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The Bhagavad Gita is a book of mankind's collected experience of and answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from, where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny? And most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcasts originate in lectures of Neil, a disciple of Swami Chinh Anada. They are presented here in 20 to 30 minute segments, each covering three of the Geita 701 verses. Welcome to Geita Wisdom for Daily Living.


So we had been discussing chapter two centuries ago. Bhagwan told Arjuna that I told you all about Sankei. He shot a hit song, came with Felgate and I'm sure Citronelle. I told you all about the Sanchia and I'll tell you about yoga. So as we discussed before, the Sodersten, the sixth versions where one is covering Alderson's here for do not, you know, very brief. So he said, I told you all about the wisdom of Sanchia that Sanchia falls into Takase after, therefore it also covered in the eye.


And we Secich Takamine logic. So logically, what you come to the conclusion about what the reality is. Patankar I taught you, but now I'll teach you the application of the yoga, the good Videojet, the mumps. You don't know that this is politicizing. The reality is the practical application is in yoga. But yoga has drug use, all practical application about how to achieve that, throwing them on the grass and behind them. So he said, I'll give you the practical explanation, espera yoga.


But Bhagwan adds here the word beauty. We just completely novel interpretation of yoga, the intelligent way of looking at life and how to intelligently that. I'll teach you that. But the Buddha. Yeah, yeah. Parta Abundant Prothese endowed with the Buddha. Thou shall be liberated from your bondage of actions if you perform your actions intelligently in a manner of this yoga which we have seen that we want to cover the Fordson after so far in his discussion. But then he condemned the fifth one, which is kind of mukund for women.


Munser Wilson, harsh criticism from Barwan about ritualism. So I say to the people who use flowery language, you know, and they indulge in Radik discussions about what KomaI is and what what will get you to happy, joyful situation. Kind of a country is all about gain something by performing these actions and actions in The Vindicator, purely religious and ritualistic actions. There are too many goals, too many things to achieve, and therefore there may all be single pointedly following what they are really trying to achieve.


The goal of life for all beings is to be permanently happy, continuously happy. If you have too many goals, you're not going to achieve that. You do become single, pointed the single point. And this will only be achieved if you have the highest goal in mind. But one thing that we were actually going to say that some of the quotes here, no Eugena, Nissan, Keino got them or not, no Navidea, but at a cut to Bogdana moxa us did not admit there is no other way that going to get the happiness we just seeking no matter what you try not yoga, not sankar, not Carmini.


This is basically the performance because, you know, karma, kandis, you know, Navidea even become a pundit about all those things. That's not going to give you anywhere. It's only the bring it to more than once you realize that your self is the and then only you will achieve that goal so that basically we are seeing the worst. Forty five, six Tigrinya we say with they knew what to do now concluding his criticism on Karma and he said that these videos are all about three Gounod's.


So Swamiji basically says here there's the word with here refers to only the proportion of with the karma can also with not with us in general terms. We have seen before the way that contains all kinds of knowledge. That is something similar to free speech or free speech contains everything that we can consider as speech. No, not at all. Speech is liberating or sympathetic to all beings. There are some fairly vulgar. And very anti-social speech also, but it's all covered in the free speech in the Constitution, same way that goes all knowledge's, irrespective of what it is, and therefore a portion of it may not be very useful to you if your goal is to become pure and achieve happiness.


So but once it TREGONING We say Aveda, the portion of us which talks about the kind of a kind of ritual and the goal of life is to go to heaven. That is not going to be of any help to you if you're trying to achieve that final destination. Next numerology. So you go beyond the three. Now, so many commentators say that this without here means Prakriti. The whole Prakriti is made up of Trigorin eyes. And as long as you indulge in this Prakriti, as long as you are still focused on finding your happiness in the progress, as we are seeing the outward approach that I'm going to accomplish things and acquire things from outside and that will get me happiness.


But one thing that is not the way to do it and you will not be able to achieve and therefore you go beyond that, find your happiness in your own self is one of the demands is that you return your senses, which are programmed to go outside, turn them inward. More like taking a selfie, though your camera is normally programmed to see outside. It takes picture outside, but when you reverse the camera, it starts taking your own pictures of the selfie.


But one to take a selfie. You know, don't go outside, don't find the happiness outside, find your happiness inside. That's what it basically means. They stay in your bubble urgently needed. So now he gives a prescription. This one is really loaded with implications since it first of all, he says, go beyond Prakriti, then it's needed one to go beyond the person opposite again. It means basically the same thing. This Prakriti is made up of these pairs of opposites because there are no pairs of opposites that cannot exist.


