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Well, thank you very much, it's great to be with President McCrone France and. Had a fairly long relationship, a very good one. Suppressing certain things and there was never a long conversation afterwards. First of all, I have respect for the great warriors that you lost to Malik, 13 helicopters.


It was a sad. I've gotten a report on it. We talked about it. And please give my condolences to the families and to France and the great fighters. You've done a fantastic job in that whole area. It's a tough area. So we appreciate it very much. We'll be talking about a lot of things, including NATO and including trade. We do a lot of trade with France and we have a minor dispute. I think we'll probably be able to work it out.


But we have a big trade relationship. And I'm sure that within a short period of time, things will be looking very rosy. We hope that's usually the case with the two of us. We get it worked out. We've had a lot of good lot of good things. We've done a lot of good things together as partners. Our countries have been partners in many good ventures, including some having to do with radical Islam and others. And it's always worked out.


So I look forward to our discussion. We made a lot of progress in our first 25 minutes and we intend to make a lot of progress in our next hour, maybe hour to have. So thank you very much for. Most people committed pretty darn shit when I tell them will with no fun. Thank you. Fear. Anger. You know, nothing comes to mind. Did you devote a ton of second to the office? Do you?


No, sir. Does not want to use it. Yeah. No matter. Nationality. Nationality. The Pentagon can convince you that death blows through this. Almost died with the people of that city daily. You year, you know, because your husband doesn't want you guys to be so offensive, particularly in this fight against his own, if you ask him. Consumers can only conceive of discussions and Dembo of their lives on the idea. Whether this year is going to meet for medicinal work.


Commercial loans are known a in folks who've been to and from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Did you hear that music? And it talked about this digital Matsui's. Maybe be given a piece of music. And the ambitions that GBR is money. Tell me, don't you know it seems that when we get a up I said about it was just either Afghanistan is worth the price of gold or need to create after the war. Not as familiar with some hot dog get someday.


Yes. And because John Irving didn't care what they looked on a local give, this was not to start on its national scheme. Will have to work for the gun. Come in Chicago, couldn't we? This is working on 2:22. You due to get hundred-year just a piece of city that took us something to defeat. Militarily, equally, if not economic metric. Get it out of my office. It was a tough one, but it did go on as you do not have a glimmer of me.


Alternatively, makes you laugh. Occasionally considered a major commitments. No. So dance music is out of a quote tender system, and we decide quite what is known as anything. This seems a little fewer women. So show Lemkin with this was just relative to all of us, said the show, not an established welfare. Other cities should speak for the summit. Would you like to make a choice of molomby questions to our discussion? No babies have been dealt with a moment when you don't know.


How will we have more? I think non-sustainable secure yet with all this. Come on. Was here. I guess this is more class than you think about. Could you just comment and this your business needs to put a number to that. Thank you. Local farmers. So he missed me with an. That's awesome. And this is what we should. Thank you.


Thank you very much. You have a better understanding of what the macro is saying about NATO.


Well, we just began discussing NATO and what unliked about NATO is that a lot of countries have stepped up. I think really it might be harsh and also yourself, your close to love level, but they've stepped up and put up a lot of money. Antonio is one hundred and thirty million dollars, 130 billion dollars, and that's a lot. And they're now stepping up again. And it's going to be 400 billion dollars per share. We have commitments for $400 billion.


And we just left the secretary general and he. He's got some things that are very important. And I discussed with him the flexibility so that we have it not just with one area of the world. You and I discussed this all the time. We have all areas of the world because NATO is a lot different than it was and now it's certainly a lot different over the last three years. So we have a lot of countries stepping up and putting up a lot of money.


The number as of this moment is exactly 131 billion dollars a year.


That's a tremendous amount of money, but it's not enough. And they also raise and have commitments for 400 billion dollars. So NATO, which was really heading in the wrong direction three years ago, was heading down. You're looking at a graph. It was to a point where I don't think they could have gone on much longer. Now it's actually very strong and getting stronger. Many people are committed to that 2 percent. And ultimately I think the 2 percent will be raised.


