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In March of twenty nineteen, I stepped foot for the first time into a little farm town just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, called Winter. A town full of stories, legends and secrets. It was also home to a man whose name I'd never heard before, but we'll never forget. While I was initially there to film scenes for an HBO series, my time in this unassuming little town and the people I would meet there would prove to be something I could never have expected.


And it would change my life. What I unearthed was a story shrouded in scandal and mystery, 50 years in the making, the story with secrets never before revealed, with one man at the center of it all, a man named Billy Sunday, Burt.


NATO's gambling excitement. It was just more ventures. It was the best man you could ever want to meet and of he could drive a car, but he didn't want to. So, you know, a good gamble, good pool player, a womanizer, you know, so, so fast. Of course, it was the best of the best in everything. This is how we learn. The deeper you dig. The more secrets you're likely to find buried it give you the shirt off the back if you turned your back on them for the wrong reason.


You get.


Filiberto is without a doubt, while the most prolific killers in the history of our country and without a doubt, he was a bad man who killed a lot of people. Sandy Berger never cracked smile. He's stone cold. Senator Byrd was a whiskey man. He was a bit rough. He was a hit man. He was a murderer. He was the enforcer for the Dixie Mafia. He's also my father. I'm Sean Qype from Imperative Entertainment. This is in the Red Clay listen to subscribe now on Apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts.