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Hi, how are you, buddy? Oh, yeah, what's going on? Well, we may well have I got a treat for you. OK, so you know, when you go on Camel and they close down Hollywood Boulevard for you to sing, when you go on The Today Show, you perform in Rockefeller Plaza. Yeah, well, now when you're on The Late, Late Show, you will be performing here. Close this whole street down for me to perform a concert.


It's amazing in a way, not exactly, but we will be closing down the crosswalk when the light is red and you will have access to that for 30 seconds at a time, along with anyone else who wants to use it.


We're talking about this is crosswalk the concept.


I love James, there's no way I'm doing this. It's an insane idea, insane, you know, you didn't think it was insane, the Beatles. What do you think Abbey Road was all about? That was the first ever Crosswell concert and Paul wasn't wearing shoes. Think about it. You're always saying you're better than the Beatles. This is your chance to prove it. I have literally never said that. Whatever. Listen, I have crunched the numbers on this and they are staggering numbers.


All of the numbers are crunched, all the numbers, and they're all staggering. All right. Well, I'll think about it. I knew you'd say yes. No, I didn't actually say yes. I said I'd think about it.


But then you said yes. You said I didn't say yes. And that was a yes. So what did he say? What didn't you say? Didn't say what didn't you say? I know you do it. Come on, let's do this. Yes, it's the power of. Yes. Come on, buddy. Oh, who are all these people? Oh, these are everyone you got your crew, your eroding your stagehand's, your dances with my band.


Oh, now you haven't got a band.


You don't need a band because you've got all the dancers. I never used dances. Yeah, having dances. Let's crack on. We've got to get the word out there. These tickets aren't going to sell themselves. Here we go. Start with this guy. I can't give you this. Harry Styles is playing a show style show tonight. Just trying to decide which of you to come and tell your friends. Harry Styles is playing a show. Try to say hello is a show today.


I don't know why you're in finance. OK, four hundred dollars a ticket. Don't know why. Keep it up, Harry. You're doing great, Harry. People are going crazy. This is a total waste of time. Tony. My name. This one is Justin Bieber. To Heavenly Father, please bless this concert tonight. Watch over these incredible performers and should one of them into harm's way or be hit by an oncoming car, please let it be one of the dancers.


Let's have a great show. OK. Let's go. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Like you, like you, OK, cue the music, let's go. According to his calendar. It was insane, yes. Yes, that's mine. I should get your. What do you fancy about T-shirts, mugs, water bottles? You got what you got there, t shirt, t shirt are gone and that was that.


That's 100 bucks. Got a T-shirt, so I said. Water bottles, 20 bucks and 20 seconds, your teacher. So give it a try. All right. The next song, Lights Up, is about self acceptance and the freedom that comes with being open and vulnerable, a thing that I feel is best represented through modern dance. You're welcome.


One. I trust that man that was the most it was the veto we do now. We hit him with watermelon. Hi. Watermelon, sugar. That was amazing. I can't believe I ever doubted James. You know, it's a fine line between insanity and genius by I'm beginning to think that James might just be a genius. Hey, come on. What are you doing? We're only getting five quick. Like I said, it's a fine line.


It's like there is on this summer evening and it sounds just like the song. And there's so much feeling I don't know if I could ever go. That was good. That was absolutely fantastic. Harry, you are killing it out there. You're killing me. Yes, I feel like people are getting mad at me, Harry. They're getting mad. You're a trailblazer. Trailblazers don't give up. You know, people said the Joe Rule couldn't build a music festival on a private island.


Did he give up? No. He's talking about five. Yes. It's a it's a bad example. That's a really bad example. It's a bad example. A really bad example. James, are you sure about this? Yes, of course, I'm sure all shows finish with a big finale. This is the most exciting, most dangerous thing we've ever done. Dangerous. Trust me. OK, after this, you are going to soar to new heights if it works properly.


Good luck. Let's take him up here. It works. OK, let's go, guys. Lock and load, lock and load. This is the finale, OK, flying in thiamin now. Is that right, guys?