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Kopi Time E047: Dan Wang on the global semiconductor race

Kopi Time podcast with Taimur Baig

  • 6 days ago
  • 48:00

Spanning cutting edge design and production that range from of silicon to wafer to integrated circuits, semiconductors are perhaps the most complex and critically important product in the world today. Which countries and companies are good at the various design and production stages? Why did Intel slip over the years? What explains TSMC’s rise? Where do China, Taiwan, US, South Korea, Japan and other countries fit into this narrative? How have states gotten involved, and what are the national security implications? How will the China-US rivalry take shape around the race to establish semiconductor chip supremacy? To delve into this fascinating subject, we are lucky to have with us Dan Wang, a foremost expert commentator on the semiconductor supply chain, as well as related regulations and policies. This is a must-listen. See for privacy information.

Kopi Time E046: 1 year-anniversary episode with Bert Hofman

Kopi Time podcast with Taimur Baig

  • 11 days ago
  • 56:51

Yes, it has been a year of Kopi Time! When we did our first recording on February 24, 2020, Covid was still a China-oriented crisis, and global financial markets were still buoyant. But even then, in that inaugural episode, Bert Hofman, Director of the East Asian Institute at NUS and Professor of Practice at the Lee Kuan Yew School, warned about the sharp 1Q contraction unfolding in China and possible spillover risks. We invited Prof Hofman back to Kopi Time to take stock of the past year and the road ahead. We begin by going over the global policy response to the pandemic and the fault-lines and vulnerabilities revealed last year. Prof Hofman then considers Asia’s outlook this year, along with the risk of financial market contagion. We then discuss China at length, including Bert’s scorecard for the economy in 2020, the dual circulation economic strategy, push for innovation, agenda on climate change, developments in the digital currency space, and of course, the future of China-US relations. We thank our listeners for their time and support over the first year of Kopi Time. See for privacy information.

Kopi Time E045: Ajaita Shah on supporting rural female entrepreneurs in India

Kopi Time podcast with Taimur Baig

  • 20 days ago
  • 48:35

Ajaita Shah, founder and CEO of Frontier Markets, joins Kopi Time to talk about connecting female entrepreneurs and customers in rural India. A US citizen of Indian origin, Ajaita moved to India 15 years ago, and has spent the past decade running Frontier Markets. We talk about the incubation process of her endeavour, the challenges faced, pivots made, and the digital journey so far. She walks us through the core values of Frontier Markets, key milestones reached, and the adjustments made necessary by the Covid pandemic. Ajaita also sheds light on her experience of working as a female social entrepreneur, and her ambitious visions for the future.  See for privacy information.

Kopi Time E044: Mark Sobel on the US economy and Biden’s agenda

Kopi Time podcast with Taimur Baig

  • 29 days ago
  • 50:05

Mark Sobel, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for international monetary and financial policy at US Treasury, joins Kopi Time to offer astute insights on the US economy and President Biden’s agenda.  We touch on the following: Loss of rebound momentum in recent US economic data A scenario of sharp 2H21 pick-up in demand around successful vaccine rollout and a large fiscal stimulus What we should expect in the Biden rescue bill Expectation of the near and medium term growth impact of a trillion plus stimulus Likely relationship between the current Fed chairperson (Powell) with the former chairperson (Treasury Secretary Yellen) US near- and medium-term inflation outlook Conditions under which Fed tapering will be on the table  Area of concern on financial stability Outlook for the USD  President Biden’s China strategy  Outlook for emerging market economies See for privacy information.

Kopi Time E043: Alok Oberoi on the SPACs phenomenon

Kopi Time podcast with Taimur Baig

  • about 1 month ago
  • 33:17

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies are known in the investment world as SPACs. These structures have taken the limelight in the world of fund raising in the past year, with over $81bn issuances in 2020. SPACs in fact made up for nearly half of the IPO market in the US last year.  We at Kopi Time can’t let such a major driver of capital market activity go unaddressed, so we reach out to an industry expert, Alok Oberoi. Alok has over three decades of experience with asset management, including senior roles at Goldman Sachs and ACPI.  We go through the ABC of SPACs (what, why, how big, players, sectors where there is activity, life cycle, history), along with their purpose, usefulness, and potential. Alok provides lucid explanations of the structure and operation of this mega growth activity, and is forthright is laying out that there are open questions about the performance and challenges of SPACs.   See for privacy information.