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This day, the residents of paradise will be absorbed in their own joys of bliss. Reclining each on a lofty diven, together with his spouse in shades that please. Bismil-Lah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim. Al-hamdulil-Lah Rabb Al-Alameen. The Sunaj was out last year, though not wildly meant to be a buffalo. But now I know for a better person, I'm no longer. I like to help by you being a and it was hot in Miami and Al-hamdulil-Lah Ajala and then what can I be?


Well, I had to say it more likely be a. Al-hamdulil-Lah had already done had one, couldn't la la la la la la la la la la la. She gets on behind cutting Bismil-Lah or Al-Rahman on Al-Rahim the last I look at what the fa la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. It was seldom. The second and on of say I do Saddam. We're fed and I know many analysts at.


And forth with the loudest voices in all of the mom about what's on your mom's side, but also someone, Zemun. Respected scholars, brothers and sisters, salaam aleikum, la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. I was born in the year six hundred and fifteen and died in the 11 after Hijrah, rooted in the religion of Islam as the greatest woman in the history of the religion, I lead you from whose life many extraordinary lessons may be learned and many examples may be derived.


And a lady who was revered for her sacrifice, for humility, for bravery, as well as for devotion towards the message of the religion of Islam, there is no lady in the history of the religion of Islam who has been seen as a role model in the life of billions of people in the world today, like the Lady of Light, to the extent that the prophet peace be upon him himself would say that there are four woman was seen as the mistresses of paradise.


Isaiah, the wife of her own money, the mother of Jesus, Khadija, the wife of the Prophet and fa la la la la la la la la Maliha. Unfortunately, however, biography has not been given the attention that it should be. And therefore, tonight we seek to examine her biography in depth in order that we are able to learn as many lessons from the biography as is possible. As we said, what his father is, of course, the holy prophets.


Mother is the renowned lady by the name of Khadija Toilet. The province of Khadija share their ancestry and the fifth descendant because as we know, Khadija is the daughter of Hawaii, the son of Assad, the son of Abdullah was the son of God and the Prophet Mohammad. Son of Abdullah, son of Abdul Mutallab, son of Hashem, son of Abu Shanab, son. Therefore, you find on the fifth of the generations there is a link between the two of them, a family.


It was one of the most revered families in the Islamic State. And the idea that each member of a family held a lofty position. When you look at Fatima's grandfather, you find the toilet alongside. Abdulmutallab was the chief patrons of British society when it came to the protection of the Kaaba. If ever you wanted to know who were the two main people in charge of the Kaaba, one of them was Abdulmutallab and the other was toilet toilets. Original name was Khalid.


Of course, once in Arabia, if your name is clearly the nickname, would be toilet. If your name was Jaber, the nickname would be Jaber. Therefore, what you found was that Zahra's grandfather, who Whalid was the protector of the cowboy alongside Abdulmutallab. And that's why I went up his army when Lawrence's Bismil-Lah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim. And I'm able to feel when they came the true people who are in charge of the Kaaba, who left Whalid and Abdulmutallab.


You find that another of her famous personalities from her mother's line was her uncle, who said that not US mother's brother or Sayed had a prominent position in Arabian society. They used to call him the just the man of the Arabs. Why? Because if you came to Arabian society and the days before the Prophet's announced his prophethood, if you came with a set of goods and you wanted to sell them in Arabia, you did not know whether you were going to get your money or not.


You see, on many occasions we dissect Fatima from her dad's side. Lots of my mom's. You find that this will say the Arabs would reveal is the man of Justice White, because alongside the holy prophets, they began to fulfill all the League of Justice. The League of Justice was originated because the man from Ben was that beat, came towards Arabia, wanted to sell his goods. When he wanted to sell his goods, he realized that these people have taken my goods, but not giving me my money back then the reasons what do they mention to us?


Generations mentioned that this man complains on the mountain. He said, old people of Mecca. I have come as a guest to you've taken my goods without honoring my income. This is unjust and this is oppressive veneration. Say there were two men who stood up for this man. One of them was the prophet. The other one said, just brother. They said, join the group. And they called it the League of Justice and some football, in other words, sometimes in English, as translated as the Federation of the Confederates.


When a number of the leaders of tribes came together, they formed this League of Justice and they said that this League of Justice will put. The rights of anyone who comes with a business transaction in Arabia further than this, Hadija had an uncle, some say a cousin by the name of what I've been no fun. And this one I've no fun. According to the reasons one of the monotheists, there was a group of people who were still following the message of Abraham.


And you find that some narrations tell us that's what I thought was one of them. He was the cousin of Khadija. And generations tell us that he used to be one of the first the men who was outspoken against the burial of the female, you know, in Arabian society. The female was buried alive on Saiz Bismil-Lah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim the bush. Should I go home humble on site rather than watch the sweat? Know what, Kaleem? When one of them is given the news of a female, what happens to him?


His face darkens with anger, and he's in a state of grief that Arabs used to come forward and say that the female it's better to be buried alive. If we have a female baby, we should marry her alive. Why? The first reason is economically, she's not going to be of any use to us. She's not going to stand in the markets with us. She's not going to hold our markets or market stalls. So the first reason was economic.


Get the baby, bury her alive. The second reason was what? Second reason was if I have a war with another Arab, this girl's not going to help me. What's she going to do? She's going to raise the sword. They said woman will never be able to fight. It's better we bury them alive from a young age. Number three, this daughter of mine may embarrass me, but she may run off with the son of a tribe member.


