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The Bhagavad Gita is a book of mankind's collected experience of and answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from, where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny? And most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcasts originate in the lectures of Neil Bott, a disciple of Swami Chinh Mahananda. They are presented here in 20 to 30 minute segments, each covering three of the Geita 701 verses. Welcome to Geita Wisdom for Daily Living.


So far we have learned from Barwan the ultimate truth, which is revealed in openness since it is a mess up the jirga. Matear the atmosphere dimethyl that with this permanent citya that is superimposed on the permanent is Mithu. For example, if somebody is wearing a Halloween costume, a child is wearing a Halloween costume and you ask, is that you the. And he said, no, I'm a witch, that which is to me, they said we many of those permanent we did the superimposition hot potato.


I dropped it like a hot potato. Potatoe is Sadir, the hotness is superimposed on potato, that's not potatoes.


Inherent quality. That's an incidental quality superimposed on a potato potato board, that heat from boiling water or microwaves that is not in Huntingdon potato. So that hot mess, that hot potato is Métayer, but it is. Coronaviruses, mature, you suck because the coronavirus itself has no real activity, it cannot do anything, it's only when there is a host, it manifests as infection. So one thought is that this there is Mittell, but you are my Sutil.


And therefore, do not you should fight this battle of life, but how to fight is then we learned in the last war which suker the case, Meekatharra Lobola about GIGO Tatto. You die. You're just not even parfum of obsessing. That having that equanimity of mind to all these pairs of opposites, so Cradock lobola of a judge, and then you engage in your life, in your actions and you're not even currently seen. Now, this seems fairly absurd, it wise, because how can you be sane for some kind of doucoure?


The car is going to upset me and it's is going to lead me, that's normal. But if I want to know if this is a reality, which if you understand, then you will be able to practice it. For example, if you go to theme park and you see the people lining up for roller coaster ride here, all these people are lining up enthusiastically. They know the nature of roller coaster. They are. They'll figure it out.


Roller coaster is made up of a sense and the sense, twists and turns, knowing full well that this is the nature of roller coaster, you're very happily and enthusiastically waiting in line for hours together. We're going to get on the ride. You're obviously anticipating that this is not going to be a smooth ride. This is going to be ups and downs, twists and turns, predictable, unpredictable turns. Some will be much higher ascent and much deeper descent than others.


But you're enjoying this because you were prepared for it. You knew the very nature of roller coaster and therefore you're thrilled by the ride. And then we come down again, if you ask the child, what do you want to do? I want to go back again. So it goes back to the line again to the second round. We want to you do exactly the same thing you came in this life. You're very well aware that this life is not a homogeneous path, a straight line.


There will be ups and downs. And he accepted that. And then we went through the right. In the end of his life, he had to come back again and start all over again. So if you anticipate that this thing will happen, then is riding a roller coaster enthusiastically anticipating all predictable, unpredictable twists and turns of life. And when you do that, life will be just a thrill, whether it is up or down, ascent or descent to daughter, it will be just a thrill to live your life through.


That's the key. That the vaccination you have to have. Karma, yoga, so that you avoid any Xiong effect, which is papà, so therefore we once hate the thought you die, you just anticipating fully well that this life will be full of the kind of love of love and joy, and then there won't be any negative impression on your mind. You will not incur any sin. That's basically what we learn. This is the way of living.


And then one says he shot the AP, he doesn't care what I talked to so far in the wisdom of Sungkar, so I'm giving you the. Theoretical knowledge, what this tank philosophers have. Concluded deducted from the life experiences, what life is all about and how to live this life efficiently. So I've given you the knowledge in all these verses from 11 onwards till about thirty eight, I told you how to leave this life, and I said, Buddy, you'll get through Mom Citronelle.


Now, I will tell you the practical application, the intelligent way of living Buddha yoga. Uniting yourself with the supreme intellect is with the yoga. The supreme wisdom of Sanchia when you unite with it and work in this world at the practical application, there are ones that are giving you the theory. Now I'm going to give you the practical application. And if you learn that how to act in this world in that intelligent way. But they are you doing your part to among them, perhaps, Jesse?


