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Young, handsome and ruthless wonder his new true crime podcast, Billionaire Boys Club, is based on the incredible story of a group of wealthy young men from Los Angeles whose risky get rich quick scheme lured in millions of dollars and left a trail of bodies behind them. They're very selective. Invite only club brought the best educated, most privileged and most importantly, well-connected men in L.A. They had everything, but they wanted more. And while on the surface they were the most successful businessmen in the city, then some.


And while on the surface they were the most successful businessmen in the city, when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The BBC was a Ponzi scheme, and after a few deals fell through, their leader, Joseph Hunt started a string of kidnappings and murders in a desperate attempt to cover their tracks. But to Joe, that was just business as usual because in the BBC, the end always justified the means. I'm about to play you a brief clip from the show, but while you're listening, subscribe to Billionaire Boys Club on Apple podcast Spotify Stitcher.


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It's a warm evening in Los Angeles on June six, 1984, the toll windows in Ron Levon's impressive Beverly Hills duplex are wide open, welcoming any breeze Los Angeles has to offer on this balmy summer night.


It's around seven p.m. when the doorbell rings, the kids early, he thinks, but then again, Joe was never one to follow directions.


As someone crosses his sunken living room, he readies himself.


He should be the hospitable host when he greets Joe at the door.


Ron Levin is used to stalling Angry Business Associates, but Joe is relentless.


Joe reminds Levin of a young version of himself confident, arrogant, able to talk anyone into anything. He admires the kid. But lately Joe's been a pain in the ass. He hasn't stopped phoning and coming over unannounced since Levin told him he made ten million dollars off a bogus trading account.


You're early, Joe holds up a bag from La Scala's, I brought dinner.


Hey, Kosher Joe's as excited to see Levon's Shetland collie as he is to see Joe Lhevinne plays it cool.


The two men sit down on leavens white couch.


Levin lights, two candles on his glass and chrome coffee table and Joe pours him a glass of wine. Then Joe makes the move. Levon's been waiting for Levin. I need you to pay me my share of our profits. This has gone on too long.


Nobody move. This is a man Levon's never seen before, built like a linebacker, pure muscle and a menacing stare.


Who the hell are you? Levin demands the large man with the gun reaches in his jacket pocket.


He slowly screws a silencer to the barrel of his pistol as he stares Levin down. How much is in your Swiss bank account? Joe demands about one point seven million. Joe tells him to write a check for one point five million, to be sure.


Clear's Joe, what are you playing?


The gunman has kosher by the scruff of his neck gun pressed to his little head.


No, no, don't shoot him. Joe just stands there. This is not a game, Ron. That's when everyone knows that Joe has won this battle. OK, put the dog down and I'll do whatever you say. The gunman drops the dog, then he rides a big fat check to Joe for one point five million dollars. I've done what you want. Now get the fuck out.


Joe just looks at him for a moment, his face completely devoid of any emotion. He's frighteningly calm when he tells everyone to lie face down on the bed. He's calm when he tells the gunman to handcuff Levin. And when Levin starts to whimper and beg for his life, Joe says nothing. The gunman shoves the 25 caliber into the back of Levin's head. Anyone can hear his suitcase unzipping and see Joe packing out of the corner of his eye. The gunman turns to Joe and says, Now, Joe says nothing.


He doesn't have to. Subscribed to billionaire boys club on Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or you can listen ad free and binge all six episodes right now by signing up for 100 plus in the Wonder app. Download the app in the Google or Apple app stores today.


Silvio Berlusconi was a real estate mogul turned billionaire playboy with a scandal ridden track record a mile long. Everyone just assumed that when he decided to run for office that it was a stunt no one ever thought he could actually win. But Berlusconi's wealth, charisma and control over the media made him one of the most influential men in the world until three women and two words brought him down.


Bunga, bunga, bunga, bunga, bunga.


The ladies man, I'm Whitney Cummings and my new eight part miniseries, Bunga Bunga is available on September 8th on Apple podcast. Or you can listen right now at free by joining one degree plus in the Wonder app.