I don't like it. So it's better the type of life you find. What I've been no idea. Just Cusin would stand up in front of the Arabs and you would say old people of Arabia. If it is money that you look for, I don't mind paying you, but please stop burying these females alive. This is unjust and this is barbaric. In other words, about from her mother's side, her uncle, her grandfather, her mother's cousin, all of them had a prominent role in Arabian society.


And the main aspect was that all of them were monotheists who believed in the oneness of God. And that's why Hadija suffered a setback very early on in her life, because Hadija generations say to us her mother, Fatima Fatima, is named after her grandmother, Khadija, mother Fatima and her father, who died. The inheritor of the family business was Khadija. Khadija and her sister and I were two brothers. I love them. And they said, Khadija, many people today attack the religion of Islam, saying women do not have a role in business and that woman cannot go out to earn their income.


Whereas we find that from the beginning, Khadija looked after her family business when her father, Hoiles, died and when her mother, Fatima died. Veneration say that Khadija looked after her business and she would look after the caravans. And those days the caravans used to go to places for business. Mecca wasn't conducive for business, like you said, three fares in the air. But the real business was taking place to places elsewhere where the route first business, a trade center people would go in the summer to Syria and in the winter they would go to Yemen and Syria.


There would be many products they could buy in Yemen. They would go for the coffee. That's why until today, the people of Yemen are revered for their coffee. You find the honor of is this and the Koran mentions this. Bismil-Lah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim. The Elaph h e left him a letter Qatari place or they would go where in the shita to Yemen and the winter they go to Yemen in the safe. In the summer they go to Syria. These would be the two places they go.


Khadija would send caravans to these places. Khadija had the servant by the name of Messala. She said to Maysara Masada, I want you to employ someone who can look after my caravan's maystadt, etc.. Who exactly are you looking for? What type of person? She said, I'm looking for somebody who knows how to travel in the desert in the night and some. Who can be wary of the highway thieves on the way and somebody who has the ability to understand the first aid kit today, what we would call medicine in those days, he said to a very well, I'm going to go on this journey.


If I see anyone with these attributes, I'll tell you at the time about the abuse to take Russell along with him to Syria. You found how a loss of Hogwarts brings a lot of parents together. Masada was on a journey veneration stage. What he found out about Rosenblatt's reputation as someone who was a fantastic memory, who can glide through the deserts, who is not scared of the highway thieves, they sort of came back is the hardest job. I have found a man and they give him a title offered up and I mean the truthful and the trustworthy.


She said to him, what's his name? He said, la la la la la la la la la la la la la. She said very well, if he has the trustworthiness and the truthfulness, then why not employ him for our business at this moment to the nation state that may sort of want to talk about it? He said, oh, will you allow your nephew to join our company? I said, by all means, is the daughter of quailed.


Whalid was a friend of my father, Abdulmutallab. It's an order for us to have our nephew join your company. Khadija Cobra from the beginning said to me, I told Mohamed I'll double his commission if he comes back with success. No stinginess. Do you agree? From the outset? The idea was that I am a lady of generosity when they call me and Meerut or I wish I am the princess of operation. They used to call her Emir.


That's what I do because not because she had a great business, the generosity that she used to give away. Because sometimes us when we have workers, we can be the stingiest people on this earth. Isn't that true? As in we will scrub below. You know how you have the lowest wage? A lot will try every loophole to go even below below minimum wage. How can I really as much as I can for my worker? The country says this is minimum wage.


I'll give him less. You find that this is not Islamic. On the contrary. Khadija, what did she do? You just said, tell them, Mohamed, I'll double this commission. What he does and give me a report about his behavior may start. I went to address all they when they traded, they came back with double the profits. They said I came to study. I said, you know, I've seen something I have never seen in my life.


She said to me, What is it? He said, it's the one hundred percent profits that we made. It's not that he says, I've never seen a human being like this man. She's not sure what you mean. He said that his memory is unbelievable when he trades with people, he trades with humility. But there is something that he does. I have never seen in another human being living in this whole area, she said. What is it at this moment?


He said when he finishes the transaction, he leaves the markets and goes to sit by himself and he begins to whisper something as if he is meditating between himself and the force on this earth, which nobody can know that. I see Mohamed isn't sucked in by the business, rather the business as a servant of Mohamed. You see, sometimes in our businesses we can be sucked in by the business. Our solar starts getting late. Sometimes a lot goes by the way you find the way we deal with our family starts being rude, all the Islamic principles start leaving us where he says, you know what?


He leaves. He sits and he speaks to the Lord by himself as if what he earns, he has to keep saying Al-hamdulil-Lah for what is. She said, Very well, then tell Mohammed now that he's done this for me in Syria, I'll triple his commission if he does well in Yemen trip all. What's happened was that he went to Yemen. The success was achieved in Yemen and he returned. Hadija was telling her friend Nafisa, I have never seen someone like this man.


The success he has brought to me, the humility and the trustworthiness and courage of how long. You said what you mean is that how long are you not going to get married? How many proposals have you had from the operation? And you keep rejecting and rejecting and rejecting? Well, how many years is it going to be a stage now that you're in your late 20s is on stage now where you're going to come towards the marriage? So if you looked at and said, can I suggest someone, she said, go ahead.


