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Hello, this is the golden talkies we talk about, the films came out 50 years ago this week, which would be 1970.


Twenty four now, 1950, 70 years ago this week. If you're listening to this five hundred years in the future, we recorded this in twenty twenty. Yeah. We apologize for the mistakes of our civilization and we hope you can build a better world from the ashes of the old.


I don't apologize. Wow.


And I wonder I'm just trying to adjust my make from volume on the fly here. Right.


I think it's I think, you know, this is going to be the star of the podcast. Could be interesting there for people. Yeah.


Do you think if a woman like, traveled back in time, they would apologize for the topics their civilization wrote if a woman went back in time, you can forward.


Yeah, well, think in terms of like lost or like civilizations that collapsed in on themselves. You think how do you think they'd feel? I don't understand what you're saying.


If everyone came back in time and they saw that like the Roman Empire had collapsed and like there was an entirely new civilization. Now, how do you feel?


What would you mean back in time? You mean forward? In time, forward and time.


Back in time? It's all the same. No. Oh, you mean forward to the past. Forward to forward to the future.


Forward to the past to see how things were going to take a trip. We back in time guaranteed to blow your mind.


God, you remember that song The Lady. I don't remember any more of it. I heard from before to the past. That's where we're going to take you.


OK, let's not give any context for context.


Context for what just happened when the song came out fifty years ago this week. Carry On Loving, which is part of the very successful work, relentlessly, critically panned carry on franchise straight British films, which were a set of comedies, usually focusing on a sort of wordplay and bawdy humor.


Um, it's the sort of hallmark lot of double entendres, sort of the straight off the Wikipedia page, is it?


I'm not looking at it. I genuinely just care what it was.


It's an accurate description. It's an accurate description. Yeah. So I think it's important to give some context here, which is that I have seen a few of these, uh, four or five at least, and I only make it seem very much oh I haven't seen any before. I thought this was going to be your first experience in a couple of carry on films. Oh, OK. I guess we both know what they are.


Yeah. I can't remember which ones I've seen or in what context I've seen them, but I've seen a couple.


I've seen carry on doctor. I've seen carry on Kyra. I've seen carry on screaming carry on Matron and carry on Cleo early for the ones I'd seen before the five.


I think I, I've definitely seen carry on camping. That's one isn't it.


Yeah. It's the very first one. Yeah it's the first one. That's not the first one on Sargents. The very first. Yeah I've not seen that.


One's one of the old ones. Camping is right in the middle here. 1969.


Uh OK. Um carry on up the jungle. Looks a bit racist now that making the poster. Yeah. It's probably a good job. I didn't watch that one, that one did in 1970 and.


Right. Yeah. So anyway yeah I've seen a couple definitely camping. I think I saw a bit, Clio, just when it was on TV, and then I think it one of the facts about Carry On Cleo is that they had the seats left over from Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra film so they could use those so that things got really good production values compared to all the rest of them.


Interesting. That is very interesting. Could you have any historical context you want to share? Yeah, I do. Jamie, I'm good. Life magazine had an article where they said I never sang. My father is a good film.


We agree. We agree. Yeah.


And was there an election only in 1970?


Uh, 1970? I don't believe so.


I'm I guess it would either be midterms or an election, right?


Uh, yeah.


I'm looking at the, uh, the on the days for this, does 50 divide by focusing election 50 would not divide by four because it's 10 more than 40.


Well, there you go. So I guess I remember that the elections have always been consistent.


I don't think a midterm then. Yeah, we can help. 1968 states elections elected members of the 90 second United States Congress. The election take place took place during the Vietnam War in the middle of a Republican president, Richard Nixon's first term. So, yeah, midterms, I guess.


Uh, do you want to know some interesting stuff that happened this week? Yeah. Which I liked.


No, not not this regular week this week, 50 years ago. OK, say so. Jim Morrison was arrested for drunkenness and then by the end of the week, I believe he got off scot free.


He got off course. Grimy misses. The quality of comedy you will be seeing here.


There's a lot of that, wasn't there. We'll get into that later. I'm sure a lot of you are. Yeah. Oh, he didn't get off. His trial began for his lewd and lascivious behavior in Miami. He was from the doors, which is a bad idea. Say most people have heard of you.


She must have heard of. Yes, he would die a year later from a heroin overdose at the age of twenty seven. What fun.


What japes is or not is twenty seven is under the club, the twenty seven club. Possibly where people die at age 27. I've never heard of that before, although I believe you people dying at 27 is 20 something.


