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Hey, this is just B with Bethany, and today I want to talk to you about regifting the taboo topic. Everybody gifts, very rich people regift. OK, here's how I feel about regifting. I have definitely given people something that is engraved with my name on it for sure in my life. First of all, I'll do this. I'll buy like a really nice makeup bag. And then but I have a problem with buying things that I know are good gifts that are really unique or on sale.


So I have a problem. I went to this really high end Christmas store around my house. This happens every year. And I saw all these amazing, like really upscale, really nice high end snow globes. And they were on sale. So I bought like 20 of them. But the problem is I have like 20 other categories of items that I bought. So I have like really high end nice men's DOP kits that I buy. Also, if I see them on sale and I can buy people like makeup bags or something, I buy it all on a Matagorda.


I'm not in very organized and I'm always getting red, but I buy gifts and I buy gifts that go well with other gifts. So my regifting strategy, and I think it's the best strategy I really do is to say, let's say someone gave me. Really nice products like skin care products, let's say like Kate Somervell, who I love, gave me something for oily skin or blemish, I don't really break out so like or something. That's not my category of skincare.


And I had it. So I would then take one of these really nice makeup bags that I buy and keep just waiting. And then I would put different beauty products in there and then add a candle that I bought on sale like a nice, I don't know, Joe Malone or those. Not really Forseti. Those are too expensive. I keep those myself. I have tons of stuff like this. So I combine and I don't know if that's counted as regifting.


It's technically regifting, but no one's ever sent me a penny unless someone sent me a really nice pen. I would then find like a nice journal to go with it and something else that has had to do. With like writing, you know what I mean, like good stationery, so I'm a combiner and I believe in it and I love it, I'm not changing it. I spend a lot of money every Christmas. I give gifts to everyone.


I'm like a poor man's candy spelling. I have a gift closet. So anyway, that's a mini rant. But I just wanted to say, I think you can regift if you really elevated with other things that you've actually bought and spent money on and including really nice card and nice packaging and all of that, that's that's my that's my strong suit for.


Today, I'm going to be talking to Keltie Knight and Jack Vanik of the Lady Gang, they have created an amazing brand which has expanded and evolved to the Lady Gang podcast. They've even written a New York Times best seller Act Like a lady. And this isn't even to mention their own individual successes. Kelty's a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. Jack has her own clothing and accessories brand and their third partner, Becca Tobin is an actress who I love from Glee.


I love to talking to Katie and Jack because they manage a badass three woman business, which is its own dynamic in and of itself. And I know you're going to love it, too.


Hey, Jack and Kelty's welcome to the show, of course, it's Jack and Keltie of the Lady Gang with one gang member not here today, but Becca sends her regards.


We're so happy to be here. Thanks for having us. And Bethany, before we start, I wanted to tell you that I was talking to your team before. Congratulations on the show.


I was telling them that we we listen to the first podcast of everyone that puts out a new podcast, obviously, because that's the game that we're in. And your podcast is the only podcast that I've consistently gone back to this year. Like new podcast. Yeah, the content. It's so good. It's so concise. There's no fucking fluff. There's no like I'm just going to sit in, like live in like 20 minutes of talking about myself.


Like I've learned so much. I've loved so many of the episodes have been incredible. So congrats to you.


I cannot tell you how that makes me feel because I honestly, I have never listen to a podcast of my life to this day. And because when I when I wrote my book, Naturally Thin years ago, I remember going to different publishers and trying to sell it. And they were like, no, it needs to be like eight weeks to expound lost. And they had all these things they told me needed to be. And I said, we're in modern, like yoga, be healthy world.


And I and then my boyfriend at the time said, you should probably go to school and become a nutritionist. And I said, I'm just a woman who understands the food choices. So I want to write it from my own fresh perspective. So having never listen to a podcast before, I now just don't want to have any preconceived notions about what it's supposed to be, because there are so many. And you are in the beginning, in my opinion, this to me is new.


Now, you were five years ago, right? You started.