She said, I'm not sure what you mean. She said if he's got the qualities that he's truthful and he's trustworthy, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead. As you just said, OK, very well in the so you take the proposal and what's interesting from this is that that issue of matchmaking was from the time of Russell, a lot in our communities today. Sometimes when people hear about matchmaking, they say, what's this matchmaking? Who is this person to bring people together?


And let's say, what's matchmaking? Nafisa Hadija together. Mafiosa went to she went to Russell a lot. She said, OK, prophets of God. By the time she would say to him, oh, Mohamed, she said to him, Oh, Mohamed, I have someone for you, for marriage. Would you be interested? He said, Well, she's a producer of Khadija for me. Look how great it is. Imagine if Russell I'm not saying that about someone, then how pure must that human being be?


So he said, look how great Khadija is, which she accepts someone like me. Nafisa said, I know she will not fear such old and going speak to your uncle as soon as I heard him had a smile on his face like he's never had before. And I came towards the Prophet. Is that very well. I'm going to take the proposal to Khadija House and so on this marriage, I'm going to give the cloak of Abdulmutallab and the staff of Abdulmutallab, and I want you to wear a black turban.


And that black turban is signified today by the grandsons of Al-hamdulil-Lah. And you find that she told him, I want you to wear and a guy gathering, come, let us go and propose for Hadija. You would think Khadija, because she is wealthy, would ask for a high dowry, isn't it? But someone who knows that contentment in life is better than the high dowry will not ask what I would say. The worst of woman is the one who asks for a dowry.


But what's that woman and the Muslim could be just today? Do not be surprised. You can hear some stories. I'm telling you. They'll make your beard and hair and everything else go great. You'll find that with Russell Hadija, the dowry was four hundred gold coins. The marriage was conducted and of course they broke all the stereotypes in their marriage. In Arabia, a woman had to be equal with the man in three and greater than him in one.


And a man had to be grateful to the woman and to a woman had to be well. Had to be what equal in the man with three wives, wealthy in terms of equality, in terms of her age, equal in terms of her descent, equal and greater than him in one in terms of her looks. And the man had to be greater than the woman and the fact that he had to be, what, wealthier and taller than her?


So what you find with Hadija Hadija broke the stereotype she was wealthier than most all along and a couple of years older than Russell I love. And you found that therefore, what's happened? That they broke the stereotype and came and said, and the name of Allah, the most beneficial, the most merciful, we are the children of Abraham from the line of attack and from the line of a smile. And it's my honor to bring Mohammad Abdulazeez. Khadija meant that sometimes people say that this man died as a disbeliever.


Only a lot knows. What else do you need to say in the car for people to know that you're a believer anyway? So what you find here is that they got married and you think that's when they got married? Their early years would be easy, right? Because you would think that this is not tra la la la loves the two of them. Their early years are going to be the easiest. While they had the most difficult early years and a lot was showing us that sometimes even Muhammad's early years in his marriage are difficult, not just you.


If in your early years you can't have children, then the creation I loved more than any of the creation couldn't have children who stayed alive in his early years as a son. Carson He dies. He has a son, Abdullah. He dies. And could you imagine in those early years when he walks in the streets, especially after he had announced this prophethood and he had been married for a while, people would come and say to him, Abdullah Abdullah is the one with no line.


Imagine the phone announces its profits once and is walking the streets and have been in favor of either of us, would come and walk in the streets and look at and say, Epton, where's your children? Do not and your marriage is in the early days when there are no children. Imagine that a loss of Hogwarts is punishing me. So I was being punished by law, not in life. Sometimes were tested without wealth, without health, without education bill, without children.


That's an equation in life. There is no one on this earth who will not be tested in one of these four areas and therefore has to wait. He has these people saying Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah, until a lot of the Bismil-Lah, Al-Rahman, Al-Rahim, and not by not getting caught up when a laugh upon the Watson gave Kadija and the rest. La la la la la la la la la la la la la. And you find that within the traditions when Fatima was born, Al-hamdulil-Lah would always come and smell her and he would say, that's when I come to smell Fatima.


I remember the smell of Jenna. There is the smell of paradise that comes from Fatima to Zahra, which is an indication the dress for the love would have gone on that ascension and Ali would have smelled that smell. And therefore, whenever I see Fatima, you would smell her. And remember Jenna, you would find, you know, when Khadija gave birth to them. I do think there were many women who'd come and congratulate her today. You may have a baby shower and many women around you, many women would come and say congratulations to none of the woman came next to her.


They said, will you marry Mohamed, the imposter, the magician, the sorcerer? And you expect us to help you when you give birth. Do you know her house was empty, but a plans you plan a life as the greatest planner veneration state. That's when a lot of what I saw Hadija with nobody to look after her. And normally as a lady, you want your sisters, you want your mother, you want family. But when nobody was around Khadija a lot from Honolua to Allah, the Hadith authenticated say that's a loss sent Mariam, the mother of Jesus and even the wife of Adam and Isaiah, the life of her own and could form the Sister of Lussac to help Khadija give birth to Fatima.


You find when she gave birth to the narration, say to us that she gave birth five years into the prophethood of us all a lot. And then yes, six hundred and fifteen. And then that's six hundred and fifty. What generation states they stayed the when she was born. I was born in the most turbulent time for us. Rule of law never saw the law faces much turbulence as in those years. Imagine the young Fatima. After the age of only two or three you'll find they've placed economic sanctions on Russia.


