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That pot Kenny show on Newstalk. This quicksort moved this soul singer. Youngsters scoff about all the cats who ripped him off the soul singer. And believe it or not, of The Waterboys, and the song is called Soul Singer Stuart Clark, deputy editor of Hot Press. Good morning.


Good morning, Pat. I'm very soggy.


My notes are damp, but I'll do my best for are miserable in the capital. It's manque.


That is great music of the brass on that is amazing. It could be James Brown. Mike Scott in a rich vein of form at the moment, pretty much a record every year. That is good luck, Seka. And one of the standouts, the soul singer. I wonder who it's about.


He gets away with being rude because everyone's scared of his quicksilver mood. Loves to grumble. I've got an idea now. Loves to scoff at all of the cats who've ripped him off.


Oh, yes, indeed. Van, are you listening? Happy birthday, Van. By the way, for Monday, the backing vocals are supplied by the wonderful Jacov Mike Scott still living in Dublin. I said at least once a week, walking around the city center with his trademark hat and greatcoat every inch the rock star, which is what you want elsewhere on the record, you've got to kiss a frog or two is very Bob Dylan, Dennis Hopper, pure T-Rex, very glam and a postcard from the Celtic dream.


Time could be Van Morrison doing his half singing, half talking mantra thing. A couple of nods to The Waterboys, more folksy past, but it's very upbeat, very knowing and very funny in parts.


The Best Waterboys album since the last Waterboys album and very good it is to ask him through the tracks last night. Now this is Angel Olsen. You love something easy when you nonexempt, uh, it's easy to openly say, oh, you could never change your mind. That feeling coming of me. It would never do. He had to give it up to. Know what it is, it's now that's a new one from Angel Olsen. Tell us about her.


She's 33, from St. Louis, Missouri, the star of the recent Mark Ronson album, Late Night Feelings. That track is what it is. It's from her sort of new album, Whole New Mess, which finds her stripping down her last record from last year, which we featured on the show or mirrors.


The Sound is kind of Sun Studios, Memphis circa 1956, and the influence, says Polly Harvey and Loretta Lynn. There's that old country thing, a real sense of yearning and heartbreak in the songs that, believe it or not, is one of the more radio friendly tracks. It gets dark at times, but deliciously so. Angel Olsen, whole new mess out today.


Now let's listen to a track that I haven't heard for ages from U2. Stuart, why are we listening to that?


Well, first of all, that song turned 40 in May 11 o'clock, Tick-Tock It's getting a clear blue vinyl release tomorrow as part of Record Store Day. The 12 inch Very Limited also has two previously unreleased live songs, Touch and Twilight.


A lot of the record store day activity happening this year online for obvious reasons. But if it's safe to physically visit your local record shop, please do so. Let me name check a few spend days in Dublin. Steamboat Music and Limerick. Classified Records in Dundalk, roller coaster in Kilkenny, golden desking in Cork of a whole floor dedicated to vinyl and OMG in Galway. Take cash and all your credit cards because there are also special releases from David Bowie, The Pogues, Elton John, Billy Eilish, Bob Marley, the academic Manic Street Preachers, Al Green and hundreds more.


It's your birthday, Christmas and New Year's all rolled into one.


Now, we didn't have time for the riptide movement last week. We mentioned it, but here it is. The deal is in the back seat the first time go with an. He's got a funny way to sneak in, a surprising. For a little more in love from the retied movement, Stewart, one of those bands that we perhaps take a bit for granted, they were always there, a very solid blues rock outfit.


But recently the quality of the songwriting has gone off the scale. They've matured wonderfully, would have made virtually all their money playing festivals. Last year, they opened the main stage at Electric Picnic. But for the time being, they need you to buy their records, T-shirts, tote bags and wave hands.


Spotify, as they keep on saying I don't like preaching is not enough.


Now, the good news and there is a very interesting gig happening at the National Concert Hall.


Yeah, Christy Moore is playing the concert hall on Saturday, September the 19th. No live audience, but there will be seven cameras and a live stream tickets, 16 fifty from Dyce Dot AFAM. That's dissect FM. Christie also has a record store day release his prosperous album back on vinyl for the first time in 40 years. I am feeling old. Well, all right.


Stuart Clark, deputy editor of Hot Press, thank you very much for joining us.