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The Bhagavad Gita is a book of mankind's collected experience of and answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from, where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny? And most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcasts originate in the lectures of Neil Bott, a disciple of Swami Chinhoyi Ananda. They are presented here in 20 to 30 minute segments, each covering three of the Geita 701 verses. Welcome to Geita Wisdom for Daily Living.


We are now discussing Chapter two. Thank you again for your knowledge. So far we are seeing that Bhagwan gave in knowledge of Sanker. The Sancha lesson is one of the lesson. It takes us step by step what the reality is from verse 11 through today. He gives the thank version of the banana and then you say that now I'll teach you the Buddha yoga, which is the application in your life, how to work and appropriately so. Thank you this and say that Russia in particular, they are two separate entities and Perusia get involved with Prakriti and all these problems start the five classes that start dog address, etc.


. So yoga is how to overcome this entanglement with Prakriti so that yoga? S going to I will now teach you, but one coined a new word would do yoga yoga, which is established in wisdom. One is basically not teaching Arjuna the yoga in a very simple format that we all can understand. I do not understand how we all can understand. We are touched upon a landmark worse. In other words, forty seven last day, which is most quoted words, but with most people quote this words but only quote the half of it.


The first line of it, you will hardly ever hear anybody quoting the entire words, both the lines, the first line.


Everybody is very familiar. He says many words. He got to the Mark Foley doujin and we quote there as if death instruction. In reality, that is the statement of fact, the first line, in their words, the statement of fact, that you have only control over your actions, you do not have control over the fruits of actions. That's a statement of fact. All of us who can think about it will agree with that, that I can act or the results will come.


I'm not in control. I'm not the calm of all about the somebody else in the world. Go on. Who would you consider? But that's not you. But you do have control over actions. The second line is actually the prescription. That second line is the advice, which is my car. My father had to rebel who never engage in any action with the expectations of the results that send advise. It's an advice for us to be wise about how we act.


You will never be able to guess what the results would be. You'll never have a control over it. There is no reason for you to invest your energy into it. Most of our energy is a wasted in the greatest of the past or in the future, and then we have less enthusiasm in the present. But one said, therefore, Mark Fuller had thought about who had therefore never engaged in action with a result in your mind. And then the last portion of that was say, my son got to work calmly and never get attached to inaction by fear of failure or not having any clear direction.


You do not want to get engaged in inaction and then become automatic. So basically the advice begun given is very clear, engaged in action without any expectations. When commentators say this is where you change from previous to serious, you're army commander for Preus, that is going to be pleasant for me. Those actions, which are not driven by expect of the fruit, will lead you to stress because you will be only focusing on the action itself. So one has given a clear direction and clear statement of the reality we live in.


And now in the following words, by going clearly demonstrate how one can engage in these activities. Your guest to her, Guru Kermani, establish yourself in yoga and how to practice this banana, this and this knowledge of the true self. As I say, there are two entities for Sanchia Perusia who always pure Caitanya but inactive Prakriti, which is inert but active. Prakriti does not have the consciousness, but it is very active. And Perusia, which is pure consciousness, but inactive, when these two get entangled with each other, then the confusion starts in a yoga sutras, said that the yoga Pinnaroo, the, you know, guys to stop the activities of your body, yoga activity, things like a mirror, it reflects the pure consciousness.


But the reality is there are modifications which create this confusion. Basically, the function of the in our day to day life is primarily to get knowledge. We put the country knowledge, the wrong knowledge. We kulp about sleep or Niederer Thomas. And that's really the mamady these five modifications of the create flickering in Gita. It does not let the consciousness reflect purely well, these are negated. The Perusia reflected through the cheetah in its pure form that basically yoga SAAC.


But this is really complicated for an average man to understand. But one is now clarifying this in a very simple term, which you and I can understand and try to practice yoga, stockbroker money. That's very simple. You have to establish yourself in yoga, then act outside. If you're not established in yoga and actions will be haphazard, they will be driven by the results and then they will be all the side effects which come along with it. Sangam, Dychtwald and so many pointers.


This is the most important part of this course and most people leave that out. Sangam get to act in this world by establishing yourself in yoga and without any attachment. Attachment to actions themselves is detrimental. If I get too attached to I have to do this, I need to do this, then it will be problematic. There may not be opportunity of the particular exercise for you to perform. You know, you should perform the exercise which are appropriate and necessary.