If there is no black, there's no white car, there's no soccer and there's no laws. There's no profit. There is no victory or defeat. Somebody has to lose for me to win in today's society, many have to lose for one person to win. Therefore, we have too many billionaires and trillion dollar companies. But you can imagine how many people have to lose those trillion dollars for a company to become a trillion dollar company.


No one said this is the nature of this Prakriti, and you have to go beyond that. In other words, accept it as it is. That's what this is all about. As long as I'm part of Prakriti, that will be a part of my experiences near Nitish Southwest. Try to balance your suggestion, Thomas, so establish yourself in purity so that you can see things as they are. A yoga kushima yoga means to acquire things they don't have.


That's my yoga every day I'm doing yoga to walk what I don't have. I'm trying to acquire and maximize preservation, constantly checking my photo and care whether it's still there and it has gone down that I'm trying to acquire. And preservation is actually of an entire life. Our life is divided into yoga and shimmer and about wanting to become near yoga. This is quite contrary to our normal way of thinking. So even though we consider ourselves to be done is the way we live exactly as Jarek said, you should be living.


We constantly believe in all the things which we can see. And then we say this is what life is all about. One, it become a new yoga kushima. You don't really have to worry about acquiring and preserving because that job belongs to the what he already has taken care of what you need. What you desire here is not taken care of, that he left it to you, but what you need is already taken care of. So therefore, if you rely on him near you, look at the these last words, see how the other three can be achieved.


If you become established on yourself, then you will become so near Denver and the desert near yoghourt. Shamma Outnumber is deluded prescription to you know that if you want to be efficient in life and get the happiness you deserve, then this is the prescription for you in the next verse again and criticizes whether you are on earth with the opening set of what the subplot to the Darvon survey should be. The issue. But I'm going to say Vagina Abramson, who knows the real self, one who knows that my itemise Premakumar this atomize permanent the permanent Hartmans quality is not to have this body, the body superimposed on it.


One who knows this knowledge, all the things which is disgusting, Reidar, is of as much value as having a tank of water when everything is flooded around him.


If you're sitting in a place which is flooded with water, which is useful, then having a little tank of water with you or owning a tank and water is of not much value to you. He said that much value to it, but not who know the Brahman. Off with us, to him, the weather not useful at all, if you know yourself. So let we get recommended, Victor, dominie it say don't go one step further, IVG, not to put it that way south to the US, to Knispel without knowing the stupid reality, the study of disaster, the futile.


He's of no use. But then he goes one step further and says we're not the put it that way thought the the US to Knispel and having known the supreme reality the study of again Fudo.


So this of Susta is just a means for me to achieve something by itself. It is of no value just indulging yourself into knowing, Suster says Australia's nice, very strong last. And actually there's a majority. When he shakes his head, he means that you'd be the first to throw us into the south, throw us, and I still left in him so they learn faster. But then he becomes Sanyasi. He shows that you're also told he goes away from us now, has to be dropped because it's of no use.


And then comes the worse, which probably can take months to discuss. Kamani we've got to hit the Mark Foley shuka that John Mark Karr mirthala hetero boohoo. Marty's son got to a Kamani we had discussed many, many times before. We got the audience here. His fairly senior that your right is only to act only means you have under your control is just actions present only in the real past is dead and the future is not born yet. So there is nothing I can do in the past, nor can I do anything in future.


Everything I can do is in present, which is in my control, the fruit of actually the future karma for my financial condition, because I can't worry about the fruits in present, because fruits are never in prison. There'll always be a time lag between when I act and the result comes. The fruits belong to future, actions belong to present. I have only control or present. I should not be worried about the future, the fruits of actions.


My karma follow here to the book. And even while acting in prison, my mind should not be clouded by the anticipation of what the fruit would be in future, because that will take away part of my energy. As we discussed before, one third of my energy goes into that I was successful or failure in past, and all of the third goes into what will be the results of this. I only 30 percent of my energy available in prison instead of that.


And get yourself hundred percent in prison because that's all you control. Let's do this for the calm of all the that we do not. You will always be somebody else. Martis Anger to our Kamani And this is a very powerful message. To mitigate any criticism about the passiveness of this world is that it does not say that don't worry, don't do whatever it comes is fine. It's a no, never get attached to a committee in action. You will see further.


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