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You're watching the Terminator fans dot com. We managed to catch up with young John Connor, actor Jude Collie, and ask him some questions about his acting debut in the latest installment in the Terminator franchise.


When did you first realize you wanted to be an actor?


Well, it's a long story, really. So my mom entered a restful when I was about six. And I want a free time to a acting school on a Saturday like musical theater type thing. And I really enjoyed it. And then I stayed there and I just got into acting. And then through that I got an agency and then I've just been going to auditions ever since. And it's just kind of opened up as a career option.


And how did you get the role in Terminator Dark Fate and when did you first realize you would be portraying John Connor?


So I was just I went to an audition, just the Terminator. I didn't realize what I was auditioning for. So and I saw my mom told me it was for Terminator. And I was like, well, that's very cool. I did. I did. It was the scene in the car, the uncle of the one. So I didn't really know what I was going for. I just thought it would be just like I didn't know at all what it was.


And I did two auditions. I did one. And then they asked me for a callback, which in itself was amazing. And then my mom got a call and picked me up from school and told me what had happened. And yeah. And I didn't find out I was playing John until my first costume fitting when they were like, Oh, so do you know what you're doing? And I was like, no. Yeah. You came to a house and the guy was like I said, you know what you do?


And I was like, No, no. I was like, yeah, you're playing John. And I was like, well, who came to your house? Like a guy working for wardrobe, just doing costume fittings on your official Instagram account.


You saw that your favorite movie was Terminator to Fight. And how many times did you watch Terminator two?


I watched Terminator one and two a couple of times before the audition and then a lot just to get an idea of the role of John. A lot I watched I watched one play the two I watched that most just because it's got John in it. And I wanted to see how to portray the character. It's Greifeld. She wanted to do a really good job, obviously, which you did. Oh, thank you. Did you not use the same initials as John Connor and the cocreator James Cameron as well?


Yeah, on my it was like the call sheet or my trailer. It said, J.C., we can work out if it meant John Connor, what you'd call it.


So did you already have the John Connor haircut or did you have to grow up for the role? I was already growing. I'd already been growing my hair for a while and it was getting quite long now, like, oh, we like the length, but we need a bit longer. And they said, do not cut it like three months, four months. I didn't cut my hair. I got there. They like the length and ended up only just trimming a tiny bit.


So I ended up having quite long hair, but now I'm growing it again so it's even long enough.


You might need to keep it longer in case you got a spark. Oh, yes, John. So what was it like to be killed on screen?


That was awesome. Well, this because this is my debut. I did like a lot of stunt training. Well, yeah. So it was like teach me how to fall and stuff and how to look like I'd been shot, which is really cool. And I got to work with some great people a lot. My friends said they enjoyed watching me get shot, which was quite funny.


So Edward Furlong recently stated that he feels a little disappointed in the termination of John Connor because he would have loved to make a return. But if the movie got a sequel, would you be willing to reprise the role of young John again to allow a time travel plot device so you can undo the death of John Connor? Would you be interested in doing that? A hundred percent?


Without a doubt. I know they'd probably be a lot of controversy because that's happened quite a lot with just old time troubles. That's already. Yeah. So I think there would be controversy, but I would still just just love to the I think a lot of fans would love to see that. Oh yeah. That sounds great. So if you could pick any character from the first two Terminator movies to come back and save John to save you, who would you choose?


Would you pick an old Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese from the first movie, or would you pick Edward Furlong as an older John Connor?


I think an older John Connor could be cool, though. Maybe Kyle Reese to come back and save John. I'll be pretty cool. I think fans would love to see Michael being a go. Yeah. So Breeza played Carl in Terminator Dafa in your scenes and you're responsible for killing you. You hung out together and you were seen in a picture together early on in the production. Yeah. What was it like in real life.


Yeah, it's really nice. He is, he ate a lot because obviously he's trying to keep up. The bulk is so funny on. I remember the first time I saw him, we were obviously out of suitcases at this time, little suitcase and a massive ice box. I was like, what on earth is in that? And it was just chicken. Obviously you just ate and he had like twelve eggs and a chicken or something like that. You eight trade eight trade is such a nice guy.


