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The part Kenny show on news talk with Marter private network during current restrictions. Don't ignore your health concerns. Our expert team is ready to help. Let's talk about Gayet, because the Gayet was stripped of its elite status last week, it has thrown the season upcoming into great uncertainty and it means that intercounty training or games is unlikely to be allowed until April at the earliest.


So what does this mean for the players? What does it mean for clubs? What does it mean even for Ondrej teams that are desperate to get back out onto the pitch and enjoying a little bit of time with each other? Former Karey footballer, all Ireland five time winner Marco shares with us, along with a clear winner and two time all Ireland winner. James, you kind of don't feel too bad Angelito still got the Aussies kind of have a monopoly down there in carry.


If I can turn to you first of all, James, like what does this mean in the mindset of the intercounty player, the fella who's ready to get gone? Are that the lady who's desperate to prove herself on the pitch? I mean, it's devastating to be told it's not going to happen for another few weeks.


It is, Jonathan. Yeah, and it is you know, at the moment, there's just no clarity. And, you know, the view of the girls in your own court advisory group is it is you know, there's nothing likely to happen or training. No games permitted until Easter at the earliest and until the government has revealed that the updated live McCorvey plan, you know, they're not going to get that clarity. So I think once, you know, once that decision is made, I think then the Geet, you know, will obviously look at a review and the road map.


I'm sure they're already planning the different scenarios that might materialize. But certainly for the intercounty players, you know, there's only so many Zouma sessions. You know, you can you can see a more motivated it's hard to do that kind of physical training, that conditioning on your own and radiuses the crack and the rest of the boys of going to train and mixing with the guys. That's that's what makes it enjoyable. So tough time for the intercounty players at the moment, but tough times for everybody.




But Mike O'Shay, is it insulting to the Geet that they've been left off the list when League of Ireland can go on and professional rugby continues as well?


Hey, Jonathan, I think it is because if you look at last year and if you look at the way the game went about their business, if you look at the way they kind of played the intercounty football and hurling, albeit there was some scenes in the club activity in Club County finals where there was a lot of celebrating going on, it was kind of frowned upon, which is fair enough. But when the intercounty season took off, it was very clear that the game had this well mentioned.


There was obviously no offence, but it was clear that everything was done properly. I think there's no reason why the G are not. At least they are elite. Everything they do. Even when I was playing myself finishing up, it was so close to professionalism that you can get. And I think, James, you hit the nail on the head there. It's very hard for intercounty players not being able to go into the dressing room, and especially just the way I think that if you see the way Dublin and Limerick boards, you know, they want the all Ireland.


It was more stories coming back from the Dublin camp or the Limerick camp of celebrations going on. I think a lot of the players actually just went home straight after those games. I can see an issue in the National League going ahead, being quite honest. Look, there was I think it should go ahead. So if look at the big debate, then, Jonathan, is what's going to happen. All forces are going to be club. Are is it going to be intercounty?


I know that county boards are strapped for cash, for revenue. And there's a strong case then that the club activity should go ahead first.


Because if they do that, no club doesn't make sense, because if you've club, then you've got many more players moving around. The likelihood of them mingling is increased. You mentioned the dressing room. That's probably the place where covid-19 would most likely spread amongst teammates. I wouldn't necessarily be out on the pitch. So if you if you start club before county, then you are exposing those players to potential risk.


Yeah, I agree with you there. But that's that's why I think that we are talking about and there's no way a club is going to go ahead. We come down to level three. It's not level two. That's why I think that the intercounty should go ahead. No, because we've seen before Christmas that they were able to marshal it properly. They were able to to do it. And I think if they do it in such a case where you've had teams in each division separate those into four two groups and you have three games, the top team in each group play in the final.


And you know your teams then who are ready to go for the intercounty scene. While it was great getting the championships finished last year, it's not we're not used to seeing all Ireland finals being cleared in the month of December. We love to see the intercounty action under the summer months. And I think it would be great and I think it can be done and numbers are coming down. And I think this is something that can be done in a safe way to get the intercounty season back running.


James, the criticism would be and again, Dublin and Limerick were both reference there. And we don't know. We.


