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Thank you all may be seated. I'm sorry, Mr. Rogers, and was mistaken, please, that the jury having reached a verdict. I will now announce it. We the jury find. NUNAN We, the jury find unanimously that the defendant did not cause the death of both and John, while under the immediate influence of sudden passion arising from inadequate cause and assess the defendant's punishment at 10 years imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. In addition, we assessed a fine of zero dollars and it's signed by the presiding juror.


Would you like to have the jury pool? Is there any legal reason why this sentence should not now be imposed? It is, therefore, the ordered judgment decree of the court that you be taken by the sheriff of Dallas County and safely transported by her to an agent or representative of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. And there you shall be confined until your sentence is discharged. Your sentence will begin today and you will receive credit for any bad time that you had.


That being concluded that you may be seated with Geithner. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you are now released from my prior admonitions, not to watch lists and read or to speak to anyone concerning this case. Oftentimes the attorneys like to speak with you to see if there were things that they could have done better or if there are questions that you might have. You are absolutely under no obligation to speak with them. If you'd like to. You can remain in the jury room if you would not like to.


We will certainly make accommodations to get you safely to your destinations. But on behalf of all the judges here in Dallas County and the citizens of Dallas County, I want to thank you for your service. Being a juror is a very difficult job. But to help us to establish what criminal justice means here in Dallas County and in the state of Texas. And we thank you for your attention, your time and your service. Thank you. This has been a most difficult case.


And I want you to know we appreciate your service. And if you find yourself still having difficulty processing it in the future, let us know and we can provide some counselling for you. OK. Again, thank you.


All right.