Yeah, 27 club, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison. Uh, I think if was one year of. Uh, who else is on here, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison's biography. He does seem to get arrested for being drunk and exposing himself on stage quite a lot often.


Well, OK, I'm looking at this, a rock star to be taken into custody during a performance in 1967.


Oh, interesting. Yes. There's a lot of people who have died at 27. Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain was the one when he died.


We're like, wait a minute, these people died. But I think Ichi was like 12 six.


A lot of controversy about Kurt Cobain. Uh, yeah, there is. Obviously, it was clearly Courtney Love.


I'm not joking. Huh? Um, but, you know, cool stuff.


Anyway, that's, uh. Yeah, um.


Oh, and there was an IRA bombing as well this week, which I think is a source, of course, so we can know what was going on, uh, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.


Northern Ireland was the first all computer chess championship this week as well on the 7th, which is quite the development of technology, um, of some African free African-American activists were shot dead on the sun, which I dare say would have all happened the same time as well as a judge. So quite upsetting. Um, yeah. I remember Remembrance Day.


She was born this week, uh, fifty years ago, almost.


I'm in Tucson. So Remembrance Sunday today, Jimmy. Is it my thought that we do remember that song on the album? Yeah, Remembrance Day, but Remembrance Sunday's near Sunday to that day. Others separate diseases. Yeah, I know that.


You tell me you didn't do your two minute silence at 11:00.


No. I don't think I was talking to anyone then anyway. I think I was watching a YouTube video, so I was probably silent.


I said, stop doing what you're doing. And I guess you can you can do that on actual Remembrance Day.


They fought for my right to live a normal life. So I'm sure I'm honoring them in my own way.


I'm genuinely concerned.


You certainly a flippant, Jamie, but a little flippant.


Yes, but you know.


Well, ain't that the way it's is not the way Jamie should remember. You should remember.


And you want to talk about. Carry on. Yes, please.


We talked about the death of our boys and Brown Jamie solved.


Oh, jeez, bro.


That's the color uniform they wore. Am I wrong?


I mean, no, but banter is not appreciated. I apologize. Right. Carry on.


Loving you offend anyone else.


I'm free to carry on loving. Um, how do we describe this carry on. Loving is a film like say it's carry on film so you basically don't score. Is the particular set up for this one. Is that Sidney James and I don't remember the actual name. The woman who plays Matron and Carry On Doctor are running a dating agency or a marriage agency, as they call them in those days. Yeah. So one man comes in. His name is Mr.


Muffett. Everyone calls him Muffin.


Yet there's a hilarious, hilarious bit where he calls himself Muffin.


Yeah, that was there are free jokes, I think, or so in this entire thing that made me laugh like properly. Yes. This was one of them. Oh, that was one of them. Um, but everyone calls them know Muffin accidentally. He likes to make planes out of milk bottle tops and he's looking for love because he's he's, he's unacquainted with the female gender. So they try and match them up with as an act of petty revenge, the woman that the dating agency matches up with, the clients that our husband is sleeping with on the sly and or an end to that.


But she's got a regular boyfriend who's the jealous type and coming back to town. So shenanigans will ensue there. We've also got Kenneth Williams, who's playing a marriage adviser at the Citizens Advice Bureau. For some reason, it seems to be a very well funded Citizens Advice bureau.


Much of you have experienced, Jamie? Yes, I worked for one. They don't give marriage advice.


I was about to ask you a marriage advice.


No, that's not what they did in those days.


I maybe like in don't really fancy ones or maybe in maybe in the world of carry on films. Yeah, I don't think it was too dedicated to accuracy, but he's an unmarried marriage counselor literally. And the Big Man at Citizens Advice Bureau says he has to get married or he won't be able to keep his job. Yeah, so he also goes to dating agency. But, you know, Sidney James is not wife actually like long term partner, I guess has has her eye on him and, you know, she goes after him, but he's got a housekeeper who's also got a wee thing for him as well.


And shenanigans will again ensue. And then we got one other client of the dating agency. He's not played by anyone who's done the carry on film before. At least I've seen. And he gets matched up with a girl who has a weird family and she's very like seems very weird person. Yeah.


So I think why are you talking about he's been in a carry on films before. I think it's useful to say so. This, this film was directed by Geoffrey Thomas know no other film Geoffrey Thomas made.


I either carry on films.


I dare say he made Carry on Henry carry and carry on to carry on the carry on again though to carry on. Nurse Carry on camping. Karen screaming. Karen started carrying heavy carrying concealed carry and carry on regardless carrying abroad. Carry on at your convenience. Carry on cowboy. Carry on teacher. Carry on and carry on girls. Carry on a manual. Carry on cruising. Carry on Jack don't lose your head. I carry on film carrying behind loving carry on of the jungle.


