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I don't work at people think I work out, and it's a tricky thing because I don't I'm not in the best shape, I'm thin, but, you know, I do yoga. I walk on the beach. I will say that I've always been in some sort of relationship with fitness. And I do believe that working out is like a relationship. It's like your relationship with food, which should be a healthy one. It shouldn't be obsessive. I was good if I didn't eat.


I was bad if I ate. I ate a handful of chips. Then I have to eat French fries and cake and destroy myself and I'm going to be good tomorrow. You know, that was my whole book, naturally thin. It was about that mental torture, that inner lamb screaming, that noise about food. And the same thing goes on with exercise. I see people running around like crazy, obsessed about working out, then eating their weight and everything that whole day.


And then they have to work out again because they ate so much, because they worked out that morning. You also have to figure out what's good for your personality type. Like I'm thin, but I want to get tight so I don't need to be running around, jumping up and down, doing jumping jacks and dancing and doing the grapevine when I need to sort of tighten and lift.


So I did this free YouTube workout today, so.


I found my former yoga teacher online and there are free videos of her. So a lot of people are joining these online things and I thought I have to subscribe to something. And it's not that I'm not going to spend the twenty nine ninety nine of the fifty dollars a day or I don't know what it costs, but it's that then it'll make me feel like I have this pressure about it. So today I just went on YouTube and I and I feel like I'm stealing.


That's stealing this guy icic that is my makeup artists xed his name is Isaac and Christopher. Buchel used to go out with him so and my cheating on Christopher Buckley, I have to ask him if I'm allowed to work out with his ex-boyfriend. This guy Isaac has his whole community apparently, and he donated to charity and he works on different rich people's houses and he shouts you out, which is why I don't want to go on and be part of the online thing, because I don't want to be shouted out.


Now, I'm hacking into someone else's Instagram account to work out an ISIS thing and I get it out. So there's a 15 minute workout for free. So I made Paul do with me today and it was great. And it's also the Jane Fonda workout. Just you know, a lot of these current workouts are the Jane Fonda workouts. I'm thinking about taking another Post-it note out and reviving some iteration and modern version of the Jane Fonda workout, because that was always manageable and I could do it.


And it was like the curves of workouts. It's not like Trista Anderson where you get yourself into a pretzel, your vagina becomes your asshole, and somehow you're doing these weird, complicated, convoluted moves that you don't you just don't know how your body could be like a contortionist or in Cirque de Soleil. That's a lot for me. It's overwhelming. I could do it once, cry and sweat, but then I'm scared to go back. So Isaac's 15 minute thing was like a modern I how her monitor was.


He's just cute. A nice he's got his dog there and we did some fifteen minutes and I felt like it worked and it was for a person who wants to get tone. So I feel like you could just Google around and you could get a different private trainer every day for free just by YouTube. Is that stealing. Hatcheck is that stealing. I think that you should find what works for you because some people need that like sweat and that craziness in that manic spinning type thing, that running, that jump at dancing, that jumping jack, that mania, because maybe your calmer in your life than I am.


Maybe you're more, you know, sedentary or maybe just more chill as a person. My friend Sarah is like really monotone and she's just chill. And so she needs that. Sarah, here, you're very chill. Sarah works to me, is also very chill. She doesn't get that flustered. So she likes big major workouts, too. So I think I've come to something. I think that your personality type attracts a different type of exercise that works for you.


I'd like to do a little side thing about Bikram yoga, because forget the fact that the I think it was Barum Baptiste's that he was like he had like crotch hugging male panties and was sweating on top of other people and like adjusting people with his dick in their face. That's a separate conversation. But when you do things like Bikram yoga or these other things, these places give you like five free classes in a row and then you are in the cult is just enough days to get you in the cult.


And I'm not really a cult mentality, so I can break out, but I've seen people there be like I did a morning. I did a night. I did two a days. People get into this crazy cult like exercise mentality and I don't think that's healthy. Like those people at the gym. I used to see these very, very, very, very skinny, skinny, unhealthy looking women that would stay in the steam room for like an hour and a half, like, you know, something's wrong.


