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Hello, my name is Rich, and welcome to premier schools, English premier vocabulary.


Hi there, I'm Jack. We're here to help you with your football. English Premier Vocabulary is a mini podcast for you to learn football, English, one word at a time. We have three different levels for you. Easy, medium and hard.


This episode is medium, so we're looking at football words and phrases. You need to describe what's happening on the pitch or words and phrases fans and commentators on TV might use.


There will be lots of phrasal verbs to learn at this level. The phrase we're looking at in this episode is counter attack, counter attack can be used as a noun or a verb, and sometimes it's written as one word and sometimes a hyphen is used between the words counter attack is a compound word.


It puts two words together to create a new idea. So I usually write it with a hyphen.


If you're not sure whether to use a hyphen or not with compound words, it's best to check in a good online dictionary like Cambridge or Oxford or Merriam Webster. I've just checked Counter-attack and Cambridge Dictionary doesn't use a hyphen, Oxford does use a hyphen and Merriam Webster says either can be used. Let's look at the meaning of counter attack. Like so many words and phrases in sports, its original meaning comes from war and the battlefield.


We often describe a match as a battle. We use words like defend, attack and shoot all of them.


We used to speak about war before. They were used to speak about sport and football.


Counterattack is another example. A counter attack is an attack made in response to an enemy's attack on the battlefield.


A counterattack is often a fast response to an enemy's attack and is intended to stop further enemy attacks.


We often hear the collocation a swift counterattack, which we also hear football commentators use.


Let's look at how counterattack is used in football, the meaning of counterattack is similar in football to how it's used in war. A counterattack is a fast attack in response to another team's attack.


Counterattacks are usually used by teams that are mainly defensive and don't have the ball too much. A team defend a lot and let the opposition attack and have the majority of possession. When the opposition eventually lose the ball, the team attacks quickly with a number of players.


The opposition still have lots of players in attacking parts of the pitch, so there's lots of space and chances to score on the counterattack, on the counterattack.


That's a phrase we hear to describe teams that play in this way. When Leicester City won the Premier League, they played on the counterattack.


Yes, they were a brilliant counterattacking side when teams play Liverpool or Manchester City, they often play on the counterattack as they think this is the best chance for them to win. You might also hear people just shorten on the counterattack to on the counter, Lester were brilliant on the counter.


There'll be lots of chances for them on the counter counterattack, a style of play that involves attacking with speed from a defensive position.


There's the final whistle will be back soon with more premie vocabulary from premie skills.


English bye for now and enjoy your football.