Malala. The shadow of able bodied, you know, in that shadow of, you know, what I used to do, Fatima's mother, Fatima's mother and the shadow of About Baalim, all the money she had gathered from her business, she would spend on at least providing food for the people who were there, the economic sanctions and the whole of Arabia, whatever she gathered, should provide food that dijo would not sleep. If Russell Lulla was asleep, Khadija would stay awake to protect her son in law.


Khadija would eat from the plant. So that's all a lot eats whatever is healthy for him, Khadija would come and protect everybody else who was in the shed. Fatima is not only a couple years of age, has to see a world where all sanctions are placed on her. That's number one in that because of that Shaggs of Abu Baalim after that. Ba ba ba ba ba ba. Khadija picked up a fever and because of this fever, she passed away.


In other words, Fatima, does the narration say to us, after a few years she became an orphan, then she had in her life lost her father. On top of that, she sees her father doing such ordinaire, the Kaaba. One day she was sitting there. She was about five, six years of age, full of lies, prostrating near the Kaaba. All of a sudden, Abu Jihad comes with the feces of a camel and pulls it on the head of Al-hamdulil-Lah.


And you know what Fatima would do? She'd say to him, Daddy, do not worry, I'll clean your face, daddy, I will clean your head. She'd bring a cloth and wipe everything. And she herself would go and wash your hands. And that's why whenever she'd walk into the room, he'd stand up for her and he'd say, she is the mother of her father. This lady is a mother for me. Look at what she does in her life further than that, when her dad would leave the house.


We know the buses and the on that yet B be what's up? Na na na na na na na na. On that one, I tell my little pop up the life of Abdul would get firewood, burn it and throw it on Russell a lot when he's walking in the road and you know, they'd even throw stones at him. And you know who would come and remove the phones. Fatima to Sadr. She'd come with her hands and hands, would have blood because of the phone she had to pick up.


And if the fire had burnt her father's cloak, she would come and she'd remove the fire. That loyalty to Russell a lot was never equalled by any lady after. And no lady will ever come to equal that. And that's why when they eventually wanted to sacrifice and kill us all. La, la, la, la, la, la. That's all I am about to leave to go to Medina. There is a young man who will sleep in my bed tonight.


That man who sleeps in my bed tonight. He will bring you to Medina tomorrow. She said, Oh, my father. He said to I need the son of Apple. She said to him, OK, very well. As the accepted to sacrifice his life for you, he said to our Fatima, he said, You are still alive. It's the greatest honor for me to sacrifice my life for you tonight. So he said to Fatima tomorrow, you said the mother of Ali.


And the mother daughter of your uncle Hamza. There were three famous Fatima in Mecca. All three will come with Ali Abdullah after he has returned the trusts to the people. I want you to come with him. You will meet me. Where will you meet me? Masjid Abi. Just before I let you know I'll be waiting for Obama to Zahraa narrates, I saw the son of Abu Biolab take us to Medina. She seized on our way to Medina.


The people were chasing us and all of a sudden all of them were standing up and everybody was standing in front of us. Woman And they said to him, Ali, give us the woman. Now, you think her father has escaped? If we allow her father to escape, we'll never know how to escape, he said to them. And the look was that look, which he only gave again once. And that was when my diet. And you know what that look was when Fatima died, that was the look when he said to the person who said to him, take Fatima, we will take every single body out of Medina until we take Fatima out as well.


And he looked at him and look where the person said when Ali, if not everybody looks at you like that, you do not bother fighting him. And I looked at them and he said, do not bother. They bothered fighting him. Fatima says he defended all of us. We reached the by the Companions and I told my mom, Why are you waiting? Medina awaits you. He said, You think I will leave the son of Abu Salim and Medina?


I am waiting for Ali by the time I leave the bridge. His body was full of blood. They had cut him in different parts of his body. But he never thought by much. Is that art reached at this? Fatima saw a soul a lot. Take Ali's hand in Medina when he saw the love of them all, had children together in Medina. He bought them all her children. The unsub, they said to me, Who is your brother?


He said, Ali is to me like er anastomosis. Ali is my brother Fatima. Having seen all of this, it was only normal that she was going to marry. I leave now, bellbottom out after The Bachelor, but there were many people who were proposing to Fatima. To many, Aboubakar came on proposed restaurant and I said no imam came to propose. Russell said no. Abdul Rahman bin Olf came to propose. He got a rejection. Abdul Rahman and then looked at, Is that Ali?


What are you waiting for? This lady is waiting for you. There is nobody else. I have never bothered with all this shiner's with his humility, he felt that do I have enough to come and propose for Fatima? Eventually the proposal was voted us all along. I will ask Fatima Fatima. Normally she would say no to everybody as a sign of rejection. But with Imam Ali she remained silent, which was a sign of approval. Yes, a lot.


That woman said to mom, what is it? But you have to offer as much as dowry. And this is where Fatima got a lesson from her mother, Khadija, because when Ali came, I did not have this huge house and fast cars and so on. No, Ali, what did he come with? Imam Ali came and he said, you are still a lot. I have a shield and I have a horse and I have a sword.


Nothing else. From the beginning, I did not want to say I have this. And I have this. And I have this. And I have this at the end, all of these are taken from you. What you say is what you have got all along. That's all I have. I have nothing more. If it's not enough, then I'm sorry I can not look after Fatima Al-hamdulil-Lah, of course, spoke to Fatima does not understand the loss of tomorrow.


