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What's going on, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Michael, and welcome to Fudge Muppet. Today, I'm bringing you the arcane Warilla remastered. And if you've watched our channel update, you'll know exactly what this means. Due to incredibly high demand, we're going to be taking all of our old builds that were only three to five minutes in length, some of which didn't even have a back story. And we're going to remake them in Skyrim special edition with fleshed out roleplaying, full on back stories and rethought tactics and choices.


We're really excited about this. And we're also going to be doing modeled as well. We're even bringing back voting for these remastered builds. So what we'll do is leave two comments below and options for the next remastered build and whichever one gets the most thumbs up gets released next. The choices are the Pathfinder and the Palladin. So the Arcade Warrior is one of our most loved builds and is currently the oldest video available to watch on our channel. He's decked out in some sensational looking gear and uses some of the coolest two-handed weapons in the game, especially for a warrior with a magical twist.


Acquiring the Bombadil expel is easy, but you may not know how to acquire the very unique blood skull blade.


If this is the case, I strongly recommend you head over to Camil Works Gaming and subscribe.


Besides the fact that he is 100 percent the best when it comes to cinematic, informative weapon guides, he's actually just put out a full guide all about this weapon and how awesome it is. Who doesn't like shooting red blasts of energy from a melee weapon? The link to his channel and the video will be in the description below. With all that proudly announced, let's dive into the arcane area. Firstly, this build is called the Arcane Warrior and not the battle mage, as he is primarily a warrior character who uses magic to assist him.


Whereas if you think about the word battle mage, there's an emphasis on the mage part. Let's talk about a real choice, the standing stone and the stock allocation first. There's also timestamp links in the description to help you navigate throughout the sections of the video. So the race choice is a high off, which is perfect for our back story and also for the skills and stats we're using, the skill bonuses that actually affect us all, plus alteration, conjuration and chanting in restoration.


This way you end up with a great head start for perk access. When it comes to the magic side of this build as a highlight, you also start with positivity. MAGICA Any highborn ability which lets you regenerate magical way faster for 60 seconds a day.


This bill doesn't really need to cost magic stop. But using this ability is useful in times of struggle.


If you're out of magic and it would help to paralyze all of your opponents, then it can be a lifesaver. It can also give you magical quickly to heal yourself. In terms of a spread, we actually recommend an allocation of sixty percent health, thirty percent magic and 10 percent stamina. This bill doesn't really need heaps of stamina, but the small 10 percent allocation will add up into a few extra power attacks to let loose in battle now 60 percent health in combination with your armor and alteration, flesh, spells and perks.


It's plenty to keep you alive. After all, you are primarily a warrior and health is necessary in this regard. You fight up close and things often get gritty now. Thirty percent magic may not sound like a lot, but it definitely is. You don't cast spells constantly in battle, so you only really need magicka for the setup. The setup involves casting a flush spell and summoning a bound battleaxe. This bill also does use the blood skull blades.


So if you're trying to conserve magicka, you can use this instead of the battleaxe. You might do this if you want to shoot off a whole ton of paralysis spells. That said, with all our magic perks, you seriously don't need that much magical, especially considering that you are a high off and start with 50 more magical. And also because we are going to be using the astronaut standing stone, which gives you another 50 points. So even without magicka allocation, you have 200 points in it and then the 30 percent allocation builds on this.


Furthermore, you have enchanting as a skill. So if for whatever reason you weren't happy with your stock allocation, you could buff certain stats using enchanting. Anyway, as I said this, people who use the astronaut stone, this can be found between Willhelm and reffed and just outside the mountain range between the locations, it's in the volcanic tundra, the elder glim sanctuary and dark water crossing really learn where the standing stone is because we use it for so many of our builds.


What it does besides give you 50 more points of Magica is give you 50 percent spel absorbtion, all the cost of minus 50 percent Magica region. Now, this may sound like a heavy penalty to new players, but it seriously does Jack. Shit, you can hardly notice it and it is counted by our park choices. Fifty percent still absorbtion gives you a 50 percent chance of negating all incoming damage from a spell and you'll absorb its cost and cost into your own Magica pool, which you can then use for your own spells.


It just makes this build even more powerful and hard to kill. So that's the race choice, the stat allocation and the standing stone. Now let's get into the brand new back story and the roleplaying side of things, including fashion choices and rationalization. The occasion where it was born in the City of Lights, appropriately named Shimmering in the province currently named Eleanor, also known as Somerset Isles. His family came from a line of warriors, and he was raised by two well-meaning parents who wanted him to carry on the activity that bloodline was known for.


