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The Bhagavad Gita is a book of mankind's collected experience of and answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from, where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny? And most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcasts originate in the lectures of Neil Bott, a disciple of Swami Chinh Mahananda. They are presented here in 20 to 30 minute segments, each covering three of the Geita 701 verses. Welcome to Geita Wisdom for Daily Living.


We had been discussing Chapter two Sanchia Yoga Yoga for knowledge. So far we have seen in the chapter that Bhagwan explained to Arjuna his situation from various perspectives, not just one perspective that this is my idea. You should do this when you give him various perspectives. The first perspective, the spiritual perspective from the highest respect to from the spirit's point of view that the self is immutable, imperishable, so that the highest perspective. Then it came down to the society's perspective and civil societies perspective.


You is a Chatrier. Has duty to protect the society from evil, if you see that is really the cutting the society, we rely on the shutdown, just like we learned our armies to protect ourselves. Our army cannot become pacifist at the last minute from that perspective. This is the best opportunity you have to perform your art and perform your duty. So society's perspective and give his opinion that this is still what you should be looking at. Then came the individual's perspective.


There we have seen by one say, if you give up, you run away from your duty, then you will incur sin. He has looked at the issue from various perspectives. And came to the same conclusion that Arjuna's should fight this war. So in the process, but then also taught us the art of persuasion to persuade somebody. Who is bent upon doing something other than what we think is right for him? We're just giving your opinion and look, you are doing something wrong, but it's not going to work.


The only way that works is we give him a three dimensional view of his situation and give him the view from various perspectives. Look at it from various points of view, and then the person will be able to see it correctly. Then he will be able to persuade him. And he this can be also applicable to looking at any problem in the situation that you come across a situation where you've got a job in another town that best for you from a professional perspective.


Well, that's great. But if you take the decision just based on that, it may or may not be right there. You have to look at it from various perspective. First to say, well, from my professional perspective, it seemed like that that job will give me more opportunity to go further in my career than to see it from family perspective. Will my family be comfortable relocating from this town to another? Will they be able to get just as easily as they are?


They are registered here. And then lastly, you also the same with the school district is in that new town. Is it as good or better in that town? And if you come to the same conclusion from all three of them, then relocation is the great idea. Take the job and move, or you will find that you'll end up commuting, just like most of our friends do, who work outside Richmond, in Washington or or other places.


So any problem or situation cannot be viewed from just one perspective. And you can come to the right decision or you can convince somebody, so there's the art of persuasion is to give somebody. A three dimensional view of a situation and then come to the conclusion in this case, but one came to the same conclusion from all perspectives, from a spiritual from a society's perspective, no individual or do not must fight this war. What typically works best is when it comes to me and I can see from my perspective that you do the right thing, therefore, by one, put more stress on his individual situation.


So we have seen that he said that the horse was getting hit a bottom of opportunity. If you give up your duties, you will incur papa. And this obviously is where the dreaded word and in the society that you will incur papa. So that obviously works probably more effectively. But you had the background of other two perspectives that this is right. This is the right thing to do from all perspective. So, Bhagwan, pursue that point of view a little further and say Buyat are not open at the moment simply to Amhara Taha ism, that Mahomet the HA, but I still see log of them.


So all these great warriors who are gathered here on our side and on the other side, they have very high regard for you because of your valor. In your promise, they are unwillingly accepting your enemy, the unwilling accepting that you are one of the best warriors. It is not easy to confront you. You are the one who has achieved the supertaster that's driven largely by himself. Obviously, the story that, you know, goes for top us to please Lord Shiva and in the end, he end up fighting the lawsuit himself.


A lawsuit was so pleased that he revealed himself that I'm not just the hunter that you are fighting, but I'm a you are very happy here. The supertaster and in the plural to say the pursuit supertaster, the ultimate weapon, it can destroy the entire universe in no time. So you are the one who has such a promise that you can destroy everybody in no time if you really choose to. However, you cannot use any weapon irresponsibly. Just let go a nuclear weapons capability, but you may never use it, he said.


The people, they will then think that you ran away from this war because of fear, even though that may be reality. But that's how you will be viewed by your peers and your enemies is such a thermometer. But I still see a log of them. They will belittle you their higher respect for you. And they will. They? I don't know what we were thinking. This guy turned out to be not really what we thought he is going to be.


It's not something very comfortable for you if that happens for the next two or three or whatever. Chaban. But this shantytown. Oh, not only that, he will disappoint your friends and relatives and people who are relying on you in the society.