Follow that Campbell Camel Kemble Camel carry on follow that.


Camel is one of them.


Kevin Wrangling Carry and Columbus. Carry on take that's carry on. Bless this house. Oh that's not carry on film I don't think. Oh OK. So there's a bunch of films that are not quite carry on. Don't believe that. Carry on films.


And then if you look on Google and you look up carry on loving cast the first one, two, three, four.


Five, six people that come up have all their entire filmography, more or less, it's just carry on films and yeah, it's like it's a consistent treat.


Exactly. And it's when you get to Terry Scott, who is the first one who is not just in carry on films. And that's who you're talking about, Terry, that gets matched up with the words. So just say, yes, the context.


These guys are very aware of each other, I suppose, or. Yeah, they're all works for a very long time and always very, very, very similar roles, I think quite chronically underpaid are unaccounted for. Williams in particular wasn't getting his fair share, which is obviously a big shame. But yeah, so the weird girl eventually becomes a model because she has the correct watermelons as far as the film says, you know, she becomes super beautiful and you are a lucky bird.


And then the only other thing worth mentioning is that Mr. Muffet or a muffin ends up accidentally in a case of mistaken identity, going on a date with a model and hilarity ensues as he assumes a naked photo shoot, yet gets panicky and leaves. But she develops a thing for him and they start dating. And I think about covers it, right? Yeah, I mean, I suppose it's is a question of sort of related but not entirely romantic drapery.




And obviously all comes together in the final and it all comes together in the final where the two marriages, the dating agency, finally wed each other even though they lied and they brought all their clients. And then there's a massive food fight. For some reason it's not really built up properly. It kind of breaks out.


I have to say, I actually quite like the way the the film itself together nicely. Yeah. Obviously, it's a comedy film.


It's a carry on film. It's very predictable. It's very whatever.


But I think it was quite elegant. Maybe elegant is entirely wrong word, but quite a nice how. It just had that classic, like comedy full of it of of oh, no, he knows him and oh no, they've done this and he's gone into this place and so-and-so is coming around, which is a nice, nice, nice watch the way below the years old, actually, which lets not be awkward.


Yeah. I would say up until I suppose the main thing is that the, the marriage counselor story doesn't quite connect with the rest of them, whereas the other three are all quite interrelated. It sort of feels a little vestigial. Yeah.


So there was a lot of. Oh wait, no, no, never mind Diggory. Yeah you're right. And who does he. Oh, yes, he but. Yeah, but then, I mean, he still has a baby and he has a marriage counselor, lady friend to his house, and then the bresser comes.


Yeah, his Microfit. Oh, you're right. I think he does.


Maybe not as early as the other ones, but he does.


Yeah, I don't think. Yeah. He's the only one who like the rest of the movies. Well, I suppose you're right. His house is like the final stage of the Sydney games. The story who I will never be able to remember the name of any of the characters in this film. There's also a private detective played by the man who plays private widow and carry on up the Khyber.


Yeah, I think their names are, but I literally just got the one private widow.


And so there's one person, Jamie, in the cast that stands out. This is her only carry on film. You know what other film she was in, Jamie?


I do know she was in when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The film that we could have watched a couple of weeks ago that you didn't let me.


Yes. Well, she played the housekeeper.


She you know, she was it was Imogene Hassel who was the the the one with the big boobs. That becomes a model. That's right.


I'm going to suggest that maybe she was hired for when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and for this film for the same reason.


What's that to me? I couldn't possibly comment. Okay.


I hope you weren't about to be sexist there and imply that she didn't get the job through rigorous audition processes.


I mean, I think they wanted a good actress who had a particular physical form and and she fit both those requirements.


What did we watch instead of. Oh, the rouge. Right. Instead of.


Yeah, that was a great film. It was a good film. But I do think that we missed out on when dinosaurs with their big time.


Watch. What a shame. Shame, shame, shame. Yeah.


Yeah. So what do you think of, like the humor of the film, which I think is easily its most identifying feature?


Well, overall, I did quite like it. Um, I must say there is one joke. There was a bit overused, which was when someone would use the word it to describe something and the other person would assume they're talking about sex.


And I think that joke is probably used at least 15 times.


A lot of the times they were like really stretching. I can't remember what it was like. She's like, oh, I've put it in ideas like Mrs and I put the sugar in the tea and it's just that all of that sort of thing.


Hey, Jamie, have you have you done it yet. Oh not yet, but I might get onto it later. Oh no. I was talking about this. Oh you know. Yes.


