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So Donald Trump and his dirty postmaster general may be trying to slow the mail, but the states are stepping up their legal attacks.


Let's talk about that and let's talk about a postal experiment we can all participate in because justice matters. Hey, all, Glenn Kershner here. So it sure looks like Donald Trump and his dirty postmaster general, Louis Dejoy, are involved in a criminal conspiracy in violation of a federal law to slow mail delivery.


Fortunately, there are some states that are stepping up their legal efforts to put a stop to it. And we're going to talk about that in a minute. But first. An experiment. This is what I'm going to do tomorrow.


Monday morning, we often ask ourselves, you know, what can we do to get involved in the fight for our free and fair elections, to get involved in the fight against the destruction of the Postal Service being undertaken by Donald Trump and Lewis Dejoy. One thing we can do is we can obviously contact our elected representatives, right? We can call them. We can email them.


We can text them.


And what I'm going to do tomorrow morning is all that and then some. So I'm going to call, email and text my congresswoman, Jennifer Wexton and my senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner. I'm going to have a conversation with them.


I'm going to say, please, please take the fight to Donald Trump and Lewis Dejoy, including making a criminal referral of them to the Virginia state attorney general. And we'll talk more about that in a minute, because that is what is beginning to happen and it's good news.


So I'm going to ask my elected representatives, please take the fight to Trump and Dejoy and try to save our postal service and our free and fair elections.


And I'm going to say one more thing.


After we hang up, I'm going to send you a letter. This one is addressed to Representative Jennifer Wexton, my congresswoman. I have two more, one for Senator McCain and one for Senator Warner. I'm going to say I'm going to document this phone call we had and then I'm going to put this in the mail to you.


And can I please ask you a favor? Can you have your staff? Just give me a call. Send me an email. Let me know the day you receive it. Because that way I can document the delay, I can document how long it took for this letter to travel the 10 miles from my house to the office of Jennifer Wexton. And that is a small but concrete way that we're going to be able to show how Trump and Dejoy are slowing, if not destroying mail service.


If that makes sense to you, that little experiment, if it resonates with you, maybe you want to give it a try as well.


If it really resonates with you, maybe you want to blast it out on your social media platforms and urge others to do the same so we can concretely document the destruction of the post office if we can do it in the hundreds, in the thousands, in the millions, you know, then we've got ourselves a pretty good experiment there. But let me turn back to what Donald Trump and Louis Dejoy are actually doing, because to this old 30 year prosecutor, it sure looks like a conspiracy to violate the federal law by slowing mail delivery.


Yes, there's a federal law for that. And for those of you scoring at home, it is 18 United States code, 17 zero three 18 USC, 17 three. No, there will not be a test at the end of this video, but the title of 18 USC 17 three is DeLay or Destruction of Mail or newspapers.


And here's how it reads in pertinent part, if a Postal Service officer or employee destroys or delays any mail entrusted to him, he shall be fined and imprisoned for not more than five years. Well, Postmaster General Lewis Dejoy has all mail entrusted to him.


And he is wrongfully, nefariously, I contend, unlawfully delaying delivery of that mail because Donald Trump is trying to interfere in our right to a free and fair election.


That presents so much more evidence than you need to open a criminal investigation to open an investigation in the grand jury. That's what I would be doing if I were still a prosecutor and had jurisdiction over this crime. Will Bill bar the one responsible for initiating that investigation of this crime that we see unfolding before our eyes, will Bill Bar open an investigation?


No, not in the Donald Trump or his postmaster general or any cabinet member? Of course not, because Bill Barr doesn't care about his obligation to represent the interests of the American people. Bill Barr doesn't care about supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States.


Bill Barr cares about protecting Donald Trump's.


It's going to say something else. So Bill Barr will let this crime go uninvestigated and unprosecuted. Until January, that is, and then we'll hopefully have a law abiding president and a law enforcing attorney general and this and every other crime by Trump and Co. will be investigated.


But here's the good news, because there are some of some state officials, some state representatives, some state attorneys general who are stepping up, you know, just as the president, the attorney general and other federal officers have a responsibility to support the citizens of the United States, every state official has an equal responsibility to support the citizens of their states.


That includes the citizen's right to vote in a free and fair election.


Here is what has been happening in recent days, and it is encouraging.


The Arizona secretary of state, Katy Hobbs, in the last couple of days made a criminal referral of Donald Trump and Lewis, the joy to the Arizona state attorney general.


Let me say that one more time, because it feels so good when elected and appointed officials affirmatively and aggressively protect the rights of the people. So I'm going to say it again. The Arizona secretary of state, Katy Hobbs, made a criminal referral of Donald Trump and Lewis Dejoy to the Arizona state attorney general.


Here's what she tweeted out in Arizona.


It's against the law to delay the delivery of a ballot. I've asked the attorney general, burn, burn Novich, Burn Davich excuse me, to investigate recent changes at the US Postal Service and whether or not the Trump administration has committed a crime. Will they have committed a crime? They are committing a crime and they will keep criming. By slowing down the male to interfere with the elections until someone steps up and puts a stop to it, and here we have the first someone who is stepping up and making a criminal referral of Trump and Dejoy because of the crimes they're committing that are interfering with the rights of the citizens of the state of Arizona.


This is good news, folks, but there's more.


Because there's been a second criminal referral of Donald Trump and Lewis Dejoy. This one also in recent days by U.S. Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr., he's a representative from New Jersey and he made a criminal referral of Donald Trump and Lewis Dejoy to the New York state attorney excuse me, the New Jersey state attorney general. And here's what he said in a tweet tonight.


I've made a criminal referral to the New Jersey attorney general asking him to impanel a grand jury to look at subversion of New Jersey election laws by Donald Trump and Lewis Dejoy and other Trump officials in their accelerating arson of the post office. He got a little flowery at the end there. They're accelerating arson of the post office.


They are trying to burn it all down, no doubt about it.


Figuratively speaking, Trump and the GOP are trying to burn down the post office in advance of the election by making these ridiculous changes, cutting all overtime, pulling, sorting machines out, sorting machines that enable the two postal employees to sort thirty thousand pieces of mail that without the machine would take about 30 Postal Service employees.


Come on, folks, this couldn't be more transparent and it couldn't be more illegal, I contend. So now we have two criminal referrals in two states, Arizona and New Jersey. And can I suggest that every state in the country should be doing the same thing?


Every state, every state attorney general should be undertaking a criminal investigation of Trump and Dejoy for interfering in the state citizens rights to participate in free and fair elections. Because it's time it's time to put a stop to this. It's time to let the American people breathe. You know, Trump's got his knee on our necks, he just does, and we need to breathe and we need to vote and we need to be protected and we need to be represented.


So thanks for watching, folks, I'd like to add that we just posted our first long format podcast, the name of the podcast is Justice Matters, and episode one is the Trump Crimes Commission. Right. I talk about the need to hold Trump and Co. accountable in a court of law beginning in January. So if you're inclined, please download our podcast and give it a listen. Also, you can always connect with me on Twitter, Glenn Kershner too.


And finally, we just started a Patreon page. So if you want to go and become a patron, if you want to support our content and our efforts, we would greatly appreciate that.


So, as always, folks, please stay safe. And I look forward to talking with you all tomorrow.