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Hello, my name's Rich, and welcome to Premie Skills, English Premier Vocabulary. Hi there, I'm Jack. We're here to help you with your football.


English Premier Vocabulary is a mini podcast for you to learn football, English, one word at a time. We have three different levels for you. Easy, medium and hard. This episode is easy. So we're looking at common football, words and phrases, things you use and need to know to play the games.


The word we're looking at in this episode is, kids, the word kit is usually used to describe a set of something.


Let's start with our main football example and then we'll look at some other types of kit. When we're talking about football and we use the word kid, we're nearly always talking about what we wear to play football, a football kit is the sets of clothes we wear to play football. A football kit consists of the football shirt, shorts and socks. We talk about home kits and away kits and sometimes even third kits. A home kit is what a team wears when they play at home.


And an away kit is what a team wears when they're playing matches away from home.


And a third kid, this is what a team wear when they're away, kids and home kids clash with their opponents home kids. A kids clash is when two teams kits are very similar to each other. You can't have this. The players wouldn't know who to pass to. That's why we have third kits. Manchester Cities is really cool. A paisley shirt. I'm not so sure it might look good for a night out, but not on a football pitch.


Have a look at the Manchester City players in their Paisley shirts on the main page for this podcast and tell us if you like this kit.


OK, we've been talking about football kids, but there are many other types of kids, remember, Kit is usually used for a set of something you can get all kinds of sports kits, tennis kit, cricket kit, rugby kit. When we talk about football kids, we're usually just referring to clothes. But for other sports, we might be talking about clothes and equipment.


You need a lot of kit for cricket, clothes, helmet pads and of course, a bat.


We also talk about kids when we talk about music. I think the most common type of kids in music is a drum kit. A drum kit is a set of drums. We also talk about a tool kit or a first aid kit. Again, this would be a set of tools or medicine and bandages and things usually in a box kit is also used to describe a set of things you need to put together.


You might enjoy putting together model aeroplanes, boats or cars from a kit, or maybe you've bought a drone kit and made your own drone.


We talk about it more generally to what kind of kits you might need before going camping. For example, we might also talk about kit for things someone needs for a specific purpose. Doctors, nurses, soldiers and police officers all carry kits with them.


There's the final whistle will be back soon with more premie vocabulary from premie skills.


English bye for now and enjoy your football.