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Hank, the catalog's presented by Igby, just like Hank, HCB was born in Texas and has been proudly serving Texas family since 1985, no store does more than AGB. Q Code and HTC Present Hank the Gowda, starring an executive produced by Matthew McConaughey, written and directed by Jeff Nichols for the latest of Hank The Count On, subscribe to the show wherever you find your favorite podcast. You can also learn more at Kyouko Media dot com or by following at Kyouko Media.


Let me again paint the crowd where we were standing on the sandy banks of over Wolf Creek, Drover wasn't really standing as much as Trimline because Little Alfred was lost.


Only moments ago, according to Drovers muddled recollections, Alfred had run away into the worst possible place for a young boy to go running the dark, uncharted forest and make things double that. He was lost in the same forest where one of the meanest, nastiest creatures I've yet to encounter was on the prowl. Yeah, sinister the bobcat.


The reality of the task ahead was gathered in my mind, much like the dark storm clouds above our heads, you know, there's this whole lack of money. You're giving me this. I drove it up to us. It falls on our shoulders to find that boy before sinister does breaking his shoulders.


This leg, you get your leg. This might be the most important mission of our career. Oh, get up, drover. Oh, my legs. Oh, my legs. I just got like, you'd actually do such a thing you'd let me go into the dark enchanted forest all along. Oh heck yes. I wouldn't worry about you because you're big and strong. True. And you're head of security. Yeah. And you're not afraid of anything.


That's true. Well, that might be a slight overstatement, to be honest with you. I would not have you.


Drover. Oh, drover, you don't have to cross on your legs are fine. I'll just slip on back to the Range Rover found me long drover you find out save the day and that will be the end of it.


Now, hold on, Drover. Let's talk this guy. And good luck with the snakes and wait Rover. Oh, you're pretty fast on that bum leg. Too late, mother disappeared into the brush, and now little Alfred wasn't the only one left alone. No sirree, Bob. Not that I needed anyone to help with.


I mean, look, it was the stormy seas and those clouds did look like bad weather. And that horse was getting even darker than usual. He started to get that beaten up my back where all the hair stand up and a shiver starts to shake through.


Come to think of it, my my leg was beginning to act up on me. Oh, it was pretty doggone sore. I mean, look, factually speaking, I couldn't be expected to read an important mission all crippled up like that.


I mean, you run the risk of endangering the whole operation, trying to be a hero on your own, right? Yeah. That go off on his way back. I mean, kids don't just disappear.


They walk off and come back. And scenesters probably not even in that force, he probably lit up. And that's when I heard Sallie Mae call him from the house how to stop me in my tracks. I could see the sky was getting dark.


I could hear the wind moaning somewhere deep inside that forced my home. You wanted to go home, but my little pal was lost out there and he needed me. I didn't want this job. And darn it, there's nobody else to do it. No turning back. No turning back. I got to go and speak, but I hit the creek bed. I didn't even bother to shake off the water. No, I shut up the other bank and let out a holler as I rushed into those woods.


Now, Dart was banging like a bass drum, and I can feel those little needles fear trickling up the back of my neck again. And I told myself, hey, put it all out of your mouth.


Settle down and just breathe. Oh. What's that that you had talked to think, think, think, think landmark, landmark, find a landmark going into the dark Enchanted Forest was the easy part. It now was the problem and it's easy to get turned around and lose your sense of direction, despite my unrivaled skills as a tracker. My training is more geared to open field types. Face that dark, creepy tree tops. So far, I would plunge in too far into those woods.


I'd better have a few landmarks there.


They're there. Right there. A tree that's landmark. Right. There you go. Good job. I memorized every detail that big cottonwood, that gnarled limbs ripped up like a phony hand. A fresh star running down the trunks were struck by lightning and it made a low creaking sound.


Every time the wind bend it all one way or the other, you might think creepy trees, not landmark to pick a forceful of creepy trees. But I was working with what I had and that tree did seem, well, especially creepy.


Calm down and just calm down. You just need to calm down and find the simple sit is.


Not surprisingly, I found the scent doubt he had done some damage to the leather exterior portion of my nose, but the interior mechanisms were still functioning at full capacity. I mean, my nose is a pretty impressive piece of equipment. Not only is it the most striking feature of my face, but it's also quite cracked.


Oh, we're on it now, boy. Good job.


Hey, wait a minute. There's two sets of tracks. I've seen these tracks before. First, it definitely belonged to little Alfred. But yeah, there's they belong to the bobcat.


Oh, senators, not just in these woods, he's following our Alfred oh, I broke the news dead running blood tests, falling into the great unknown.


Oh, Ralph, lock up.


Senator Bob, get on your cell phone.


