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Retention of placenta, that is R.O.P,


is observed more frequently in bovinesthan in other animals,


in gravid uterus fetuses attachedto uterine wall through fetal membrane,


the attachment side of fetal membraneand uterus is known as placental


maternal part of placenta is called caruncle


and fetal partof placenta is called cotyledon.


There are 100 225 such attachmentsin bovines,


these attachments help in transportationof nutrients from mother to fetus.


Fetus grow and develop very rapidly insidethe uterus on the completion of gestation


period, parturition happensand in normal condition within six to 24


hours after parturitionplacenta comes out,


complete removal of placenta is important.


Any Ruminant part due to non detachment


cotyledon and carunclecould result in infection.


The retained fetal membrane istermed as a retention of placenta.


That is ROP.


Reasons behind retained placenta are


poor, uterine, muscular contractabilityinflamed and Eddie Metters pleasant tone,


the retained placenta hangs out of vulva,which comes into contact with dirt, dung


and mud, which may leadto uterine infection.


Thus, retention of placenta makes animalmore prone to Metronet is


endometriosis and pido matre, whichhinders animals reproductive performance.


The present available options for treating


ROP are hormonal therapy,manual removal, etc.




But these available options do not helpin comprehensive detachment of placenta


as hormonal treatment onlyenhances uterine constriction.


But they do not minimize the inflammationand edema of Cotyledons.


Thus, complete detachment is not possible,and in most of the cases,


manual detachment is required,whereas manual removal is not advocated


because it may lead to uterine trauma,hemorrhage, infection,


and there is every possibility that somepart remains left inside the uterus.


Due to this reason,


after manual removal of placenta,some preparations are inserted inside


the uterus to dissolve the remnantsof placenta over and above.


To this, manual removal involveslots and lots of effort.


So we need a comprehensive solution of R


OP treatment, which involvesless manual interventions.


At the same time,


it should offer advantageof effortless removal of placenta.


In is introducing for the first time


in India for comprehensiveand effortless treatment of ROP.




an herbal intra uterine bolus


Ropitas works on the root causeof ROP and gives magical result.


Ropitas helps in completedetachment of placenta


as ropitases quickly in uterus


and it reduces the size of Cotyledonand caruncle and increases uterine


contractility over and abovethe detachment of placentome.


Ropitas also acts as antisepticanalgesic and sedative.


Ropitas is a powerful combination of five


potent herbswhich play a vital role in treatment


ROP herbs such asQuercus in Victoria,


Menza Paper Raita Tongue Cancerand Kerttu milonga reduce inflammation


and edema by constrictingblood vessels of placental


tongue cancer and to some blows.


Pereiro present in Lupita's helpin increased uterine constriction


hubs such as Carcamo Longer and Dunkin'sare active as antiseptic and antibacterial


benefits of rapid USin the treatment of Rop.


Our Ropitas helps in the explosion


of placenta without muchmanual intervention.


Ropitas offers comprehensive solution.


Ropitas alone is sufficient.


Ropitas is available in Stryperfor Boully with full length and gloves.


Ropitas should beadministered as intrauterine.


Robidas is an expertin the management of Rop.