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Let's start the show, we got a damn good show for you today.


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You're 20 percent off because I'm a good guy. Now that we pay the bills. The Rock. So disappointing you may have more brains in there. Well, he's a celebrity. They don't get yeah. What do they have on Iraq?


They got something on the run. Dwayne the Rock Johnson endorsing. To politicians that their track record has proven that their politics is equivalent to the movie Dumb and Dumber. And those are the two people you decide to go with publicly in your entire career. You decide to pick Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They're great for this country. Joe Biden supported the 94 crime bill, rock crime bill. Joe, that led to the mess, not a couple. The mass incarceration of blacks.


Yeah, not a few blacks. Not a couple of blacks. He ruined families. This guy has been in government for, what, 50 years and now he's going to fix everything, huh? Yeah. You kept mentioning what I did. Kamala Harris is V.P. Kamala Harris. She's a scale.


So what's your scale? She's not even black.


You know what, Joe Biden picked her because she's black, she's not even black, how stupid is that when when it comes down to it, hey, she's black. Biden, he decides who's black and who's not. Yeah, he said it himself. You don't vote for him. You ain't black. Hey, man, check out a couple clips of his video with the ICJ.


Hi, guys. And I have never publicly endorsed a presidential candidate or a vice presidential candidate in my life over my career, so I figured, let's kick this conversation off this way by me officially, publicly endorsing you both to become president and vice president of our great country.


That's fantastic. Thank you. That means a great battle for real. I you.


You guys are both obviously experienced to lead. You've done great things, Joe. You've had such an incredible career. You've led, in my opinion, with great compassion and in heart and drive, but also soul. And you and I talked about that in the past and how important soul is. And Camelot, I'm going to embarrass you just for a little bit, because I'm going to talk a little bit about your your amazing experience. And you have been an attorney, a district attorney, a state attorney, a U.S. senator, smart, tough.


I've seen you in those hearings. And in my opinion, you are a certified badass.


He must have something on you that was crazy. I have never heard anybody call you. I mean, he's got some stuff on you. D.J., D.J., who the hell's D.J. am I mean, I was so cringe at the very beginning. You come out and say you're public endorsing him, you've never done before. And then they act like they're surprised. I mean, yous should already got that y'all together. Yeah. That's why it's so cringe.


Y you got to fake something. Yeah. You have a fake ID like. Oh you hit it for the first time. Oh man. That's great. And then Biden says his line.


Thank you for real.


It's not genuine is disingenuous. The whole video, the whole feel of the video and talking, the whole video and abstracts like you know. So what does that mean. Right. So what is that, what do you talk about his you should have already known just these past four years that Democrats, they have no soul. They will do and say anything. Yeah, they're talking like didn't talk about no policies. How are they going to make this country great?


You said it yourself. This country's great. Keeping it great, yeah. How are they going to do to make this country better? What policies are going to discuss anything?


I mean, he kept talking about soul in respect, trust and trust, just down to speaking in broad generalities, meaning you didn't really discuss how this was going to make this country back. This country needs a leader like Trump recently. Yeah. What he do, he just designated Antifa and the KKK as terrorist organizations. I didn't do that. Yeah, he was in office for eight years. Trump did Unifor. And not only that, he's pledged five hundred billion dollars for disenfranchised black communities and help bring opportunity.


Yeah, Obama didn't do that. Yeah, it was enough. Eight years later. For what ideas have Joe shared with you? That's going to make. That's going to keep America great. I've made facts of facts, actions speak louder than words. Troopers did more for blacks than a black president. Yeah, unemployment at record low levels before the Chinese vase donated more money to historically black colleges. He actually made that part of the budget going forward.


So black colleges don't have to come to the White House. Hey, I need some money. Trump is already gave the money and put it in the budget. Yeah. So, I mean, you got to know some we don't know what they would what they gonna do. Rock Yeah. Y'all failed to share with us these great ideas they have.


They keep Tumbi. How is Trump's fault? Because all these people died are blaming Trump over China. Y'all do realize that's a virus, right?


It's the virus.


It's all over the world. How can one man be responsible, a virus when it didn't originate here? Y'all say Trump is at fault, but you still don't mention China. They raided the bars. Yeah, they're making viruses. Great. Again, the virus even has made in China.


But is Trump's fault and the rock. No, he's not the rock, he's the pebble now. No, he's not the Rockies deejay, deejay, man hug man. You went out like, Oh man, hey look, I don't get how somebody is as successful as you are. Yeah. The epitome of hard work. Yeah. Black. You didn't wait. He was in Hollywood. I don't care if your mom was Samoan. Your dad is black, which makes you black.


If you go into a 7-Eleven and grab them, they say a big black guy came and he robbed us. Dayglo say, oh oh, half black, half small guy came in here. You know, they say an African-American just robbed us. He looks like the rock. So how can you support two candidates that's actually hurt black people. They got a record of like Kamala Harris locked up over fifteen hundred people for smoking weed while she bragged on radio shows that she smoked weed in college.


On top of that, she stealing people's census so she could use them for cheap labor, this modern day slavery. Yeah, not only that, there was a man sitting on death row and she didn't want to look at the DNA evidence, the new DNA evidence that could possibly exonerate him. Yes. Until the courts forced it to do it. The dude was black. Yeah. Joe Biden's a segregationist. That's what Kamala Harris is. The VP called him.


Did he work with segregationist? And you put that little peanut shaped head of yours together and did the best people you could ever endorse in your entire career to publicly go in front of everybody your first time and you go with Dumb and Dumber.


What is the rock cooking crack, hey, that's why they call you the rock, I guess Trump 20 20 ye oh.


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