And having known how to act in this world. You will be able to liberate yourself from all bondage is of actions that we all know that action is binding. Exit will be a cause and the result will be the effect this cause and effect relationship will continue, but it will not be able to leave any impression in your mind, which is negative. So we have learned in Bhagwat that all accents are binding except the ones which are performed in the spirit of Yagoona for the greater good.


So if you learn this art of living that you are not living for yourself, but for the greater good, you will not encourage this. You will be able to liberate yourself from all bondage of actions. No new Wassenaar will be created. Experiences create impressions. The impressions create tendencies, the tendencies, desires and desires and more actions. This vicious cycle you will be able to get out of by learning intelligence, the yoga. So show me. Just say is the yoga is the word people are frightened about.


But no one Christianize using it in a very different way, so the average man can understand how to live your life. So what do you three mom? I'll tell you how to live your life intelligently. If you learn that you will not incur any sin and you will not have any bondage of actions, then not. Yeah. A become a national. There is no loss of effort. Obviously, our problem is before starting anything, if I want to see what it was doing it even in Canada, we said we don't do this particular ritual, but if you don't know how to do it, you will incur sin.


Unless you know exactly that didn't happen in Japan, whether you do it, because we are afraid that by doing it wrongly and increasing insurance companies can accept. But once hey, don't you worry about it again. Not a bit criminal, so there is no loss of effort here. Even if you put this little effort, do I really have to practice Komunyakaa to fullest extent and then only it will benefit everyone to know? No, whatever little you can do.


It will give you the good result, what a little exercise you do, it will still help you. You may not be exercising like the athletes, but whatever it will be good enough, it will help you pretty well don't know it did there. There is no side effect there, no contrary effect. Practicing Gourami yoga. There is no reverse effects or bad effect and there's no loss of effort is really reassuring. But once at whatever level you can live an intelligent life, it will be beneficial.


Only it will not hurt you or harm you. It's like out with medication or homeopathic medication. No side effects, swallow them up, etc.. Monsieur Tirtha Mahato by heart, even a little practice. Forget about living your life and career. Even a little practice. If you do, it will try it to my heart by heart. It will liberate you will save you from the great danger, the greatest fear. And what is it? The fear of death.


A little knowledge of Bhagwat Beitar. A little practice about one Geetha will liberate me from the fear of death. So for one thing, at any level you can practice, if you don't really have to be Mahatma or Yogi or a great Karmen yogi to practice this at your level, in practice, it will help you. They will not be any side-effect, no harmful effect to liberate you from the greatest fear of death you ever saw Yetnikoff. But he wicky her and then Bahu Sakar.


He asked her, What do you think of your Vasana? It is the formula for success why some people succeed and other people fail because of the resolution, if they are single pointed resolution, their goal is single point that goal then you will get. The success, so we say at MCA with the body, with this turn towards yourself. A single point, did it go to London? Or Joy of cruise, remember that if you have a single pointed goal, if your body, your intellect is turned towards yourself, it will be a single point.


The goal of life is to be happy. If you have figured out that happiness lies within me and turned towards that, that's a single point, the goal of achieving happiness. That the formula for success, just one single goal. I want to be happy. And then he said, Bahu Sakai uninterest, but all of us sign-off, but those who are not single, pointedly focused on being happy or being achieving that goal. My goal is not determined if I'm not exactly sure why I am doing what I'm doing for Runcie.


But Hosaka, you in a lot of branches. So this is right now what my life is. I want happiness, but I'm not exactly sure that just being happy, I'll be happy. I want to have accomplishments and I want achievements. I may be happy, but unless everybody sees that you're an accomplished person and you achieved a lot in your life, I will not be happy. And for that little boy, Hosaka, then I want a lots of results, I want to this I want to do this and I also want to do this.


I also want to do that. So there'll be a lot of branches where I think the happiness lies in there on ending desires to achieve and aggrandize and to accomplish. And in the end, I think I'm going to get a happiness at the end of this journey, but because I did not really have a single point goal, my efforts are all diluted. And in the end, I didn't get anything. I did not get what I what I started out to get, which is my happiness.


And we die unhappy. We wanted the goal is to have a single point of resolution. Then I find out where my happiness is and pressure that will stop right here.


Oh, I'm sorry, Bob and this Akina sideways and turn it on my sort of way. But Rodney, passion to mark the comeback, by way.


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