Ali, as for your horse, keep it so you can use it to irrigate the land as a job for you to have an income. And that's for your sword to keep it because that sword will defend the religion of Islam. And that's for your shield. It's what's called in. He had got it from the battle of beauty. He said, I saw your shield sell it. He sold it. He got four hundred and eighty dinar from that.


You had to fight them up. But did Russell a lot. Did you get married straight away? He had his brother, saw him one day. Said it's been a month now since you've been accepted. What's going on. You know how your big brother talks to you about marriage? What's going on? Why haven't you finished this? I said, my big brother feel I'm shy to go to Rabb Al-Alameen say to him, When's the wedding? I know he's accepted me, but I don't want to say to him, when's the wedding?


I don't want to place a burden on Russell a lot. I said, leave this to me. He went from Amman. Oh my man. Go and tell them. Selima he said, I'm going to tell Russell a lot when I'm Selema told us. Allows us, on the contrary, let the sun come. Why does this shy of me? I will arrange for the wedding plans. He came to mom. Ali, is that Ali? What's going on?


You want to get married? Yes. Is this why haven't you told me? I've accepted you. I don't want to put a burden on you. It's that it's not a burden. Tell me. Take to me is that. Why do you want to do it. That's what a lot of times that you say is that it had been not mine. Can we use this house? You see, if you don't have enough at a young age, you don't need to look for the glorious light that's young.


If you don't have enough, then go for something which is an option. He's out of the mind sort of message. You know, we've exhausted and out of the mind. But let's use this house. Let's get out of and out of the system. And how does that can we use your house? Because we've used your other houses. He said the IRS will allow my house doesn't belong to me. It belongs to you and a lot of Wattana.


But everything I earn in this world is a trust from Allah and his prophet. Use my house for marriage so they use that house. Everybody came in a very simple ceremony the night before. Fatima does not, of course, doesn't have a beautiful dress. Fatima to Zahra was living on the means of her father. So the nation state that's her father got her a lovely dress. Like all the ladies, they would want a beautiful dress on their wedding day.


She is looking at the dress. She's thinking about it. And I tell you today, sometimes we can have tantrums about these dresses, LA. You can have headache after headache. Why is the white, not brown? Why is the cold not so bad? Why is this not that? And you sometimes wonder we follow and fight them, oh, we fought them someone else, sometimes I forget myself as well. So she's got this beautiful dress and she's looking at it and someone looks at the door, comes out, all family of us all along.


I am someone who is poor and has nothing. And I come to the House of Mercy. I beg of you to give me something to Zahraa. When she sees this person, she thinks to herself, I'll give the old patched dress that I have. I have an old dress, I'll give it. But then she remembers the verse Bismil-Lah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim lent a little bit about how much I bought. You will never achieve righteousness until you're willing to give away that which you love the most.


She loves the new dress. And then she came and she said to the person, Here is my dress. I only got it. Now go and sell it. And Charlotte brings you a good income. Tell me how many of us live in this world? What allow the world to live in us? One law, there is a single mark on that wedding dress, you may have a tantrum when someone's about to hit you and Fatima says, take my dress.


And when they come and ask Fatima why, she said, because the part on things you can never achieve righteousness until you're willing to give away. You're willing to give away. That's what you love the most. I love this dress, but I want a lot to see me as someone, right? Yes. And she came. That's wedding day to Ali. What? She was wearing a dress, patched up dress. They got a patched up dress generation.


Say that was all a lot came hurrying towards that Fatima get changed. She said to me why he said, Jabarah, it has just come to me with a dress, which a lot has on it from the map. When you give towards a line, you think a lot will not give back towards you. You find therefore what happened that they got married and even when they bought about their house, you see today on the apartment, you have to have forty six inch and the leather so far, you know, those ones which look nice, but they break your back at the end, you know, they call them modern.


Contemporary. Well it doesn't break my back a bit. And honestly, just bring me something old. Nice cushion and I can sleep on it anyway. Today everything's got to be looked after. Kate, do you have to have the best of this from day one? You look at the person. You're like my father until this in twenty years. You want me to have it in one day. But anyway, the demands are high and my talent through the lesson of Fatima remind us.


The nation states all he had a lot. He had a jug and a jar and a mattress and nothing more. A couple of gifts here and there. This couple who bought arguably the greatest couple in Islamic history, that's how they began their marital life. Nothing more, nothing less. And indeed, from the beginning, normally today, the honeymoon, you sit down and you're looking on the Internet package deal, package deal. Let me find this.


Let me find that. Let me find a hotel. But this is not all you look at some of the things we worry about these days, honestly, and you find, you know, the honeymoon was carrying water for the soldiers at the battle of. Face the reality of life, sometimes brothers and sisters face the realities and the battle over how she came with 13 other women carrying water. Where are the soldiers of my father? And they'd say, you are far from here.


You don't need to serve. No, I am like all the rest of you know, when Islam is under threat, I roll my sleeves and I pick up water like the rest. And you know how many wounds she treated of any minute on that day? Sixty three wounds on the body of Beloved. And here you have this lady who's only been married to him less than a year, and she's patching up the wounds on his body. You see the uniform that exists there.