But there are all the people who are not your well-wishers, your enemies who wish that you go away, you get destroyed. He said they will be telling stories about your cowardice, all kinds of bargain with this Chente, all about you, about those things which we cannot repeat on national TV, that kind of talk. They will be talking about you. So please think about it. The tough assignment of film, they will be caviling at. You promised that.


I think it will all be hype. You know, it all made up stories that he's such a great warrior. I don't think he had those qualities and if that's happened, but I don't know him, what is more painful than that? That nobody will ever realize that you ran away because you you thought that killing your cousins and your teachers is not the right thing to do. But they will think it's a fearful fear of defeat which made you go away.


It was very painful. So I don't think this is going to be easy if you go over. And then in any deal which you make sure to come up with a win win situation. The only way the deal gets closed when a client comes to me, he thinks I can provide most appropriate services. And I think the right project for me then only we sign a contract. If I don't think you do the right thing, if the right for him, nothing happens.


So you have to come up with any situation. Win win situation where both parties will have a good outcome. Now, in this case, if you're just looking at our own situation, any decision we take out of the options available to me, I should feel comfortable that it will be acceptable situation for me. No one now uses that final trump card and say, Ottowa, perhaps this is what go. If you die, you'll go to the hero's heaven.


So this is a special section of heaven which is reserved for these great heroes who died on the battlefield. It's like the GI Bill, the great privileges in heaven for the heroes who serve their country, serve the society in the process, the die. You can think about the health care workers who lost their lives in the battle against Cordona. So, you know, our scriptures say we have a special section in heaven to reward them for their valor and their courage, Hayato says he's working 12 hour book, Shame on him.


If I die, go to the heaven for the heroes if you win the kingdom on this earth. This is a no brainer for you. There's no way that you going to lose one will either fight and die or fight and win both with you are the winner. There's nothing to think about it here. The only good decision is fight the war. Therefore, I say the smart buddhistic onto you diacritic and therefore or Steinhof going to get up with a resolve to fight this war.


So this is a conclusive statement. No Barwan conclusive advice. In the beginning, I didn't ask him to say give me destress for me. When we come across the word serious and prayers before that, which is always good, it may not feel good, but it is good for me. But it feels good, but not good for me. And I'll it in no uncertain terms. And as Berggruen tell me what is good for me and I will do it, and no one says this to go there, get up with a resolve to fight this war.


So that was the conclusive advice from Bhagwan.


And then Bhagwan now introduces the concept of karma yoga.


You have to act in this world and there will be consequences of your actions. You are part of this world, the sensor in son, sir, is not homogeneous experiences. The experiences are varied, somewhat conducive, some are not conducive. He will fight. The war outcome is not guaranteed. The experience will not be as you predict. It will be something different. But you have to treat. Whatever you face with an equal state of mind, you have to treat them alike no matter what the outcome is, because you're enjoying the ride in this world.


The next person that introduces the idea of how to transform karma into karma, yoga, same action. Changing the mental attitude becomes, although it says Suker, the case, I mean, tra la la la mode, you thought you tell you you just were not even part of our society. We came back to the paparazzi. So what, 33? You think that that the husband, Herman Cain, seemed to hit were obsessing? You will incur sin if you abandon your duty here.


He says that you die and you're just not even part of obstinacy. You will not incur anything when the condition is Sukuk Doucoure some secret. So kind of the car is a treat them alike. It's more like an observer. It does not mean that you react to some in the car in the same way. Would you treat them alike as an observer? It's like that to me. One say I think I should have a cup of coffee. The one who is thinking about me having a cup of coffee that's an observer to that observer should be neutral.


He should be treating anything which comes alive to so the kind, the mental level. My experience even experienced the mental reaction and say this can do so great. Not conducive, not great. We'll take better look at the mental level. Loba Alaba. Profit and loss, that obviously an intellectual level. Am I making profit by doing this or I'm losing something here is my intellect decide that I actually thought I'm going to get this, but I didn't get there.


And therefore, the loss or the profit, that's an intellectual level. And finally, the joy and IJA victory or defeat. Either the physical level. I tried to gain something I did not gain. Well, that's a defeat. I competed against several firms to get a project. I didn't get it. That's a defeat. That's the real reality, the physical reality that I don't have the product. So we're going say from a mental level to intellectual, physical, whatever your experiences are, you as the observer should treat them all alike.


And if you do that, then any action which you perform is part of your duties. You will never incur anything, not even part of obsessing. And we'll stop right here. Oh, I'm sorry, we have to subpoena sideways and turn it on my side away. But Ronnie, passion to mark the comeback, by way.


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