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Welcome to season two of Hoda Citizen with Baratunde, where we believe in citizen as a verb, where we show up, where we participate in our democracy, invest in our relationships, know our power.


All that's really nice to say and so hard to do when we're as divided as we are when folks are literally storming the U.S. Capitol. So many ways we could talk about this division. Why can't Republicans and Democrats get along? Should we have a beer? Let's sing Kumbaya. We're not doing that. No. This season we're going deeper. We're talking about the money. Because to be real is hard to citizen when we can barely pay the bills.


So I got my dad. You are going to give black women money one day. And I was like, yeah, why not?


Now, I'm not an economist, but I do know that wealth inequality is tearing us apart and it's preventing us from living in the democracy we all want. So where are the solutions?


Who's creating wealth that is powered by racism? It just felt like there was something terribly wrong with the way that politics was narrating the stories of the lives of the people around me who's making it easier for me not to give all my money to Jeff Bezos.


We're going to have a real fight on our hands about whether we live in a country where Amazon decides how our economy works and who's making sure people aren't working three jobs just to pay rent, getting fifty thousand dollars of debt canceled.


I might as well be 50 million in this season of how the citizen. We're going to find out. There are people out there building an economy that strengthens our democracy instead of weakening it together. We're going to learn how we can invest in that economy so we can all citizen better.