And if I'm going to like play mom a little bit, like my personal feeling is you don't really have to think about the stuff in your twenties. I mean, you said you were like twenty eight. And I think that, you know, people can do whatever they want with their face. Like, I just always want to send the message of like you should love yourself, love the way you look. You want to do small tweaks here and there.


It's only natural. That's why we have skincare routines and shit in the first place. You know, we we that's why we get braces. That's why we dye her hair like it. There is no shame in, like, wanting to tweak the way you look. I think that it just there's a line and people go too far and they they walk in and they want a new face and they're just constantly chasing unattainable beauty standard. And so that's why I have to say, I think, you know, you see a lot of people going so hard on this in their twenties.


And if I were to if I'm your mom, I'm just like, enjoy your youth. You don't need it into your you know, in your 30s. If that's just that's my been my experience, you know what I mean? Like, don't if you want to do it, do it, but don't like stress yourself out.


I mean that's been my experience. I don't think she looks at me and things like I look like a totally different person and I bought new teeth, which I'm pretty happy about. I do think that I completely change my style, but I don't think I've changed my face. You know, I've stayed a straight sex my whole life. Stop it. No, I was seven and I you know, my new eyebrows have really changed. Your eyebrows are so good.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing. Like, you know, it's your body, your choice. But I do fillers now, so things are just cheap Botox now. I do Botox.


So I will say like I do, I get so dramatic with that. Know, people ask like does it hurt if you're if you never done anything like this? I mean you can get numbing cream or not. Most places I chose to get it numbs your face a little bit, which feels kind of crazy. I don't I don't hate it. And I mean, you feel a needle going into your face. I mean, it's it's not I wouldn't call it pain.


It's like I wouldn't say it hurts, but of course, I mean, you can kind of feel it going in. There's a sensation there, but it's over very quick. I never thought of myself as having the high threshold for pain, I'm just like an average person, but Botox needles don't bother me. I find tattoos a little uncomfortable, but like in terms of like tattoos hurt a lot more than a little bit of facial Botox, micro needles.


I didn't even feel it. So in terms of how bad it feels like Botox, nothing.


So I'm a little weird about needles. I'm good with, like, external pain. But mentally needles going in freaks me out a little bit.


But I'm afraid I'm going to the vaccine for I'm going to keep getting Botox. And the fact is, like, I'm a big fan of needles. I just like I'm a little weird.


I just I get a little I don't know, I cannot will not watch any sort of like surgery. Like, I have to look away at any sort of doctor show. Like, I always thought I had a high threshold of like I feel like I don't really get grossed out, but I can't watch the surgeries. I've never asked you this before because, you know, some people really love that, though. I mean, I get to watch boccie.


I can't watch people. It makes me feel sick. I don't want to see the inside of someone's body. And I'll tell you what, I do not want to watch a pimple being popped. Sick people watch Dr. Pepper also live your truth if this is what you're into. A lot of people are. Yeah, like we all like different kinds of porn, too. You know what? I had like a tip for needles. I got a tattoo the other day and like, I saw the size, the needle.


And I was like, oh, fuck, not that. But the guy that was doing it was like, so he's a pretty high IQ. So I was like, all right. Is the person doing as hot? You just don't think about it. I was trying, like, really flagstones, like, going on my podcast here and he was like really hot.


We it was nice. He has a girlfriend and two dogs. But I mean, you guys aren't probably gonna feel like that about Dr. Ovshinsky. He's also as children. He's like an older man, but his energy is good. So if you go there, if you go to Short Hills, are you going to go with me? I also, by the way, I just really want to credit I want to back up to Walmart. You move on.


But I do want to say one more thing you said about him. You said he didn't shame you. And I've been to doctors before, specifically WINZ when I went to talk to somebody about a breast augmentation and I felt really talked down to and I thought, the guy's condescending and I felt like he was like, I do this every day. These questions are so stupid when, like, I was just asking normal questions about a very major surgery.


I don't care if you do this fifteen times a day. I do this zero times in my life. So I thought really shamed by this man and I felt really uncomfortable. And I never went back. And I paid for the consultation because I took the consultation. But like, I would never go back to a surgeon like that. And so it's really important that you're with people that don't shame you and also tell you what else you could be doing without you asking.


Like, I remember being twenty, you know, I got a chin implant, have talked about this. And I still I feel like that doctor just he did not have a great bedside manner. And I feel like he was saying other stuff that I could do, even like with my skin. I was like, I'm twenty. Like, if I ask you, tell me what I should do, I want to look a certain way, bring out the Sharpie, start circling, start, make it fine.


Then it's open season on me. But if you didn't ask and then they bring something to your attention that you never even thought about like that is just so rude. And it's like I feel like people get nervous about that. They're like, I'm going to go see this plastic surgeon. I'm going to go talk to him about rhinoplasty, for example, and they're going to tell me other things I should do with my face. They shouldn't actually. I don't think I don't think so either.


I think if you go on to is talking you out of shit, not talking to Asia. And so if someone ever makes you feel uncomfortable because I've certainly been through that makes you feel stupid or foolish for asking questions or. Yeah. Like you said, makes you feel like your body needs more work. Don't go to that person. Fuck that person. You don't need to give that person your money. There's plenty of people that will not make you feel like that.


All right. Well, I love this. I don't we haven't had, like, a deep dive conversation on, like, surgeries and Botox and shit like that. So we're to normalize it. We can talk about it and we're going to get it get face live next week.


OK, I would be next year. Well, while we're talking about beauty, we have a dream. This is basically the Murchie male.


You know, we don't like reading these. We want to glorify your behavior. But this is so funny.


I said this. I thought it was a joke. I sent this to you and I was like, what? Just when you thought you've seen it all? Because we get a lot of crazy stuff in our DMS. And I had posted Neutra fall on my story and this girl messaged me, just responded to the story or she you can't just want you to send it to me. And then she was like, can you send me a bottle? My hair has been shedding since June.


And and then she did trails off and then she sends me she sends it to me again with like the letter I like. She's just like I don't know what's going on here. Like a sheet, like stroke it out. It's like it was a lot. And so she then she writes, Sorry, I have acrylics. I'm still learning to type with these things. OK, anyway, can you send me a bottle of these please?


Here's my address and it just gives me a picture. I don't I'm not the distributor, not the Internet. You're the producer and the distributor of Neutrophil, a giant ass company. It was just so funny. Like I had a little bit sympathy, like, you know, she's having a problem with her hair. She sees that I have three. She's like, you don't need all those, but I do. That's my supplier. She gave your address a.


She meant it. Can you please send me one of those? That is crazy. I put three bottles of vitamins and I was like, yo, can I get one of those? Here's my address. And even if she thought by accident she was responding call, we love you. But if she thought that she was responding to neutrophils Instagram story, like, I wouldn't respond to neutrophils Instagram story, I say, here's my address. Can you send this to me?


Did she give you a credit card information? Oh, this is supposed to be for free. I'm sure your shoes are shipping right for free. Are you paying for shipping or one of the largest who pays the taxes? And it was a California. Can you ship this across the country that is so funny. And how she was like, sorry, my acrylics. Anyway, she picks pocket. Eric, I get Carl. We love you. Thank you.


I know. I felt like I just laugh. Did you respond? I didn't respond to how the ordering works. OK, I think I'll go back in now that we have the new code and I'll be like, hey girl, here's our code. You should buy her a bottle.


I should. And you know what I didn't like open the door ever. Just a screenshot of it. So I'm not going to even read it. I'm not going to open it. It's still like on left, on red. She's just going to get a bottle.


It's like this girl, are we beating back? She's going to be like, oh, I get to do this.


OK, that's fun. What if she sees my Instagram story of the banana condoms and she's like, here's my address. So can you imagine she's going to see some fashion influence or she's to use some of those jeans like she's just going to whatever it works, whatever, just continues to work. Everybody thinks it's so funny that they just do is do it the smartest person miserable.