Don't go anywhere, folks, and we'll be right back after a message from our sponsors. Hey, guys, Mark Ericson here and if that last name sounds familiar, well, it's because it is proud to say my father, John Ericsson, brought Hank to Caradog into all our lives with his ongoing book series. And as a lifelong Texan, I can say with confidence we couldn't think of a more perfect partner to help bring Hank to podcast listeners and AGB, just like our team here at Hank, AGB is still a family company and it is committed to serving Texas with exclusive offerings and low prices each and every day, but achieves more than just a store.


It provides a way for families and friends to connect. I can imagine Salaman Lapore going through the aisles, stocking up to feed a full crew on Roundup Day, when friends and neighbors would come from ranches all around to help with the catalog and little Alfred. They're dreaming of the day when he could ride out with the crew, just like I did when I was his age. There was a real sense of community, a sentiment I know is cherished by our partners at HB has always been committed to Texas communities.


That support includes excellence in education, helping military veterans, sponsoring local charities statewide and so much more. I think it's safe to say, oh, Hank would be proud and you can bet the Erickson family is as well. That's what they mean when they say no store does more than AGB. O o o o o o o o. Oh, no. I've lost the seat. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


I've lost the city. Have you lost the seat? And I've lost myself.


Oh, I don't like forest, mainly because they're outside of my area of vocational expertise. As I told you earlier, I'm a ranch animal. I'm not meant for this. I prefer wide open spaces, heavily wooded areas creep me out because I can't see what's ahead of me.


And I have this act of imagination that is very good at turning bushes and shadows into at the car. Sure. Oh, I call myself just a bush, Hank. Just Bush. Just a Bush monster. OK, we're fine. We're fine. Everything three miles to treat tree to tree, tree monster. All good. Just a tree on strike. Oh, fellas, once I entered that dark horse, I saw more monsters in five minutes I'd seen my entire life.


You never saw so many monsters. I saw three leaf monsters for Bush, monsters to shadow, monsters in Seven Tree Monsters. Which gets me back to what I was saying earlier about my area of vocational expertise. If a guy is trained in a spooky, poor situation, he learns that even though these monsters look scary, the statistics show that the vast majority turn out to be tree and bush related and for the most part, do not often eat dogs.


And once he knows this, he can then go on about his business without being distracted. In other words, he can follow the scent, which I admit I had lost along with myself. I turned around and I found myself well. I found myself turned around by the well-known fact that you can't backtrack if you lost track and don't know which way is back.


I had lost the scent, the trail, my sense of direction, my sense of well-being, my courage, my confidence, my curiosity and my devotion to duty. Most of all, I lost all desire to be where I was. There was at least one more scared. Oh, my goodness. Hello, doggy. Who's. Said that who should be coming through the forest but half their profits, but who's talking here? I did. I think I did.


Well, maybe I didn't. That depends on what you have.


I heard someone say something about the rabbit. Oh, yes, I did say that. Yeah, well, there's a couple of things we ought to get straight from the get go. Number one, I am not a rabbit. Number two, I cannot see you. And it makes me uncomfortable to carry on a conversation with nobody.


If you're talking with nobody. And if nobody is, then nobody cares. So it really doesn't matter, does it? Well, look, can you just tell me where you are?


I'm here and you're older and we don't know any more than we did before. So what's the point in knowing where we are?


You know, you got a funny way of confusing words. And it seems to me that I met somebody. Want to talk that way?


Oh, my goodness. Who can I be? But whoever you are, I don't have time to keep going in circles. I could be a tree if I had roots or I could be a crowd if I could float or I could be a dream if I could sleep. But I can't and I'm not. And I'm only who I am instead of who I could be.


But you know not I am a dog. The dog, Hank. The cat or dog, head of rent security. I know that. I know all that. But I like Hank the rabbit better, so I'll call you that.


More of this. Who are you? Where are you?


I hate simple questions. They require simple answers. And whoever I am, I'm not simple. I simply can't answer your question. Had a second recollection collected.


I remember running into someone once like you. Someone who called me Hank the Rabbit. Yeah, I think I just figured out who you are. Oh no. Oh yes. You're mad Madam. Moonshadow, which will allow rubbish. Yeah, the one that cured me of my Prospero's this double rubbish sassafras horseradish balderdash.


That explains why you've been talking in circles here which yes, I'm a witch, but also a switch.


Make a switch and find a switch. Trying to Mathieu's which is coming from trees.


I raise my eyes and there she was, Madam Moonshiner, small, brown, burrowing owl with big yellow eyes hanging upside down from a tall Hackberry tree.


I found you. I knew you could do it.


She was smiling at me, which was a little peculiar, since an upside down smile is about the same as a frown.


Hank, such a clever rabbit.