It's a little bit over five years. Yeah, it's been crazy. And when we started the podcast, we obviously didn't know anything about it. The only podcast that was out there was cereal pretty much, and then Joe Rogan. So we sort of went into it blind as well. So I think that that really is the secret to success. So, I mean, we did the same thing writing our book. We didn't read any other books that were kind of like ours except for maybe Keltie.


But I think that is just going in it and doing your own thing makes such a difference.


Well, back then, I don't remember what year was, but I remember meeting somebody, I think Westwood One or somebody in L.A. and they told me that the guy I think he's be Dr. Drew or something, he was like a sex guy. He used to talk about sex and that he was making like ten million dollars a year at that time. Who is that guy? You know, I'm talking about the tall guy with dark hair. He's like a Dr.


Drew type. It's going to drive me nuts, you know.


Kielty are you talking about Adam Carolla? No, right? Yes. I was like, I know such an obvious choice. I didn't think it was.


Yeah, he just signed one hundred million dollar deal with Spotify, like more than the Obamas, more than Prince Harry.


He started early, though. Did he start earlier than you? He started before us, yeah. He had already been in the show. Yeah, they had the radio show ever. And then I think they just transferred into podcasting. But they they're fairly content five days a week. He's like a Howard Stern, you know, you like put them on in the morning and you listen to him for two hours. We've been on his show before. It's a trip.


And why don't you do that? What's your reason for not doing that every day? I'm so fascinated. I want to hear so much about you guys in the dynamic, but. So why are you not doing that?


The truth is, we all had other we all have other jobs. I work at Entertainment Tonight. Becca is on her new show on Disney, and we all have other passions. And this began that lady and came out of this frustration that, you know, no one was picking us. We were like at the uncool kids table in Hollywood. So I was like the last person picked back was the last actor picked. I mean, and so we we just we wanted to go to a place where we couldn't get fired.


We wanted to have a job where someone actually said yes to us. And so we decided to say yes to ourselves. And that's why we created Lady Gaga. We always thought of it as a side hustle.


We're like, oh, and maybe if we make some money, it'll be fine, but we'll have something that's ours. And then over the last five years, it's become, you know, a multimillion dollar business and, you know, a tastemaker in the in the category. And we're like, huh? And so now we've all Jack has stepped away from her clothing line. Becca's just booked this huge show. But, you know, we're all kind of like rejiggering our lives so that lady and can be the main focus.


But interesting that you say that because for me, I didn't know anything. I didn't even know there was a list that I would end up on. And it's not the humble break. I literally thought I was doing like a lemonade stand. And then it popped off and I just was doing it because I just wanted a place to express myself. Just a place I need an outlet. I'm one of those people that's not on TV because I just want to be famous.


It's because I need a place for the humor, for the ranting, for the expression. And so this was and my boyfriend at the time is like, you're going to be amazing at this is going to be so good. And I didn't even know what it was. And I just started one day and started talking and I live for it, so I get it. If meal planning for your household is overwhelming you on top of a stressful day of work, you are not alone and you deserve convenes in the kitchen.


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You guys must've been paid three dollars a year, the first. Oh, my God, we didn't make actual money until maybe last year. The first year we did our podcast, we made negative money. The second year, maybe we made two thousand dollars the entire year or so. Coalition, a lot of a hustle. And we have never we've never missed a single episode. We have two episodes a week. We've never missed a single episode in five years.


And it was just the hustle and the drive because we knew that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we really believed in what we were doing that got us through and it really paid off in the end.


And so is this. Now, you guys making real money now? Oh, yeah.


And we're on the joke podcast, so I feel like we can say yes, there is a weird thing with women and money, Bethenny. I don't know what that is. And I feel like you or someone that we look to because you've never been afraid to be like, I'm successful. I don't know what that shame is. We're not allowed to be successful. But yes, we are now successful. We have employees.


You're legit and you're starting from the bottom. Now you're here. Did you guys you guys all did you guys a debt? Did you like it in sufficient fun notices? Like, what was your situation individually?


We all started with no debt. The best thing that happened, all the best worst thing that happened in the beginning of the podcast is we actually started with a different name. And Kelsey and Becca kind of started this idea, the podcast, before I came in. And the name was we call it Voldemort, but it was vampire. And when we started the podcast, we didn't realize that the name was already trademarked. So we started a podcast with this whole different name.


