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Hank, the catalog's presented by Igby, just like Hank, HCB was born in Texas and has been proudly serving Texas family since 1985, no store does more than AGB. QR code and HTC Present Hank the Cat on starring and produced by Matthew McConaughey, written and directed by Jeff Nichols for the latest of Hank The Count On, subscribe to the show wherever you find your favorite podcast. You can also learn more at Kyouko Media dot com or by following at Kyouko Media.


Let me again thank the Geldoff. And that O'Hanlan belong to yours truly as I led a kamikaze crash careening headlong into the jaws of a bloodthirsty bobcat. Yes, madam. Moonshine cheered me on from the sidelines while the buzzards did with buzzards didn't squawk. Let me. I guess all of laughing face lit up when he saw me, but that's been sent to the bobcat, made his move. Sinister clawed his way on the side of the rock and took a swipe at barely missed out his leg, a shot of water and clapped my jowls back to bare my teeth.


Sinister was a dangling on the edge of a rock wall, still swapping for the boy. My jaws clamped down as hard as I could muster on his back live. As soon as we splash down that creek, Sinister spun around and showed me every two feet and with a mouth full of bobcat leg, I did the only thing I could think of.


Apologize for our very own. Too late for apologies, Yankees, but free and whacked me with the claw. Right, ok. That fit me as women and sisters stomp toward me with a look as cold and steady as the creek water I was sitting on. Reasoning with the killer was a sure bet, if that's what it was. All I had left out had water sinister. No need to swim up. We all my cat, his claws shot out and I close my eyes.


Oh, I would miss my life. It had been a good one. Filled with more laughter than sorrow, more scratching than fleas, more snoring.


My eyes popped open to the side for the source rip and snort, we're standing on the ridge above the creek and this was the only time I ever enjoyed watching a cow lick their chops.


And I reckon that's the biggest catch that's ever seen. He's all yours.


Rip and snort shot across that creek like the Hallah lunatics. I always knew they weren't. Well, that ain't no good. You can look now. Junior Senator lit up like a bolt of lightning, rip and snort, nipping at his heels the whole way. I enjoyed that moment, I really did, but sadly, it was not meant for SAE at that very second, I looked upstream to see a wall of water barreling towards me. I'm sure you've heard of Flood, but this wasn't one of those slow sea been soaked in blood?


No, sir. This was a full on Texas size class. I managed to dig my clause into that limestone cliff, just the wall of water hit. It was so much water that it turned my back side to an upside and all I could hear were the bubbles gushing out of my mouth. Well, dogs don't belong on the water. It's not a natural circumstance cause I could barely hold on. But that's when I felt a familiar feeling.


My tail was being pulled apart a little after it had my tail again. But this time it was worth the tug and that water had risen so fast it floated my rear end right up to our kids let out free. That boy gave me a hug that made my heart grow three times its natural size and I would have the last two if not my uncontrollable wet wharfs shake shaking mechanism. Just then, Madame Moonshine swooped in for a landing. Our jackscrews big hubcaps.


Oh real. Oh, it's good to meet you, young man. You're very lucky to have a friend like Hank. Now, I must be going. I left Timothy alone in my case, hosting with Timothy, my companion and bodyguard. He's a rattlesnake. Surely you haven't forgotten Timothy? Oh, yeah. Picked him. The Diamondback. Good looking fella, I remember. Right. Well, yes, I left him unattended and he has a very bad habit of getting into mischief.


So I do I do want a fun, which is this is not a do. It's definitely a race.


Did you see that big tie? It was about, oh, maybe it was Tiger. Yeah, actually, I'm sure it was probably the biggest tiger ever seen in those three gowning that big tiger was going to eat me. Those two wolves came and ran away. Yeah, well, just remember who brought those wolves on. They were piles of old hands here. I hope you'll remember that next time you also check in dark clouds. Hank, I want to go home.


I miss my mommy, so there is nothing I'd love more than to get you back on the ranch with your mom. But as long as that threequarters moving like that, I'm afraid we're stuck. Either neighbor, it's kind of damp out here on this land, don't reckon y'all at my concern loom over Jerry Brown mind sharing this nice dry cable this hour passes over here. The rotten buzzard who was up in that tree rooting for that bobcat to get my little buddy here?


No, no, sir, I. I could never I in fact, I said to Junior here, Junior, you get yourself down there and help that boy. I but you said buzzer and it would serve you right. If I throw you out there right now, I'll never be. Junior, are you going to just sit there and let this dog papa. You did say that tattletale. Well, what did you expect? It's hard to be a Christian and a father at the same time.


That's no excuse. And unless you agree to take some punishment for being such a creep, you can just stand outside in the rain. I never took no punishment from no dog. And I ain't fixing to start now. I go stand out in that rain and I'll enjoy every minute of it. Just I think I'll stay fine. Have it your way. Will grab your Papau made it, and furthermore, I hope all your babies are born naked.


