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This video tutorial will show you howto add a new menu item to the Aloha Post.


So you want to go ahead and get logged


into the Aloha Configuration Center,which is this icon here that says, see,


f it's on your desktopof your Aloha computer.


When you log in here,


you want to make sure that you'relogging in with your corporate account.


So that's your username that starts


with a line followed by the last word,your Social Security number,


and then your password is whatyou have set for yourself.


Sinon, if you have any trouble logging in,


just let me know and I can reset yourpassword for you or troubleshoot your


account if there's somethingwrong with your permission.


Now, we're going to start here under


maintenance,that's just something that pops up for me,


you won't have to click anything,their maintenance menu items.


We're going to load all of our data,all of our menu items in the config


center, so it might take a momentdepending on how fast your computer is.


OK, so we have all of our menu itemsloaded here, so if you click the dropdown


box here, you can see that there's quitea lot of information to scroll through.


So what we're going to do is we're going


to filter out and get to whatwe're trying to create.


So for the purposes of this tutorial,I'm going to create a new menu item


for a bottled beerand I'm going to make one up.


We're just going to call it Bel's new.Bottled beer.


So we're going to filter out owner to see


only the CMT corporate owned itemsbecause all alcoholic items are CMT


corporate owned, because we share thisbank of items among all of the stores.


Since we're adding a bottle of beer,


we want to filter out and just see bottledbeer and then we're going to just click


here in the middle of the barto sort by long name.


So when we grow up,


we're going to grab one of these Belz


beers, which alreadyexists and just copy it.


So let's grab this one.


Bel's half hell hath no fury.


Once we select this and we're on


this item's profile,we're going to get a copy this item


so we can create a duplicateand then change the new duplicate.


So in this small arrow on the copy button


and you drop down, you can selectwhere you want to copy it to.


We're creating another corporate item, sowe want to copy it to CMT Corporate it.


OK,and right here, we want to make sure we


note the new item numberthat it's being copied to.


Now, the system will selectthe next most recent number.


So seven one nine three seven three.


Is what it's been copied to hit, OK,and then here's a quick little step


that we make sure we don't miss,you just hit edit and hit saved


and then we're going to select.


Yes, because it's just asking if we want


to save a duplicate item,which is exactly what we're doing.


So we do click.Yes.


And then when we go back to the dropdown


box, there's two items that are identical,except their numbers are different.


So we want to make sure that we notedthe new item number and we click that


and then we're going to changethe new item description.


To we're going to make it up and call itnew baby, so we change the short name,


which is what appears on the buttonin the post,


also going to change the name,which is what appears on the ticket.


And then we're going to change the long


name, which is what appears on the receiptthat prints for the customer.


So we keep the bees here,


which denotes that it's a bottle of beer,and then we keep bottle on the long name,


which also denotes thatit's a bottle of beer.


So now we have a new menu profilecreated and we click Save.


And when you go back to the drop down,you can see that the one we copied from is


still there and then ournew one is still here.


So our new item is created.


You'd think we'd be done, but we're not.


We've got to go back into categories.


Maintenance menu categories.


And then if you click the items tab here,it shows all available items in the bank.


So the new one that we just created,


if we sought by owner,should appear right at the top.


To CMT corporate item that is not in me


included bank, so that's a problem,we have to make sure to click it over


and include it so that blackcards will work on it.


And we hit saved from here.


We also want to make sure to include it sothat it prints to the correct printers.


So all you need to do isgo to menu item routing.


And again, just like we did, make sureit's included so sought by owner.


And it might be a littlemore difficult to find.


So we'll start by name.


There it is.


And then save again,


and we should be all good to gowhen you're making changes


on the computer, you always want to makesure that you log out of your profile so


nobody else can come sit at the computerand make changes as you.


And after you've all logged out,we are finished.