I did not take crystal meth this morning, if anyone's wondering, so what do you guys think about workouts and your workouts for your own body type and what you're attracted to? I feel like we could really hijacked the system by just every day doing some other online free workout. So Derinda and I were talking about. This guy that is the type of guy that like picks you up, you've been on a flight from London to come visit him and he picks you up and wants to go on a fucking hike together versus like going to get a glass of Chardonnay and relax.


So I was with Paul on a vacation and we ran. We were in the Dominican Republic and we ran into someone that I know I'm friends with who I like a lot. And we ran into her and her boyfriend and we said hi. And then you're like, oh, God, are we now on vacation with them? And we like, you know what I mean? You know how that goes. Like, we thought we really like them, but like, that doesn't mean we're on vacation together.


So we showed up, we saw them. Hi. We did some meals and it was totally fun, hung on the beach, dip in and out of a dip in and out kind of girl in every way. But in the morning, I guess we were just walking to go get like coffee or get some fruit for the room and we wake up early, don't get it twisted. But we saw them and we just did a hike smiling, all fucking happy and healthy and American.


And I was like, I fucking hate you. We were just drinking coffee. And I was just like there that couple that like we booked a four hour Thai massage later and then we're going to go ziplining and we're going to go do the paddleboarding through the jungle adventure. And I am not that person. I did have Paul do that like 15 minute workout just so he wouldn't leave the room and then get caught up to something else. And I wanted to sort of capture him and be like sort of like a prisoner, you know, like shackle him to myself.


So that's the only reason why I was, you know, working out with him. And once in a while, same thing. If I'll have a yoga person or I'm doing yoga. But you want to do with me just because I feel like it'll be good for his body. And I'm here and, you know, he's not competitive about exercise or anything, and he always says no anyway. But if he did it, it'd be nice because it's not like he's so into it.


I don't like when someone gets super into something like now we're that couple that like every day we're doing this and in fact, we got into surfing and it was not good for our relationship because it was like almost competitive. And then he went and it was so excited by it. And I almost got like taken by a wave. But he was so excited by, like, being Sean Penn and Fast Times of Ridgemont High that, like, I was drowning and I was like high.


And he's supposed to enjoy his own experience. He's supposed to be excited when he rides that wave. But because I almost drowned, I was like, why are you watching me? Why were you only, you know, he couldn't win. It wasn't his fault at all. But anyway. I don't I feel like you should be an occasional workout with your partner person like a beach walk is lovely, will be great old people to go to get frozen yogurt, sit on a bench and take beatbox.


That's delightful because you could talk, etc. But being that sort of overly competitive, rock climbing, hiking, boot camp, mud runner, that kind of fucking cross fit couple, I'm no I don't want to be trained by my boyfriend and enter into any kind of fucking weightlifting competition with him cheering me on. I'm interested in that. That's L.A. that couple that has shows up and like those short water-Resistant shorts at the coffee line together because they've just worked out.


That's what L.A. is, couples in neoprene shorts showing up to get a blended cafe mocha to show everybody how much they worked at. I actually knew girls in their twenties that would see their guys and be in workout pants, even though they didn't work out because they want them to think they worked. And that's more. The other thing about these at home workouts, which is the same as in shop, really, I just adore working out in my pajamas.


Like I it's just such a so efficient and cost effective, like I wore these fuzzy drawstring pants that are sweats, not really pajamas, but they're comfortable so that I sleep in them. I have a tank top in them and I wake up and I'm in like a little warm sweatshirt. And then if I do yoga, I'll just put a bra top under sometimes. But the basic one is really about your bottom legs. You don't even need it.


And then do the workout and then you shower. But like you used that outfit so much like you've lived in it, you've eaten in it, you've worked out and ate, you've slept and you put in the fucking hamper and you're like, yes, you you walked out. The outfit worked out also.