Just meet my friend Elf, a real person, too. That's right. So then a year or two, you won't be able to talk back and forth. But it's like this was, you know, grown ups. They don't understand and speak. But you can now and you might as well give you the full treatment when you get home. You can tell your mom that you met a real, genuine buzzard and a little laugh.


Hi, Alfred. Hello, Buzzard. It's great out here. I love it. Never enjoy the rain more in my life. Well, what was your punishment going to be for Paul? Well, I was gonna that home with a lightning bolt streaked out of the sky and sent sparks flying from the very tree that cranky old buzzard was perched on Wallace's back in that case before the embers even hit the tree. On second thought, oh, little punishment is good for the soul.


What is it you have in mind? Oh, you're going to sing a little song. I hate song about the things you love most in life. I love you. And get back out there in the rain with that sizzling tree, you buzzard. OK, but I'm not going to lie and you have to go for this. I love septic tanks, Emerald Waters, big debate, I love septic tank, it makes my life worthwhile and I love to paint emerald water.


Thank you. Banks, part of the septic tank makes my life worthwhile. Three girls picked parents on. He's really like. My mom, you know, much I love I didn't touch my life with love, I love linkups. Your turn. Walk the walk and you wouldn't know what to do with a pretty girl even if you found one. And anybody that's dumb enough to spend time in a septic tank thing or go stand in the rain. I love big man yelling, scalding, talking bad.


I love being called a cad. It makes my life worthwhile again, you know.


It wasn't that fun. No, it wasn't fun at all. I hate music. I hate singing. I hate, love. And I hate fun. While you may be one of the nastiest games I have.


Now you're talking dog and lucky here. No more rain means no more here. Half brain sing a song.


Oh oh oh oh oh. All of that three quarters already going down in like a flash, like a lot. Now I just got to figure out how to get us. I don't know. I don't like that for us.


You don't need to go through the forest that's north of Crete. It runs into Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek crosses. All right. You're a genius. I know. It was sure. Nice singing with you, but my. I like budgets well, now, Alfred, you've just had a rare opportunity to meet some of my friends one of these days and we all growed up, you look back at this day and wonder if it even really happened and it did.


Now let's get you home.


Oh. Don't go anywhere, folks, I will be right back after a message from our sponsors. Hank the Caradog is presented by our friends at AGB, born as a small grocery and dry goods store in Kerrville, Texas, and not to have any neighbor, don't reckon you'd have a scrap of baloney or leftover ham sandwich.


Well, look at this. Whilst the buzzard. How did you get in here? This is a recording studio. I walked right in. Yes, I did. And just you try to kick me out. Well, we don't have any baloney scraps or ham sandwiches, but I was just talking about our friends at AGB who offer the best selection and low prices to Texas families every day they got anything has been laying in the sun for a couple of days.


No walls. HCB does offer the highest quality meat, seafood and produce sourced from Texas and all over the world. Safe to say they pride themselves on carrying only the freshest products.


Then we can forget it. I ain't a hummingbird sun. I'm a buzzard and proud of it.


All right, Wallace, that's enough from you folks. HB is more than just a store. They're all about Texans helping Texans, the highest quality and freshness, the best selection, more ways to save and a commitment to their communities. That's what they mean when they say no store does more than achieve. We had that creek are run in with smiles from ear to ear. It wasn't barnow shoot. I could almost hear the marching band tuning up a proper welcome for a returning hero.


We made it back to the ranch just in time to be backlit by the magic, our sun that was deep and low on the horizon. Keep up, son. I want this outfit looking snappy in case there's a parade came up over a hill in the outer pasture and there it was.


And there was drover by the machine shit playing footsie with the barn cat. That little brother.


I said, I'll see you next week. You are right. Yes. Hey, hey, hey. Oh, no, Pete.


I forgot about the alarm. What? I was supposed to sound the alarm for a little Alfred, but no.


Oh, gosh, you're back. I'm so glad. And I guess she found little after it looks that way. Did you run into that bobcat?


It was a full grown tiger. Tiger? Yes, I did. He got a thrashing he won't soon forget. And yes, you missed all the adventure.


Well, if this long leg and forget the leg drover. Where is everybody? Well, Pete's over there in the yard. J.T. clucks by the machine shed and the cows are catching little Lobatón.


Sallie Mae. You, Wade. Oh, gee.


Maybe they're out looking for a little house. You reckon? Sounds plausible. They're out looking for the lost child and you're here playing footsie with the cat.


It was Chase and Rob and Pete made me play.


Never mind, drover. It will all be in my report. Oh, drat, hush. Here comes Sallie Mae Loper now. Everybody get ready for the welcoming committee. Sallie Mae doesn't look too welcoming to me. I've seen that wall before. No, that is not a well, boys, watch out for the dirt floor.