The lady with the trademark came after us and we almost dropped and almost went into debt. A lot of money trying to buy this trademark off of her. But thank God it didn't work out. And we changed her name and kind of started from zero, which is way better than starting from a negative point of view. Right.


I can remember, like, well, I could take thirty thousand dollars out of my savings and you could buy the trip because the show was an instant hit. I mean, we we had listeners day one, like first episode. We came to it.


So we knew it was something we're like maybe I could just we could each put in ten grand just to keep going and like I mean, it was just dismal.


And at the time, Bethany, that we started, it's not like it wasn't our podcast where a brand say, you know, skinny girl is looking and they like, all right, they have five million dollars for marketing budget a year. Where are we going to spend that money? All right. We're going to do this much TV. We can do this much that and we're going to do podcasts like no one was advertising a podcasts, right? Yeah.


So it was really difficult to make money, especially because there was no female shows. So there was a lot of like dude brands that were doing podcasts for advertising. But there weren't the, you know, female centric brands that.


Yeah, because then also there were no females listeners. Right. I mean, a lot of the moms that that listen to me now, they've never, ever listen to a podcast for a podcast. And they're like, I would be that person. I'm them. I understand that. They're like the people that watch me on HSN. They're just like, how do I do this?


I'm like, I don't ask you. I'm figuring out the same thing so I can know how to do.


I don't even know we're doing well. How does the dynamic work with three now? I mean, my daughter, often when they're when there's a three person play date, it's more challenging than two. So is there a power struggle? What are the arguments? You guys are really good friends and you vacation together. It's just you just colleagues that respect each other. What's the dynamic individual?


I think the coolest thing about our podcast in our relationship with each other, we went into it. Kelsey and I were acquaintances and we share a mutual ex boyfriend. I dated him first. He took my sloppy seconds, then back to him after gross I hooked up with when he went back and I hooked up. I never go back to an ex. We had one night and I actually thought it was when Kelsey was still dating him, but we figured out it wasn't OK.


That's what we know each other and then back. And I had never met until we took our first meeting podcast one, which is the network that we're on. So we kind of went into this as business partners first and we found each other through the podcast. So it's really interesting because our listeners are kind of going along with the ride with us as we make inside jokes with each other and we learn different things about each other. So it's really cool.


I mean, we don't really hang out outside of work. I think Kelty and I are maybe trying to plan a trip together, but who knows if it's a work trip, Bethany? It's what I want it and I need to go get Jack focused. So why are you taking her away?


Maybe we can go with our partners. Kelty's like, no, it's a work trip.


Wait, so what relationships are you all? And Keltie and Becca are married. And then I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years. We're going to get married and stuff, but all in serious relationships.


So you'll have more things to talk about. Does anybody have kids? Not, you know, kids? We have we have we're in the stage of our lives where everyone's struggling with fertility.


Yeah, I just everyone's actually struggling with it. Yeah, we've had well, Jack, just frozen embryos. And Becca and I both had miscarriages and you know. Yeah.


So we're we're like we're in that stage right now or if we're in the thirties we're deep in 30s.


So that's very interesting that you're going through that too, like. I mean, you've been through being sort of single, yes, on the show. And getting married.


And then now, you know, the fertility issue that's right on the podcast has been really good because I was single when we started. I entered a relationship with a psychopath for a while and then I was single again. So I my dating stories on the on the podcast through the years have been pretty amazing.


It's incredible that, OK, so you have separate sides hustles. Each of you like all the other businesses you're not in together. You have some things that you're all in together and then and then other businesses that you're not in and who drives that whole thing? Who's sort of the CEO? See, I'm the I'm the CEO.


We have our own name for it. It's called K type. It's like a type. But for Keltie, OK, sorry, I'm a pentagram. I'm like I'm a Bethany. What does that mean. Three anagrams that I have to take the anagram. You have to. Well, we already know she's a three, but it's a personality test. You can be a one to a nine and everyone has a different test. And like me and Becca, we're both three is.


So where are achievers? Jack is like an enthusiast, so she always wants to be like on the beach, at the party, at the bungalow, like what? Doing or whatever. And so we have to keep her focused.