All right. Well, anyway, Michelle, you have a Nabala neutrophil coming your way. And that brings us to talking more about neutrophil transitions on transitions. OK, so we we love neutrophil. This is they are supplements that help with hair growth, nail growth, kind of like overall health in that area. Thirty million women are impacted by weekend or thinning hair, if you're among them, know you're not alone and that there's a solution you can trust to deliver results.


So many people have used to fall in love it. You can read the reviews online. They're really great. They're really the best out there. And I have seen a difference. So my hair, I've never had, like, crazy thick hair, but I've always had no problem with growth. My hair grows really fast and I have good hair, but I just have noticed it thinning. Like if I look at photos even from, you know, ten years ago or whatever, I'm just like I've definitely lost some volume.


So I want to keep it full and thick as it can be. And I've really seen a difference with neutrophil. My nails are so strong and so long and I just take the regular for women. There's also a formula for women with menopause. And again, it's just clinically shown to improve hair growth and thickness with less shouting through all stages of life, you'll begin to experience thicker, stronger, faster growing hair in three to six months in a clinical study.


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We have two of them. Yes. And I just have to say like we love these girls. This was like such a fun light chat, you know, nothing was too deep. Don't take anything too deeply. We're talking about selfies and Instagram behavior and pop culture and stuff like that. I have to say, like, I'm not that into, like, celeb gossip. Like, I just don't know. I'd like you to be I don't care that much about celebrities.


Like, obviously, of course, Beyonce. I mean, I just don't I'll dabble in a little like celeb gossip, but I just don't spend too much time on it because at the end of the day, we really have no idea what is going on in these people's lives. Like celebrities, the royals. Oh, one hundred percent. Yes. Listen, it's one of the downfalls of our relationship that I had to message you about Jello and A-Rod.


I'm glad you brought up Jaylo and A-Rod. Geroge, people say that.


No, OK, just before that, you've got it.


Died per couple names. Diatta Better for Kate Aske. She was like two people say Jayaratnam like they should. So we recorded with the chicks prior to them, which I'm kind of bummed about because we couldn't deep dive on the Jerrod's. I don't know what happened there. How did the news get out. And then they were like, no kidding. Just kidding. I don't know. I feel like Jaylo is like I got to let them know that this, like, bothered me, that this, like, little bitch bothered me, but, like, I'm not leaving him.


Maybe. So for me personally, my ex used to break up all the time and then I would tell everybody. Do you think Jaylo is as dramatic as I used to be and she was like, we're broken up and she was like, just kidding, we're back together like I used to, my friends, that also doesn't hurt A-Rod. And then she archive them. And she was like, just kidding. She told page six, we broke up like I used to tell my girlfriends, they'll humor you like once or twice.


But after that, they're like, shut up. So anyway, yeah, this episode was funny for me because I had to research a lot and I'm still such a boomer. I'm like, why did you guys know there was a remote track? Kim K and is like, bitch. Yes. And then was like, who is that person like you? Just that I felt like I was getting OK the night before that. We recorded with them though.


You did text me and say, make sure you watch the mega Marcal interview in entirety because you knew I wasn't going to watch the whole thing. Yeah. Or even any of it. And you did. I'm proud of you. And then one thing before we bring them in again, like this is just like a cut up, light up. So it's so much fun with we know so many guys love the chicks and we love them, too.


We're talking about some social media behavior. I want to direct you guys to two other episodes where we have talked about social media behavior. One is called Do It for the Gram, December twenty nineteen. And one is is he micro cheating? It was our sixty like episode in June twenty nineteen. So we've dove on a little more social media behavior, some of which we'll touch on with them today. But again, we're not going too deep on stuff today.


So those are two other episodes for your reference. So without further ado, let's bring him in by Skype. We are so excited to finally have long awaited guests in the studio with us. They are the co-hosts of the wildly popular podcast Chicks in the Office, where they discuss the biggest stories in pop culture, celebrity gossip, reality TV, basically the only things I care about in this world. Please welcome to the show, Fran Mariano and reaching out.


You have a round of applause for ourselves. We're so glad to have you girls.


I do. I feel like I just know you so well. I just watch you every day on Instagram and we were on your show before, so we're so glad to have you guys here with us.


Yeah, same honestly. I stop you guys on Instagram all the time. Like I'm watching every single Instagram story you put up, like I've talked about this before with other guests that we've had it on, that there are some people on Instagram. Obviously, you flick through like, OK, I don't really care what you're doing, but then there are other people you pay attention to, like you two or two people I pay attention to. I'm like, what are these bitches up?


Do you? There's a lot of stories where people are talking and there's like multiple stories and you're like, all right, let's fast forward to Sunday night. I turn the volume on and listen. You get. Yeah, and I'm glad you guys brought that up because you have amazing Instagram's.


And we are going to talk about social media and how to have like a dope Instagram feed.


Thinks we share that. Yeah, we love what you guys do. I want to tell people a funny little story about you guys. Just a gas. You have a little bit more because we were supposed to record with you guys a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't. And we got a really cute text message from Rihanna apologizing. She could do the podcast because you've been in pain. I've been paying since Saturday. I went to the doctor, blah, blah.


You said you need to get your gallbladder removed, but this totally screw you guys over. We resigned because I can tell my gallbladder to step aside for an hour to do it. If that's going to fuck your guy's schedule up, you are going to the hospital to record this podcast. No, I really was. I was like, well, if they really if this is going to fuck everything up, I've been dealing with this pain for years, like no joke years now that I was like, I could put it aside for another hour, but it was like that day it was especially annoying where everyone in the office was like, I just go to the hospital like, you're pissing us off at this point.


So you guys were super cool about it. So thank you. And I'm glad that we finally got to record. But I did feel like really shitty after I went to the hospital and they wouldn't take out my gallbladder like I was showing up thinking I'm going to get this removed next week, I'm going to be good. They wouldn't take it out. So now I'm still pushing it off. And so I felt like an asshole. Apricus I was like, I could have recorded the podcast, but we're here.


And realistically, we probably should and should have known that she wouldn't have been able to go into the emergency room. I mean, like, I would like my gallbladder removed, please, and they would actually do it. A pandemic happened. It was like take out my body. I mean, if it needs to come out, it needs to come out like it's not like that's what we thought you were like. It's not like a kidney, though.


Like, you know, when you get not a kidney.


God, no. I think sometimes yes. Of us know appendix the most simple one. Obviously when you got appendicitis comes out, nobody gives a fuck about that little thing. It's like a throw it away. Gallbladder is like you can deal with it, I think for a little while before there's no, like, infection. That's crazy. So we didn't know either.


Actually texted me the side. She's like, I want to be insensitive. Like, can we ask how I could feel like I don't know what your gallbladder like, what the sign. Anything sensitive like trust me, you will never offend me in any way. Shape it. So you're you're good. You can ask as many personal questions as you wish because our gallbladder zabala. Yeah.


If you would like to know her name, you know her name. Her name is God. That's so there she's still in. Well we want to do we do want to ask you personal questions, because I feel like you guys talk so much about pop culture and news and not as much about your personal lives, because the kind of the show is more about culture stuff, so. We want to hear about your personal lives, I know you guys both have boyfriends, you told us on our group text I was like, what's your what's the status?


One of you is like, we both have boyfriends. I was like, oh, wow. OK, so we're just, like, braggin out here. Yeah. Pretty much like where you have managed to stay single. I don't know. We've managed it pretty well. We don't really share too much. I mean, we were working with my boyfriend. We work with him. You know, everybody knows everybody else, Aanchal that you know him.


He produces part of my take. If you guys know the podcast.


Oh yeah. One sports podcast, number one do produces that.


He's been with Vassos since he was nineteen and he's twenty seven now. So he's been there since the beginning, since they were in Boston. So we've been dating for four years now and I don't feel the need to constantly post him on my social media because we are together all that, like we work together, we live together, like we're together every day. So it's kind of like an afterthought. Like I'm not thinking like I'm with my boyfriend right now, like, I need to post it like we're together all the fucking time.


