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But let me close this portion with words. I think more powerful than General Kelly's. And they come from John Adams. When 1776 wrote. Together with the right to vote, those who wrote our Constitution considered the right to trial by jury, the heart and lungs, the mainspring and the center wheel of our liberties without which the body must die. The watch must run down. The government must become arbitrary.


Now what does that mean without a fair trial? The government must become arbitrary. Now, of course, he's talking about the right of an average citizen to a trial by jury. Well, if in courtrooms all across America.


When someone is tried, but they're a person of influence and power. They can declare at the beginning of the trial if the government's case is so good. Let him prove it without witnesses. If people of power and influence can insist to the judge that the house, that the prosecutors, that the government, that the people must prove their case without witnesses or documents, a right reserved only for the powerful.


Because, you know, only Donald Trump, only Donald Trump of any defendant in America can insist on a trial with no witnesses.


If that should be true and courts throughout the land. Then, as Adams wrote, the government becomes arbitrary. Because whether you have a fair trial or no trial, it all depends on whether you are a person of power and influence like Donald J. Trump. Body will die. The clock will run down and our government becomes arbitrary. The importance of fair trial here is not less than in every courtroom in America. It is greater than in any courtroom in America because we set the example for America.