He grew up with quite a standard of life for his social class, and when he became. Came of age in mind, he joined the ranks of the family as a warrior, quickly becoming utilized in the army of Loganathan during the Great War, the warrior left his family trained to wear armor and wield a great sword for the benefit of the former and the Altimari Dominion.


He was born more muscular than most, and it was obvious through his natural talent that he certainly had a genetic advantage when it came to combat and masterful violence. The arcane warrior wanted to make his parents proud and prove himself as a worthy and significant member of his family. He fought honorably in Syria. However, he never really held the ideological beliefs of the family and his family strongly. He wanted to fight for the respect of his family, for honor, and to prove to himself that he was capable of greatness.


He made close bonds with those in his contingent, and over the course of the Great War, he saw many of them die. And this slowly changed his outlook on his circumstances. He still fought valiantly, but he hated the constant death he had to deal with. Eventually, towards the end period of the Great War, he found himself in the most difficult skirmish he'd ever experienced. Nearby the imperial city, he and the group of soldiers he was with were ambushed by imperial troops.


And this very much ended up in a stalemate. He had been very headstrong in his resistance against the unanticipated force.


However, he was taken by surprise by a battle mage that the imperial soldiers had amongst their ranks. His friends all died around him in the battle, however, so did the Imperial's. The battle mage, however, was very talented and was the last to go. He easily blocked the great sword of the arcane warrior and used a touch base. Disintegrations fell upon it. The sword crumbled in his hands, and the battle mage then used the shield to bash the arcane warrior to his knees.


Death seemed all but inevitable for the high off until one of his damaged friends came flying into the side of the battle mage with a dagger tackling him to the ground. In one final, desperate attempt to save his comrade, the former soldier killed the battle mage and the two bled out together in each other's arms in an almost comical way. It was a scarring sight, and the Akinori was devastated.


He'd been bottling up all his grief for too long, fighting under a system he didn't fully believe in, show he had a few reasons why he wanted to succeed in this war. However, the price he was paying didn't feel like it was worth it. Was the death of all his friends worth the respect of his parents and the constant risk of his own demise.


The arcane warrior was also terribly frightened by how helpless he was made by the battle mage, and he decided that he never wanted something like that to happen again. He had seen plenty of other child use, their natural affinity for magic, but he'd never bothered with it. He was always told the all he needed was the right gear and the talent to use it.


But his experience had definitely changed his view on that. The arcane warrior decided to learn magic, how he wanted to start with a change in pace. He became a deserter and fled deep into Sierra Del, dumping his army and finding new gear, including a new sword he took from the battlefield.


This made him look like a geared up traveler and not an invader. And he traveled around Syria unsure of what to do with himself.


He couldn't head back home as he couldn't bring himself to face the disapproval of his parents and his nation. And if he mingled amongst some soldiers, he might be remembered and then recognized as a deserter. He'd surely be punished. He spends the next few years traveling and doing errands, trying to find peace within himself by refraining from combat and trying to replan his own destiny in his head.


He deals with severe depression during this period and for the most part, keeps to himself. Eventually, he finds himself in skin and still feeling awful. After so long, he decides to turn to the divines. He'd never been a religious type. But after talking to the priests within the great chapel of Giuliana's, he decides to find peace and tranquility.


Within that order, the arcane warrior spends about two decades here, which is a significant amount of time, but nothing too crazy for a off as they can live for hundreds of years. The arcane warrior spends most of his time reading the teachings of Giuliano, worshipping and meditating. He becomes incredibly in tune with his inner self and recognizes that as a part of him with a tendency for violence that he can never get rid of. That said, he can still avoid violent confrontations and live in incredibly peaceful life.


The arcane warrior also starts to learn magic here and interestingly finds practicing healing spells a great medicine for his damaged mind. Over time, he witnesses the priests that run the chapel being picked on by the local gods. They will corrupt and often extorted the priests for their money they received through donations. This made up donations. Tax wasn't too much of a big deal for the priesthood, so they let it fly under the radar. It annoyed the arcane Wario, but he didn't want to start more complications when he first came there.


Over time, however, it grew on his nerves. He was able to ignore it and understand that it wasn't that harmful.


But in the beginning, it was the principle of the activity that annoyed him. The priests had no backbones and the gods had no respect for their lifestyle and role in the city.


As even more time passed with the priests, he had noticed the gods becoming increasingly aggressive at a very slow pace. That said, a slow pace of a 20 or so years leads to a big change. The corrupt group of God started to get physical far too often, and we're taking more and more from the priests.


At first it was no problem, but now it's become too much to afford and was negatively impacting their quality of life. One day when a God had a priest in an elbow along with three others watching, asking.