And the president and I, I think, feel that we need more flexibility. And I think we both agree on that so that we can use it for other things, not just looking at one specific country. A lot of people say it was better to look at a originally Soviet Union, now Russia. But we also have other things to look at, whether it's radical Islamic terrorism, whether it's the tremendous growth of China.


There are a lot of other things. So NATO is becoming different than it was much bigger. There was a much longer that it was because people are now fulfilling their commitments. There are some countries that are fulfilling their commitment to those countries are going to be dealt with. Maybe I'll deal with them from a trade. Standpoint, maybe I'll deal with them in a different way. I'll work something out where they have to pay, but, you know, we don't want to have people delinquent.


Where are we? I don't think it's fair for us to be involved, including France. By the way, to be involved in you have countries that aren't paying their way. You know, less than 1 percent. You have a couple that are less than 1 percent. Not fair. So NATO's made a lot of progress over the last three years. And the word flexibility is very important. They're not just looking at one area. Now they're looking at the world.


And that's very important to me. It's very important for us.


No, I I know that my my statement created some reaction and take a little bit. Lot of people I do stand by. And I have to say, when you look at what what NATO even should be. First of all, it is a burden we share and present from. Just mind you, some figures and the fact that this is perfectly true that the US over investment behavior became and is number one by far. And I do share that statement.


That's why I'm a staunch supporter of the stronger European component, NATO, which is exactly what we are doing. So in terms of fostering, we are investing 1.9 per cent of our GDP. We are increasing. Our GDP will be at the. But when we think about NATO, it's not just about money. We have to be respectful, you know, holding the first burden share.


The first stuff we say is our soldiers life.


And I do believe that in such circumstances, we do pay what we have to pay for quality security. When I look at the situation in Syria and Iraq, but as one said, France is definitely present. My first point is that we have today to decide the patients to be to be done. It's impossible just to say we have to put money to put soldiers without. To be clear on the fundamentals of what NATO should be and this is not the place to be.


What about peace in Europe? I want this authority taken at all. That's after the decision of the end of the IMF treaty. We have to build something new because now this is a risk for Germany, France and a lot of European countries to have new missiles coming from Russia exploiting us. We need such a clarification. And I want a European component to be part of the future negotiations of such a new IMF. When we speak about the enemy, I would say of the alliance.


What is the objective to protect our partners against external threats? And France will do it and we will have full 30 days to do that. Ready? Is there a northern states in Europe? That's a common enemy today. I asked him what he thought of him. As we mentioned, and I'm sorry to say that we don't have the same definition of federalism on the table. When I look at Turkey, they now are fighting against those who fight with us, who fought with us shoulder to shoulder against ISIS.


And sometimes they work with ISIS. This is an issue and this is a strategic issue. If we just had a discussion about what we pay and we don't have any decisions about that institution, we are not serious. We understand your fall sometimes. We on the to of people see the very reason of my statements. I do believe we need to decide how to build long term Europe. Who is the enemy today? And let us be clear and we'll come together on that.


I know that we do share exactly the same. Having less exposure to us means more European investment and more like Europeans. I do agree being great and very efficient. Again, fairy tale always looks means has a clear, clear definition of these groups and no ambiguity. I think we do.


The one thing I will also I'd like to say that you've been really doing a great job in Africa and you've been very much involved there more than most. And that's been fantastic. I appreciate you saying the United States for decades have been paying really way, way disproportionately too much for NATO and you'd have other countries paying far too little that are very directly benefited by it and by the United States involvement. And we're changing that around somewhat. And it's very important, but we're a very important player.


I think without us, NATO certainly is not the same thing. As we discuss and discuss it at length this morning, we discussed it with Secretary General Soderberg, but we're behind you 100 percent and all of the money that's been raised and all of these countries that are all of a sudden putting up money, it's a great thing to see. But we do have a great we really have a different objective. I think right now we're looking at a much bigger picture and that includes well, it includes you mentioned Iraq, but it really includes Iran, too.