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I have only ever done one other Zoome podcast, and it was with Hillary Clinton. So you're my second. So tell me about your family. Like who's in the house now? What's the dynamic? Who runs the show in your house?


Yeah, I'm super close with my family, and that's one hundred percent what I've been able to stay, I guess, grounded or some people like I mean, like you said, like you said, come off nice. That's that's one hundred percent my mom and my dad. But they've always been really, really supportive as well. So I've always been a kid trying to do a little business venture since I was probably 12 years old. I was always trying to find ways to make money.


So they were used to they were used to me doing these bizarre projects or needing to go to the stores and buying all these like Wax's or dies or getting a bunch of blank t shirts to go print or emailing companies with them and then helping me write my emails like when I was younger. So they've always been really supportive, but also making sure that I keep a get out of my shoulders.


They would say that you've always been an entrepreneur. Did you always think that you had that IT quality? Did you think you were destined for something great and to be successful? Did you even think about that? Because at your age I wasn't even thinking about what I was going to be doing with my life. I mean, I didn't get until my thirties. Did I really think about what road I was going to be on late thirties, so did establish any sort of a success.


So that's why being so young is fascinating to me and how this whole thing is going to go.


It's a crazy story and I feel like people might find it hard to believe when I tell them. But ever since, like as far back as I can remember, I'm going to say seven years old. I was I was raised in like a Catholic household as well. So we were a little bit religious. It wasn't like super hard, like every single Sunday. But I would always pray every single night. So before I went to bed, I would always, like, pray to God that I would be, like, destined for greatness.


Like I knew there was something more. I knew there was something more to me than just like doing the normal college route and then getting a nine to five, you know, or you had a feeling I one hundred percent.


Now that's about one hundred percent.


OK, it's like I told my parents, it was like I was always doing business things. OK, that's big. Yeah. I just wanted to be seen like I knew my name. Josh Richards would be. Now that's what that's what I always thought. If it was known by, you know, ten thousand people or where we're at now, we're it's it's like twenty five million. It didn't matter. I just knew that I would be in a place which was a little not so ordinary.


To have an impact would be you would not be living an average life. I didn't know a lot about your whole world. And when I thought about, quote unquote, the tick tock or the social media influencers, I thought only game changers on this podcast, only mavericks only started in the bottom. Now we're here. The filter is very, very serious. And I don't put people on just because they're famous or because they're rich. They have to have really done something in reading about us, said let's have this guy on the whole show because it is a it is a business story and you're definitely changing a game.


And that's sort of what we're talking about. So a couple of things come to mind. Listen, you're young and there you have a lot to learn no matter what. And so you hopefully, you know what you know and know what you don't know.


Yeah, I would say that's something that actually Michael and I have talked about a lot recently is. Sticking to what you know, right, because you can be super, super smart in one area, but then the second you step out, you can become a complete moron so that you know what you know and know what you don't know is so important, especially in this business world, and especially when you're a founder, especially when you're investing because you're you're either one dealing with other people's money that's invested in you or you're dealing with your own capital that you're investing or you have your company with 10 other people involved that you're affecting when you make decisions.


Right. So for us, we really, really focus on the things we know. We bring in operators and they can do certain things in the company that we don't know. So we're really big on like the plug and play model. Got it.


OK, and there have been many fashion designers that have lost tons of money, many chefs, because these are creative types that have thought that they're business people versus like Calvin Klein had a partner called Barry Schwartz and that was the business. And Calvin Klein was designed not to say the Calvin Klein isn't a genius in his own right. But Elton John and Bernie Taupin, like good partnerships, are where one person is great at one thing and the is the other.


And the twain don't necessarily meet doesn't mean that I'm not creative and a business person and a marketer and a business person. But I know what I don't know. And that's that's going to be a big thing for you. So that given that the money you talk about investing, are you investing your own money or people are just giving you equity because you have a value and sweat equity? No, I'm investment capital. Interesting. Wow. And does that make you nervous?