Yeah. Yeah, he's great. We spoke to him recently and he's a top guy. Yeah. So Brazile told us that Linda Hamilton took control of the scenes of John Connor stuff. She was. It to be believable for her as an actress. So what was it like to meet the real Sarah Connor and to be involved in your scenes?


It was absolutely the first thing she said to me was call me mom. And I almost got brain explode. I was like, oh. Which was just amazing. She's so lovely, but she's so fun. Yeah. She's just so strict. She takes Terminator deadly seriously. Oh God. Yeah. You can tell she always plays Sarah Connor with conviction.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Um, Tim Miller. Yeah. He's so great. Yeah. You said on social media that Tim Miller treated you like everyone else. Yeah.


Because I was worried because I was the youngest and most inexperienced and I was worried that I was going to be treated like differently, not like in a bad way, but differently to everyone else. So to come on and be like so like he came in when I was tutoring just to say hello, introduce himself and just just to be for him to just be chatting with me is it's not like it's not hierarchy with him. It's like he's on the same level as everyone else.


Yeah, I think so. That's well, so your education, you are still going through your education while filming.


Yeah. Still. So I had to do just a bit of tutoring just on the side, as well as rehearsals and shooting that would fall onto the same when he was filming T- to start school. So would you like to work with Tim Miller again?


Oh, like, gosh, I think I said it on one of my recent Instagram stories. Someone else will. Actors would you like to act with in the future? Like I just said, I just want to be in the movie, to be honest. Oh, you will be, I think. Oh, I think so. Tim Miller and both James Cameron have said that was meant to be a bit longer. You'll see. And you were meant to exchange some dialogue with the young Sarah Connor, which was played by Muddy, Muddy, Curly, and those scenes got caught.


So did you actually film those scenes where you exchanged dialogue?


I did. I did. And it was a bit daunting. But it's getting it when I did watch it. Obviously, it's great to see myself again, to see that my lines go like something. They do another flashback. That is my lines. But yeah, I did film them scenes.


Do you remember what those lines were?


Just like mother and son discussion like it was just just general chat really. Was it something about going to the bar to get a drink. Yeah, yeah.


It was just, just general chat and then just go to the bar because I think an article was ah Kurnitz was meant to do the voiceover.


Yeah, yeah. I've connected with him and his mom now good friends at school so we'll get be up at some point in the near future. Did you know if he filmed the dialogue at all or whatever it was was cancelled. He did record them.


Yeah, I think so. I think it might have been cancelled least because he was listed in the credits.


Yeah, we saw him on TV. So did you have the the school cop mock up thing going?


Yeah, I did those four. I just had normal costume and then the skull cap thing to deploy the dots on your face or anything like that.


Oh no, no, just just the yeah. Just the car. But I had to do some work in London, just the extra space gowning.


So you also met Mackenzie Davis and Gabriel Luna. What were they like in person? Mackenzie I didn't actually speak to her. I was on set at the same time with her, but she was actually working quite a bit. So I didn't really I saw her like just relaxing, but I didn't get to see, like, the Hamasyan. Oh, yeah. I saw her swinging around the hammer, which was pretty cool. So was she like prazosin choreography for those scenes?


I'm guessing? Yeah. Gabriel, I think that was a picture of you together. Did you manage to speak to him at all?


Yeah, Gabriel is amazing. I spoke to him a lot, is really nice. Just a lovely guy. And it was a bit weird watching him the an evil character in the movie because I obviously know him is the opposite of the complete opposite. Yeah. Cool. And you have any other projects, film and TV in the pipeline or are you focusing on your education.


So I'm I'm currently in year 11, so I've still got my GCSE, which finished the end this year, and then I'm going on to do two more years of school and sixth form. I'm going to be obviously trying to get a bit of work, but I think it'd be quite hard to sit around my studies. And if you did go call for a Terminator sequel, what would you be willing to put the education on hold or do you think you could hold it off or do you think they wouldn't let you do it?


I would instantly. If I got calls for another sequel, I'd leave the school the exact time they told me.


We'd like to give a big thank you to Jude for taking the time to answer our questions. You can follow at Sensa Jude on Instagram for more updates from the young actor who put any relevant links in the description box below. A comment like Share and Subscribe. Visit us at the time as fans dot com for more Terminator News. Thank you for watching. We'll be back.