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Thank you very much. I'm waiting for our discussions. Yes. Yes, sir.


He's a man of few words and he gets it done. That's what I like. That's what I like about him anyway. OK. Thank you all very much.


Well, the whistleblow is very and accurate. The whistle—blowers started this whole thing by writing a report on the conversation I had with the president of Ukraine.


And the conversation was perfect. It couldn't have been nicer. I saw Rick Scott. I saw many of the senators just talking about it, many of the congressmen talking about it. Not a thing wrong unless you heard the Adam Schiff version where he made up my conversation. He actually made it up. It should be criminal. It should be treasonous. He made it up, every word of it made up and read to Congress as though I said it.


And I'll tell you what, he should be forced to resign from Congress. Adam Schiff, he's a low life. He should be forced to resign. He took a perfect conversation, realized he couldn't read it to Congress because it was a very nice conversation. I knew many people who were on the phone. Not only were many people on the phone, we had stenographers on the phone taking it down word for word. He took that conversation, which was perfect.


He said, I can't read this. So he made up a conversation and he reported it and said it to Congress and to the American people. And it was horrible what he said. And that was supposed to be coming from me, but it was all fabricated. He should resign from office in disgrace. And frankly, they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the United States. Not only words, but the meaning.


And it's a disgrace. It should not be allowed to happen.


No, no, no, no, he didn't say that. You have to take a look. No, no, no. He did not say that. And in fact, if you look at what he said, he found everything to be very normal. He's a good man. And Joe and he found it to be very normal. I saw a shift trying to go 15, you know, comb, shifty shift. Would have call him shifty shit for nothing.


He's a shifty, dishonest guy who, by the way, was critical of one of the great secretary of state's graduated number one in his class at West Point, graduated top of one of the top of his class at Harvard Law School. The most honorable person. Mike Pompeo. And this guy was negative when Mike Pompeo. He can't.


You know, there's an expression he couldn't carry his blank strap. I won't say it because I'll say it was so terrible to say, but that guy couldn't carry his blank strap. You understand that? So you deal with bad people.


And, you know, I watched China over the last few days and I watched some of these other countries build up, build up, build up. And we've built up more than any of them because of me. But no help due to the Democrats are a disaster. They're the do nothing Democrats. They don't do any work. All they want to do is try and win the election in 2020. So they come up with this impeachment nonsense and everyone knows the conversation, all based on one phone call that I had where I'm talking to the president of Ukraine.


You'll hear from our ambassadors. You'll hear from some of the folks that know all about the call. Why the call was set up and everything else. It's perfect. The call was perfect. In fact, Lindsey Graham said, I didn't know you could be so nice. There was no quid pro quo. Remember before they said the only reason I put that out and I did it with the approval of Ukraine. By the way, otherwise I couldn't have done it was because the whistleblower was so dishonest.


The whistleblower said terrible things about the call, but he then I then found out he was secondhand and thirdhand, another which he didn't know what was on the call. No, these are bad people. These are dishonest people. And when the American people find out what happened, it's gonna be a great day. And you know what? We have to go back to building our country because ninety nine percent of Nancy Pelosi's time is spent on this. She should worry about lowering the PAC price of drugs, which I've done.


But it's hard to do without the help of Congress about creating border security, which I've done. We've built we now have hundreds of miles of wall under construction on the southern border. She should worry about infrastructure. She should worry about the USMC. She's not doing it. I just saw a part of a press conference before the president can. I'm sorry to bother you with this, Mr. President, because we have other things to talk about. But I will tell you, I just watch part.


She says, oh, drug prices. Well, she's been trying to get drug prices down. For how long has she been in Congress? For years. She should focus on her own district. You see what's happening to a district we call a tent city. It's terrible. In fact, we just sent a violation to the city of San Francisco. Unsafe water, unsafe conditions, environmental EPA. Our EPA, which is doing a great job, is sending Nancy Pelosi with all the talk about EPA.


There's needles and drugs all over the street. There's tents. There's people that are dying in squalor in the best location in San Francisco.


