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The Bhagavad Gita is a book of mankind's collected experience of and answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from, where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny? And most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcasts originate in the lectures of Neil Bott, a disciple of Swami Chinh Mahananda. They are presented here in 20 to 30 minute segments, each covering three of the Geita 701 verses. Welcome to Geita Wisdom for Daily Living.


We are now discussing Chapter two. Thank yoga yoga knowledge. So far we have seen. There one saying, I have given you the knowledge of Sanchia giving you the knowledge, not others, but just having knowledge obviously of not much value unless I know how to apply it. So the application is in the younger version. So I'll tell you this, but do you want a different word for your God simply because the word have become so enormous for every person that he is frightened of practicing yoga?


You think that your guys, for those who received money in Himalayans and not from the average person who are going door to Buddha yoga, the yoga of wisdom, the knowledge in the book would be that in the previous verses from 11 to 30, using that knowledge is your guidance is with the yoga, he said. Now I'll tell you how to apply the knowledge in your day to your life with yoga. And then he in thirty eight said Some are so good.


I love with the idea that all you die. You just when you engage in the battle in the battle of life by keeping this book The Kolob or Lovejoy IJA balance in your mind with the equanimity of mind. And this is where we get frightened again, that this is obviously not very possible for me to remain same and so can the same in love and Olavo. Same in Nigeria. But if you really think about it but one is just pointing out our own abilities to deal with the situation we have experienced in our life.


All of them so kind the Kalevala, Belgya, IJA and we are still functioning. We are still functioning in normal life. That means we have proved that we ability to get over any situation that we encounter. We have experienced the kind of life, but we devised a system how to overcome that. We have encountered this coronavirus where we at least divided the system. We are going to stay away, you know, locked down and are going to come out of the house, whatever that is.


But we know how to deal with it. We want to use that ability of yours. We is God given to you. You heard this intellect. This intellect is telling you how to behave in what situation using that you now fight this battle of life in Navan papillomaviruses you will never see no negative impression will form on your mind. The whole point is all about mind. So the mind is the one which is creating some kind of lobola joy over one thing.


You need to get over that. And then one continued fragrantly avishay over the next three goony about how to do know. So direct investor Algenis. I told you that I'm going to tell you the practical application. First application is keep your mind here but in any situation and then know that everything that you know to be done in this case also can be interpreted as the world of objects that I know through my perception. Everything that I know today falls into the category of Prakriti my entire world.


That I consider to be world outside of me is consisted of world objects, and we wanted that world is formed out of the three granaz everything that I know has given us the tradition. Thomas and I get entangled into them. That's what I will have. This impression of so-called OK, love or love is thinking about, you know, little direct advice to what to do now and throughout the night to us that you need to go beyond this sense objects simply because if your goal is to find permanent happiness and if you're going to continue put your efforts in acquiring and accomplishing things in this world, you will be disappointed because they do not have any capacity to give you what you're looking for.


So then everyone said that I will now tell you what your guy is all about, so last words which you have seen was 48. We want to define the word yoga. And before that, in words 47, he told us our own limitations and how to overcome those limitations. And then also caution in that he said, Khomeini, the kind of thing in your hand, all you hear is to act in prison. But if you expect particular results, then you will be disappointed because he did not in your hand.


And therefore, he's never act in this world with a particular goal in mind, and he is also a big one, is demolishing all the all the wrong notions about commitment and karma, which is put your mind to everything, is about the fruits of your actions. You perform this Yagoona and you will get this result. You will do this and you will get this. And ultimately you perform the greatest of fall and he will let you this far and even then into the service temporary.


As long as you will have those Bunyan's, you will stay in Saga, but then you come back and do it again and the cycle will continue to be demolished. Then they do not perform any action with fruits in mind. But then there is a danger in that. If that's the case, then I may become inactive, never one to never get a tattoo in activity. Also, because activity is the only way you will achieve your goal of gaining permanent happiness.


Self worth forty eight one. Clearly indicated what we should be doing, yoga stockbroker Mani Sangamon, and then see the I see the somewhat somewhat Tuomioja, which at the very first definition and Bergland Geetha, that equanimity of mind is yoga. Yoga is to connect. And what I'm connecting with is my true self, which is of the nature of that term, seeking Iolanda all the time because I'm seeking my own nature. But once you have your mind in repose, you'll be able to see your own self.


So you learned in yoga sastry to the things like a mirror. I think that I am because I'm thinking that thinking entity, as long as it is not clear and I will be reflecting all the outside world in it. If that thinking entity is clear, then I will be reflecting my own self, my own nature, which is Olander. But then to me, recy define yoga is just everything rather well here. Just my mental agitations. As long as I can calm down my mind, I'll be able to see clearly what my goal is.


But one has now simplified the definition of yoga, that yoga is nothing but keeping your mind in balance. We all are capable of doing so, even though we get afraid of the word yoga, because we always see it as something other than my life and other than my own actions and in my own self. When you look at it from your own perspective, it's your life, your self and how you act. And if you reflect on it, you have all those abilities.


Many times you feel like slapping your boss, but you don't do it because you can't control your mind. That ability which you have but want to employ in all your actions. And then in the work 49 state, please know that during the heat of what would be your God and in jail once again, he mentioned Bedelia. Then this yoga, which we're talking about all about your clear vision of what is right and what is wrong, but once they put those around them and we take refuge in Buddha, this would not much of a hurry.


