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Good morning, Gareth.


A powerhouse, a very well. Now, let's talk about our fish in general. First of all, buying fish on the Palmer tends to, you know, shrink a bit. So sometimes people make mistakes about portions.


Yeah, I think the general rule of thumb for portions of any protein really is about 180 to 200 grams. And and I always find if you go into fishmonger's, they're very, very helpful and they're going to really help you choose the right fish. And I say this all the time, but if you're going into a fishmonger's or a butcher, listen to them, because they're going to want to sell you to the best products that they have because they want you to come back.


And especially at this time, at the moment, where we really need to be getting there and supporting smaller businesses and local businesses. And so that's the real important thing, about 180 grams to 200 grams of fish.


And that's what I'm talking about. After bumph off the bone now you will buy your fish.


Got it anyway. But not necessarily bones, depending on the fish you want.


Ideally, people don't really like the idea of choking on a bone or fish, so they want to get that dinner party trick, but never good. So they wanted filleted and so on. Fishmonger's will do that for you, I presume? Yeah, of course they will.


But, you know, like if if you do get the confidence and the dish that I'm going to talk about this morning is going to be cooked on the bone and generally speaking, with fish and Miach, that if you're roasted on the bone, it will give you a little bit more favoured flavour and it'll help to stop drying out a little bit.


So that's the only Catholics to really put in that point everything off the bone that takes a little bit more skill to cook a piece of fish off the bone, in my view, than on the bone. And because it's a little bit less forgiving when it's on the bone, it'll stay a little bit more moist.


OK, now let's talk about roast black soul with garlic spinach. Now, this is a fish that when it's cooked properly, it's delicious. But also because of the structure of the bone structure, it's very easy to eat the volume.


Exactly. So there's a couple of little tricks that you need to keep in mind here. When you're Rostand, only fish on the bone, really. And so the black soldiers that I'm going to talk about, the recipe that they've shared openly, Twitter and Instagram and across all the social's is for for fish. So it's the four to five hundred soul that you're looking to get. So it's obviously for four people and you want to ask the fishmonger to skin it for you and fill it out and make sure that's good.


And so with the black soul in particular, to take the skin off, it's not like filleting the mackerel or taking the skin off some cold or hate or anything like that. You literally just pull the skin off. So you just do a small little incision down at the tail and you grab a cloth or a tea towel and you just gently proyas the skin away. And just as it starts coming away and nice from talk and the skin was just pulled straight after fish.


And then what you're going to be left with is a piece of fish with the skin gone, a whole fish. And then if you if you look at the piece of fish, then I want you to get the scissors and cut up along close to where you see the flesh, where it meets the edge. So around the edge of a soul or place is the same or lemon sole and they all are more or less the same descriptors along which are small little bones.


But you can remove them yourself with the scissors or indeed a fishmonger and happily do this for. So what you're then left with is a fish that has just a fall fillets. So just two fillets on either side and then you're ready to get going and start cooking up his fish.


So what do we do? So what you need to do is get a medium to large nonstick panel and get it nice and hot, and then we're going to get a piece of kitchen towel and patch your fish. Really, what I'm trying to do here is remove the moisture. Moisture is what can tend to get fish to stick to a pan, and it's a common mistake that people make. So after we've parted, it's really we're going to season a little and then we're going to get it into the pan.


When you put it into the pan, always lay the fish away from yourself. That'll stop the oil that you put in splash and faculty. And then when it gets into the pan, leave it alone for about a minute and a half. Don't keep moving around because what we're trying to do is get the flesh to caramelize a little bit and then when you go to turn it over, it won't be stuck. So if I was doing a dinner party for four people, I would say off one at a time.


I wouldn't try and do the four of them in the pan at the same time. So when you've sealed off one, have yourself be Japan, a Rolston tray that's lined with a piece of parchment paper, a bacon paper.


I'm going to finish it in the oven then when it's time to eat. So to finish it in the oven, it's going to go into a preheated overnight about a hundred and eighty to two hundred degrees and it's going to take from four to six minutes, that's all. And maybe even seven minutes. And it should be cooked all the way through.


How do you check a piece of fish that you've roasted on the bone if you just get a small little office knife or a paring knife and just gently push to fill it away and it will come away from the bone when it's cooked, if you put your knife down along the spine and you push and it's stuck. It means that it's not cooked. Give it another couple of minutes, OK?


And it's so quick to cook that. I mean, you can do it. You can nip out literally while your guests are having a drink and chatting away. You can do it and be ready to serve very, very quickly.


You suggest garlic spinach and the recipe is there on our website and all all of your social media accounts. So thank you very much for joining us.


Roast black soul with garlic spinach is the recipe this week. Ekeroth Mullan's executive chef at the Mocha Hotel, an Irish life health.


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