I think that if you look at what's going on, Iran, they have massive riots. They're having protests all over the country and they're killing a lot of people. Everybody knows that. That's why they turned off their retirement system so nobody can find out. But if the media would go there and it's, I think, very hard for the media to go there, frankly, right now, but they're killing a lot of people. But NATO has come a long way in three years.


And it's something that we're very proud of because we're whether NATO serves a fantastic function, if everybody's involved, if they're not involved. And I really believe that the president is very much involved and likes the idea of NATO, but he wants it also to be utilized properly, but it's not utilized properly. We all agree that's still good. So we've had a very good discussion. A lot of people and we're meeting with a lot of countries later, as you know, and they're really stepping up for the most part.


They're all stepping up. We have one or two that aren't and we have to deal with them in a different way. And we as I said, we'll deal with them on trade. We have a lot of power with respect to trade. They make a fortune with the United States and then they don't pay their bills and stuff. But NATO's come a long way in three years and it's become very powerful and they very, very powerful. And it's become, I think, a much fairer statement in terms of the United States as we're able to go down a little bit.


We were paying for it at 4.3 percent of the largest GDP ever. Nobody's ever had a GDP like we have right now. And nobody's come close. And other people were paying 1 percent. Some people are paying less than 1 percent of a very small GDP. It's not fair. And if they get attacked, we protect them. But it's not fair. So a lot of changes have been made.


Fill the gap. Mr. President, what is your message to companies? What was your process in determining what additional products from France might apply here?


Right. Well, we're working on that right now. We all we have discussed it. I think we'll be able to work something out. I hope and maybe not. Maybe we'll do it through taxing. You know, we can work it out easily through tax. But the text. You know, there are American companies, the tech companies you're talking about. They're not my favorite people because they're not exactly for me. But that's OK. And they're they're American companies.


And we want to tax American companies. That's important. We want to tax them. That's not for somebody else to tax. And as the president knows, we tax wine. We have other taxes scheduled, but we'd rather not do that. But that's the way it would work. So it's either going to work out or will work out some mutually beneficial tax and the tax will be substantial. And I'm not sure it's going to come to that. What are my thoughts on this president has France.


Can it get halfway enough to take back our fighters?


Well, I haven't accepted the president today. I have over that period of time. We have a tremendous amount of captured fighters, ISIS fighters over in Syria, and they're all under lock and key. But many are from France, many are from Germany and many of them U.K. They're mostly from Europe. And some of the countries are agreed.


I have not spoken to the president about that. Would you like some nice ISIS fighters?


I can give you a gift. You can take everyone you want.


Let's be safe at very large number of fighters who are on the wrong fighters coming from Syria, from Iraq and the region.


It is foolish to have foreign fighters coming from Europe, but this is a tiny minority of the overall problem we have in the region.


And I think number one priority, because it's not yet finished. It's to get rid of ISIS and it always works. This is our number one priority. And it's not yet done. I'm sorry to say that. Yes, you still have fighters in this region, in Syria and now in Iraq and more and more.


And the whole disintegration of the region makes the situation more difficult to fix the situation against ISIS. Secondly, some of these foreign fighters are being used in Iraq because of the deeds. Precisely. And they acted in the very region. And we would have a case by case approach. We have to maintain approach for children. Re-organise and we will advocate blanket approach, but for me, the very first objective in the region is to finish war against ISIS. And don't make any mistake, your number one problem, armloads of foreign fighters.


This is the ISIS fighters in the region and you have more and more fighters due to the situation today. This is why he's a great politician, because I was one of the greatest non-answers I've ever heard. And that's OK, because sometimes there. If you can have some compassion from the other side, I don't see us President Trump, but could be the press to say this is a European responsibility. I'm sorry to say that we have some of our people, but if you don't look at the reality of the situation that no one not to be on vigorous with these groups, this is why we thought that the discourse about our relations with Turkey.


