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Will this start the show, we got a damn good show for you today. Got a damn good so damn good show, CDC, they displayed some more statistics on how they spread like a virus. They dispersed it, spread it, spread it. All right. Yeah. The CDC became a synonym for sherd that the CDC came up with. Some new stats were gone. Joe Barton has been spotted outside his basement. He is on the campaign trail up in Pittsburgh.


And he gave a powerful laugh, was being given a damn powerful speech. He gave a powerful, ridiculous speech. Check it out. covid has taken this year, just since the outbreak has taken more than 100 years. Look, here's the lives. It's just when you think about it, more lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years. Hey, can somebody please take this man's teleprompter and move it a little bit closer? Look like he's taking the damn eye exam.


Yeah, move it about maybe two to three feet away. Yeah, and whoever wrote his damn script on his teleprompter look like he's reading a fill in the blank questionnaire. Some Jesus Christ. Yeah. I mean, look like maybe put the speech in bold capital letters. Yeah, I would think so. We still mess it up. Oh, man. His handlers not telling him this to run for president. United States can take care of this man.


But anyway. Yeah. Because he can't take care of himself. Yeah. Yeah, they don't say that. Walking around. People carrying them. It may be retired. Yeah, but anyway, you see that woman kind of like you dragging off me.


So that's not a good look for somebody trying to become president. He's got a 19 year old female, five foot three, 90 pounds dragging you. It's not a good look. Joe. Well. It's not a good look for a person running for president, look for. I. Joe Biden speaks, I just showed you a brief clip, yeah, this that whole speech was just pointing the finger. Everybody else. Yeah, he he blames the president for the deaths when it comes to covid.


Right. Said he's incompetent. He handled it wrong. Right. But he makes no mention of what he would do differently. Yeah, nothing. I mean, if I'm running for president, Joe. Yeah. And my predecessor did something wrong, I will point out what he did wrong and how I would have approached it different. Making a better outcome. You nothing. Yeah, he did. He did. Wrong in two. You never shared any ideas you would have done.


Yeah. In fact, when the president shut down travel from China. Yeah. You called him a racist. No, I think it's common sense if there's a pandemic starting in this country. China. Yeah. The first thing that would come to my mind. Hey. It's internal, right, ban, outright, ban all travel from China. They got it. It can't get over here if they don't come here. I mean, it's not going to swim here, right?


It's logical to do that. It's like when the Bahcesehir made us stay in the house. Yeah, right. You locked everybody down to keep the spread from spreading. You called the man xenophobic from that. Yeah. What would you would have done different that Joe, you failed to mention it in a long, stupid speech. Yours you wouldn't it did anything different cause President Trump did everything in his power to the. Keep that spray it down. Yeah.


But, you know, blaming Trump, I don't mean to cut you off, but blaming Trump for the deaths from covid is like blaming the vice president for herpes. Shit. Don't make no sense. Hey. 50000 more people got herpes this year, Noah. Mike Pence, Folt. Told him or blame Trump for it, it doesn't make any sense, true that everything is in fact, the CDC came up with the most twistex regarding covid, OK, over one hundred sixty thousand people have died from you.


Of that one hundred sixty thousand. Yeah, that is from the CDC. Ain't making this up. Yeah. This is not from any right wing news media. This is from the CDC. Yeah. What a CDC stand for the severity of disease control. Yeah. They are on top of this. This is from Neom. Yeah. I don't know. A hundred and sixty thousand deaths, yeah. What was it, six percent, only six percent of those deaths is directly related to cause it was the sole reason why did the heart of those 160000 deaths.


Yeah, six percent, that comes out to, what, 9500 deaths? Over 95, 100. Right. Also, they added in their name. A hundred and thirty thousand of those, one hundred and sixty thousand deaths, yeah, they've been over the age of 16, had pre-existing health conditions. Yeah. Over the age of 60. Yeah. This is why they locked everybody in the house. This is why they let prisoners out of jail.


Yeah, prisoners out of jail because it is. But if they if they if we were so safe in our homes, why wasn't these prisoners safe instead inside of the cellblocks? Yeah. So the only reason why jail brings up covid he's trying to paint the prison is incompetent, but we've covered that he didn't come off any ideas or share any ideas how he would have handled or he didn't even point out any anything the president did wrong. Yeah, I mean, it's a it's a it's a novel virus.


I mean, how do you prepare for virus that you've never faced? Yeah. I mean, it's affected us, is afflicted the entire globe. Yeah. You blame everybody but China. Yeah. I mean, everybody yeah, I call it the Chinese bath, so does the president, you know why? Because it comes from China even has made from China on the virus. You call him being a racist when he call it Chinese virus. Do you call it racist?


When I go to a Chinese restaurant and give me some Chinese food. What made you think did the alcohol Ebola racist because they called it Ebola, that's the river in Africa. Yeah. Where it came from. Yeah, Ebola is that race. If they came out, say, the black man virus. Yeah, that's racist. The black man virus. Well, what if it originated? You want to catch a black man by a black man, but make you bleed from the.


Oh, you talk about Ebola. Yeah. If you're too cold to. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, that's racist. You point the black. So we left and we got a 6:00 a.m. way, but I'm just making a point that there will be race but calling it the Chinese virus because it comes from China. I wouldn't call it racist, just call it that because some Spanish look, Spanish people got it. They spread. It is over.


But anyway, Joe Biden has no idea this is going to move this country forward. He claims that the president is causing all this division and hate in this country when all this hate in this country, all this these deaths, these riots, these protests, all of it's coming from the left. This is this has all been manufactured by the left. Yeah, everything. That's what Trump. It's going to get re-elected, and that's I'm Bill from Tropp 2020, you know, office horse twins dot com and take you out.


Think you got a t shirt today on me to give you 20 percent of this type in this town called Chinese Flags? We call it Chinese because sometimes we make t shirts gr8 D.