Where on earth have you been worried sick about you, Daddy? Oh, Alfred, why do you do things like this to your parents? I'm sorry, Mommy. I ran away from home, but I got lost in the woods and I didn't like it and I never got to run away again. Honey, why did you want to run away? Well, it brought home that baby, and you didn't want me anymore. Oh, Alfred, how could you even think such a thing?


Mommy loves you very, very much. But for a while she's going to be busy with your new sister. I tell you what, if you help me take care of Molly, we can be together and we'll both feel better about it. How does that sound? I love you, Mommy.


Now, Hank, did you leave my boy in the pasture, you scoundrel? I don't know what I'm going to do with you, but, mommy, I went home and Hank saved me what Hank brought to wolves that came and saved me from a big, huge tiger who was a tiger. Well, it wasn't exactly you, Tiger. The term is Coyote Drover, and it was more of a bobcat, like you said, tigers drover.


Hank came and saved me and lick my face. And I met a real buzzard, a buzzard loper. Do you hear what your son is saying? Yeah. Two wolves ran off a tiger and he made a buzzard and Hank did something or other and sounds like a windy tale to me.


It's not only tale, it's true. I talk to them. Hank is my friend and I want him to sleep in my bed with me tonight and shot house bad. But I never let sleeping inside half man. I could tell by the look in Saliman his eyes that it was a hard bargain to swallow.


But all right, just this once will let Hank sleep in your room, but only if you promise to never run away again. I promise.


Now, you listen to me. I don't know what really went on this afternoon, but I know that you were involved in it up to your ears. Against my better judgment, I'm going to let you sleep with my child because for reasons I don't understand, he seems fond of you. But if you throw up on my clean floor or with a nice furniture or dig holes in my sheets, Hank, I swear I will send your money.


Come on now. OK, ok. OK. They're impossible. No, both of them. What's just as bad as the other. Shall I do the honors please. And thank you. Come on, let's put this horse up and then we'll get to the fun part. Fun Part II. What's the fun part? You see what comes of courage Drogon. I myself am going to be decorated for heroism and honored with awards while you stay out here, friend.


The cat had no risk, no reward. Grover And with that, I bid you good night. Good night. I think I'll miss you. You bet you will change. I wonder what kind of award them awards is going to be. Oh, what a lousy trick. The so-called award turned out to be a trip to the bathroom. How deeply did Dirty Sin it almost hinderer near ground when I crawled out of that dip in Batchelder's, I can hardly stand myself.


I was so, so clean.


Come on, boy. Bad times over. But cleanliness does have a few rewards.


There I was on top of the covers at the end of our marriage bed. It truly was a throne befitting of a king. Sleep tight, Alfred. Mommy, can you leave the door cracked? OK. It was so nice to hear Sallie Mae sound so sweet, but then she shot me, Blair, and swivel the finger at me from Rabel like I'm watching. I'm proud to report that I went all night maintaining control of all my various bodily processes and fluids, so to speak, and I didn't make a single mess.


I love you. I love you, too, pal. You sleep tight now, OK?


Now, between you and me, I got to admit there was one small mishap in the middle of the night, but it occurred under the bed and Sallie Mae won't find it for weeks now that I'll be well out of range and around here. Well, and things don't get any happier than that. Case closed. Thank the count of stars Matthew McConaughey as Hank Cynthia Revo as Madam Moonshine, John R. Erickson as Wallace Scoot McNairy as Joe Brody stars as Little Alfred, Michael Shannon as Sinister The Bobcat, Joe Edgerton as rip and snort.


Jesse Plemons is drover Leslie Jordan as Pete the Barn can, Kirsten Dunst as Sally May and Rich Poland as Loper written and directed by Jeff Nichols. Based on the books by John R. Erickson, executive produced by Jeff Nichols, Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Green and Brian Cavanaugh Jones of Trust Pictures. Mark Ericson of HTC Productions, part Greg of Stuck On and On and Rob Herding of Kyouko Coexisted and producers Dave Henning and Missy Nichols, produced by Alexa Gabrielle Ramirez and Tess Ryan, producer for Stuff Going On.


Alison Tyrel edited by Heart. Greg Sound Design and Mix by Lime and Hardy Original Score by Darren Johnson. Original Songs by John R. Erickson produced and arranged by Bruce Robison. Audio Engineering by Liminality Dialogue. Editing by Ben Milchan Sound Design and Mix. Consulting by Will Files and Matt Yocum Casting by Vicki Boon Artwork by Mark Baird Production Coordinator.


Jack Friedemann Host Coordinator Rachel Yanov. Her educational program available courtesy of National Ranching Heritage Center and the Cow Dog is a tri state pictures, HTC Productions and QR Code production. Hank, the catalog's presented by Igby, just like Hank AGB was born in Texas and has been proudly serving Texas family since 1995, no store does more than AGB.