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Hi, I'm Ali Wentworth, best selling author, actor, host, mother and Zoloft consumer in my new podcast, Go Gally.


I'm really taking a look at life. Look, I wasn't around for the Spanish flu, but it seems that since this pandemic, there's a new normal. So I'm asking the question in two parts. How do you grow a teenager in a pandemic and how do you grow a relationship in a pandemic?


We'll be tackling such subjects as the sexualisation of girls in the Internet. From movie star model Brooke Shields.


I had a very strange, strange relationship with sexuality as a child.


This is only a half hour podcast, Brooke.


And listen, how are we dealing with teenagers in their overwhelming anxiety and uncertainty about the future?


Actually, teenage years now, by the way, the National Academy of Science says it goes all the way up to age 25.


Wait a second. Teenagers go to 25. Now, you've got to up my meds for this. Let me be honest, I'm not a truth sayer therapist or advice columnist, I'm not even particularly sage, but I do know a thing or two about a thing or two. This is not the image of you that should be out there. I say when it comes to social media, what is the story that you're telling?


Is your story that you care about social justice or is your story that you're sexy and you can bend your legs like that, which I think are probably better ways than I'm following you. I know what you're putting on your show. Yeah, because they're teenagers and they'll find ways around it for whatever reason.


People come to me for advice, probably because I act like I know what I'm talking about, or I'm married to a Rhodes Scholar and sometimes it falls on deaf ears and sometimes I get the response, stop, you're annoying, but that's usually my children.


So join me as I really dissect life in this new normal and try to figure out how to grow everything in a pandemic. All new episodes of Go Ask Ascoli release every Thursday. Listen to Go Ascoli on the radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.