And that's why after this, you found that a loss of what Allah bless them with the most beautiful of children. He blessed them with his mom and with his mom and for saying we say to Zainab and eventually with Uncle from Uncle Sam being one and a half years of age when our mother died and this family not only a sacrifice, they would give their sacrifice as well. In many ways, when you look for the sacrifice and this will go no further than the house of Fatima, to sum up, when you look for altruism in this world, look no further than the house of Fatima.


To start up, you find the number of stories from the house of Fatima to Zahra when it came to altruism, when it came towards sacrifice, and when it came towards never using her tongue to put down her husband. You know, this tongue, that weight is so light, its power is so devastating when you are newly married, the tongue can be very sharp. It can damage the hearts of your partner. Do you a male to a female or a female to a male?


Don't use the tongue sharply. That tongue can be devastating as many times. And you could say, I love you. Only once you use the devastating, it could destroy the number of stories you find in Islamic history. What qualities that I would not want to trouble and what many men do. For example, I a woman in Libération State, but he comes home, he comes home, he enters upon the house of Fatima when he enters upon the house of Fatima, she says to him, Al-hamdulil-Lah million, I beg of you, can you go out and just give me a pomegranate?


Because he looked at the Fatima. You seem ill, she said. I said, Why didn't you tell me if you were ill? Why didn't you tell me? She said, I didn't want to trouble you because that's all the law says. Whoever whichever lady makes the demand from her husband, which is beyond his means, a lot will remove her from divine grace. I didn't want to trouble you because my father in law told me no trouble, Ali.


Everybody is. That's a problem. That's no trouble. Only one pomegranates. And you call it trouble. Please, brothers and sisters, let's put this in our lives. One pomegranate. She felt she was troubling her husband. He said, very well, I'll go out and I'll get on his way. He bought a pomegranate veneration state. That's when you bought this pomegranates on his way back to the house. He saw this old lady sitting on the ground.


She looked at him and she said, Oh, I live. I am ill. Do you mind giving me something to eat? He looked at the pomegranates and he thought, What? Fatima is ill, but he cut the pomegranates in half. I just thought, here it is. He went back to find Zahra. Is that all? Fatima here is half a pomegranate. She said to him, just like a lot of Jessan, he said.


So I'm not going to ask me why it's hot. She said, Tell me, he said. On the way back I saw this old lady who was ill. I cut her off. She said, just not a lot. Just a lot of wood. You the best of rewards that you help the servants of Allah and you help me as well. He looked at me and all of a sudden the door knocked on the house of Mohammad when the boy, of course, it was Salmaan Suleiman came and you said, Oh, an old family of the prophet.


I have come to you with a message from Al-hamdulil-Lah. They said, What is it? He said here on nine pomegranates for the act of Ali Baba aborted. I believe that we have looked at Salmond and said, I don't believe this is from Russell. Someone said to him why? He said, because the last thing is when you do a good deed, a lot of you with 10, seven months are truly your nebuliser. But you took out the ten pomegranate.


The point was that just like a lot of Jazzar overall pomegranates, I don't want to trouble you in your life. On another occasion when he told me, why is your face light? I see it pale. She said, I'm all right. He said, No, tell me. She said, We haven't had food in the house is Fatima. Why didn't you tell me? She said, I never have wanted to trouble you or some of them.


And you know this lady, when she died, just before she died, she said, Oh, Minin reminds me, did I ever trouble you in your life? He said to let me go out and I will go and earn an income. He might want to borrow some money. He wants to borrow one dinar so he could buy some food for the house. And this way he found that. Salaam aleikum. I got walked away. Mom felt strange.


My dad never walks away from me. But when you say Salaam, I would stay and say, How are you? I said, Dad, Dad, wait, where are you going? That's adults that come back. What is it? He said we need one. I have no money at home and my children's eyes are sunken the sockets. I have given all my money away to the poor. I have nothing left. My mom said, here, take this.


Not that dinar was meant to be buying food for your mom's house. Yes, but this family is the family of sacrifice, isn't it? Mom went to the most to place the Latin restaurant lights leading restaurant finishes the salon. He turns around and this is it. He said, Ali, I want a favor from you. What is the job of sort of love? He said, Ali, I want to come to your house for dinner tonight.


I went out to get food for him. I've given my dinner and now my father in law, who happens just to be the greatest man in this religion, wants to come home and eat. So he comes back home, he knocks out the door, opens and looks at him. And you know that, look, you give you a life when there's a guest who's come for dinner, it's a miracle. Are you ready for what I'm going to say to you, Fatima?


Someone's come for dinner. Who? Your father and the food she looked at. What do we do about the food? He's like, I don't know. The nation states that this lady's connection was with a lot was so pure. That's an Islamic tradition. She went in the kitchen and she called out a lot. When Jesus, son of Mary called you and said Lost and does food from Jenin, you sent him down food from Jenin when, etc.


. And that's how minisub. I am your the daughter of your prophet. I am Fatima. And I asked you for some food for my father. The narrations, Larry Jabarah each came down with food for Fatima to set up and she was able to feed her father and she was able to feed them more than the Jew. In other words, you found that when the idea was revealed, I will not allow became Myskina, Laitman Mircera. That's wonderful.