Like if I posted when we were together would just be annoying. So some people will hit me up and they'll be like, did you guys break up? And I'm like, you guys would know if we broke up for nothing, you know, oh, this place would be blowing up our spots all over, like together. I'm like, yeah, like people would eat that shit up. So of course you guys would know if we broke up.


So for me, that's why I don't share so much, because people already know us. Whereas Fran, I think you don't share a lot because your boyfriend doesn't work. You didn't sign up for any. This is not in this world like this isn't his thing. And so, like, if I do post him, it's normally like, hey, can I post this? Like, how do you feel about these? He's more like, I would love to keep our relationship and not have it out there as much, which is nice because for me, I like that situation too.


It's easier for me to kind of like separate work and private life, which is nice. So like that's why he he's not on the minds on them as much. And also people are people are mean like you're telling us.


Yeah, I subject I'm fine with subjecting myself to like people criticizing me. It's my own social media page, but I'm not going to post a picture and have people tear into him for no reason. Like that's no fun for him. So we just kind of keep them out of it. Well, I will say, like you said, you separate your work from your private life. Mine's like one like my work in my private life or like intertwine, which is also works in my favor, though, because, like, Hank will like record stuff for me or take pictures of me and like that, you know what I mean.


Like for Instagram, like not be like it's like, yeah, let me get a great shot, like you're poppin right now. Like let me love like you know what I'm like. He's your hypomanic one hundred percent like let's go to see feel like I want to start like he's an especially during quarantine when I was making like a lot of tick box and kind of like elaborate ones where I was good, like you like the videographer. I'd be like right.


You'd be like OK, you get an hour of my time from one to two. We can film this like so that it works in my favor. And I don't think that I've had any like people. Obviously when you work with somebody and you also date them, I think that causes a lot of problems for a lot of people. But thankfully, I've been lucky enough where it's never been an issue for me. I think maybe in the beginning, because to be honest, I was an intern when we started hooking up.


And so I kind of was like very I freaked out. First of all, like I called somebody who worked here. I was like one of the only girls friend wasn't even here. I was like the only girl at the time besides, like, one girl on the sales team. And then Erika, who's the CEO, not calling Erika.


I was like, I fucked up. So I thought of this guy literally. And I literally call and Asakura like, I also work there, the porn star. And she she's come and she's come on the show on a couple of weeks. She's she's awesome. And she's part of the reason I have my boyfriend. She was like, I want to fuck fuck. Like, are you going. And so. So she like what. I keep him up to me.


And so that was like kind of she like made him obvious obviously. Like I thought I was like, OK, like I'm flirting here, but like she would like really make him seem like like I love that. So say I want to fuck him now. And it's also accurate. Does does like what. So I feel like because I was an intern in that happened and I called the girl, the other girl that worked here at the time of the next day being like, I want to jump off a fucking bridge.


Like I'm not I'm never going to get a job here. Like, I just I'm an intern. I hooked up with somebody immediately. Like, who am I? I don't I don't do that sort of thing. But that wasn't the case because this is bar stool, you know, real rules here, like, I should have known that was going on now, but I didn't have it then and I remember. And then we just like continued hooking up.


And then I remember standing outside of the building one day waiting for her to come down. And Erika comes out to me. She's like being here. I was like, Yeah. And she was like. Good for you. I love you, Dad. And you know what, though, she also was kind of a factor because everybody loved it. I know everybody loved it and everybody loved Hank. I remember before I hooked up with him, Erica was like, oh, my God.


And this was before anybody knew we were flirting. I mean, she was like, oh, my God. We went to the KFC radio. They had like that KFC radio event in Boston. And she was like, we were at the KFC radio event in Boston. And every girl was going up to Hank like everybody wanted. And I was like, what the fuck is this?


We were like, all these people want to fuck this guy. You know what? I'm going to fuck my boyfriend. I think everybody was happy for Hank. Like, I think everyone was like, Yeah, I'm typing Hank. So it's like it was definitely the opposite, you know? I remember when I come in and everyone was kind of like talking about Red Hank and it was more like like, what's he working with? He just landed real like like the hottest shit.


Like they were like, wait, what? Like it wasn't even know what had concerns about her was more like OK, like OK, let's talk about this. See that's what's crazy. I'm saying all we like aside are they are hiding them up but everyone on the other side was like let's go like Hank, Hank like hey, you know, like Henry Lockwood.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's so funny. That's such a thing of like all it takes is like one girl that you kind of look up to, to like say this guy's hot. You're like, oh, he is like a seal of approval. Other girls want to I fuckin like now I want to fuck him too. Yeah. Fran, I was dying to know like after this. How do you work, how do you like work with your boyfriend.


Like work, work out with your boyfriend. And when he has his girlfriend that is so public.


So at the end of the day like he supports me and is so proud of me and everything that I've accomplished. So like he's able to put that above the some of his insecurities about my job. And like he's told me, you know, if you maybe did something else, that would make my life easier. But you love like I just love what I do so much. So I say to him, look, I'm like, look, this is my dream job.


Like, I'm not sacrificing that. Like, this is what I want to do is absolutely I would never I would never do that. So we just kind of like I don't know when I'm with him, I just try and leave for our school friend at work. You know, I try and phone down, phone off, like things like that where it's we are just spending more time together. And also, like during the week, you know, we're both doing our jobs or cultural thing.


And then on the weekend, like, I'm able to disconnect a little bit more that we can do other things. But no, it's definitely it's definitely not easy for him like he I don't think it it's not his world, but most of the time it works pretty well. Yeah. Yeah.


It's great to move into, like, social media stuff. Yeah. I was wondering, have you guys mentioned, like, you post to your partners and stuff and both of your Instagram are so good and dynamic. So we wanted to talk about people's behavior in social media, have a good feed cringe behavior if your partner has punji behavior and we asked you for some funny questions. So I have a question for you guys, because I had the scenario happen and somebody else asked you, what if your significant other or guy you like or like has a social media presence that is so cringe?


Because I met this guy, I was so in love with him in the fall and I liked looking through his, like, intrapersonal he's like thirty and does tech talk videos, which I was like, OK, I can accept this, but it was all these like names that weren't funny. It was like tweets and I saw them national at time. And I'm like, who is this person? Like this is a total disconnect from the person that like I thought I was clearly going to marry, but like, you're embarrassing me.


So what do you guys think about that?


Like when you're dating somebody and their presence on social media is so cringe, it's hard because, you know, everyone says social media is not your real life. It's you're you're putting out the best the best versions, the highlight reels and whatnot. But I sometimes I feel like with that situation, it's the opposite. You see this guy in real life and you're like, OK, he's amazing. But is the social media might be more telling about who he actually is inside, just like when somebody is trying to be funny so hard and they're just funny and bad means.


And, you know, everybody's talking about that person being like that person thinks they're so funny and they're not like everybody, you know what I mean? Like, there's always that person for somebody who they follow on social media where they know that they're only hate following them because they're so unfunny. But it's like you you always wonder. You're like, how does their girlfriend feel about that? How does your boyfriend feel? How does anybody they're talking to you.


I'm getting worked up because there's people I know that I'm like I hate their social media presence so much. And then I know people who, like, hook up with them. And I'm just like, how do you like knowing what you know and seeing what you see? How do you. Yeah, I try not to like I just I feel like I have girlfriends that I love dearly, like their posts make me cringe sometimes because not everyone is funny, like they're usually just a little too corny, you know what I mean?


Like I'm like, oh my. Girl, what but like it's also like they don't work in comedy, they're not a comedian, they're not writing the punch lines. I think a lot of times people that are just the average person doesn't know what to say. Like people look at the Google caption sometimes because they're trying to, like, be funny or be witty. So I try not to judge women. I don't like, you know, where we support women, but male Cringely, Instagram or like Tic-Tac or whatever it is, is like next level.


And I try to afford them the same grace that I would, you know, if I like somebody and his Instagram or is tick tock or whatever was so cringe, I just don't know how I would proceed. I wouldn't write them off, but I guess I would like just not ever look at it just like I would mute it.