It's not good. Um I would say going most I think at this point maybe just in carry ons around or at least maybe just the writing for most of the double entendres. I'm really quite tired. Yeah. Um, I don't really enjoy these films like on their level. I enjoy them because I find them charming.


I mean, house meeting men, I think I no, I don't think I've actually seen I can remember which ones I've seen or when I saw them. I don't know if I've seen any of the very early ones. I don't know if maybe they feel a bit less tired. But I mean, you can imagine trying to write the twenty of carry on film with new double entendres and innuendos. And like everything said to me, like, oh, we actually did this one and carry on whatever, you know, surely I'm sure they raised this.


Oh, absolutely. Like everyone probably. Yeah. Use the like.


I think given that I'm sort of enjoying it like no ironically. But like from a detached perspective, I think it's really. Oh yeah. It's more enjoyable when they're a bit tight. It reminds me I really like the well, I really like the sitcoms or I really like the later seasons where they've come like really tired and self-aware. Yeah. Well in particular, which is also a show I don't entirely enjoy unironically, um but like once it's like really gets drawn out and like very bogged down in so certain formula, I start finding a lot more enjoyable things.


Like more ridiculous is more of itself. Yeah. And more drowning in its own identity, which I find enjoyable.


I think you're right. Yeah. I think that's a really good analysis of Carry On and Seinfeld.


Thank you. Thank you. Um yeah. I guess sitcoms. Right. I've been I went on a bit of a binge of watching Curb Your Means. Right. And Curb Your Enthusiasm. No Curb your meat.


You don't like the meems where it's like someone does something and and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Music starts playing. Oh yeah.


That's part of I started getting recommended clips from Curb Your Enthusiasm and I had to say I didn't find it funny at all.


I think for both Seinfeld and Curb, which I've never been able to see as a. LTV, I think you really have to watch it in the context of the episode, because it's all about labor building momentum. Yeah, yeah, I think the random scenes were just really not very funny.


Yeah, they were very, very, very specific at least. And anyway, that's just a little aside.


But while we were on topic, it's a good aside because there's not going to be too much to talk about for this film.


So there's no boobs in this film?


No, there aren't. And I think and some of the later carry ons where there was like more pressure to be more body or body, but like I say, just more sexual. They start getting them out. But that's never been it's all about being cheeky. Oh, I know it is.


But I definitely I'm pretty sure carry on camping has it. I think Barbara Windsor gets her knockers out and and that's because you don't think about camping related double entendre there, probably.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, yeah, um, I was yeah. Yeah. There were no boobs in this room. Know that.


That's a grading criteria for the content of his podcast. But just something that I noticed having seen specific on films that do have that, uh uh.


Cut me off yet. But it was probably. Yeah, were there many jokes that you found actually funny, like sincerely about the muffin one was funny.


Mm hmm. Um, let me have a look here at my notes.


At. The other one that I found quite funny or funny funny is the taxicab one, I guess so funny.


I always like four four.


So he goes to the first one and he gives them the address and says, go to this address and the guy drives as quickly as possible. And then he goes off before he goes to the next one. He says, follow that cab and he tries of that. And I find that genuinely quite, quite funny.


I got a good chuckle, though, and that was, I'd say the probably the best like a genuinely good joke in the entire film.


And there's another one where there's so far this film, there's a couple. They're just shaking all over the place.


Yeah. And everyone just sort of like ignores them, but just sort of like their lives around them, which I find quite funny.


I personally, I quite like when films have these, like, little silly things in them that are like a recurring motif. Right.


But there is a funny bit where they were in there in the car, like they're doing it in the car and there a line to play on it. And the guy took a loan to play off and threw it in the ground and said, I don't think so or something like that.


You must be joking. He says, which I find quite funny because I was, you know, implies that they're pretty good at it and they I like that one.


And and what was the other one? Uh. So some of the innuendoes are quite funny, like this one where the girls describe your parents and says an old fashioned pair, and then a guy looks her boobs and says they're beautifully fashioned.


They're pretty hilarious when you increase the height of comedy. Yeah.


Um, and and the other one I left at. I didn't really laugh at it, but she really is a flatmate line was pretty funny as well. Oh, God. But I do remember well um, yeah, I do remember that one. That's why, you know, credit to pull out when I wanted to. Yeah. This is where you say you are missing.


You are missing, obviously, to find innuendo to throw in the same suit.


Yeah. I'm talking to Jimmy. Don't want to spoil your plans innuendos for the episode. Oh, is that what you mean?


Oh, you meant something else. Yeah, all the way around the word. I have not done it yet.