But I think any ambiguity with Turkey vis a vis these groups is detrimental to everybody. Well, the situation on the France has actually taken back some fighters, but we have a lot of fighters. We captured a lot of people and we have captured 100 percent of the caliphate. But you know that that means that it's still going and going. We should send a small contingent in and we wiped out another portion of ISIS. We don't want that to happen.


To me, what happened with President Obama, where it reformed and then it became stronger than it was in the first place. So we don't want that to happen. And as I said before, we've taken the oil, we have the oil. So we have total control of the oil so that they going be able to use it. They use that oil to really fill up their wealth, to fuel up their their money. That was our primary source of income and they a contribution.


So we have now list of where these contributions come from, which is very important. You have people contributing. If you can believe some of these people are wealthy people that make contributions. And we have a list of where we learned a lot. You know, when we got al Baghdadi, I was a great. Yeah. And well, we killed him.


We have a lot of information that I'm revealing now for the first time. But we also got a lot of good information. So a lot of things are happening. And France has been very helpful after say that. They've been very, very helpful. Go ahead. Any other questions?


There's not any time before more resources for insurance companies need to pay me.


Kiss me. I'm a pragmatist. I haven't wanted to argue that if you get close to me, it's only if I get in hostility for these girls parents. You should fear if you do this, to see you doing this again. There wasn't a lot of soil, any chemicals to needed to ideology with you. It's a pity, but you don't give an emergency call for a agenda. Gender, particularly physical position, is because she missed it. Does she need something to become because it the Facebook she was that got it to make people qasimi it.


If you you will keep up with good egomaniac only you the questions like the in you. Yeah. The fact communicate that I feel that process a Chinook out and give you very little need us to perform on the situation. In this situation that's awful. Dreams are not to be muted. How did you get this from any of us? Isn't the piece which completely in your head? If you could get off one day, she said you don't want to have 40 points of discussion, especially sentiments.


So that's not fair.


Must with a proposition that sort of a benefit of the proposal assumes that community and movie music doesn't make sense. This is not a that is Shinwell truthiness in any. I mean, of course you do it, but you don't have to pick up. We see precisely that also left as it goes to be done. It is not good on the whole enough mean, I appeal against those. If you ask for support of what you really have yet to demonstrate, any mention that we look to see if those districts you don't face on about does that on the commission.


It's too soon to tell you if electricals. And I mean, all things have to be going to move somewhere north in South Sudan. They already do this semester's fees on a percentage of eligible cynical they study, which I believe is more vaguely fastidiousness or the. If you look at the undisputedly linkage of that with the traditional, that they're not only asking you to give me what is it that you want on this? She does exactly that. When you hold the.


That's a it. But it takes time you to die. You know, you tell me that multi-racial and in defense, can you just make me that they didn't merely tax digital activities or you could not be based on data advantage could only be shown 8 percent. Samantha Voice never took the form of a bank on an account having been forced to pay, of course. Thanks anyway. If at all. If it's all good equity something. Me for this.


Hey, what's up, thecommission Yantis more, if you have any, your heart, as you've seen the video mean just get out because of escalation passed on effect. But it was just a little bit I think will come up in film to get and. I do. Is put good on page tell. Because we give people massage. But we are different isn't there to be to defund what they just go a little beyond to defend the interests. We don't.


I feel energetic. We do best with any relationship in respect of legacy and the type of freedom to say. And I largely agree with that. I just have to say, though, you know, I came into a position where the European Union was making anywhere from 100 to 150 billion dollars a year in deficits to the United States. They will make it and we will lose again. And so we have to do something that is fair, not severe.


