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Hello, my name's Rich, and welcome to premier schools, English premier vocabulary.


Hi there, I'm Jack. We're here to help you with your football.


English Premier Vocabulary is a mini podcast for you to learn football, English, one word at a time.


We have three different levels for you. Easy, medium and hard. This episode is easy. So we're looking at common football, words and phrases, things you use and need to know to play the game.


The word we're looking at in this episode is possession. There are a few ways the word possession can be used and it can be used in and out of football.


The word is generally connected to having or owning something we can talk about our possessions, our personal possessions. These are the objects and things which are ours, we own them. Our personal possessions could be anything, really, clothes, books, photos, ornaments, computers, mobile phones, even cars or houses.


We also use in possession of to describe the state of having or owning something.


Did you know that I'm in possession of some very interesting information about the transfer of Lionel Messi?


I don't believe you're in possession of anything but gossip and rumors you've read in the newspapers.


This is the meaning we use when we talk about possession on the football pitch to. Before we talk about possession of the ball, let's think about the spelling of the word possession. Yes, it can be a bit tricky to remember how many S's are in possession.


There are forces in possession, p0 double's e doubleness eion. So we had just started to talk about possession of the football on the pitch, possession describes the state of having the ball.


We can talk about possession of the ball or ball possession, but usually we just use the word possession. Possession is one of the statistics that are often used to talk about a match.


We might say a team has had 70 percent possession.


This means they've had the ball for 70 percent of the time played.


There are a few collocations we use with possession when talking about football.


One common collocation is hold onto possession. This means keeping the ball and not giving the ball to the other team. We might also hear the phrase to keep possession, which means the same thing, some teams are better at holding onto or keeping possession than others.


Some teams might hold on to possession or keep possession for long periods of time because that's their style of play.


They play possession football. However, most teams try to hold on to possession in the last few minutes, if they're winning, they don't want to give away possession and give the other team a chance to attack.


To give away possession or lose possession means to lose the ball and give possession to the other team, seems like Manchester City and Barcelona famously rely on possession, but it's becoming more common to see teams do well without possession.


A team with little possession can often defend well, and then when they get possession, can counterattack quickly and create opportunities to score. So maybe precision is more important than possession.


There's the final whistle will be back soon with more premie vocabulary from premie skills English.


Bye for now and enjoy your football.