I mean, it's so cool to be on the other side of, like, running over founding a company. Right. Like, I have my own company and the energy which we founded and we built and we brought in an operator. Evan Burns is amazing. He helps out a lot with it. He did long drink as well.


But to be the people that are actually giving them capital instead of going around trying to raise money. Right. And to see those young founders or whatever age they are and see how and how driven they're what their passions are, what I can actually learn from those other founders when I'm going in investing, if I invest and I mess up, then it's a it's a learning opportunity to see, OK, what where did I go wrong? What did they say that I should have caught if I missed an investment and they do?


Well, then I can follow that investment as well and be like, all right, I should do this with my company. Or, you know, this is something that I thought wouldn't work out. Turns out it did. What was I missing? So I would say I love investing an elevator pitch.


Is you being able to tell me what your brand is in an elevator ride. So pitch your brand. All right, so I'm an entertainer, started when I was 14. I've been able to grow my following up to twenty five million on tick tock, seven point five on Instagram and two point four on YouTube. I enjoy spreading out my content on social media platforms. I have a podcast with barstool sports and really want to keep heading into that Dave Portnoy and barstool entertaining category.


That's something that really intrigues me with my social media. I've been able to step into the business world. I really want to focus on growing up my entrepreneurial portfolio. I founded talent management company managers. The top 100 creators then created sway within that management company within Hsueh. We were able to build out any energy company barisal and I found it together. After that, I started focusing a lot on equity plays and investing my money. Teamed up with Trillo to become the chief strategy officer over there, acquired a part of Ellins company Unhide and I'm working with her as well, with Snoop Dog with Dog for Dog, the dog food company where we're giving back a dog food bag every time one's bought to a shelter.


There's about like seven hundred thousand dogs that are euthanized a year in the States. And I have a dog and there's about six in the south, so. Oh, wow, that's me. That's what I do.


OK, that's your resume. What I want. And it's amazing. And you're so smart if you define exactly what your brand is like. It's about being an authentic, edgy, modern entrepreneur influence or something like that. If you have the statement that it is your mission statement, what it means, you will only do deals and stick to that. It'll make it so good. Then every time someone comes to you and offers you something because you're getting offered everything, you will only do things if they adhere to that brand.


Or you might adjust your brand a little bit. But I think you're so smart. This is fascinating for me. What do you think about fame so early? Like, you know, the Justin Bieber, the Michael Jackson having such enormous fame and things thrown at you so early?


Yeah. Yeah. So what I found is it's a gift and a curse, right. Like, no one kid that's in their senior year of school wouldn't say what he said at high school. I'll drop out, moved to L.A., live in a mansion, partnered up with my friends and post social media content. Not one senior like in high school would be like, nah, I don't want to do that, you know what I mean? So right.


When you look at it that way or you look at it from an outside perspective, it's like they have the best lives ever. But then when I do all those things, like the three and a half years of work that I was doing in social media to get to the point where I could go to L.A. my senior year in high school and like drop out of high school, I was getting made fun of for three and a half years, like every day going to school.


It was like kind of shitty. And I knew lunch period would be the worst every day because I'm going and sitting down and it's like I had my friend group and I was kind of a pop, like I was a popular kid before I did social media because I played like hockey, I played soccer, I played basketball. I was like an athlete in a small town. So that's how you kind of get popular in a small town. And then I had my small friends or whatever, but I would always get made fun of it.


And then when you come to L.A., you think like, oh, well, now I'm around people that are like me, right? Like now I have social media people. So you make a lot of friends really quickly. You get like a group of twenty friends, but then people start stabbing each other in the back. It's L.A. So then so then everyone's going down the road of, like, finding out people are fake. And so that's the biggest lesson I learned, like being an eighteen year old in L.A. and it sounds weird, but you need to find like a click, keep it tight, keep a circle tight.


One hundred percent inner circle, stick with them. And not just at your age. By the way, my circle is tight as fuck. Keep it tight.


