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Heirs of the ponderousness. This is Heirs of the Punitiveness, a fantasy storytelling audio show inspired by Indian mythology set centuries after the great battle of Karachi, two warriors in the lineage of ponderous gold on an epic quest to erase a family curse. These are their adventures. Episode eight, The Computershare Curse. Kind of started telling his sad tale. I remember that day like it was yesterday, my son and I were hunting in the east and foothills. My son, he was a special kid, energetic, always smiling, brave beyond his age.


It was the same bravery that made him chase the idea he had boarded with an arrow. It took its death, but he did come out for a while.


I went looking for him and found him injured and unconscious something. It's a mistake to sort out a sizable chunk of flesh. I brought it back home and nursed back to health, my wife was ecstatic when he opened his eyes. But the joy of sorrow, the moment we realized he was not the poison we used to use his mother at the dinner table who used to play fight with the sword in the yard. He was not the boy who had brought to the death with this knife.


He got to bring me back the head of this trade as a trophy. Redshirted, that's his best live by all, keep the animals from our farm that he grew tired of our attempts to feed like a caged animal that had escaped. Blinded by sorrow, my wife resorted to the advice of Chabot's of riches to help us fight. The villagers tied the deaths of domestic animals to Okkult, said Blackbaud practitioners in. It didn't help that we have become secretive after our transformation.


I have not given up my duties, have it to that public thank you, Kate Chassidim, who I am sure it would have meant.


He had designs out and he turned the people against me, convinced that I had become a servant of the awkwardness.


One day, the villagers caught my son. He had fully transformed into a keeper of the shop and tried to steal a goat for his Nyqvist.


They had bit of each of us like that I got. My boy, my precious child. I couldn't do it if I had to last time, just before he breathed his last. I asked him to bite it my flesh.


Conover's sobbed aloud for a few moments and then he continued. The village was met by Chuckwagon, they butchered the richest of the it's my wife, oversimple, with their Sipes at their machetes, they tied me and my wife up and buried to survive in those coffins.


Conover pointed to the two rectangular stone structures. The stone lid on one of them was intact, the other had slit to the side and was partially resting on the floor, it was cracked in places.


I transformed after my step day and escaped. My wife, my wife is still in there. I choose Dust Bowl.


There, the intruder cast a sad glance at each other before turning their attention to kind of day by day.


Now, tell me four years, what did your heart ache for? Revenge against the monsters that stole your family from you? What did your sword thirst for the blood of your child's killers kind of never said.


So did that kind of Davis's utterance hit on real hard?


So you are admitting to creating an army of competition and unleashing it on the villages that he said you might use.


They were people shunned and abandoned by the villagers, the misfits, the artists, the mentally ill, the criminals, people on the fringes of society who were not considered worthy of love or redemption. I crossed out to forage for food scraps of the mountains. The town's castaways became my new home. I went to that squalid camps that preached I welcome to the homes and the will be accepted by Buycks. They became my children, commentator said. Well, that power trip, you are all that needs to end this very second racing this time.


Now that I have told several students at the Glass Palace and see how fragile their life, why would it best all the time? Doesn't that I stuck a widow for two years? I will get out there. Today will be the final act of the if play. I have to put these people. And most importantly, your sacrifice will herald the beginning of this day of. Kind of snapped his fingers and scores of computers just emerged from the shadows.


The Warriors had detected a few hidden creatures as soon as they entered the basement, but they were truly shocked at the size of the pack they had managed to bring under his command.


Most of the pack cast a quick glance of disdain at the siblings before racing to the final end of the basement, a ladder was set up to allow the creatures to access the grill, which opened up to the north. Ten of them remain behind. To face off against the mercenaries. Conover addressed the combatants itching to lay their claws on the end of their. My children over the last few months are dry runs to test the defenses of the village have proven that they are no match for us.


So don't let your brethren and I will succeed at the task at hand. Few by breakwaters at the most sacred duty, Kovalik Eastern shills will have its head to boot. I trust you will not let me down.