But so we just drive. We drive forward and it kind of works like this. Becca comes up with a big idea. Let's start a podcast. You're so great to get on, Bethenny Frankel. All right. Let's ask her for like four years, you know what I mean?


To get her on the podcast and then we just work away at that little goal until it comes true and they all magically come true. If you work hard enough and then I'm the doer. So I'm the one who's like, OK, how are we going to do this? Let me find the publicist, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. And Jack is a creative genius. She has her own Jack Vanik line that's sold in stores around the world.


And so she designs the look of the brand, the branding, the labels, the you know, we just did these awesome sweatsuits in the care, the little care tag on, like how you wash it is like be nice to yourself, eat carbs, you know, like it's just every detail of what we do is so cool. And so that's kind of how our little trail works.


I mean, it sounds like the ultimate legitimate and not touchy feely sacranie female empowerment. There has to be there's no Rob. There's no like there's really no Rob here. Like, you guys really just all work this out together. This is stunning to me the way that I could be like this business, the two women on the day today in all aspects of things that I just find it. I find it. That's why you're so successful.


I mean, I think that's amazing and inspirational in and of itself is so insane because we do work so well together and we each have our separate talents and we know how to stay in our own lanes. I think that that's the biggest thing is none of us are kind of stepping over each other. Like Kelty's not telling me what to use for something that I'm designing. I'm not telling you how to do a rundown for the podcast. We're all we all know what we do well and we stick to what we do and have our blinders on.


So I think that that's the biggest thing. And we also we've never talked about how we handle conflict, but somehow we handle conflict really, really well with each other and are very honest. And I think that that's just kind of what gets us through.


Yeah, the honesty is it it's not it's at there's no bullshit answer to success.


The stakes are too high. You have it has to work. It's like a serious, committed relationship. The stakes are too high. It's too far. It has to work. So there's no failure is not an option, you know, and it sounds like. Know what you know and know what you don't know. And I think that's a big, big failure. And many, many businesses, you see it in fashion. Fashion designers all of a sudden say that they're business people also because they can design something that does not mean that you're a good business person.


I know exactly what I know and I know what I don't know. And if you don't know, you better ask somebody, you know, having good partners, good teams. And it's also liberating to know what you don't know. Then you have to deal with something like that's not your thing.


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Bethany, can I ask you a question? I know this is your podcast, but I can I can I ask you a question? OK. You said when I'm making money and making money and when I'm doing philanthropy, I'm doing fine therapy. And how do you think it's like a female facing business? You know, you you can I guess you're saying how you separate the two, because the thing that we're coming up to now is that every basically every time we do anything like our clothing line or whatever, we have always done like a charity aspect, you know what I mean?


Where it's like 10 percent to a portion of the proceeds is going here and we're like, so happy to do that and have the people who are doing that work on the part.


I'm not into it now because it's still going to be like those stores and these like socialite women that are like come to the store on Madison Avenue or come to the shopping event and we're getting 15 percent of the proceeds that I like. But that stuff could be 50 percent off half the time anyway. And I just I don't think anybody really notices unless it's like Thom's did a great risk. One shoe, literally. You understand it. I think you should just make all the money and then decide to do the charity separately.


I really do, because I don't believe it. It's like an afterthought for some of these people.


Or an excuse. Well, it's been an issue because in the fall we launched our clothing line and we didn't have a charity aspect because we were like really in it with our own money. And we're like, we need to make money. We need to pay employees. We need insurance, like we need other stuff. But then all year we did covid boxes to first responders, teacher boxes to teachers working from home just for free like stuff. We got, you know, use that money that we made off that thing to do that.


But then people came to us and they're like, oh, I'm only buying things that have a charity aspect.


I have never heard that there's enough. I've never heard that I do not have a charity aspect to go, but I do plenty of charity. So maybe you should just get your charity imprint more public so than you're not being asked. No one's confused by the fact that I'm a capitalist and I'm also a philanthropist. So you can be both. But I don't just for me personally, when I see 15 percent goes to blah, blah, blah, I don't have to pay attention to it is such an afterthought to so many things and so many people don't notice it.


