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Heirs of the ponderousness. This is Heirs of the Punitiveness, a fantasy storytelling audio show inspired by Indian mythology set centuries after the great battle of Karachi. Two warriors in the lineage of ponderous gold on an epic quest to erase a family curse. These are their adventures. Episode seven, The Computershare Curse. When did and Ruthie entered the grounds of the Cape, an overgrown garden greeted them, weeds sprang forth from the tiniest of crevices offered by the masonry. Lush floral bushes strangled by Letchford Mines competed with tall grass and insects chirping, the overgrowth in an eerie choral celebration of decay.


Must have been quite the palace back in the day, said Dorothy, noted, hefted his trusted staff while duty was armed with a short bow and short sword for close combat situations. As they approached the large wooden front door, Driti placed a hand on her sword handle and said, Do you think they told us the truth about the former ruler? And how he was driven from this place, not really. I'm sure they would be far less fearful of this place if what they said was true.


I think we are in for a nasty surprise, Redress said. Isn't that always the case? Dorothy said as she pushed the door. To her surprise, it opened with ease, wind rushed in from outside and was promptly swallowed by the deep silence that brooded within the building. Ed N30 began their inspection all three floors of both chambers and long hallways crafted into bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and parlors. The furniture and draperies were intact, but covered in cobwebs and thick layers of dust.


They came upon an oil painting of Cannava, seated on a plush through, flanked by his beautiful wife and teenage son, the erstwhile Naude of Hemanshu, who was a middle aged man with a muscular build, robust head of hair and an impressive handlebar mustache. His piercing gaze balled into the siblings as they examined the canvas. I didn't know he had a family.


Wonder what happened to them, it said, I had the feeling that metal has been kept from us and said. They moved on to investigate additional rooms. I sense a history of cruelty that has tainted this place, it channeling his intuitive knowledge offered by his agent, Shakra. Yes, I can sense it, too. He said they kept searching the premises and other than the bad vibes they unearthed nothing concrete.


They couldn't find any evidence of claw marks or the like to justify the theory that the creatures have emanated from the Cape, they were now in the kitchen, the last room to be searched in their quest. It did not offer up any sensational discoveries either. Group that was discussing the possibility that the court might have a secret basement when a series of thugs came from. They drew her sword and readied his staff as they scanned the room for the source. A tall wooden stand full of utensils tipped and smashed to the floor, spilling and shattering its contents, the mercenaries directed their gaze to the site of the crash.


Something in the shadows, Rudra said, pointing with his staff. The inched forward steadily and her blade into the shadows. There was nothing there, I'm certain I saw something there, said disappointedly, I know you did something is watching us there, he said.


At that exact moment, a creaking sound drew their attention to the wall behind them, a large rectangular section of the stone facade had transformed into a hidden door.


That's interesting that Indra said as he opened it wide, a winding stairway which snaked down into the basement drew their attention. I think we have found what we were looking for there. They said they propped a metal container to prevent the door from closing on them and they began their descent into a subterranean space that seemed to be lit by the glow of candles. The siblings exchanged a concerned guns as they took the stairs behind them. Someone or something pulled out of the metal container and slammed the door shut.


They tricked us, said, let's keep going there. They said. It interests me dryly, his sister was always keen to leap into the heart of danger if the Kurds did not hang over their necks like a guillotine. They would have retreated to the mountains to meditate for the rest of his life. He would like nothing more than to slip into a deep, lengthy Yogananda before attaining nirvana. He always taught a sympathy or willful renunciation of earthly existence at the end of a life of penance would have been an ideal and.


But his family's choices have drawn him into a life of war. His life was that of a warrior monk now, and reluctantly, he was accepting that his end might come on the battlefield. As always, he followed his sister into the jaws of uncertainty to death or emancipation or whatever fate lay waiting in the basement had a flat roof, cobbled floors, and it featured alcove where candles highlighted sculptures of the previous lords and barons who had called to keep their home.


Most of these sculptures were damaged and had missing limbs or faces. Deep shadows from dark pools and sections of the room that the candlelight couldn't permeate. And in these gloomy patches, torn zoek forms painted in anticipation. The basement was longer than it was white and it stretched out for some distance, like a sporting field before ending it a blank stone wall which reflected the shadow imprint of an iron grating and the sunlight filtering through it. The siblings estimated that the greeting would have been in the grassy knoll in front of the key where the denizens of human support had assembled.


A humanoid shape drifted into their field of vision as if it had detached from the darkness. I bet you didn't expect me to be still here. The man said as the warm light of the candles fell on his former.


Dressed in tattered robes, Canova was but a shadow of its former self showcased in the painting upstairs. His eyes were sunken, his skin sallow, his eyelids were blue, and they encased a mad cloud of yellow eyes. Long nails grazed his finger. His facial hair was overgrown. And most disturbingly, he had a mouthful of sharp bestiality.


I could muster my human form, but I prefer to stand in the in-between state.


I'm sure you find this more comforting to Colonel Davis said than he looked behind as a Computershare who had attained complete transformation, joined him a wolf standing erect. The only hints of its human origin was its bipedal stance and the musculature, which was more human than beast.


The computer growled at the menacingly. This odd, maddening, wretched creation filled the siblings with trepidation and disbelief. We are here to put an end to you and your life companions. The attacks on the villagers ends now that he said, stepping forwards. As usual, the sight of abominations that threatened human life made her blood boil. She was built for her body and soul, where weapons honed from years of practice and any suggestion of a threat filled with chaos that could only be satisfied with the fury of her weapons.


How do you know it was unclear who was responsible? They told you that I had been banished from the lands, am I right? If they lied to you about this, what other untruths have their uttered to provoke you? Kind of ever, said Dorothy Haltered in her tracks. Would you at least not listen to my half of the story before deciding on a course of action? Kind of overbaked. I see no reason for tainted forms like you to exist in the land of.


Kim, politicians do deserve the mercy of humans, Dorothy said. I want you to hear my story.


I just always ask kind of before said the thought of little son and the plight of that family, perhaps the man could give them answers which might help them avert a similar tragedy.


They could kill these two wretches on the spot. But how would that help with the bigger mission of wiping out the horde that had been ravaging the villages? Let's hear him out. Rudra said, holding back through. Kind of smiled and nodded. We will hear you out. I am expecting you to provide us with solutions to fight the scourge of death as Haling Manchukuo. Visit. What kind of even said as he rang his long, sharp nails over his matted hair, the creature which had appeared behind him retreated into the shadows.


It's lips curling and twitching and displeasure around its crumbling gums and sharp incisors. Canova walked up to a burning candle and gazed into the heart of its flame. He began his tale. Pairs of departed divers is a wine studio production written and narrated by Nikesh, morally produced by Sonia Karana and B.J. got them. Sound design and editing by Shri Oberoi are designed by Russian comrade. You were listening to the edge of the pond of us from wine studio. If you want others to join in on this epic adventure, please share the episode art on your social media.


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