They've attempted to the intruder and said. I just think that by now my children will take care a few. The beasts lined up behind Kalima and let down grounds of the stands in unison. The intruder readied their weapons in anticipation of the first murderous moves of their opponents. Kind of labor, meanwhile, sprinted towards the. And when he got there, he looked back into the intruder and gave them an apologetic smile. Then he climbed up the rungs hastily.


Scores of other competitions pulled the app, and when they had all exited the basement, the ladder was pulled up to the surface and the grating was closed from the outside, leaving the and the trapped underneath with fangs and talons that hungered for their flesh and blood. The first of the calls sliced through the air within moments, Luthe, the the town themselves ducking and weaving and sidestepping the vicious Web preachers who were determined to entomb the siblings from the confines of the basement.


The low ceilinged flagstone arena did not allow for attack patterns that relied on liberal use of floorspace, but the industry had trained with their respective weapons while balancing on bamboo stilts. It had prepared them well for the travails of the dungeon. They found themselves in. Guilty.


Hacked precisely because to Deidre Cobden smashed his top into the chest, Auchincloss called inconsequential skin wounds on the humans, but the movement but at the receiving end of deep slashes and bone crunching hits, three computers just died through the end of the tally ended with deadly intentions.


The room was filled with the cacophony of snarls and growls and shouts. In a quick want to step over, lunge, Dorothy Thorntown perches on the necks of two of the beasts. This tacked to the floor with dining halls that would have made little humans empty the valley's. Dorothy was spinning around to claim the head of a third opponent when one of the creatures elbowed her, snapping her head sideways.


This head, RealD, and she fell to the ground on her arms and knees, trying to build clarity back into her eyes. Two creatures leapt on one kicked him in the ribs and the other stepped down on her back down and forcing her up at the same time. Dutra screamed out to his sister in. One creature grabbed her hand and picked her up off the floor. The other one prepared to swipe fentanyl from her spokesman. I was intending to reserve the use of Hispanic magic to escape the basement, but his sister's dire predicament forced his.


Brugada channeled the power of his vision, the chakra into his weapon, the fury of viu, the power of the westerly's roaring through the guts now rested in his hands.


He would have to deliver five efficient strikes that has all the power he could muster to drive, rushed to his sister's location, darting away and fending off three sets of talons, cooing at him.


He pulled his top back and trusted at the head of the creature whose talons were asking to get the disease through the chocolate magic surged through the store and when it contacted the king, precious and it ruined his cranium like a bolt of lightning shredding a tree. The creature holding them to the let go and she slammed the food in a heap. A mighty swing of this top group, the creatures neck with a sickening crunch watch. Then turned his attention to the last three enemies challenging him.


They surrounded him. Raced anger, seething in their eyes as they considered revenge on the wretched human who had slain their brothers with. As they circled his alert frame, observed the way their bodies moved. Acting on the slightest giveaway of an imminent attack could give him significant attack in the three on one scenario. They growled and bullied him with their mean gaze as they walked around him. The best deals circle tight around him. It was waiting for them to get in range before unleashing his masterstroke.


The creatures fell out of his trap and will no perfectly placed to succumb to a devastating attack. Like a storm tearing up a forest as he spent the last of the panicked wind magic to sweep his town in a 360 degree. The weapons, smashed bones, cracked ribs, broke tubes, punctured internal organs as it came to its victims, like the wrath of white. When he was done, it was exhausted. The creatures lay around him bleeding from their mouths.


The basement was going to be their ultimate resting place. Had made certain of that. Should that have rushed to ready to tend to her downfall? You were listening to the edge of the pond of us from a studio. If you want others to join in on this epic adventure, please share the episode not only on social media. Untag one studio. We are at one studio on Twitter and at point or the studio on Instagram, subscribe to the show on Apple podcasts, Spotify or your favorite podcast app.


Heirs of department. Is a wine studio production written and narrated by Nikesh Moodily, produced by Sonia Karana and B.J. Gotham. Sound design and editing by Shree Oberoi are designed by Russian comrade.