And available in that environment and not have to hear the particular accent you're attached to. I will only do this when I will not do anything else in urban society in India. But I mean, I can only do this. He cannot do menial work. And I know in time where there was not enough work that people suffered because they will not go down and say, I will do this if this work is not available. But once they don't get attached to accidents, what accidents are available and appropriate and get yourself into it?


No attachment to what type of excellence and performing well, somebody has to be myself. Do you know what that yoga is with? An average person gets really frightened. The very word you become a yogi was. No, no, I don't want to become a yoga santori in my own life to live. I want to. No, no, that's not yoga is all about you guys. Something different. So what does it potentially say to year old?


But one puts it in a very different way, which is very palatable to us. So I said C the A, C, D, some overthought become even minded to success and failures. Once again, going back to the previous. Success and failure has come from the past. Excellence, the success and failures which I am experiencing now are actually results of my past actions. No control whatsoever on them anymore. I should have gone to medical college.


I would have been a doctor and made more money and I'd be considered a front line worker right now, but I did not. I cannot change that and therefore, whatever the result I'm facing right now with that, I consider them to be success or failures. I should be even minded, take them as they are without attaching my liking and disliking to someone. But some you'll go to the very first definition in Bogota about yoga sometime. Yoga, you will see more definitions.


And therefore, this chapter is so important this next three or four verses starting before day seven. They are so loaded with meaning and they compressed all the wisdom of Sanchia and yoga in this few verses that we have to pay lots of attention to understand them. McGuane saying simply this do not pay attention to what you are getting because of past actions. Treat them equally with other words, they engage in your present actions. Do not let your present actions get affected by seediness which you are facing right now.


Symptom yoga, which is the balance of mind, is yoga. So we go back to work, Marty, but then they'll say yoga to you, though, when Cheeta is agitated by all this rootes appropriate knowledge or good knowledge, contrary knowledge mammaries, Nedra, thumos all those things are creating impurities in it that it is not now available to reflect the right knowledge or the right reality is who I am. I wanted somebody from yoga to this balance of mind, which does not get affected either by fast nor by injecting the future does not lose any enthusiasm in present in your current actions.


Is yoga. Once you established in this, your actions will bear light results in the next two. How to look at the situation during the heat of karma would be your guardian angel.


Actions which are prompted by desires are far lower than body yoga, but one is obviously using a very unique term with yoga, with the yoga is yoga, wisdom, intelligent way of living, establishing yourself in body. Again, we have discussed before today the thinking entity thinking entity has several functions. We know the three functions are minor, but the in the hunka that are hunka is always constant. I always consider when that thinking entity is in doubt, it is mind sankalp, but instead make up with the body, which is dysphasia.


This is right. This is the truth. And this is what I should be working on that body. But once established in that would be that wisdom, what is right and what is wrong. And don't be in that doubtful situation that is you. When shit is in that mode, it's good for everyone to engage yourself and would do yoga. That Buddha yoga is far better than karma here. Karmi Karma dessert prompted actions, karma and all the actions all the way up to the desired swagger y'all can make tomorrow.


Therefore, all actions performed for those results can make it. But once in any time, even though they may be the highest form of actions to achieve the best possible state of living or living standard now far lower than would be. But those around them, UNM take refuge in body is also reminded me of wisdom. Charanam get me the mom charanam get Tommy Singham Sanam. Good job. I take refuge in Buddha in the wisdom of Buddha. He never begun to take refuge in your own wisdom.


But those unretire. Groupon are half full ahead of those who are working in this world to get inducive results or get the fruits of their actions all the way up to reaching the heavens. The Groupon of unfortunate misers, the translation of wretched ornaments. Mizer Miser is all is unfortunate because he never gets to enjoy his own wealth. He has all the wealth but can't enjoy it to the wretched unfortunate. But those people that through all of it, who are working for the fruits of actions that are very unfortunate because they will never be able to enjoy the fruits of their actions, they will always be in misery, either regretting the past or anxious about the future.


They will be living in present. They're always living in future or in past. They both are hypothetical situation. There is no path that I have experienced and in the future that I, I have seen, any time I experience it is always present. But once this group and I full ahead of those people are really unfortunate misers waste their energies into past and in future and completely ignores the present. Will stop right here.


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