So you're good. Not that your good deed is going on notice, but it's just not it's not getting the attention that it deserves. I think when you do separate it. No.


And you might to make a bigger impact by like making all the money out of clothes and then doing something else, you know, something major. Yeah, it's sort of piecemeal, in my opinion. It's just the way that I see it. I've never once bought something because a percentage goes to charity, never once I donate it to charity. But I've never once done interesting. So whatever that's worth, I'm curious. I'll ask my listeners to write and tell me what they think about that.


Then I'll get back to you, because, listen, I'm only one person, but that's what I really. How much was the percentage you were giving, by the way?


I depended. We had a bunch of things, but it's between like ten, twenty, twenty five percent, you know.


So it's like I mean you can get forty percent off of something in general, like in your mind thinking, wait, I'm not paying full price because I'm now getting twenty five percent here. So I bet there's a lot of different psychological things that I would think about that. The truth of the matter is one hundred percent of the strong money goes to philanthropy and we've it's been seventy seven million dollars in three years. So it's still building a brand in philanthropy.


It's not that I don't want people to know that information. I do want them to know it. And just like a business, I want it to be street cred. So you have to be strategic about your philanthropy as much as you are your business because you want to be successful in it. You want to have it. You know, people want and are alive. If they're going to donate to your charitable causes, you want they want to know exactly where money's going, how it's being used, and that's an honor for them.


It's no different than them investing in the money. And Merrill Lynch.


So true. Got to go to them. Provini So everything is your business, even if it's philanthropy.


Not that you're making money on it, but you know what I mean. Do you feel like it's a Lady Gaga as a brand? Do you feel like it is an actual brand because it's an overused words. I'm asking if you really think that you know exactly what brand identity is, you can explain it in an elevator. Do you feel that you've built a brand? Absolutely.


We are actually talking about this the other day because we were having a meeting of what, twenty, twenty one is going to be what things we're going to put out. And I remember having the conversation where we're like we could put out here, Caroline, a makeup line, anything out there. And we know exactly what the product would look like because we have such a strong brand identity from doing all these different things and kind of finding it along the way, because when we started the podcast, we really had no idea what the brand would be.


And we found it just through living the brand itself, which I think is a really cool thing because it's so genuine.


We have such an amazing community. And I think that's the the single most important thing in our brand is that we have worldwide community like our girls. I mean, I let my wedding dress to one of our girls. We have celebrated marriages and deaths and job promotions. And we have like we know our girls, you know, and we have a real one of these girls.


What's the demo? The demo. Well, the thing about the demo that's so funny, I mean, the demo is mostly, you know, probably twenty five to thirty five working women, but we have and I don't know why teenagers are listening to our podcast, but we have teenagers up to grandmas that listen to our podcasts.


And those are the people that come to the show when we do live shows. And it's so fun because there's there are ladies all around the world that listen to the podcast. But what Keltie is talking about is we have like a Facebook group full of thirty five thousand women, and we pull them for everything that we do, whether it's the clothing line that we're making guest that we're having on the podcast. So Lady Gang is so much more than the three of us, lady gang guys, women around the entire world.


And we really do take their voices into consideration with everything that we do. And I think that that's what puts us in a different world than a lot of these other female podcasts out there, because they're so centric and ours is just very open to everyone. Yes, it's like a universe that is a gang, which I love. It's yeah, that's interesting. Do you want to sell this brand?


Chelsea? I mean, I do. And here's here's where it's an interesting business conversation. I think that we have been inspired by people that have come before us and now are inspiring people that say, I want to start a podcast, I want to start a brand. And it's amazing, like. Right. We've put in the five years here we are and we have been able to crowdsource or figure out or have mentors and figure out everything until now.


And 2021 is the cusp of where the fear kicks in, because now this is bigger than any of our ability. It's like this is into the next level where you almost need to, like, bring someone on who really knows what they're talking about, because we have it all and we've been doing it all ourselves. And and that's what's scary. And it's like, of course, I'd like to sell it. And of course, there's all these different avenues that I'd like to go in.