I think fair. We're losing tremendous amounts of money. As you know, the European Union is very strong and barriers, barriers, meaning certain of our products can't come in, including agricultural products. It just can't come in. We can't sell it. And yet the European Union sells openly to the United States and generally untaxed or taxed at a low level. So these are problems that we're talking about. These are problems that we're working out. And, you know, the digital tax is the least of it.


I inherited a situation where the European Union, which was formed partially for this reason, I guess for a lot of reasons it was formed, but partially to make it better or take advantage of the United States. And they've done that very brilliantly.


And frankly, it's not right. So I've exposed it. A lot of people didn't know it and we're doing things about it. We have no choice because the United States can't continue to lose the kind of money that they've lost over the last literally since the formation of the European Union. And I think we'll work something out. They want to talk, as you know, the new head wants to talk. Was supposed to be very respected woman, very highly respected.


And I look forward to meeting her. They want to meet. But we have a very unfair trade situation where the US loses a lot of money for many, many years with the European Union. Billions and billions of dollars. I mean, to be specific, one over one hundred and fifty billion dollars a year. So we don't want to be doing that. And we we can make a deal.


We can take a harsh approach. We can solve that problem instantaneously if we wanted to. But I don't want to do that. These are friends of ours. These are people that we've had very extraordinary relationships with. And I do personally, and I'm sure we can work something out.


You mentioned earlier the Iran protest. Does the United States support these protesters in Iran? I don't want to comment on that, but the answer is no. But I don't want to comment on that.


Mr. President, I try my hardest to say what the United States to do more, to stand up, to press and everyone to clarify the terms of that relationship. Are you supportive of those efforts by other NATO allies? Are you stand in the way?


Well, I can only say we have a very good relationship with Turkey and with President One. I do. I can't speak for the president of France tonight. We have a very good relationship. We pulled our soldiers out and we said, you can patrol your own border now. I don't care who you do it with. We're not going to have soldiers patrolling the border that's been fought over for two thousand years. But we took our soldiers out. We put some of those soldiers around the oil where we've captured the oil and taken the oil and we have the oil.


But we've and we've brought some home. And we will be bringing some home and we've sent some to other areas. Certainly. But we have a very good relationship with Mr. Prescott. And just to be clear, we are full of cooperation with Turkey on security, trade, migration zone. There is a full fledged tender with the European Union and France. I do respect the leaders, whatever they can say, even bad things about myself. I don't expect.


I never intend to do any good. But now it's a question for Zitnay percent. I think we need clarification from the Turkish side. Sees not only flies in, but what they are doing. And I I do believe at least we have to glorification to be asked how is it possible to be a member of the alliance to work with office, to buy our mothers to be integrated and to buy the S-400 coalition? Technically, it is not possible.


These types of cases to be provided by the Turkish prison. As far as he wants to be part of Saddam, I understand from Turkey that they want to block all the declaration of the summit. If we do not agree about their definition of terrorist organization, QUANTIFICATION YPG and the orders are still effect, which is not all these two points have to be conflict. If they want to be a serious member of the alliance.


Mr. President, we. This is really why we're having meetings. Those are points. And we'll be discussing that with the president today. Yes.


Will you issue sanctions on Turkey over their purchase of. Yes. 100 missiles them.


We're looking at it now and we're talking about it now. As you know, Turkey wanted to buy our patriot system and the Obama administration wouldn't let them. And they only let them when they were ready to buy another system, which is not the same system. But Turkey, for a long period of time wanted very much to buy the ticket system, which is our system, which is what NATO uses, which is a great system, which is the best system, but they wouldn't sell it to Turkey.


So, you know, there are two sides of the story out to say this, but we will be discussing that with Turkey a little while. We'll be meeting with Turkey in a little while and also tomorrow. But to be clear about the fifth point and to you to have the full all of you, they were discussing with the Europeans on some S&P and that we accepted to solve this MBT to them. So this decision is not you and one other person explained by the refusal a few years ago, the Americans not to sell to patriots itself their own decision, even having a European.


