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Let's talk about the president and the damage done and how we can best move toward fixing that damage because repairing what Donald Trump broke. Like justice. Matters. Hail Glenn Kershner here, welcome to another episode of my podcast, Justice Matters.


As you may know, if you tune into my YouTube videos or listen to the Long Format podcast on Sundays when I post it, you may know that I'm a 30 year former federal prosecutor.


I started as an Army JAG prosecuting court martial cases back in the 80s. I transitioned to the Department of Justice, where for nearly a quarter of a century I was a federal prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia.


What I try to do in my daily YouTube videos is take what I learned from inside the federal government for 30 years, use it to identify legal issues of the day, put them in the larger context, and then try to talk about some proposed solutions, how we can fix things moving forward, because we've got a lot to fix. But we're up to the task, so first of all, I appreciate you watching these YouTube videos. As you may know, I post them every day trying to tackle a legal issue each day.


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So with that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let's talk about the issue for today.


So I read an account.


By an emergency room nurse in South Dakota of what she's contending with in treating and trying to help, in trying to comfort covid patients, her name is Jodie Dooring, and I assume she uses her real name on Twitter.


It sure looks that way in her bio.


And what she said in a series of about three tweets just sort of dropped on me like a ton of bricks regarding the impact that Donald Trump has had on his own supporters.


And after I read her string tweet, I immediately, for some reason thought about the Neil Young song, The Needle and the damage done.


If you're an old classic rock guy like I am also a classic Motown guy, you might be familiar with the Neil Young song, The Needle and the Damage done kind of self-explanatory even by its title. But it has to do with the sort of lure of illegal drugs, promising nirvana, but delivering something very different and potentially destroying lives.


And when I read Jody's account and I thought of the the Neil Young song, The Needle and the damage done, what came to me was the president and the damage done. So let's talk about the president and the damage done.


So first of all, I'm going to call her Nurse Jody, if that's OK.


Nurse Jody Banner on Twitter. You'll see it. I'm going to put it up on the screen.


It simply says, be a good human. And her bio includes a little bit of information about her, including that she's a South Dakota E.R. nurse, she's a Blackhawk mom. She says life's short laugh hard daily. Her passions include health care and equality. You know, it's funny how even with just a dozen words that somebody chooses for their Twitter bio, you kind of feel like you start to get to know them.


And I already like Nurse Jodi based on her banter in her bio.


And then I read what is a very short string, maybe three or four tweets.


And as I say it, it kind of rocked me. Here's how it reads. I have a night off from the hospital as I'm on my couch with my dog. I can't help but think of the covid patients the last few days, the ones that stick out are the ones who still don't believe the virus is real, the ones who scream at you for magic medicine or scream at you that Joe Biden is going to ruin the USA, all while gasping for breath on 100 percent Valpo Thurm.


They tell you there must be another reason they're sick. They call you names, they ask you why you have to wear all that stuff. PPE, personal protective equipment, I'm assuming, from her her her narrative, they ask you why you have to wear all that stuff because they don't have covid it's not real.


Yes, this really happens and I can't stop thinking about it, these people really think it isn't going to happen to them. And then they stop yelling at you when they get intubated. It's like an effing horror movie that never ends. There's no credits that roll, you just go back. And you do it all over again. Which is what I will do for the next three nights, but tonight, says Jodi in her tweet, It's me and Cliff and Oreo ice cream.


Cliff, her dog, based on the picture she posts. And I have on my quote home Hooty. The South Dakota I love seems very far away right now. So when I read that account from nurse Jodi, an emergency room nurse in South Dakota, I thought about the president and the damage done.


And, you know, we get angry at Donald Trump supporters sometimes. We ask ourselves, how in the world could people still support Donald Trump? Well, you know, people have a right. To listen to the president of the United States and believe him. Credit what he's saying. Make their life decisions, their behavioral decisions accordingly, Americans kind of have a right to do that. Even if Donald Trump is lying and even if the people he's hurting most are his own supporters, you know, Americans have a right to listen to their president and to believe him and to credit him and to make their day to day life decisions accordingly.


So it's understandable that some people take no precautions against the risk of contracting covid because Donald Trump with his every word, with his every.


Behavior. Screams at them, There's nothing to worry about, this isn't real, we've turned the corner, there is no risk. Get out there, live your life. Don't worry about masks. Look at me. I had it. I beat it. It was nothing. People have a right to believe that to credit it. To make their behavioral decisions day in and day out, according to what Donald Trump says and does. The president and the damage done.


So how do we fix this? How do we fix the fact that millions of people have. Credited have believed have absorbed Donald Trump's message that no precautions are necessary and they have behaved accordingly. And now they're struggling for breath in a South Dakota hospital, yelling at nurse Jody. That they don't have covid because Donald Trump told them it's not real and why are you wearing that PPE? Give me the magic medicine Trump told me about Joe Biden's going to destroy this country and they yell at her and they yell at her and they yell at her.


Until they're intubated. That's when they stop yelling. How do we fix this? The only way we fix the president and the damage done is with education and accurate information. Right, Donald Trump's supporters have been duped. By Donald Trump and Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo and Bill Barr. And all of the other. Administration officials to Navarros in the Meadows who say there's no harm here, go out and live your life, don't mess up. It's disappearing like a miracle.


We've already turned the corner. The kids have to get back to school. We must get our economy back on track. And Donald Trump's supporters believe those people. They're duped by those people, but they have a right to listen to them and to credit what they say. Even though we know they are lying to the American people. The only way to defeat the president in the damage done is with education and accurate information. And education needs to take the form of patient, persistent.


Unapologetic, unyielding. Information and education all delivered with empathy. That's the only way to undo the president and the damage done, education and accurate information. The good news is education, accurate information and empathy. Is coming in January. The bad news is it will probably come too late. For some of Nurse Judy's excuse me, Nurse Jodis. Patients. And for that. We need to hold Donald Trump accountable. That's where justice comes in. And justice matters.


For those patients yelling at nurse Jodi. Until they're intubated. Justice matters. Folks, as always, thank you for listening. Please stay safe, please don't listen to Donald Trump and his lackeys, his sycophants protect yourself. And I look forward to talking with you all again tomorrow.