And we're always thinking like we have. I was just at this like event retreat thing and this woman said to me, you have all this data on your girl. And I was like, yeah, we know everything about them. And she's like, this is a billion dollar brand. And I was like, what, like scared the shit out of me because I was just like, I know that in my soul that it is. But like, how do you get there?


Oh, my God, it's terrifying. Yeah.


If you were to do that, it has to be someone who really has institutional knowledge. You can't just be it can't be just the money has to come in and take a piece but understand how to to to run a living, breathing brand like this. I fully, fully get it. One hundred percent of skinny girl, which is crazy anyway because it was already sold. But that was I only let them take the cocktail portion and now I'm going back into cocktails in a different brand.


But to own a hundred percent of it, you know, I'm building it to a certain point and then I'm going to either cash out the whole thing or take a piece of money to to blow it to the next level, which I'm not even sure that I need. That's the other thing I asked Mark Cuban twice. Didn't Mark Cuban do I take private equity money? He's like, what do you need the money for? And the guy I don't really need the money is I mean, why would you do it?


Why would you sell it? Does it make you a lot of money every year? I'm like, yeah, he's like, OK, so that's one opinion. Other people are like, take a pile of cash, have someone get involved and still have a big piece of it. I mean, there are so many decisions to be made in business. You just have to really decide ahead of time what you really would spend the money on. And you're going to get a little diluted, not just financially, but like in what you're doing, someone's going to not think the what the one piece of advice I would say to you is have fewer buckets full than saying yes to everything and having buckets sort of third full time.


You guys are still young. The time is more valuable than money. But like the little dribs and drabs in between, that's that's a time suck because the equivalent of being like on your phone looking at online.


I love that we just had this. You know, Bethany, it's the year of no. But we were like, we'll say yes to every little podcast, every girl that's coming up that wants us on the show. We'll do every little ten thousand dollar deal. And we're like, this is the year of No. One hundred percent.


If this is not a sign that we need to double down on that. Keltie, I don't know what is so crazy.


Let's let's get this up and have this, like, play every morning on Alexa when we wake up. I saying that is our new alarm clock.


It totally is. Oh, my gosh.


You're speaking castles fill the buckets. So it sounds like you girls are making incredible choices. You've created a real success that's going to go all the way and you'll take it into the end zone. And I have adored this conversation.


Oh, thanks for having us. This literally is a dream. It's a dream, Bethany. And, you know, you you are such an inspiration to so many young entrepreneurial women because you're very you're outspoken about being successful and so, so few women are. And it's been nice to, like, be a trailblazer almost in your wake because it it's it's been really easier to be strong willed in our needs, decisions and confidence because of people like you.


So we talk about you and the things that you've done a lot of even before we had met.


Oh, my God. So thank you so much. And I hope we get to talk. And congrats, Bethany.


Thank you for having me and everything.


Thank you so much. You too. Congrats on everything. Have a good day. That was such a great conversation. It's the first time I've spoken to two women. I am absolutely fascinated and impressed by a group of three women in their 30s working together on the day in, day out on a brand decision making, different personalities. That is honestly something to be admired. That is a skill set that is like a management tool. People would have to go to seminars to figure out how to do that.


I mean, marriages between couples don't work. I mean, three people with equal shares of a business and a brand working together with totally different skill sets is fascinating and something to be admired and to be looked at. And that that should be a book that they should write on that level, not just on their whole culture, but they should write a book on that look dynamic.


I'm very impressed by the way it brings to mind that you have to know your personality to many people. It sounds like they need to work with others. They need to continue to bounce things off each other. They want to have somebody else to support. And that's a style. It's not the corporate style. I talk about where people want to be part of an infrastructure and a hierarchy and can still be utterly successful and mavericks and moguls or a person like me who really likes to have a good team around them.


But I you know, I like to fly solo. I mean, I need my Tom Brady and I need my team, but I like to be the Belichick and running the show, calling the shots and just making the ultimate decision. So I find that to be amazing and fascinating. Please continue to review and subscribe. Just be with Bethany. I'm loving this so much and I can't wait to talk again. Just be has hosted and executive produced by me, Bethenny Frankel, Brail Productions and Endeavor Content.


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