Like because I it's also if it's good and it's funny, it's such a turn on, like I was kind of like chatting with this guy that he like, his tock was so great, like it was just it was a right amount of funny. It was like seemed like it was his real personality. And I think it's it's so weird when they feel like two different people.


You can also help to like maybe there's a way. Yeah. You'd be like, you know, like, let me give you some tips. I punch their jokes out. Yeah. Yeah. Either that or like you're like, you know what, I feel like you posted a lot of the same thing recently, like maybe unique stuff I have like I have had very Cringely post before. I'm not like saying I'm all right. Yeah. I like everybody on Instagram definitely has changed it.


Also Tic-Tac like during quarantine I was just posting Tic Tacs all the time, was like, what am I doing? But you don't realize you're being strange in that moment. That's also something to notice is that in the moment you may not realize you're being cringe, but then when you step out of it, it's like, whoa, who was that person? That was grandey. Agree? I saw that problem. If it's still happening, it's still happening right now and you're still acting like it's twenty sixteen.


And I'm not saying like if you are literally just like using like you're like another one, like you're like Jay College, like right now I'm losing my wife's job jokes. A very serious like the Nashville filter.


Oh we're like a dog the dog does not like exactly for this guy.


I like him telling Ashley how funny he is, the funniest person I've ever met. Every interaction I have with him is so amazing. And I it was embarrassing to me. I'm actually can back me up on this stuff day after day was so bad. Yeah. And I was like, girl, you sure he's funny?


Because what I'm seeing doesn't seem like it. OK, well, we are going to continue this conversation, of course, but we're just going to take a quick moment to go through a couple of our partners. I'm telling you guys about calm. Calm is an app that is going to help you guys sleep and relax. One of the most powerful ways to improve your overall health and happiness is to get a good night's sleep. And it's just so important.


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That's hello r o r y dot com syzygy, eligibility requirements and additional terms apply. Yes, let's get back into it. OK, how do you guys feel about your man? You're in a committed relationship and trust him. Your man follows just a thousand big booty models on Instagram and check top and they're just like it today. We have this conversation recently. That's enough for me. My boyfriend doesn't do that. No. OK, what if you found out he's not following that, but he's just randomly going through a liking all these strangers photo?


No, see that? That's a no. But also, like, I'm I'm on that. I would know like I am on the hunt. I'm going to know if he's liking he, you know, do this like like it's been established or. Yes, he's aware. It's been established very early on in our relationship that yes, of course. Like if you like your friend, that's a girl's photo. I'm not going to get mad at that.


But if you are liking and also like to like Kim Kardashian, the Kardashians, fucking Haley Barbour, I don't care about those people like actual like celebrities. I agree. You should like those photos. Yeah, but like when it's like random Instagram models that like have the same amount of following that I do, I was gonna say what it's like us. Yeah. It's like you're like, it's like like liking our you know, and girl girls will come if you like children.


My boyfriend's on this side. But you know what I feel you. But I got close to. So it's kind of I do feel like a hypocrite in some sense because of like posting photos of myself and then getting mad at my boyfriend if he likes other girls photos that are the kind of the same thing. But he does here and you're like, so there's he doesn't do that established early on that that like I don't fuck with that. Like, why would you be doing that?


And when other girls, boyfriends, DME or like comment on my shit and I see their girlfriends in their photo, I'm like all wrong with you. I don't want you liking my photo either. I think this is weird that you're commenting and damning me when your girlfriend or wife is in your photo.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah, we because we were joking about this the other day with us liking men's photo. Yeah. Right. Because she was like, can I see you always liking this one guy's pictures. I'm like, yeah, I do. I really like I don't know, I like all of them. And she was like, see, like I don't like them because I know I don't want him doing like the reverse. I mean, I picture picture guy with this fucking abs.


I like coming out of the ocean like that. Like if Hank saw I liked that and then also got, I would get, he would be like, well that's not fair. And also like rain. And I talk about all the time, like if it's your guy friends like you has work with a ton of guys, you know what I mean? Like I have guy friends that will always like my sexy pics that have wives and girlfriends, but their wives and girlfriends know me and they know they are friends that are just like gased me up, like they'll throw me a flame emoji and they're married and everybody's fine because it's out in the open.


And so it's just there's there's like layers to this shit, I think of what it's like. There's so many levels.


Definitely you can passively enjoy it. I don't need you to get in there and follow any of these. You know what?


It's like a museum. It's like a museum. You could log, take a gander. I don't think anything like don't touch it. I mean, good point, though. Like your actual friends, like I like all the guys pictures here, of course, because. Yeah, my friends and they like my because they're my friends. Yeah. OK, let's just do a couple quickies and then we'll move on to some pop culture stuff. Someone asked Red flag or deal breaker.


If you post inspirational quotes multiple times a day, which I was like multiple times a day, like old times a day is a deal breaker. Once a week. Red flag. Yeah.


I don't even like guys who work out every day, like, that's all. You can do anything good for themselves every day. But no, no, you can be good. But it's like you're going to make me into it, right. You know. Yes.


If you're posting inspirational quotes multiple times a day like you're not OK, you don't feel like you're just it's a lot for me. It's a lot for me to see, even like the people that I follow for specifically inspiration. He blew them on like it's a little extra, you didn't have to do that like multiple times. Like we get it, everyone gets it. OK, do you guys see it's a red flag? If he face tunes his pictures too much or at all or at all.


Like what? What about like if you see a guy and like he has whitened his teeth to the point that he's crazy.


Yeah. I will give a pass on the teeth whitening. I will get like you guys deserve to jazz it up to OK, you know, and if they like have yellow teeth and they're like, I'm just going to clean this up a little bit, then 100 percent, I'm down for it. But if it's combined with like they're blurring out, they're under our eyes and like they're smiling like it. And it's and then it's like, OK, now that's that's too much.


I will say they can if they want to get their teeth. When I let that, I think I think that's fair. I like just support around. I think if women can do it, men can do it, they're there. But he's tuning selfies and got up then that's the problem. They're using the filter on Instagram that changes your face right now. When you see people using that filter, it's scary. If they're using that, it's definitely a deal breaker.


Well, I don't want a guy with a selfie on the feed just as this kind of a hard and fast rule. Like if I go to your feet and there's a slight like not a mere selfie, you know, I don't care if guys take photos. They got a new outfit. They want to take a selfie in the mirror. They're wearing a nice suit, whatever it may be. I mean, like just face. They flipped on that front facing camera and, like, banged out a selfie, like in the car or whatever.


Like, I don't know, man.


I don't know what's worse that you come across.


I feel like you've seen this guys post selfies. I just there.


And then if it's a selfie with an inspirational quote as a caption for this reason, I'm out hundred percent. I feel like you see it more on like dating apps and you see it on Instagram. I feel like there's a ton of selfie pics on, like they're not like good at photos. Like I mean, I think they should be better. I think that guy should there should be less stigma around guys being out and be like, hey man, can you take some pictures of me for my Tumblr or whatever like that?


Really, that would be better for all of us as opposed to taking care selfie. Yeah. What if we wanted to just ask you guys like people, someone she wrote it really funny. She said, how do I make my Instagram look good. Like what the fuck am I supposed to post? And I think that we've all had to get more creative. And like, I was never posting selfies much before, like even covid. I would just was always out doing stuff.


Right. And I were traveling. We had professional photos like whatever. And like I think we've all kind of leaned into selfies and everything and kind of figured out how to get that fire content like alone at home. And I mean, you guys have boyfriends to take pictures of you, too. But do you have, like, tips for people?


I don't feel it's it's I got a change because before people like the last year or so, I wasn't posting as many selfies either. But then I thought about it and was like, OK, so many of the girls that I follow on Instagram that I love post selfies, they look like they are great. Like, why am I criticizing myself about thinking about posting a selfie? Like, so when I thought about that, it was like, I'm going to I'm just going to start doing it.