You know, Jimmy not recorded the episode is au revoir.


Oh, yeah. It's um. Yeah, pretty funny. Um, what do you think about the representation of wrestling in the form of The Wrestler, which I'm looking at my log right now.


You owe a log. Well, oh, bloody hell, Jamie, put it away, my audio log.


Oh, the rest of the representation of wrestlers seems to be liberal, very aggressive. Yeah, but you know what? I think the important thing for us is that there needs to be like one character who's like A makes assumptions very quickly and B is capable of massive damage to others. So, yes, that's what that's the role the wrestler plays sort of be called to any scene.


Oh, Jimmy, there's a lot of. We were Mrs oh, I meant I meant there's a couple of wrestlers banging on my door, knocking and um.


Yeah, but we have fun here. It's pretty funny when Miss Dempsey beats up The Wrestler, isn't it?


Oh, I did offend her. Her man. Mm hmm. She is his humble servant.


Yeah. Do you have a favorite Korean actor?


Oh, let me have a let me have a look here. And I, I am a fan of William.


I was about to say I think Kenneth Williams, I think. Yeah.


Even though all of his characters in every carry on film are all the same, I'd like to be black face and carry on up the Khyber. Oh no.


It is a different time, Jimmy. Yeah, I think I think Kenneth Williams is probably my favorite. So, um, I chose Hawtrey. I quite like his old. Oh, yeah, but not as much. Yeah, I think it's worth saying that because I don't think I'm too much I'll say about this. So I would say that, like, if you're wanting to watch a Korean film, I would not recommend watching this one.


Which one would you recommend?


Certainly is is generally seen as the best one.


Well, the thing is, I'm going to say I think the best one I've seen is probably carry on up the Khyber. But the issue of control of the Congress is quite racist and does have the black face in it. So I would probably recommend either carry on or carry on screaming.


So it's sort of like it's sort of like you recommending Tintin in the Congo is your favorite. The thing is, kids in the Congress suck anyway, so it's fine as I have read it, I just remember I was I was really confused whether it was when I was younger because it was the only one that was in, like, wrapped up.


And I was obsessed with reading in the Congo when I was younger just because, like, it was the only one that wasn't like included in the DVD set. Yeah. And like for the books, you always had that much harder to find. Yeah.


Because it was always it was always in, you know, wrapped up in foil because it's very nice and the kids only get it.


But like loads of the other Tintin books are racist. We were allowed to read the whole thing.


I do think they're less racist in some of those openly racist anime.


I think any time a black person shows up in the sense and because it's pretty often like is not a great time for anyone, no Tintin in America is quite racist as well, isn't it?


It's got, um, Native Americans, I think. But also, even when we were young, you weren't necessarily like their folks who as sensitive to them.


No, I'm not. I'm looking at some pictures from Tintin in the Congo right now, and it's really not great.


I just I remember Asterix being much worse in that fashion. Or by the way, I mean, the thing is, is is historical, you know. No, it's how it's how people were seen by or presented, I suppose it's worth keeping.


I mean, it's not I don't saying you should burn every call. Exactly.


Well, that's what I'm saying. Like, you shouldn't do that. This is an insight into how other cultures are presented at a certain point in time.


So I think you make it clear that it's not appropriate.


And it was done for this reason and that reason then I don't think it should be.


So I think it's obviously important because every tintern works important for like Belgian comic history and also to sure. Like attitude all the time. Yeah, but, you know, I understand why it is in the shrinkwrap yet. I appreciate that. Now as an older man, but at the time it was just sort of a cool secret thing.


I really wanted to meet him and I think my mom eventually let me get on. Yeah. Anyway, that's what I do again, to carry on all the crazy blackface.


Yeah. So let's see, I'm looking at the article here for the best carry on films in the worst carry on.


The thing is the B if I will say that carry on is the best because it's got the sets from Elizabeth Taylor's one, I think.


Yes. Here looking about carry on up the Khyber is I think Burberry carry on film like the actual measure of how good it is. How many guys has that aren't based on sexual innuendo. Yeah, and the camera does have quite a lot of quite good sequences, even if it is also mostly for cool.


So looking at the BFI here, carry on Cleo's No. One, carry on of the Kuypers number to carry on screaming. No free on camping is number four.


So it looks like if I, if I have indeed seen that, which I think I have, it's one of the good ones.


Carry on.


Matron is another one is here and then I've seen that one apparently carry on girls is bad. Well carry on. England is bad.


My sense that's carry on.