Option totally compliant with need. So they decided not to be compliant with them.


Mr. President, Prime Minister Thompson, I believe, is organizing some sort of depression later today about the Syrian conflict. Are you going to take part in that?


And if not, why are you talking about Ambassador Ryan?


Of course, they wouldn't go now. And this is what he's really risen rapidly. Here is what is he here? He's not here. This is his house. I can't believe he's not here. Yes. We'll be meeting with Prime Minister Johnson in a little while. I'll be seeing him later on. We're going over to No10, which is a very exciting place to be. As you know, we'll be discussing a lot of different things. Yes.


And one other related question. The London Bridge has hacked a few days ago. Any comment here, your birthday?


No, I don't have a comment on the London Bridge deck other than to say that I was very proud of those people that grabbed him and did such a good job between the fire extinguishers and whatever else. It was an amazing job they did. And he was very violent. You could see that. I mean, this was captured very much on tape. I think the way the I think there were British citizens, the way they set it up was incredible.


That was really great. So a terrible thing. Terrible attacks. A lot of people very badly hurt. I believe three or four killed. Is it foreign after that? So it's terrible. It's a terrible thing. And I know it's an act of terrorism. It's been declared an act of terrorism. Radical Islamic terrorism, by the way. And it's very bad. Very bad. But I think the people the way they stepped up to me, that was something very special.


From the pressure on Russia. Mr Nicholls says that Russia shouldn't be designated, as I said, first Rio. So you agree with that? Do you think Russia is the enemy? Who is the enemy today? I don't think you don't know that. I think we get along with Russia. I think we can get along with Russia. Do you feel we can get along with Russia? We've discussed that before, but certainly we have to be prepared. Whether it's Russia or somebody else, we have to be prepared.


But yet I have a pretty similar view on that. I think we feel that we can get along with Russia. And I think it's a good thing to get along with Russia. And I campaigned hard. I mean, I've got the big stadiums. People like it. And I think the Russian people would like to see it do a lot of a lot of good can come of it. But the purpose of NATO is that for the purpose of NATO can be much more.


And that's where we're showing the flexibility over the last period of two years.


What's the plan for a peaceful answer to your question?


Ready? I'll say it again. If one if it gets off that ice is good night to face possible reason for AP, many verification is doing. You choose to not mature enough easily. They said you have no idea if some people just feel that they actually get to get that. Well, Sally continues. Julie's got frozen go off even before I can be connected level as good as the goods. Is any other business ventures in the perception? I don't believe you don't get along ahead.


Most importantly, I think it was beginning to truly meet us. Condition can be Francione, said Sabato's. We have officially conceded defeat of Queen to Yale, which is not based on Portia Abadie to say Casimir Isomer, not only with what he is that I doesn't want to try to make New Caledonia progress between. I see what this new measures are and the trend whereby lisel will fail softly.


Modern animals, possibly dates of policy. The procedure is if only qanda minutes community shall be seen. You could be asking patiño forceable for how you measure apostasy. Who do you believe in Bali? Said you. The name stability in good football. They feel like the security reduce conflict. You didn't walk, perform the street, and they looked just as political and strategic full fellowship. So who can immediately be their coffee shops and people see you place to hide.


What was that all about the other day? Yes, I was on the left here. Not because they don't really respect and empathy for those others, but only about 10 states. Many of the world's states. Several do not get to agree to do so. What? What if the government to protect the innocent does not get a lot of requests that did not get full visibility of the politics from Google and yours? It also starts off with reluctance to put it to work and must pay for things like the panel.


France will face off. Fine. You should not be out early in economics if there is one critical listener. It's not a machine. I'm not asking you to put all these things so much that Islamic terrorism. So you're glad it's going to be as you ensemble as we are living together? Not getting the quality standards for solving international issues every year, which is currently traditional, said tenure can be looked like congest response. I'll go into the stores or 10 interested in a hundred days.