And it's good to because I think sometimes like and especially with Koban, when you weren't out anywhere and you're you're not going anywhere and all of a sudden you're like, I haven't posted anything on my feet in months. Like, you're just like trying to keep it a little active, like throw on some makeup, do your hair, set up the ring like you're good to go. Yeah, I think it's important to not think about it too much.


Yeah. I mean, once you start overthinking it then you're like, oh, does this look old? Is that when you when you stare at a picture for too long and then you start to think it's weird, then you've crossed the line. It's kind of just like you feel like you're looking good that day. You've got a cute outfit on. The lighting is good, maybe near a certain window.


Just start clicking away to take a bunch to if you're taking a selfie, don't like sit there and just like pose one at a time, just start snapping away and just and you'll find one in like the thirty that you take. Yeah. And that's so true. If you find the right lighting and you're like, damn this lighting's good, take a picture, take a selfie and get someone else to take a picture of you like because then that should go like good lighting, it should go on the feed.


I feel like you're very good with that. Like when you get a bomb, like lighting for a good selfie, it's like this is going up. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And you can caption it found some good lighting like what I like and I just feel you so much on that. Like I was always this, like I'm not a selfie person. I'm not trying to be like a Kim Kardashian always taking selfies. But and then I just leaned in. It was like, people love selfies, love them. And then I was like, I like other people's selfies. Why can't like. Yeah, it's kind of like bother me when other people do it.


Why is it bothering me if I do? It's because we're all about this like self-love feeling yourself. She'll be proud of yourself, and there's nothing that kind of demonstrates that more that like I was feeling myself and I took a selfie and ran and I have done photo shoots. And then the photo that we post on the feed is one we took in the hotel mirror by ourselves. You know, like it's just sometimes that's the most fire pic. And I just think that's really ultimately it just exudes the like feeling myself vibe.


And I just think we've all leaned into it and I love to see it. Rayna has you definitely have. I love this idea of also just like snap away, keep taking them, because I think like what I like to see on other people's feeds is like these not highly produced photo shoots. I don't love like looking to the left. Are you looking at like these like normal. I took a photo myself in my home. We are home so much more.


I take photos of myself in the mirror all the time. Take yourself because I'm home and there's no shame to it. You know, we're not jet-setting. We're not doing all these things we used to do. And I think that people just like they want to follow you because they want to be a part of your life and letting them into your life is letting them see your home. How do you work out? What do you eat? This is the silly thing I did today and like maybe throw something on the food and you're not sure how it's going to go and like, just try it out.


I post a charcuterie board. I was like, no one's going to care about this. I don't post food on my feet anymore. It blew up because people are like, oh, that's her home. She had friends over. This is what she made. Like, I think people just want to see and people fucking love charcuterie because it doesn't follow the charcuterie board. So listen, I know, like, it can feel a little vain to take photos of yourself in the mirror, but like, yes, sometimes I'm just feeling myself and I want to do it.


And that's, you know, then you get like your high squad around you and they like it. Absolutely. Absolutely. And all your friends are like, oh, my God, you look great. And you're like, oh, you look great. Yeah. What was in it? Yes. Also, I would say a good test is posing on your story first and then seeing like what people reply to that. And if they're like all the flames picture, like hitting the flame emoji, then you're like, OK, this is going to feed it.


That's and also just like the other day I, I have this new little phone standing that I love and I set it up with that. We have this like pink neon light and I like set it up and it just my leg was up in the air. It's on my feet. But I feel like people may think that feel silly or they feel stupid or they think it's vain or whatever, but I think just own it like I'm having a great time like this.


I got this pink neon lighting, I have a phone stand. I'm just going to set a timer and like, bang it out. And I think if you have somebody to take photos, you great. But like if not like get a ring blade and get a phone stand and just start taking photos, like have your own photo shoot. Like, I think we see that all the time. It's not vain to, like, steal yourself, you know what I mean?


I feel like a lot of times originally and now I think people have gotten over it where I would post like a lot of pictures of myself because I'm like I like my outfit. I like how I look today. And guys are always like, oh, you love attention. I'm like, first of all. Yeah, yeah. See, it's like, yeah, I do enjoy attention. But also like, why can't I just feel good about myself without being called like conceited or bad.


It's always like women are always like called like conceited because they're feeling good about themselves when everybody should just feel good about themselves. Yeah. And aren't you on this page and following me because you want to see photos of me. Yeah.


Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Yeah exactly. Exactly. It's it's always looks better now I think to be more real and to and to show those things like looks good, look cute today and it's not as curated and feel like a lot of times like I found myself following less people that have like crazy curated feeds where, you know, the Instagram influencer, so much of where that started was like, oh, we were following all these people who their photos were like the streets of Paris and London and New York.


And they're posing in the streets and they have these fabulous outfits. And now it's kind of like, I don't really want to follow this deportivo. I just I kind of want, like, more real life. So much is so curated that now because there are so many people who share their real life, it's like, well, this is just Vegas.


But I just think that's why Tick Tock has gotten so popular. It's like this authenticity. Like I started getting a tick tock and like it's just a girl with no makeup busting into the bathroom door, into the mirror in her pajamas. Like it's just not yes, we see beautiful faces and we see makeup and curated looks. But the the content feels more authentic. And it's just like what is on people's mind? Like, yes, of course. Like choreograph dances and all that stuff.


But I think there's what people really gravitate towards is like just people being themselves. Oh, I like this.


I like the move towards authenticity. These people are trying I guess some people miss the mark, but I like the people are at least trying. And your whole Instagram feed now is just be yourself, whatever, if that's what to do what you like.


OK, can we move into some pop culture stuff if you girls and you want to pick one from the list? Yeah. I want to talk about Scott Disick.


No, I'm I'm really proud of him for consistently just dating younger and dumping the next girl on another 19 year old comes along. Now, I think it's interesting that the the world is so horrified by this because, like, that's the pattern. Like, are we surprised by the. We expect more from this, I don't know what are your guys take on it? I've now kind of realized that I feel like Scott is just like killing time. Like I just, you know, like he's dating these younger women and he's dying his hair and he's doing like I figure, yeah, he's doing his hair pink and like, I think he has like a Mohawk or something.


But I don't know. I think after I saw there's like one teaser for the Kardashians. Right. And everybody was freaking out over in the new season because they were joking, like we all know, Scott, Kourtney, you're going to make it work in the future. And and the way Scott talked about it was literally a 30 second clip. So who knows if that was like out of context or whatever. But like, the look on Scott's face just made me think that he is just waiting for Kourtney to give him, like, the go.


And until she does that, he is going to continue to date these younger girls like Casey and Sophia Riggi apparently broke up because the age difference and they were having problems. They were at different points in their life. It makes you think like, oh, maybe Scott thought like he had the opening and it was I thought it was open. And Corey started dating Travis Barker. And where does Geico, Amelia Gray, he's like, all right, we're going 19 again until some time Travis Barker thing works out.


And if it doesn't work, then I'll dump Amelia. Right. I don't it's. Yeah, I don't know. I love Scott Disick. I think he's hilarious. So I've always loved him on the show. I'm just confused about how to feel about what's happening because I feel like I feel I see so many different opinions where like my usual initial thought would be like, I don't know why anybody is surprised by this. Like, yes, it's like, yeah, he's dating a 19 year old girl and he's he's older than that.


It's got this also. This is like Hollywood. It's not the most unusual thing. But I feel like I'm seeing more and more people talk about how weird it is for somebody his age to be dating, somebody who's 19, who agrees, or an age closer in age to his son than she is to him, and started opening up my mind a little bit to it more because I would never date somebody that's that much older than me for those reasons being like you're just so much older, I don't think, like, this just feels weird.


So I'm definitely understanding that side of it, like a lot more now that are people talking talking about a lot more, because I do feel like it is something that kind of was just swept under the rug for so long. Like, oh, yeah, it's Hollywood people. Older guys date younger women.


Leonardo DiCaprio always dates all these young models and his girlfriend being together for a while and I guess go to but I it is a little strange when you think like, why not somebody in there and there was a nineteen year old is not even like I think that's the cut off.