But we typically constantly determine what is in it for me. Any action I perform, any project I pursue. I clearly see what will I get out of this that would be equal if you ever had empathy, how to deal with this world. I use my body and that would then be a bloody body which came from the it is a one of my experience in this world. I did this and I got this. Therefore, if I do this, I should be able to get this to be a hunting buddy.


But one thing, no use this body which can determine and clearly see what is your goal and how to achieve it is to take refuge in a dead body. But those are my group and I have a head of. The people who are pursuing excellence for results, the group, are not the unfortunate misers and all troubled in our thoughts today as we come across this line that the person will leave this body without achieving this goal is a pretty able person because you're given this chance and then take it.


Now you're going to go back in the same way again if you continue to pursue. Your happiness in the world of objects, you will get very little out of exons, you will waste all your life in achieving what you're trying to achieve, but it won't get much out of it. And therefore, it's a very predictable situation. So please don't do that. Find your happiness or you can keep your mind equal in all situations and live your life.


So next verse 50 says Buddha, you hot the air base. Who created the scripture? So who is an intelligent one all my life. All I do is take credit. This is what I did. I didn't do that or anything which I did, which I then realized it was not the right action. I write the way I tried to on it and I didn't do it were not my fault. But then take credit for actions which I consider to be good.


Other people may not consider them good. I consider them good. So I take credit for the. But one thing that's very common to you. But remember, that's not a very intelligent way of living because by taking credit or by trying to disown your bad actions, you're becoming the agent of that action. Once you become agent of that action, you're bound by that action. As long as I think I did it, you will be bound by your actions.


Now, you consider to be good action will matter. Consider to be good action. Karma for that may not consider to be the right action. And therefore, wonder what the results come and then it will be the disappointment related, but the one who has achieved this wisdom that the goal of life is to find a permanent happiness and a permanent happiness will be achieved by giving very soon the untrodden, the heart, the ear right here and now it will decide on all his accent's good and bad that the first technique but one is giving us how to achieve this act in this world, never become attached to an action.


But do not on any of her actions. In other words, don't become the agent of your actions. Consider you to be the limit the matter as long as you know whether performing your duties. That's all you have to worry about everything else. You design it to smother your guy. You just want that. Therefore you engage in yoga. Previously he told us that you die, you just fall and get yourself in. This battle is a battle of life, knows it, and therefore you're engaged in yoga.


And he has already defined the yoga somewhat from yoga, which are the equanimity of mind is yoga. No matter what the situation is, I will remain enthusiastic about living this life and perform actions. If I can keep my enthusiasm of acting in this life, there's an equanimity of mind. When will I get that yoga commercial koczela? When they perform my ordained duties, my duties with enthusiasm and with efficiency. You know, commercial cultural dexterity in action is yoga.


If I can perform my actions efficiently in any situation, whether it's good or bad condition can do so. We're going to take you to yoga, you to the union with your own self yoga Kamasutra. So that's secondary release. Several definitions of yoga throughout Bugajski that you already seem to sum up yoga to the yoga Kamasutra. Also, they're all in line with what? Yoga citruses yoga. Piñero The human mind is not agitated when only I can achieve all of this situation.


So inScience if you have different definition of same term, you'll get confused like yoga. Also, we have learned that acquiring something we don't have, so nobody should be using its own discrimination of what we are discussing here since the yoga class Kosilek. If I can perform my actions in any situation required by my duties, the roles we take will come with their own duties. Once they are taken the role I have to perform the duties and if I can do them efficiently without getting entangled in them that I tulga Yogyakarta must be guernseys karmi them.


But the Daae get my Nishina how an intelligent person well understood the wisdom of this yoga. He will act in this life, but the one who is now endowed with this wisdom of how to act in this world. Intelligent way what he does kameda he fullam my Nishina. Maneesh is the one issue. One is the control of the mind is a money issue, one who has controlled his mind. So now it is receiving and presents from outside. What is the meaning in different?


The mind is where we feel happy or unhappy. Success or failure. All those impressions or reactions of mind. If I can control the Lord of my mind and I begin with the actor, then now I had the real wisdom, the real intellect which is guiding me will do the right and wrong. And therefore, what does he do? Calm with them? Heffalump Tector. He gives up all the fruits which are born out of actions he does not take any agency for.


I did not do it. I have nothing to do with it. I will accept what comes to me as a result from the Lord, whoever is in control of the entire universe. And also have a control over me, whatever it is, guilty of my actions and accept them. He's not my right to get the results of my actions. Compare them to a man with a controller in mind, such a person. But now he has the wisdom of what is right and wrong.


My Bunder winner. But I'm getting to announce I am so a person will get out of this. A lot of birth and death and then the bondage of various states of existence in this life. Also, I take one role and then bound by the rule. And then I said, this is not working out. Let me do something else and take on the role and get bound by that again. I was a bachelor, got married, and then I should become a father.


So we keep changing our roles is all to honor the gentleman. These are also in our lifetime who experience that. We have lived through many, many incarnations and we wanted this will continue. If I can get rid of my. Ignorance right now then, but I'm getting to an imam now, reached that state, which is beyond all evil, to all the evils which are bothering me, giving me look, if I want to go beyond that, then after the following commandment, he follows all fruits of actions.


I should disown them. And based on all my actions with a girl and also this on all the fruits of those actions, if that happens, then the need to Mukhtaran, that person becomes free of the lot of taking one state of existence into another state of existence. He becomes permanent in his existence, which is where we will stop.


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