It used to be a great city. Now you have to see what's happened to San Francisco. You happened to see what what's what the Democrats have allowed to happen. As an example, what they've allowed to happen. Just take a look to Los Angeles. Great cities. One other thing. Yesterday, as you know, I was sued by the governor, Gavin Newsom. He's another beauty. I was sued by him is to do nothing. Sued by him so that I can't get on the ballot in the state of California.


It was a massive story. It was the biggest story, Mr. President. It was headlines all over the place. Trump gets sued, but his do nothing governor in California. It was big. Here's what happened. Yesterday, I won the case very convincingly. A very tough, smart, highly respected judge. Not a Trump person at all. Not appointed by Trump, appointed by somebody that you would call the opposition came out with a scathing and tough opinion.


I won the case. I didn't see one story that I won that case. Not one took from the fake news. I didn't see Steve write it. I didn't see you write it. I didn't see anybody write it.


So let me just tell you, just to finish, Nancy Pelosi and shifty shift, who should resign in disgrace, by the way? And Jerry Nadler and all of them. It's a disgrace what's going on. And we should be focused on making. OK, great again at keeping America great, because that's what we have to do. And when I look at that parade with military and millions of people and everything else, we'd better get smart.


We'd better start focusing on the right things because what they did with this nonsense. Think of it. You have a perfect I mean, perfect conversation with a president of another country, Ukraine, in this case.


And they try and say, oh, let's impeach him. They've been trying to impeach me from the day I got elected. I've been going through this for three years. They've been trying to impeach me from the day I got elected. And you know what? They failed. And this is the easiest one of all, because this one is based on one conversation. What about Obama's conversation with the president of Russia where he says, hey, hey, tell that Vlad.


I'll I'll talk to him after the election's over. I'll talk to him. Nobody reports that, right. That stuff you should report. But you people should be ashamed of yourself. We have the most dishonest media that you can imagine. And you should be ashamed yourselves. OK. I think I've answered most of your questions.


What do you think? I media here feel that is the happiest country. Finland is a happy content. You learn. What can you learn from Finland?


Well, if you got rid of Pelosi and you got rid of shifty off of that shit, Finland is a happy country.


He's a happy leader to cooperate with. No, Republicans have raised concerns.


I don't care. Look, I think a whistleblower should be protected if the whistleblowers legitimate.


But when the whistle blower makes a big report on the conversation I had with a president of Ukraine and it was a great conversation. It was. We talk mostly about congratulations on your win. We talked about corruption and what really referring mostly to 2016 because what the Democrats did in 2016 was corrupt. And let's see what happens. They are more concerned with that than they are with me and impeachment. They're trying to hide what maybe is coming. I let our great if you if you look at our great law enforcement, take care of it, OK?


Attorney General Barr, I guess, is working on it, and I hope he's working on it, because what happened in 2016 is a disgrace to this country.


And they are more worried about that because they know they are guilty as hell. All right.


They are much more worried about that when a whistleblower. OK. Are you ready? I heard the whistleblowers report from your people. And how bad it was about just a simple conversation. By the way, this whole thing revolves around a simple, simple conversation. And if you remember at the beginning, it was quid pro quo.


That's all you heard about. And I think he said seven or eight times quit for in other words, you're going to do that or we're not going to give you money. You're going to do this or we're not going to. I never said it. But when I heard these horrible stories come out, I had no choice but to release a conversation, which I hate to do. And I hope I don't have to do it again with the leader of a country.


I asked a certain person to call up a certain person in that country to get permission to do it. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it. And if I didn't do it, and I appreciate Ukraine for allowing us to release the conversation, but it was so innocent it didn't hurt them. If anything, it helped them because it was a very innocent conversation. But when a whistleblower takes that very nice innocent. Lindsey Graham said, I never knew you were that nice a person.


He said you never asked him for anything. You were really, really nice. Lindsey, you said, I never knew you was so nice. That was a perfect conversation. I heard Rick Scott today say that was a perfect conversation. How can they impeach him on that conversation? He read it.