Ever be able to trace back whether the spike that happened over New Year's, whether any of that even a small number of cases could be linked to celebrations on either side, but the risk is that you're going to have people gathering to watch the matches and that they'll come together because that's what the gay community does.


Is that too much of a risk, do you think, when the numbers are still very high? And could that explain the exclusion? Possibly to an extent, I mean, certainly you look at the numbers and Neil and, you know, you could probably attribute the fact that they were in the football final, maybe some of that some of that Spike Jonze. And I think, again, you know, the up between a rock and a hard place because obviously there's a commercial arrangement with aliens in terms of the National Leagues.


They look like they're highly unlikely to proceed at the moment because they're as they had drawn it up. I mean, the leagues should be it should be starting, as you know, in a couple of weeks time. You know, the league finishing up at Easter time and then into the championship, I would say in the middle of the middle of April. So clearly, it doesn't look like that that road map is is in any way feasible. So I think they just have to wait and see.


I think until until they get clarity around what the government plan is, they're not going to be to make those decisions. And again, their arguments either way, I mean, you know, the majority of players and, you know, it's not feasible thing for the junior to think that, you know, you could you could start intercounty, for example, in June, July, and then have have your club players really starved of competitive games for effectively 12 months.


And certainly the Finance Committee would you know, they wouldn't be disappointed to see the intercounty stuff going back to the end of the season where you might have some chance and that you have crowds back. And obviously there's a financial imperative in terms of, you know, the destination to to this year's revenue so that all these things are in the mix. And that I think until the government reveal the plan and, you know, then the gear really can't make those decisions.




And it affects everybody throughout the organisation. John Horton hinted on Sunday, Mark, that Ondrej training could come back in March. Now, that would be as welcome as the flowers that are going to follow in spring if we could get the kids back out there. But again, we don't know that for certain. And it's frustrating people. It's the same as talking about vaccination centers, not knowing when the vaccines are going to be. They're talking about opening Geor clubs without knowing when we can do it.


It's just adding to people's misery at the moment.


Yeah, it is. It's and it's you see, I think what's tougher this time round, Jonathan, is that during this lockdown, the weather is a lot different to what it was in the first lockdown. And it's just it's very hard for for the young boys and girls. They're doing a lot of screen time with their online learning and they need some activity and they need to get out. We're hearing conflicting reports where government members are saying that, you know, classrooms are safe.


Well, if that's the case, if classrooms are safe, how is not a football field out in the open fresh air? How is that not safe? So it is it's difficult for for the boys and girls. I think it's so important that when you have the screen time that you're doing all day, it's so important that they're able to get old and clear and have some fun on the field. And I really hope that John Horn and it's great to hear that he's talking about the month of March.


That's something that would be a breath of fresh air to not only the kids, but also the parents to get the boys and girls out and get them active.


All right. Well, we leave there. Hopefully it'll happen for the Andre's players. But again, we'd like to see something resembling a normal championship this year, not have to wait until December for the All Ireland finals.


Mark, do you think Kerry might actually do something this year to stop the DOBs from Gordon? You know, we'd always welcome it here in Cork at this stage. And that's saying something.


Yeah, it's hard to know. And this train is going to stop off Condobolin cos they've just brought it to new levels and and to win six in a row is just phenomenal. And they just had this conveyor belt of talent for they're producing new players every year. We saw Jack McCaffrey going last year and then Robbie McNair just comes in and is outstanding, was outstanding all year. So they just seem to be able to you know, if they're McInally, if he was to retire in any other county, Bundaberg, and they just it's nothing to them.


Paul Mannion playing a role off the bench this year.


I think his career to to challenge and I don't think Terry are too far away, but I think if they to challenge, they're going to have to bring something new to the table. They're going to have to to to spice things up a bit and bring something new. And if they can do that, they won't be too far away.


Well, I mean, for the first time ever, I would have happily accepted an answer from a Caribbean era. We'll see.


But you just got back. Thank you for that, Marcus. Pharmaco is what James O'Connor for Clare Hurlock. Gentlemen, thank you both very much for joining us.