I think that one like more of a clip show or like, you know, looking back in history. Carry on Emmanuelle. Carry on, Columbus, Karen comes from 1992. That was like the revival. Yeah, so I guess not. OK, I think. I think, like, you know, some things are best left in the family because they're bad, because they're so quintessentially of their time. I don't think you could ever have, you know, I don't think you could bring back carry on, particularly in the 90s, but today as well.


Not in this way, where just like attitudes, like it's not something that could be done cynically or even ironically. Well, some of the results of that sorry I got cited here, some of this also has the best gags from each film and some of them are pretty hilarious.


So I'm guessing they went for infamy. Infamy? They were infamy. Right? For which one? For kind of. Yeah, you can type.


Can you get guess what?


The best guess I would I think the dinner scene is the best. That's not exactly the scene I.


OK, I was going to say maybe the scene where Private Whitall tries to console his dying friend, but says the best gag is a skit involving sabotaged weaponry, culminating in a machine gun in 78 record when referring to it.


Oh, I was thinking, well, that is the same scene as the dying soldier, though, even though that's not what they're talking about. Yeah, but they are fun, though.


OK, so carry on camping. I don't think you actually see the boobs. I'm. Sorry. Oh, no, you do wait. OK.


Anyway, moving on, right, what's your favorite scene in Carry On Loving Jamie?


I genuinely don't think there are any entire scenes where I really. Oh, this is this is an Dabby. Those Tip-Top, I would say either the opening scene where Murfitt comes to the dating agency or the specific scene which has the taxi cab. I cannot do anything else about that scene itself. Not whatever the one. Where was I going to see the one where they're trying to have sex in the lounge and people keep coming in like that one, that one was very annoying to me.


I felt like it was frustration.


I was thinking you could just go into the bedroom.


To be honest, I was also thinking that why in God's name aren't you going to your bedroom? Um, yeah, it's maybe a little forced, but also I can say I felt too bad for them. Uh, you know.


Cool. Um, yeah, so you just move on to the final rating. I don't have much else to say yes to. OK, I would put this as a watch very firmly watch on the essence of what she puts on.


Know what, Jamie? I'm going to join you, bro. Yeah. This is a watch if it is on.


Yeah. Otherwise nothing more. Nothing less. This is on.


You better not change the channel, but if if there's something else you really want to watch on.


Well, no, that's not how the ring works, Jamie. No.


If they watch it, it's almost like, you know, if it's there, you should you can sit down and it'll be like at least the time. That's true. You know, anything any Amachi other than that this is anything which like, oh, I wonder what's going on on Channel four and you should chase that emotion instead instead of watching carry on living.


Yeah. Yeah, they're there now.


Uh, but yeah, we'd both recommend I think carry on dunking, going off the BFI and me trying to think of one that's good but not racist, although I think ironically it was also not great. Maybe just go on screaming.


Uh carry on camping. Do that. I was like camping. Oh, right. Well, even up to this week, moving on to the unrelated sexual orientation.


Well, Joel, I've been up to Jimmy. Why have you been up to be watching this presidential election?


Boy, we stayed up for that or my flatmate stayed up properly. I went to sleep for two hours.


In the middle of it, I saw we I stayed up to late to 30 and then I went to sleep. I finally stayed up till like three, four, and then got up again at like seven, eight to keep watching.


I watched or watched Carry On Loving until about one. Then I went to sleep until two. Yeah, two hours of the election, went to sleep until six thirty and then what's the rest of it. And it was very unproductive day yet.


Well by me and I found it so unproductive for about three days because you just had CNN on the whole time watching it.


What was what was quite funny is that when when I actually got announced, my flatmate messaged me and said, I've heard that they're going to announce it soon. Like there's, you know, breaking news. It's going to be announced soon. So we went through two lines to watch it. We were sitting watching and it looked like it was going to be maybe a couple hours still. So we started playing again in FIFA and then at halftime we paused it and went over.


And sure enough, it was like we just missed it. It was like a team for us. So we kind of missed it, but not really. We saw the guy, the guy crying. Have you seen the clip of the guy crying on CNN? It's pretty emotional.


No, I saw Stephen Colbert. No, no. The guy at the CNN analyst.


No, I, I, I don't mean to sound mean, but I can't take it seriously when they cry. Um, yeah.


It doesn't affect me in the same way. I'm sure it's physical.


I don't live there, but definitely babies. It was just it was funny because the whole thing they'd been trying to like appear and.


They you know, they kept saying stuff like, oh, I don't I don't have a horse in this race and like, you know, anyone for Biden wins are all like so emotional and happy and like, yeah, it was pretty funny.