I repeat the bus and they give away out of their love for the food to an orphan, so a captive to a prisoner. That wasn't the first time they gave away. They had given every in their life. They were giving this family their whole life was giving away towards a loss of hope to Allah. And therefore you found that rissole Allah at the crucial year before he died. Would we had to face the Christians of Najran, who did the Russell Alah take with him, with the Christians, the Salala when he had to face the Christians and the events of Mubadala liberations?


What do they say to us? Veneration say to us? That's all a lot took with him as the ISIS famine geography and then come to Lebanon. And now we have now come when it's not when it once was that no one forced that call, say to the Christians, we'll bring our woman. You bring your woman, we'll bring our sons. You bring your sons, we'll bring ourselves. You bring yourselves. I ask you, is the woman allowed to be involved in Islamic politics?


I know in 21st century Islam, a woman cannot have any political role in the Islam of Muhammad, a woman was an ambassador in politics. All in all, today's Islam, don't worry, we've made up lots of things in our communities. When he takes the form of wahala, why doesn't he say a woman cannot be in politics? Because she is to tell them that a woman cannot be in politics because politics is only for men. A woman cannot be in politics because politics you have to have a job.


So why take Fatima to meet Christian's? Like Fatima, if a woman is meant to be, I don't give up much on. A woman has as much role in building your community as a man. And unless a woman is allowed to be involved, at least in participating in the future of a community, then a community in this Muslim world will never be built. When he went there. Fatima came Hassan Hussein Ali Russell a lot. All of those who were under the Kissa, all of them came.


The Christians looked at all of them and said, we swear by God that we will not enter these five because the amount of light that shines from their faces, if it told the mountain to move, the mountain would move from its position. The point was palpable from that day was involved in politics. And that's why when Russell a lot died, you the say to us when Russell died. The narration say to us that Fatima to Zahraa, her father said to come near me.


He gave her a piece of news. He she cried. Then she smiled. Why that she cried. She cried because he was about to die. Why did she smile? Because he said, you will be the first to join me afterwards. And after all, a lot died. Did Fatima leave Islamic politics, though she didn't talk much about highlighted that Lebanon wasn't a one off political situation for me because when they use a piece of land DRESSEL a lot gave to Fatima in honor of her mother, Khadija, how much Khadija gave from her wealth to Islam rustled a lot in his life time to Fatima, to Zahra so that it was a gift.


After a lot died, they came and they said there is no inheritance they bought out to document prophets don't leave behind inheritance. Fatima gave to my myself and I ask all of you, that's if you have not read the book about Fatima Fetich, then you should feel a sense of embarrassment. If you want to love Fatima and not talk. She showed the on was part and parcel of her life. She said, You told me I can't inherit Sulayman inherited from you, didn't he.


Yeah, yeah. Inherited from Zakaria didn't he. And all of us is a sort of global sea level, sort of two of us, one at years, off the bus, off the bus, it's proper to say I can't enter politics. I can't speak out against injustice. No, I am the daughter of Rahula law. And when I see injustice politically, I do not stay silent. I have as much role in the political system as every man does in Arabia.


And she came out and she spoke and I told you she shattered them. She shattered them. But the man who was in charge of the empire said, very well, Fatima, I will give you back. But his friend turned around and said, if you give her back, then you have to therefore admit that that deal also belongs to her husband. And she would speak out and she would speak out and she'd speak with the phone on, and you look at the daughters of Fatima today and I told them all daughters of Fatima to Zahra be walking.


What on earth do not neglect what on baby Bismil-Lah served, but for how many years do you know before about Karbalaa? How will she. From the age of 66 to the age of eight to six, according to different narrations in the last 20 years of her life, the only spoken foreign. You know what Tony spoken on means or not? It means I never give an answer except using a pencil because the Koran has everything about life I can answer.


Why would someone say Sayed Ahmad? That's impossible. I replied, unless. When one of the companions says, I saw a lady who was stranded in the middle of a desert. I came up to her and I said to her, excuse me, are you lost? She looked at me and she said, sort of forty three of us at night and all sat on the sofa. And you say, salaam aleikum. He looked at and he said, Oh, I'm sorry.


I'm sorry. Salaam aleikum. All you need of guidance. She then said, sewed up nine verse number thirty seven one I did for my love of the mother who guides can never be guided then looked at least. Excuse me. Are you a human or are you a genie. She looked at some sort of some of us that you want to command on the other. He looked at and he said, OK, where have you come from? Forty one versus forty four.


You will not join in UNinvite. I've come from a far, far away place. Where are you going for three months? Ninety seven. Well, enough and enough bait about Sabila. I'm going to what's hot, he said. So you're concerned. How many days has it been lost? Sort of 50 bucks. Thirty eight hours. Well, yeah, six days. He said very well, he looked at there and he said to her, but you must be hungry.


She said, sort of twenty one verse eight ramadge, I just had a bomb. We did not create them as people who don't eat fruit. So that's a very well, very well, by the way, there's a camel over there, run after it. It's one towards hej, she looked at some sort of two of us, two, eight, six. Like, I love to put a burden on the soul unless it can handle it.


I can't run that much at this moment. What happens then, I say is that at this moment you say it's OK. Very well then what we'll do is that I'll sit on the camel and you sit behind me. She says sort of twenty one, verse twenty to look of him, I had said that if there was God's other than a lot, there would be forsight. I can't sit behind you. Well, it's not up to me.


