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We are not here to curse the darkness, we are here to light a candle. Hi, this is Chuck Rosenberg, host of the Earth podcast. I am pleased to announce that we are back with season four. We have an incredible lineup this season. I am honored to bring you a long form interview in two parts with an American hero, Robert Mueller.


The third, perhaps you only know Bob Mueller from his role as the special counsel in charge of the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and the report that bears his name. But Bob has a long and honorable legacy of service to our nation over half a century. And an incredible story that we're seeing can happen in Vietnam is to fail as failure is synonymous with death. Marine Corps is entrusted to you as their leader. They look to you. I also sat down with an milgrom, the brilliant and engaging former attorney general of New Jersey.


It's a huge failure. If a police department says to me, we did a great job, there was a homicide, we caught someone. That's a failure. The great job is to prevent that homicide.


John Jarvis came up through the ranks of the National Park Service, ultimately serving as its director for eight years, helping to preserve these magnificent national treasures and to tell our American story.


The national park system reflects us. They represent our most extraordinary natural landscapes and our most important moments in history. And by protecting them and passing them on to the next generation, we are giving a gift.


Like Bush rose through the ranks of the New Zealand police over four decades of service to become its commissioner.


Our oath is that we keep the peace and we prevent offences against the police as opposed to the visible presence of fighting crime.


And fighter pilot Heather Lucky Penny, a pioneer, one of the first women to fly an F-16.


Her story about a mission she was ordered to fly on the morning of 9/11 is absolutely riveting because we did not have any weapons on board.


The only way that we would be able to protect our nation's capital once we found the hijacked airliner would be to ram our jets into the airliner.


This would be a suicide kamikaze mission.


These leaders demonstrate that decency, service and integrity are very much in fashion and vital to our nation. Our democratic institutions are continuously being tested. That's always been true. But our compact holds that our nation moves forward and the promise of the earth and the people who serve well, they are more important than ever before.


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