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Mr. President, they're the majority leader can come up on the floor and repeat his talking points. But there are some salient points that are irrefutable. The first this is the first impeachment trial of a president or a trial impeachment trial of anybody else that was completed that has no witnesses and no documents. The American people are just amazed that our Republican friends would not even ask for witnesses and documents. I thought the House did a very good job. I thought they made a compelling case.


But even if you didn't, the idea that that means you shouldn't have witnesses and documents when we're doing something as August as important as an impeachment trial fails the laugh test. It makes people believe correctly, in my judgment, that the administration, its top people and Senate Republicans are all hiding the truth. They're afraid of the truth. Second, the charges are extremely serious. To interfere in an election, to blackmail a foreign country, to interfere in our elections gets at the very core of what our democracy is about.


If Americans believe that they don't determine who is president, who's governor, who is senator. But some foreign potentate out of reach of any law enforcement can join dishonor elections. That's the beginning of end of democracy. So it's a serious charge. The Republicans refused. To get the evidence because they were afraid of what it would show. And that's all it needs to be said. I yield the floor note the absence of.