Like I think it's like, oh eighteen is legal but I think it should be changed like. Right let's do twenty one when they're able to drink wine at dinner. Right. Exactly. I don't think. Does he even drinks. Got to sing now. It doesn't matter but so. Well it just it feels weird that you're going for twenty thirty eight. Thirty six. So you're going for barely legal. Like I just, I hate the thought of it and I think that like those are still by definition teenagers.


Right. Like you're still a teen. And I know that you're over 18 and women can do what they want to do. But I just think we see too much bad stuff come of these things, like with Marilyn Manson, with Armie Hammer, where these women are being manipulated by an older man with power who they look up to when they years later, they're like, I was manipulated because I was young. And I know people can fall in love and at all different ages.


But when I see it as a consistent pattern of, like, you just date nineteen year old after nineteen year old, you're you're like almost forty. Like it just it bothers me and I feel for the women I guess you know what I mean. Like I'm not accusing statistic of anything in the realm of assault, abuse or anything like Armie Hammer, Marilyn Manson. I'm just, I'm kind of making the parallel. But I just want to be very clear that I'm not making those accusations for him ultimately.


I mean, it goes without saying. I just worry for the women, these girls. I think right now I think and this I mean, I'm I don't know for a fact, but I just feel like they feel like they're also older than they actually are because they've grown up in this environment like Sophia Richie and and having a famous dad. And the same with the Million Delilah, like being on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Lisa Rinna being their mom.


And I just feel like they're they have like an accelerated lifestyle. So they get to this point and they're nineteen to them. They've been working, they've been modeling, they've been traveling the world that in their money, like they have the money, like. Yeah, like they're they're adults, like they deal with themselves as kids still. So it's I feel like sometimes it's easy for us to be like, look, they're night, they're nineteen, they're so young.


But sometimes I really think these girls in their minds think that they're a lot older than they than they actually are. Right. And they've just been treated that way. I bet their parents I'm not saying that they're not around all the time, but when I feel like when you are that famous and you have that much money in those sort of families, you got like nannies taking care of you. The parents are checking in every once in a while, but they're traveling.


They're doing their own thing. They're worried about their own career. So I do feel like they are growing up faster for sure. I agree with that. Yeah, I think that I'm glad we're talking about it. I'm glad that, like you said, Marilyn Manson and people like this that we're actually talking about these age differences. And at least for me with Amelia, like her anxiety issues and just mental health issues, we're pretty highly publicized on The Real Housewives, sort of see somebody who's so much older, then go after a person who had such highly publicized emotional anxiety issues is a little alarming.


But I also think that her parents seem pretty involved, at least as far as we know, like what we see on TV.


They do really involved. So, yeah, I also see Lisa Rinna being like so down for this.


Like, you see her cheering like, what do is there this is there a rumor about Kim and Drake is that everything is picking up steam that's always been played better? You know, it's been so I'm very into this rumor. Yes. There has been rumors that obviously Drake in part and in the song Psychomotor, he said down the block, made a right shut the lights. And so they live. If you look at the map of where Drake lives to Kim Kardashian house, it's literally like down the block until the right.


And so people thought that was him, like putting that little message out there. And then recently he put out a song where he was like, I need to talk to you. I need Jesus. But if I told him my sins, he wouldn't believe us. So they're like, oh, he's basically saying if I sat down and was like, I can't assume he wouldn't believe us. So there's all these. There's more than that. But all these signs are pointing to that great fucking production.


But Connies denied it. Kym's denied it. I think he and I kind of need it more now post divorce. Right. And they were still together and happy that it's very easy to believe, like OK, that they denied it. It's not true. But knowing that they've probably been on the rocks for like a really long time makes you think like good people.


I think Drake I mean, what do you guys think about the song Qiqi actually being about Kim Kardashian and that it's so public you think it could be about her? Yes, I I think that Drake puts things out in the open for people and people will grab on to it enough.


Like he's like, I'm trying to tell you guys, but nobody cares. Like not even that nobody cares. People just think that Drake is like this Luxor guy. You look like a love all the time. You know, his new album is coming out. It's called Certified Lover Boy, because that just like what people see Drake as. But I think he blatantly tells people things in his songs that people just passed by, like X, X, X, you know, the rapper X, X, X who was shot and killed him and Drake gone to some kind of fight.


I don't really know exactly what happened. But then x, x x tweeted, like, if I die, it was Drake. And then he got shot, died, and Drake put in his song Mess Triple X. That's the only time I shoot below the neck. And he got shot in the chest, I'm pretty sure. And obviously I said, that's triple X, that's only Taishi. Below my neck is like a jetpack.


Obviously, it means that you're really going to die as a triple X.


That's a mess. They thought I meant send my shooters triple X. That's the only time I should blow the neck straight.


And murderer may not drink himself, but Drake got people to murder Xingjian Park.


Oh, my God, I get that.


Knives are like these conspiracy theories. Oh, that's OK. Yeah, that's definitely I'm not a conspiracy theorist. She's just analyzing Drake's lyrics. I love it. I first of all, I love Drake. So and when this stuff doesn't turn me off to him, I'd only turns me on to Drake.


He's got some edge because we didn't we didn't see it coming because we don't support murder. Obviously, we don't trust me.


I know. Yeah. I've made a joke like the theory about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles that they killed somebody and they ran away from it.


I was like, that may be a reason. Idols, I don't do a conspiracy. Theories and other deep conspiracy theories, a theory that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles killed somebody together because of many songs that they both have together are like looking at it, that they got into a car accident, killed somebody, left, fled the scene. And I was like, honestly, that makes me like Harry Styles even more. And people were not happy with that.


But I was clearly joking. Clearly joking because it's all jokes, guys. It's comedy podcast. OK, can we talk about Harry? And Olivia, which let me just say straight out of the gate, like I date younger guys, so I am super into this, but what do you guys think I'm on board for anything Harry Styles does. And I do love Olivia Wilde and Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis together. I loved her as a couple.


I thought they were like one of the greatest, like celebrity couples just because they're both so funny and cool. But then when I heard Olivia and Harry, your words go, yeah, I support that. But then there were rumors everything was a little wishy washy because they had said that Olivia and Jason broke up in January of last year and then Olivia and Harry started dating in the fall when they started doing their movie. But then once that came out, they were like, oh, no, no, no.


Harry Styles is a home wrecker. Yeah, they started changing the timeline to make Jason Sudeikis seem like he was all heartbroken. Yeah, I if I was a single lady, I would pursue Jason Sudeikis because I can then make Olivia Wilde jealous with Jason Sudeikis and then they end up back together. And then I get Harry Styles. Oh, this is my plan.


What is Hank, the deep state. She hasn't heard any of that. Hank, if you're listening, it sounds pretty well thought out. I don't think it's a joke.


Yeah, listen, I'm not saying Olivia would be jealous of me, but I would I would inform her that I would entertain. I would really like show Jasanoff.


People are injured. People are like love that he's on the market. I feel like I'm seeing a lot of that being said. One hundred percent.


And I feel like the whole like Jason Sudeikis is heartbroken. Tabloid situation that we're getting right now is very much making more people just love Jason Sudeikis. And I'm into Harry and Olivia. I would never have put those two together. But Olivia seems so cool. And Harry loves older women like his his has always loved older women, has always dated older women. And so like this to me, feels like almost like the ultimate older woman for him to date.


It's like the perfect if he was going to pick someone in who's in their mid thirties, who he was like, OK, I'm going to is like, I'm going to pursue this this celebrity. She makes a lot of sense. I agree with the two of them. I think they connect on a deep level and they're both I feel like they're both like arty and I don't know what it's like. Olivia and Jason are like making it work. I think they're in London right now because she's filming Ted LASO.


So like she's out there so that they can all be together as a family because obviously, just as the quarantine until Reia shows up and gets her plan in motion.