Then he looked at and he said, very well, you ride the camel on the walk short of forty three bus stops. She is riding the camel, riding that all of a sudden from far away. She see he sees four people who say, so who are those forces that sort of eighteen first four to six Al-Rahman zealots, Zenyatta, Haot, Donia. So she looks at him and he says, OK, what's their names? She gives them the verse about Dalwood and not Janakikutty.


If she gives them the breast about Al-hamdulil-Lah Al-hamdulil-Lah. So she gives them the birth about Moossa and the worst about Solomonov gives them all these verses. He says, OK, now I know their names and give us a name. And they come to us. They say, Mommy, how are you? Are you all right? Are you being looked after? She says for twenty eight. Verse twenty six. Yeah, but is that joke and I'm in that job.


I mean oh my father give them rent because they are truthful and trustworthy. Give them their rent. The man looked at me and you said before but thank you for giving me the rent. She looked at him and she quoted the verse one young social media show. They asked, How could you speak like this? And the reply that came from the man is, if you've been for 24 all your life under the universe, what do you think you won't speak on?


Bismil-Lah only speaks with the bot, and you found that that baby found it hard when she had to see Fatima lying on her bed with a broken rib. And before venerates and as Mottainai writes, I saw I leave Hustle to Fatima to because the the daughter of Russell Rule of Law and defending the religion of Islam, they come and they push the door with the nail hits and when the nail hits. So what's happened when the nail hits? She miscarries the child and when she miscarries that child, the narrations.


What do they say to us, say emotionally abused by those of you who've been who've ever given you to a sister, to your wife, to your daughter? The most difficult. But imagine you are Ali Abdullah Bar-Lev and this is the most beloved wife Veneration says Asmaa says what? I saw Imam Ali go and sit in the corner of the room and cry. Tonight is the night of Bibi Hadija. Your heart should be in Mecca. I said to my son.


Why you cry? You lifted the gates of heaven. He said to me. Oh, yes. Well, I was just washing the body of my wife Fatima and my husband came across one of her broken ribs. The narration goes further. That's when Imam Ali was carrying the body of Fatima Al-Rahman. Hassan ran to the chest of Fatima and he began to cry. Biochips, he said, Mother, it's me, Hassan. When the bomb Hossein came on the chest of his mother.


And it's such a mother. It's just me saying, you know what's happened to those veneration which these Jabarah came and he said, Oh, Ali, remove Hussein from the chest of his mother. Why Jubera? Why remove Hossein? Because he said the angels cannot bear to see Hossein on the chest of his mother. I ask one question, Jiblah. If the angels could not bear to see Hossein on the chest of Buma then now no angels meant to see Shomer on the just say no.


But wait. Keep the tears. Keep the tears. These tears will speak for the day of judgment on and up out of cloth. My word is the grave of. Where is the grave, where we go to my and we are somewhere else? I won't talk about that in a moment in one day. Do you know how hard it was for these orphans and how sad one day this is and crying and crying to my son Hassan. What's wrong with my son?


Why did you cry? What's wrong? He sees my father. If you saw what I saw you cry. And he has seen he say to my father, You saw what? I saw you cry, sister. What did you see? He says, My father. You know what? My mother, Fatima, gave up hope. But like I said, yes. He said my father on the way back to mine came mostly. But if that's what you mean, is that just one law they slapped my mom on, I looked at me.


So now I know why your mother no last names would look me in me like. And that's why Imam Ali, when he was by the great performances, he was crying and crying, he fell asleep, unconscious at that moment in his dream, you so much as saying to him, Ali, I look. And that's why on a night like this, when we remember the mother, as we mentioned, the sha la la la la la la la la la la la la.


Asians mention that's one Hadija died in la la, wanted to come and bury her baby of us. When we come to marry someone, the first thing we do is we put a coffin on their body, don't we, a coffin. But because of how poor a lot was, he couldn't afford a calf until Hadija he used this shroud. What's his shroud wasn't long enough to cover a body. You saw us to the left side at that moment.


He raised his hands in Doha and he said, I am your profit. This is Khadija. If it wasn't for her, well, I'm the sort of elite. If it wasn't for wealth, Khadija would have no one. Khadija is the one who gave everything to Islam. But I do not have a shroud I kept. Every human deserves to be buried with a coffin. Don't you agree? There is a day when a human life is on the ground without the cap on to cover his body, isn't it sad if there is a human who lives on the ground and they trample on his coffin?


Do you know what the narrations mention when it came to him? And it's such a miyata, so la, la, la. Georgia and the bought five coffins, which I have to give you. This was when he said that he will tell me who the first one is for. He said so many of us saw the first confirmed for Hadija. In order that you're able to buy, you're able to cover is the term Jiblah is telling me all the things that can come from this war.


He said, Jemera, sort of the second cuff is for you. That's when you die. There is a coffin to cover your body is the tomb. You told me it was the third one for you said the cover, this full force. But what is the. That's when she dies. Is that going to cover everybody? He said change is only the fourth companies for the for the companies for not one of the 20 days there is. Gumba is one year extension, Jim Al-Rahim told me the family cabin has full is a term offense given his four year old girl that's the him on the husband and the 20 days, there is a good to cover his body.


You know, the next slide is a trim general. Where is the government for the moment in time when the government took over, as Modi is said, to be on a sort of a moment alone without a government is Modi? And when they hear your own, raise your hands on this blessed might raise your hands. Brothers and sisters with to on last night's Anna-Teresa, that's what Longmeadow.