France's speaker system is. It Will Ferrell is pushing us against these terrorist groups. No. My cousin newgrounds who is holding talks in the embassy. If I have covered ABC News for a year. Isn't that the problem? Is that of the weather story isn't papa? Well, I love worms.


Also being poor Edward Snowden. Obviously, you don't care what format it is. I think it was something to kill you that you should get is pretty conditional. We're going to reach you saw an animation develop as the secret allegedly theft. Well, let me take you. That's good. Only Pfeiffer's as it was a little compound theater. That was a life. He's on a divorce. I think I'm his mother. He's the man many times the American face off at Muslim schools.


I saw this event here at senatorship through mid-January meets this year, book, photo op and new European stop. I think some of natural which we live in. You have everything you don't give to people would have got to it fixed. That's legitimate. Let's go in some on situation in Ghana and we have to go hospital. Does that make you look out, Lucy Fabio's and how do they go about their bosses? No, it's not a different point of view.


We'll take you there with me if I have stayed. Same Samantha wouldn't have access to the country's coffee, but times the profits to forget respective Uffizi no longer because the company Build-A-Bear like it's there. But I think I'm in my dog felt it when you go see the truth. He visited me than anything at the state level that you know exists on your responsibilities. And if you numbers that, the only thing I haven't said SpinCo get local police force can be before.


Dancing with fever, intervention, maintenance. If someone in a Valemus now you need to know before they get if they don't get the ADF members on that patch. To see your advice. It took me stealthiness. You know, we should get off the invite. Nagasu until you either fill up a sub, fill up this defendant and put this on ethicality. I think we're going to brief you know, we've been to a movie and again, given the ambiguity, expensive legal aid, women must be getting a bit of spin on it.


Yet we know how tough it is sometimes. Do you see most Canadians? Why is it?


It's a shock to me that the people sneeze or social responsibility.


Is boy, I have be wrong now, but we're not sure.


It's not easy. If I can stand a traffic study, an exemption, it doesn't have to ban bad ideas. Still go on sale on a Sunday. I mean have food and home. But yesterday we must not going to be not off office. Sure. What would you be once you something? I never let me see if I could get followers. We're pretty pathetic. Was it fishing? I did not most too much. Don't see a need new year.


I caught up with him in prison for the whole year, but he put up on what they think is the instead of the up there. Hopefully it to get some sort of soft spots that he is doing and. It be it can. Specifically this fame. I'll get you any good advice Johnny would develop. I think parents with a bunch of it particularly to deal with this are similar to some of the Pacific on our own ground.


And I think the situation in Ukraine is really important. I think that the meetings coming up with Russia and Ukraine are very important and there's a possibility that's a very big progress can be made. It's very important for Ukraine. I think it's very important from the standpoint of Russia also that they work out a treaty. They work out peace because they've been fighting a long time, too long. And I think there's a really good chance that that will happen. Also, with respect to nuclear weapons.


I've spoken to President Putin and I've communicated with him. And we are he very much wants to insert a way to work out a treaty of some kind or nuclear weapons that will probably that that include China at some point in yourselves. By the way. But it'll include China and some other countries. But we intend to see if we can work something out to stop the proliferation, to stop what's happening, because we are making a lot and we are renovating a lot.


And frankly, the whole situation with nuclear is not a good. It's not a good situation. We ended the treaty because it wasn't being adhered to by the other side. But they want to make a treaty and so do we. And I think it would be a great thing. I think it's one of the most important things we can do, frankly. So we're going to be dealing with Russia on a a treaty where we really and we're focused on nuclear and nuclear weapons, missiles, but nuclear weapons.


And we think something could be worked out. We think they want to do it. We know they want to do it and we want to do it also. I spoke to China about it. They during one of our trade negotiations, they were extremely excited about getting involved in that. So some very bad things could happen with respect to that. I think it's very important. The whole nuclear situation, very, very important.


Thank you all very much.


They have different ideas about getting together. Such people look at.