OK, well, I'm going to throw a wrench into this, Max, and you tell me how you're going to handle this. Jason Sudeikis is rumored girlfriend is Kelly Hazal.


Do we know about this? I don't know who that is. We know she exists. She's an actress and she's an actress. Very well. Yeah, not very well known. She's been a friend of Jason Sudeikis for a while. And so they're apparently dated in horrible bosses, too. Yes. And also acquired last year. And he also named a character Guley in Vegas. So I feel like you don't name somebody Kealey, because that's not a company name.


Character, feelingly. Yes. But now all these these rumors are swirling. She stepped out in a tie dye hoodie that he had been wearing a day previously. So people think that they're together now. I don't know the picture in front of the same fireplace that he was in front of at the when he accepted the Golden Globe. As long as Jason Sudeikis is happy, I Vegas like I swear to God I've been thinking about it more and more recently, like how badly I want to fuck business today, because I, I don't know.


Trump was one of the smartest guys when we did it with Tyler. And I was like started going on a tangent about how I want to fuck Jason today.


And we were both very drunk and very like the number one person I would go after, Jason Sudeikis. And we were like, no, we were talking about Harry. I love how I like Harry Styles is like my no, I love Harry Styles.


But then I was like, I don't know what Jason about like like, ah, I was like, I don't know, like Jason so funny. And he's like hot. I don't know. I really want to focus.


When it comes out that you guys are rumored to be dating, people are going to be like she told us, she told everybody, just like Drake, she told everybody on the girls got a podcast like it's like it's been out there for a while, guys. We all do. We all saw this coming. OK, so we have just a couple more things everybody wants to talk about. The Bachelor. I mean, I feel like we've all seen so much bachelor stuff.


I feel like we're probably all on the same page in that we, I assume, stand with Rachel Lindsay and we are obviously denounce the racism that has happened within the show this season. I think that goes without saying. So you guys cover this all the time. We've spoken on it a little bit. So I guess as this episode comes out, the finale is tonight. I mean, how are you guys feeling just in general? I mean, what?


What are your thoughts? Pretty ready for this season to end. It's been it's been a problem and it's tough. Obviously, there's been so many issues and you've seen how some of these women have been treated this season and you've seen what's gone on with Rachel Lindsey and Chris Harrison and everything that's happened. And because of what's gone down with Rachel on next season, it just kind of feels like even if you avoid spoilers or don't look at it, you kind of have a general idea of what's going to happen.


Like you you don't think Chris Harrison goes on and talks to Rachel Lindsey and defends Rachel Kirkconnell as much as she did without like trying to make her look as good as he possibly can because she wants to win, you know, because it's like, what's the point of defending her so hard? Like if there was any other contestant, I think that would have gone very differently. They would have left Rachel Kirkconnell maybe speak beforehand. I think the show tried to silence her early on because they didn't want that out there because like that, it ruins the show.


Everyone's a love story. That's the whole magic that they that they want to want to create. So now she's like, let's wrap it up. I'm really excited for Emmanuel Acho. I think he's the same Rachel, a huge fan of him, and I think he is awesome. So we're excited to just see how he handles this whole thing and how Matt handles it all. I can't like Matt. We posted this on the chicks they describe and it kind of ties into the Meghan Markle stuff.


He tweeted out like, have you been silenced or were you silenced? Oprah was spin bars with that one. Yes. And Matt tweeted that out and wrote me. And it was like like, are you trying to send this little message here?


Because I 100 percent believe that. Yeah. I just don't feel like we know him that much. I don't really feel like anybody like I feel like I didn't know Bree. And then he then she went home. I'm like, wait, is Bree the most gorgeous person that's ever been on the show? Like, I've always been to Michelle since their first date. But I think we all kind of have a vibe. This is not a spoiler. I haven't read any spoilers.


I think we all kind of feel like Rachel is going to win.


But like I do love Michelle, I really hope Matt is able to share some of his actual opinions when speaking with Emmanuel. I think he'll feel more comfortable in that setting because I would really love to hear from that guy. Just like you said, we don't we haven't really heard from him at all. And that's fantastic. He's really like one of the nicest guys, like we know Matt, like, he really is great. So, like, we just haven't seen him.


He hasn't been given the opportunity to, like, be himself and speak and really show off who he is. So hopefully they give him one chance at the end of the show.


Yeah. Do you guys think Claire and Dale are back together? Oh, God, I'm a walk away.


I drea and go out on of play out on Claire and Dale. It's like I'm so I'm just I'm just I feel like the past few seasons have taken literally years off of my life back. And it feels draining like I'm so tired of talking about these people. Like I'm sure once it ends and there's like a little break up, it'll be like, oh, I miss the bachelor. I want to pack so bad I don't care. It could end.


I don't care. Like all these like. Oh like are they back to you. I don't give a fuck about that. Like I really don't. And I know that people get mad when I say that because they're like, well this is just what you guys talk about. It's like, yeah, but I'm also allowed to say that I don't care about them. Like, that's also an opinion that I have. I echo what you say.


I actually really don't care. And let's move on. People definitely care, though.


Like, I don't want to take that away. I'm done with it right now. With that, I'm done with that. We want to wrap up with the question that everybody wants to talk about, which is the recent Prince Harry Meghan Markle interview with Oprah. Of course, before the interview came out, Bethenny Frankel released all these text, all the tweets this, oh, poor you poor little girl tweet before even hearing the interview. Since the interview, Piers Morgan has criticized Meghan Markle.


He has since stepped down from his show because it was so great personally. And I would love to hear your take on this personally. I'm just not a big fan of the British monarchy. I don't I don't follow it. I don't I no, like, woke up to watch the wedding. I don't care about it. Like, I, I almost didn't even watch the interview because I was like, I don't know if I need to hear about this, but seeing snippets of it, it was so fascinating just to sort of look back the curtain a little bit more and see Americans view on this.


So what are your opinions on on what's going on in the interview itself?


That's exactly my feelings. So you've pretty much covered my base. I don't care about the royal family, and I think people who praise them are kind of strange. I my entire high school, we watched Will Wellin Wedding, I got up on my own and my boyfriend's apartment, I had my little fascinator that I put on for myself. I got to watch Harry and Meghan's wedding. I, I find them fascinating. I really do. Like I think that there is a you know, there's so many celebrities that we find fascinating.


We want to know so much of their life. And even the more secretive celebrities you want to know, you want to know more. And these are historical figures and they're but they're also quasi celebrities and it's definitely whatever growing up. And it's the princes and princesses and the love stories and whatever. Like, I was obsessed with Will and Kate, like I have. I bought the Lifetime movie on iTunes that I like. I said, I have always found the royal family fascinating.


And so this was like so in depth. And so the reality that I think so many people always thought was the case within them. I think people love to joke like, oh, they're doing shady shit the behind the scenes and all these things. Then you see the crowd and people spertus like people watch the crowd and it's like, OK, there's definitely there's some things that they that they messed up on or it's very dramatic and more than we think.


And this just kind of confirmed all that, which I think makes it even juicier. It's like, OK, they are doing some shady shit behind the scenes, like they have an operation going on that is unlike anything we have in our country. One hundred percent, like they have got some crazy shit going on over there.


And I that she acknowledged that like it's not like Hollywood. And I thought it was you know, I think Bethenny Frankel criticism was that, like Meghan Markle was saying, like, poor me and I didn't feel that vibe in the interview. I didn't feel like she was asking for sympathy. I didn't think that she wanted to point the finger and make other people look bad. I think this is somebody saying I was suffering from mental health issues. I was suicidal.


The interview was like it was pretty disgusting. And I mean, it was just like it was the blatant racism. It was them ignoring the cries for help like it was. I just want to make that clear. Like it was painful to watch. It was like, of course, we could have guessed that this monarchy, this institution was rooted in racism, like a lot of institutions are. But I hope it it changes. But also, that's not the country that I live in.