I'm sure it's at least partially because I want to, like, bring back some credibility. Yeah.


But, um, yeah, there are a lot of people watching, which I was very happy for, but also made me feel very anxious given the covid.


I know. Yeah. But you know, I don't want to be a spoilsport if that's what people do even uh.


Yeah. It's kind of tough to try and tell people, you know, you can celebrate it, but also. Yeah, yeah. Dorjee the amount of people that were I, I mean, to be fair, most of days into romance, which I'm sure makes a difference, but it's not like the masses aren't magic, you know, like.


Yeah, I don't know, I feel right being. Yeah well I feel like being in any sort of crowd is probably a bad idea. Even if you are like do you meet in the park.


That's definitely there are some people saying, oh, fireworks on on Saturday night here. And I was not sure whether it was for gay folks, for Biden and Aberdonian.


Well, my my my guess is it's for Biden and I think they bought the fireworks after Guy Fawkes night when they're cheap and then. Of course, it doesn't make any sense to sell fireworks two nights after Guy Fawkes night. Yeah, I guess that's quite a lot of Americans, you know. Yeah, well, I, um.


What did you do for Guy Fawkes Night this week?


I don't think I did anything. Um, I one night as a 5th November, which would be the same Thursday. What did I do on Thursday? I got drunk and was taskmaster, but I went to the beach and it was very stressful. It was a lot of people were there was a lot of people there. So I went with, uh, I went with one of my flatmates and then another free. So it was within the rules and we did like a bonfire.


But then there is like, oh, there is other groups of like the same number and maybe a bit more. But there was this like there's one or two groups of first years that were like 20 people wasted my first year just walk away.


And of course they're all really drunks. They're like coming up to us and they're like, Oh, I love your fire. How did you make it so big? Oh, my God, this is great.


And we were kind of like awkwardly trying to, like, shoo them away or something. I don't know.


It was just really uncomfortable. There was also people who are not very safe with fireworks. Oh, of course, it's really dangerous to use this drunk.


We were really like right down on the beach. And as people were firing them over our heads and like landing on the beach and landing in the water and all sorts, it was pretty scary, actually, to be honest.


But, you know, it happened. It was fun, though. We did it. We did a big fire. We we set some like a guy on fire and all sorts of skeet.


Yeah. Oh, that was a good time. Yeah. I haven't really socialized. Very much lost. That's the first time that's the first time I've seen anyone outside my household for over a month. Yeah, it was really weird. I mean, it was nice and it was perfectly within the rules and regulations, which felt good as well.


But yeah, well, it was only like when you guys like that, I was like, wow, I haven't seen anyone for a really long time. Yeah.


I mean, me too. Me too. Because I literally had and then I was like, oh I can do this. But I was like, yeah, yeah. I'm not, you know, I mean I've been training but that so I guess I've seen people there but still it's different.


Yeah. Yeah. Um, other than that, um have I been doing much. I've been watching more Star Trek and playing the actual freeway and being unproductive in my studies. Yeah. I'm really hard to concentrate right now. I don't know why I think something like this.


Last week I had an essay and I actually did pretty well but before that and I just could not focus on anything. And I tried to start a new game. And Skyline's, I realized that when I played it over the summer, I had like all day, every day to play it. So I would just like have time to do the stuff that I was planning to do. But I just find it really depressing because I, like, set myself an hour to play it and then it's just not enjoyable playing a game like that.


It takes hours and hours and splitting it for me personally, splitting into little hours. I don't mind enjoyable like when I. Yeah. When I just have like an hour to play a game, it needs to be something short, like a shooter sports game where I can just have a quick thing because I think like I do think my favorite games are like strategy games and city building games and that kind of thing. But I only enjoy them when I have like a full day to sit down and play them and I can really bassinette.


Whereas when I just one quick break, I need to play something different.


It hasn't been a has been definitely my fault because I haven't been asked before, but I've not had a day off this week. Um so I probably won't until next Friday. Yeah. Because I, it means I can't really like to sit down and do a thing. Yeah.


Same like at the start of the semester I was trying to basically have the weekends off, but now I've just started working every single day and it means I don't get as much work done in a day because I get well it's but I mean I can do the things I enjoy either.


Yeah. Like last year when I was doing my year abroad, I sort of got into the bad habit of working every day, but not being that productive because I was tired and I was working every day. So I've been really, really I realized that I can't do weekends for years. It's not possible. Yeah, but I've really been trying to be consistent and keeping at least one day a week of sort of being successful. But like, I'm slipping up a bit.