Yeah. That's that's my house. That's why live with these people. It's like everyone in here, I would take a bullet for it and it's like I don't need to go hang out with anyone else on it, by the way.


Yeah. I mean when you have you want to go find friends, you can find them later and you can be friends with people in business. But it's not show friends, it's show business. So you've chosen this road.


Dating, is there a benefit to dating a woman in this world, would it be nice to find some girl who didn't care? Do you care? Is it just fun? It doesn't matter. What do you think? And one of these girls, can you tell right away if they're thirsty and want to be in that house and want to get a night in the house? Like, what's the deal with all that? So, yeah, for sure.


I'm in for from my experiences. And it's funny that you bring that up because that's my mom's number one worry is like you'll never find someone that does is for you. Just for you. Like you'll never know. Right. So for me, when I when I had my first girlfriend, my first serious girlfriend, I didn't come public reserve for three months. So it was like I dated for three months and I made sure that we didn't tell anyone.


We didn't post because I wanted to make sure that we were having a real relationship. Right. And then after that, we slowly started posting other blah, blah, blah. And I've only been with that one girl since I've done social media. So like for the last year and a half. But yeah, there there's definitely craters like that focus utilizing the relationship for.


So do you think you're overextending and how do you navigate that? Yeah, no. So that's that's like a daily conversation. I mean, we get pitched probably like 30 companies a day.


Like it's crazy, like the amount of companies that are like in emails or pitch to Michael that come back to us like. So we're not saying yes to everything. If we were, we would be actually drowning. It's looking at which opportunities are almost too good to give up. And also what we want to do, like when we are doing a lot of things that are passion projects. Right. Or they're in the category where it's it's a home run and we're also passionate about it.


It's like we're going to carve out that time. We'll find that time because we just love doing it naturally. Right. So there's a couple of things that we do that is just it it loses that feeling of work because it's fun.


So you said that you talk to your parents about business and they nurture to you in all these ideas. Did they teach you about business or you would just say that you were just born that way?


It was definitely more of born that way. My parents are business people. My dad's more of just like a hard worker and like he will put in hours and hours to understand something until he gets it right. He's a math teacher as well. Like he's the head of the math department who teaches calculus at high school. So he's like he's really smart with numbers. And I think that's what helped me in business a little bit because I'm very analytical and I'm always like studying Dad.


So, like, there were little, I think, things they gave me that helped me a lot with my business. And then my mom's also just like she's a speech pathologist. So she has to be really good at speaking to people. She's a people pleaser. So I think me getting both those skills helped me a lot in the business world because I'm able to turn on charm when I'm going to business dinners or talking to people that we need to please.


And then I'm also able to when I was growing on social media, it was all studying numbers like I was going to the leaderboards on musically at the time. And I would go through and I would get my sister to go and following Unfollow, I think it was two hundred and fifty people every single day. There was literally a leader board that showed who spent the most money on the musically as fans who donated the most money. So what I was doing is why wouldn't I go and target that customer and get that customer acquisition when it's like that right there.


So that's how I was thinking. At fourteen, I hired my sister on a fifteen percent commission based salary. And like all these things, I wouldn't have known if my dad didn't, like, help me with the math and like we were doing crazy math problems that were actually in the business world. So it was like my dad was targeted to that on purpose. But yeah, my sister would go through follow on follow. I'd be like we were targeting the exact customer I wanted.


I was an account with ninety thousand followers that was beating the seven and 10 million follower accounts in gifts because I knew which customer I wanted to acquire. I didn't need the ten million followers that weren't going to donate at that point. It was just a business. So I needed the ninety thousand followers that we're going to donate.


So what is your favorite thing? What's your favorite thing that you're doing? And it's let's let's let's talk business and then personal. What's your favorite thing to do in your personal life and what's your favorite thing that you're doing? Your professional life.


All right. Personal life, literally. Any like boys trip. I'm in one hundred percent. Well, it's like going golfing. If it's a down the ice, like I'm a hockey player. I love hockey. So if it's hockey, literally anything with the sports are like the boys day, like surf and beach, whatever. Male bonding and love it. I'm all about it. Camping trip, ice fishing. Let's go. It's like you got to vibe with the boys.