And I'm like Raina, where I just haven't ever been, like, super invested. And I think that the only thing I thought was so crazy all these years was just the way people treated Meghan Markle and like even Americans that were obsessed with the royal family, the way they would cheat on her. Like I thought it was so cool that this woman who was an American, who was a woman of color, who was a divorcee, like all these things could just go in there and kind of shake things up.


And it's like what happened was she was like abused and like to the point that she felt suicidal. So it was all just so disturbing. But I guess on the bright side, they probably will live a happier life, like once the dust settles, like it seems like this is what they the life they were meant to live is more it's just normal, not normal. They'll have to live with security and they'll never be quote unquote normal. But like, I like that rope around.


Yeah. Yeah. They're not in a prison. And so that's what I just like the Bethenny Frankel thing I've read and I've always of liked her. We respect what she does and the charitable side. But like this whole cry me a river, it's like what? Because she's she's royalty. She lives in a prison. She can't go to lunch. Like nobody wants to live like that.


You know, I the thing is, like I said, like, I don't care about the royal family, but I'm now invested after all this came out, because that's part of the reason I wasn't into the royal family. It kind of just freaked me out thinking about I remember years ago when we first started the podcast or even just on the radio show, somebody sent in the question. It was like, would you rather be a part of the Kardashians or would you rather be a part of the royal family?


And I was like the Kardashians any day of the week. Why would I want to be a part of the royal family where where I have to follow all these rules? And Meghan made that very clear in her interview. And I just think the whole thing is fucked up. Like I and I said on our podcast recently, I was like, I'd love to know what people in the UK actually feel about it, because on the outside looking in, you're like, OK, their tax dollars are going to this family.


They're making money off of people they like. You said, it's rooted in racism, this whole institution. It's just a lot of shit seems off and you're you're just kind of like, why do people praise them so much just because of history, just because this has been the because of the title of Prince, Princess, Queen, like that's why people bow down to them. But at the end of the day, are they good people? No, they're definitely not.


And I, I don't know how anybody could watch that interview and think. Miguel Marquez was looking for sympathy, do you think that literally any person that would have stepped into the role that Meghan Markle did would have maybe not any person, maybe if they were white, they may not have would have experienced things she did, but she's in it. She's telling you what she experienced also straight up said, like, I'm not trying to disparage Kate. I'm not trying to put down the queen.


I'm just saying the institution themselves, whoever it is, this is how they treated me here. We have to make that shit up. Why, why? Why would she make that up? And people were saying, oh, she manipulated Harry. No, sometimes it just takes somebody else stepping in from the outside to be like, this isn't right. Whatever's happening here is not right for you to open up your eyes and be like, you know what, you're right.


This isn't right. My eyes are opening. And it's like growing up, Harry always wanted to literally what happened to his mom. He's like this the whole time.


He was like, the history is that I watched this happen to my mom. I wanted to do this to her. She's widely publicized. You have had all kinds of anxiety issues, eating disorder issues throughout her entire time, part of the royal family. And then, I mean, of course, she was killed by the paparazzi. I loved I mean, if you ask me how this book ends, I would think that Prince Harry would have divorced her, left her stuff with the family.


But I love that this man, like, stood up for his wife and was like, I watched you do this to my mother. I'm not going to let you do this to the mother of my children. Like, I thought it was like a beautiful thing.


I agree. I agree. And it was very telling when he was like, look, I was trapped. My brother, my father, they're trapped. Like, I just imagined the institution. Right. The family, the staff, whoever. They live in those walls and in those walls, it's the monarch above all else, like their sense of reality just doesn't exist. And so, like, everything they do is in the name of protecting the monarch.


And I just feel like they are acting in twenty, twenty one the same way we watched and think scenes of the crowd that they acted in nineteen fifty seven, like it's like the same. They handle things the same way it's I things get rid of people, do all those kinds of things and know. A clip from John Oliver has been going viral again on Twitter of him talking about before the wedding of the birth family like this isn't probably going to work like everyone is romanticizing this right now.


But Meghan, entering this family, she might regret doing this. She might be at the last minute. This could be a problem. And having the two of them pull the plug makes the most sense.


Well, and I love the you guys on your on like a lighter note on your I think it was an Instagram video you posted of like you you like you're like we stand with Meghan Markle.


We believe in Marco, but we don't believe that she didn't Google her there one like she did during that interview. But that was that was just like the Googling aside. It's like, OK, fine. What are you saying? You're better than all of us. Fine. But also just like that, she didn't think she needed to act differently, like I'm not even into the royal family and I am not claiming to, like, really know. But I think I would be in the car on the way to meet the queen of fucking England.


How do I act? Do I need to curtsy like it was so funny to me. Like, again, I believe her. I'm not calling her a liar, but it's her mind obviously operates differently than Vinewood. And it was just so funny that she was like I just thought it was like meeting any other famous person. It's like, bitch, it is the queen. I don't subscribe to this thing, but like, I even. I know.


I know what's your man's grandma. But it's like I would be like, tell me everything to do top to bottom. Am I dressed OK? What do I need to do? Like how she was just like, oh, we're just going to go meet his grandma and I don't know how to curtsy. Like that's no big deal. Like it's just a famous person.


I was like, girl, no actually speaking hard truths because this time they were Oprah was like, OK, but if you do not a curtsy like why why don't you just Google it? And she was like, we were five minutes. Right. Five minutes away. What do you mean make a model? Google works in the car. You know, we're in the car. I couldn't Google it. We were already in the car.


It did start on a little I was a little suss. I was like I in the beginning, I was like, I never Google my husband, bitch, please. I Google every person. I go on a date when I Google John Smith, who works at Salesforce, I Google random, ask people all day, every day. I just Google like people to find out. I think I think she was trying to like really put emphasis on the fact that she didn't didn't know, you know, what the royal family was all about.


So in order to drive that point home, it's like, no, I didn't do any research. I didn't look into it at all. Instead of being like, oh, I kind of half assed my research and did it.


But not being said like friend, like even somebody like you, like, you know everything about them. You're like a stand. You would have no idea once you got in it, like it is so much different once you're in it.


Like I said to my roommate, like I was like I pay attention to what they do. And I would think, like, oh, I have an idea of what it would be like. Thank you. Do note at the end of the day, like you have absolutely no idea, not a clue until you're living it. You have no idea. I don't want to. I've never even wanted. To be like a famous person, so like I said, like, I want to be able to walk down the street, I want to live a nice life and have nice luxuries, but no amount of money to me is worth not having any privacy or freedom anyway.


But I'll end it there. We had you girls for so long now, but we can talk about it. Well, we are so glad to have had you guys.


Thank you so much. I know that everybody is going to want to follow you everywhere and you both have multiple podcasts. So tell me where they can find you, your Instagram handles, all the things.


All right, I'll go first. So on Twitter, you can find me a partial Fran on Instagram for just Mariano. Were at ChiX in the office on Instagram, ChiX in the off on Twitter. I do a football podcast with Casey Smith, who works here as well. And that's the dye package. So if you have any interest in the NFL, you can follow us at the dye package on social as well. And you can listen to it wherever podcasts are found.


My Twitter is Barstool Rya, my Instagram is Maria Chipo Kyou FFO, because that's not easy to use in the office everywhere. And then I have a podcast called Because We Got High with Kelly Gigs who works here and then Briana Chicken Fry. If you know her from Tech Pop, she's very popular and tick tock just about everything, like it's really not about anything. We go through the alphabet each. Each episode is a different letter from the alphabet.


OK, three words that go with that letter and then dive into it so you can.


I love that. Well, thanks, girls, so much for being here.


You guys will all love their podcast and our Instagram's go find it if you want to hear our episode and chicks in of it's July 15, 20 and 19. It was very, very timely shut.


That was a long time ago. But I love like I love you girls so much.


Thank you again. Thank you so much.


And you guys know where to find us. Girls got each podcast dot com. Get on those Florida shows. Girls got a podcast on Instagram. Ash has Raina Greenberg on Instagram Girls and our score got beat on Twitter and YouTube. Dotcom slash girl's got to eat and that's all. Thanks, guys.


Have a great week I.