Particularly since November. I'm getting a bit busier, although not not so much, I don't think I've I think I'll be OK for November. I think what you're going to be mostly busy in the summer, which is where my Christmas holiday will have to be most of my dissertation.


Yeah, I'm going to have to do a fair bit, so. Yeah, well, in my mind, you, after the semester, I don't have to be too much of a Christmas, but I need to do something else.


Well, my I don't have any exams at Christmas and the Christmas semester and this semester. Sorry. So I've got to really quite small essays, do you. And then I'll be done for work. Let's do this. I think one's 1000 words. One is one thousand five hundred and I'll be done in terms of where I really get cracking on the all, the, all the situation. What's really going to catch up with me. Yeah. You know, I write I downloaded the switch, the switch, not remaster rerelease of No More Heroes on the on Friday, I think.


And I met last evening for a couple hours. And I really love that game. I'm looking forward to finishing it again. It's also mercifully short, if I remember correctly. So I think I will actually be able to finish it to.


I will talk about what throughout will not find day comes since it was be did we we we've not recorded since Halloween, right. Or did we. We wouldn't have to tell you in one week and we've got so much to talk about. What do you do on Halloween for Halloween? Um, Halloween? Oh, yeah.


We all dressed up I dressed up as the plague doctor because I'm very, very tasteful. Nice. And we watched Friday the 13th, the first one, which is a fun time. It's not a good film, but it's nice to watch all the people. And also I I'm sure you didn't care too much about I was one really big dumpster near the end. And it's always fun to watch other people's reactions to that when you know it's coming.


Yeah. Interesting, and I watched on all night Halloween, I watched Nightmare on Elm Street.


Oh, I've been to see that, although I never have. Is it, like, freely available someplace? No.


We go to and DVD my my phlegmy go to from the library on DVD.


Oh that's so nice. I should visit libraries occasionally. Yeah. But I don't have a Glasgow library card.


Do you not have it in your university library. We have DVDs and all. We do. That's where you got it from. Oh so nice. Yeah.


Well yeah. Yeah pretty, pretty good. And it was very scary though. It's not a scary film.


Well I think a lot of slashers are actually not on it. Not meant to be that scary and that other ones. We like fun. Yeah.


It was fun. It was kind of gory. Definitely wasn't scary but yeah. And I said I wouldn't qualify the first thing scary either. I think playing with laughter afterwards gets kind of funny. Um. Yeah, I think it's like I feel like, oh, you know, I watch these films like, oh, I'm so brave enough to scare me and then I watch, like an actual film is designed to be scary.


Yeah, exactly. Same. Actually, I almost watch the scary thing yesterday and then I couldn't because I was too scared.


I was like, fuck, I'm watching this. But that was yeah. I got cocky after watching the not really very scary nightmare on Elm Street and then something actually scary.


And it was not. I just I don't I don't get anything out of watching, like, genuinely scary stuff though.


Personally. Yeah. I really like anything.


I mean, I like being tense. I like it when I'm very directly emotionally engaged in something, even if it is, you know.


Uh, no, I'm not not following that. I'm going to pass on that.


That's fair.


Then I an actual Halloween. I had an online party for one of my sisters. Yes. Which was fun.


So yeah, this is what I saw is like you told me specifically.


Yeah. And I'm telling you again and telling our viewers. Let viewers. Listeners. Especially if they're watching YouTube, the soldiers listening over there, because it's just that just a still image.


Yeah, and water still I mean, I hope the water burns for them. Um. I hope so. I hope so. Um, to which we finish and I think we're good to go.


And I want to say I think next week we might as well have a decision now because I think it's an important one next week. The film is a practical option is by David Lean. And you know what that means, which is it is three and a half hours long. It is also meant to be quite bad. Do you want to watch it or do you want to cheat again and watch MASH? What's it what's the phone called? Uh, it's an officer about Ireland in 1916, David Lynch and Brian's daughter, Brian.


I realized that, like the conceit of this podcast, it's not like we're supposed to watch things than them.


Yeah, I'm not awash in free time. I don't watch this.


So if you want to cheat or is also quite cool with cheating.


Why don't we not say right now, see how the week goes, maybe even take a week off depending how busy we are. Hmm. Okay. Or watch MASH or watch this.


Yeah. We'll we'll figure it out. So just for next week. Don't wait up. Don't wait up.


This is, this is gameplay anyway I think based on fact recording and sun. So don't make up.


We still love you all.


You all listen but just not enough to watch a three and a half hour potentially. But potentially we might make a decision to take a week off instead of watching it for you.


Three hour film or we watch something else.


Yeah, we'll. Right. Good night. Good night and bye bye.