I mean it's like girls go on their girls trips the same thing.


Yeah. Great. I love it. And then. Like the business side, I would say there's actually two things right now that I'm like, I think it's because they're maybe a little bit one's a little new and exciting. So I'm really intrigued by it. And that sports cards, I love trade like sports trading cards, really getting really into that. I saw you actually had Gary V on the podcast, so yeah, I've been talking with him lately and it's like I am so such a believer.


I think they're going to absolutely skyrocket. I've been lying to days. I've I want to start focusing actually on my social media career and like the content I post on sports card and trading, it's just like such a cool field. I love it. I think it's cool. So it's like I think I'm going to be the modern day where you can actually invest in these art pieces and they're going to be like a hundred thousand.


Fascinating. My father was a major, major baseball card collector, like he left his baseball card collection to Joe Tauri.


Right. So, like, baseball is ridiculous. There's cards that go for like millions.


It's a really serious collection of jittery, has it? Well, as you've been talking, I think that whatever your mission statement is or whatever your brand statement should include sports, business, media and venture capital. So it's not just social media, it's media. So you're taking it more serious than just social media. But as I talked to you, this is the things that are jumping off the page, not in that order. And then the last thing is, so if you like a girl or you want to talk to them, do you pick up the phone and call or do you FaceTime or do you only text?


Definitely not only text. I suck at texting. I'm the worst texters like ever, but it's like the in-person thing in the podcast. I just like being in person people. So if I like a girl, I got to go like talk to her in person, like I'm going to call her and be like, let's go hang out at the beach or let's go on a date like a Renaissance man.


This is what every girl wants to hear. No one. That's an excellent, excellent answer. It's beyond what I imagined. I thought you were a person who's going to get into a relationship and a break up on tech. So that's no one's surprise. No. Two, are you romantic? You know what romance is? Do you send girls flowers?


OK, so I know what it is. Obviously, I would say that I'm a little bit of a hopeless romantic, but not in a good way.


It's like I just suck at it sometimes they call it. Or how do you sleep a little. No, it's like I'm just like I get so wrapped up in like day to day stuff that sometimes I forget, like, oh, maybe I should plan like a big thing, but every once in a while I will like I'll do like like let's say like with, with NASA, like when we would have like something coming up that was like a weird dating for a year or a birthday or something.


It'd be like I'd surprise them with like her with like a trip to Malibu. So we'd get like an Airbnb and it'd be like to two nights and melted. So other things like that.


So the answer is yes, you're a romantic and flowers will always be appreciated. Just letting the good flowers not like one eight hundred flowers. I think you're wonderful. I'm so glad that I do. I'm for this is even longer than I used to talk to anyone. You're wonderful. I wish you all the success and the luck in the world. And if there's anything you need from me or you want to do anything together, tell Michael he seems great.


But you have an amazing head on your shoulders and I can't wait to hear your homework. What that what that brand statement is. One hundred percent. I'm off to get on that today. All right. Thank you so much, Josh.


Thank you. I thought that that was so interesting, I just loved thinking about the influence of Josh's parents have had on his life, and it's kind of not only about who he is, but you see that he's so young that his parents and how they raised him being such a massive star right now in this next generation that many of us don't even understand.


Books sort of need to to understand our kids and to understand the future and to understand commerce and entertainment and social media and all that. So I thought that that was really fascinating.


I'm still waiting to hear exactly what Josh's brand is and if he's going to give me his elevator pitch. I've given him homework, so I can't wait to see if he does his homework.


And I find it fascinating that an 18 year old is making serious business decisions.


It's amazing. You can't underestimate our youth.


I just love the different types of people and businesses we keep talking about on the show because they're just broadening our horizons together. And every time I read about one of these people, I'm just floored by what people can accomplish starting from the bottom ending up here and just with sheer will, determination, passion, drive and quality.


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