He's a very smart guy from Florida, Rick Scott. And he said that was a perfect conversation. How can you impeach somebody in that conversation? But the whistleblower wrote, not that conversation. He wrote a vicious conversation. Another words. He either got it totally wrong. Made it up or the person giving the information to the whistleblower was dishonest. And this country has to find out who that person was because that person is a spy. In my opinion, you're ready.


So when a whistleblower purposely or not, gives something that's totally erroneous. Now, here's where I fooled. They never thought I'd released the conversation. They never thought in a million years that I'd released the conversation when little Adam Schiff saw the the text when he read it.


He couldn't believe it when Nancy Pelosi, who worked a day early, Nancy Pelosi called for essentially impeachment. Let's impeach the president before.


You saw the transcript and this is an exact word for word transcript of the conversation. Right. Taken by very talented stenographers. Listen to me.


So when she saw that, she was she I heard she went crazy. She said we can impeach him of this conversation. That's a great conversation.


She went by the whistleblower and the whistleblower was so bad, I would even think about it. But here's what happened. The whistleblower was wrong.


The only thing that matters is the transcript of the actual conversation that I had with the president of Ukraine. It was perfect. We're looking at congratulations. We're looking at doing things together. And what are we looking at? We're looking at corruption. And I believe nineteen ninety nine there was a corruption actor corruption bill passed between both and signed between both countries where I have a duty to report corruption. And let me tell you something. Biden's son is corrupt.


And Biden is corrupt. And I'd rather run against Biden than almost any of those candidates. And I think they're all week.


But I think Biden has never been a smart guy, and he's less smart now than he ever was. Thank you very much.


Thank you, Chris. Thank you, sir. Let let me do that again. It's a fair question. So this morning and last night, my comms people came to me. Listen to this one president. I'm glad they're interested in what? I'm interested in Finland much more. But my comms people came to me and they said, sir, there's a book or something being written and it's written by Washington Post people.


So, you know, it's an accurate you know, it's probably a fraud. So two reporters are the Russians. And they said President Trump started screaming, ranting and raving that on the southern border where we are right now, building a tremendous wall. It's unbelievable what's going on. Army Corps of Engineers, it's we're doing a lot. We have we'll soon have over 100 miles under construction completed and we're going to end up with 400 to 500 miles. Okay.




Then I wanted a wall, but I wanted a moat, a moat, whatever. That is not a word I used, but they used it a moat and then the moat. I wanted alligators and snakes and I wanted the wall to be a fence. And I wanted to be electrified. And I wanted sharp spikes at the top. So if anyone gets it, it goes piercing through their skin is somewhat the way they said it. Skin piercing spikes.


But I want that whole wall to be electrocuted.


And sir, you never said that they came to me. The comms people, they came to me yesterday and they said, did you say this? I said, why do you ask? That's stupid question. Because the fake news media is saying that you said this in a book. I said, what book? And they said, Washington Post. I said, well, obviously it's fake because almost everything The Washington Post does is fake. It's a fake newspaper.


It's owned by a rich guy for the purposes of giving him power in Washington. It's really I mean, it's a lobbyist. I call it the lobbyist Washington Post for Amazon. And he ought to be ashamed of himself because what they do to his reputation, I think maybe it's probably no good anyway. But what they do to his reputation with The Washington Post is a disgrace. So these two reporters wrote this book and they said, I want a moat with alligators, snakes, electrified fences so people get electrocuted if they so much as touched the fence and spikes on top.


Never said it, never thought of it. And I actually put out something on social media today. I said, I'm tough on the border, but I'm not that tough. Okay. It was a lie. Just so you have you ask the question. It was a total lie. It was corrupt reporting. OK. I don't even use fake anymore. I called the fake news. Now, corruptors because fake. Is it tough enough? And I'm the one that came up with the term a very proud of it.


But I think I'm going to switch it largely to corrupt news, because the media in this country, not everybody we have some great reporters, some great journalists, but much of it is corrupt. It's corrupt. You have corrupt media in this country and it truly is the enemy of the people. Thank you very much.


Thank you. Thank you. Transcript, sir. Thank you. Thanks, everybody.