I do need your help. I'd be glad to help, madam, because I need some serious help myself. I've got my foot in this vine and I'm hanging down side up, not upside down. Pinky, Pinky. It's all the same isn't it. Downside of and upside down. Wrong side up and right side, down, back, side up and upside down. The problem is the same and the problem is that I'm backwards. It was from Houston Dog on tangled when she get excited and flap or wings it just made her twirl around the circle.


OK, I got dizzy just watching. Oh shucks madam, if I was a witch like you, I'd use my special powers to get myself on her. No, you wouldn't know you, but yes, I do believe I will. But what if the power works backwards?


There is always that danger with magic power, boy.


Oh, I think it's worth a shot, madam. Do you know? And and tell me again what your title is.


HRC Head of security, ma'am. My goodness. The head of security. How could we go wrong in the presence of head of security?


A lot of people ask that very question very well.


She closed her eyes and started to mumble some incantations. Topsy turvy downside up vertigo and spirally I wish Opala you intervene, reverse the scene entirely. Hmm, well, madam, it sounded good. You change the scene entirely, all right, but I think it came out backwards. I was afraid of that. Her fears had proven right. The magic work backward and instead of Madame Moonshine ended up on the ground, yours truly got swept up in the tree.


Now, we were both tangled up in those vines. Oh, Hank, I never should have listened to you. I knew better. But on the other hand, now that you're up here with me, I don't feel upsidedown anymore. You don't? Oh, no. Now we can pretend everything else is upside down and that we're the right side of what? Hang on a second. I don't have time. Oh, yes. How wonderful. It makes me want to sing.


Let's not. We must know, madam. Being upside down is only half my problem. Oh well you think that's bad. I have three halves to my problem now. Let's sing it. You madam. I have a real problem. Little out. I can't hear you unless you're singing. I need. My little outfit, he's run away in this forest, he might fall prey to the meanest cat I smelled all day. Well, it's finished.


The tone is really mean and nasty. The Bob could tell. I need your help, madam.


What do you say? Now, a moonshine town that you live with, this sinister cat, is starting to. How can we figure this out? See, my downside is I'm confused as a pup. I can't distinguish up from about disorientation. We'll turn your head around. Hanging upside down. Not only in our history, the world is cloaked in mystery, but two sides began to take shape. You see, the upside was up and the downside was down.


A simple logic that hard to escape. I'm sorry, but why should simple logic rule this universe, this big whirlpool? That's what's beyond our wildest minds. You've no idea what might be you're just a dog, you cannot see that certainty in life. The big surprise is no disorientation. No mean keep your feet on the ground when you're hanging upside down. But that's well and good, all of that, but a dog, the dog and a CAT scan, the blackbirds, black and blue bird blue when they're walking upside down the brown sky.


This guy's background. I tell you, madam, I'm thoroughly confused. The answer is plain to see. You think your. Do you think I'm naive, but sometimes when not what we think it's right. There's a lesson to be learned from reality. Up to that everything can change in a blink of disorientation. Got me on the ground, I sat down. It's hard to keep your feet on the ground when you're hanging upside down. Madam, what's that noise?


That's the third half of my problem, we're not seeing it. No. It's time to talk about the rest of my problem as it looks to be yours now, too, and the problem is that the viciously hungry coyote circling below us coyotes.


Oh, sure. As I said, they appeared rip and snort to the scraggly and meanest outlaws of the county.


As usual, they looked hungry. Tune in next time for the continuing adventures of yours truly, Haqq, the of our. Hank, the count of stars Matthew McConaughey as Hank Jesse Plemons is drover, Kirsten Dunst as Sally May, Cynthia Revo as Madam Moonshine and Joel Edgerton as Rip and Snort, written and directed by Jeff Nichols based on the books by John R. Erickson, executive produced by Jeff Nichols, Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Green and Brian Cavanaugh Jones of Trustwave Pictures.


Mark Ericson of HTC Productions, part Greg of Stuck On and On and Rob hurting of Kyouko consecutive producers Dave Henning and Missy Nichols, produced by Alexa Gabrielle Ramirez and Tess Ryan, producer for Stuck on on Alison Tyrel, edited by Hart. Greg Sound Design and Mix by Lime and Hardy Original Score by Darren Johnson. Original Songs by John R. Erickson produced and arranged by Bruce Robison. Audio Engineering by Liminality Dialogue. Editing by Ben Milchan Sound Design and Mix. Consulting by Will Files and Matt Yocum Casting by Vicky Boon Artwork by Mark Baird Production Coordinator.


Jack Friedemann Post Coordinator. Rachel Univer Educational Program available courtesy of National Ranching Heritage Center. And the cow dog is a tri state pictures, HTC Productions and QR Code production.


Hank, the catalog is presented by AGB, just like Hank, AGB was born in Texas and has been proudly serving Texas family since 1995, no store does more than AGB.