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Hello, my name's Rich, and welcome to premier schools, English premier vocabulary. Hi there, I'm Jack. We're here to help you with your football. English Premier Vocabulary is a mini podcast for you to learn football, English, one word at a time. We have three different levels for you. Easy, medium and hard.


This episode is medium, so we're looking at football words and phrases. You need to describe what's happening on the pitch or words and phrases fans and commentators on TV might use.


There will be lots of phrasal verbs to learn at this level.


The phrase we're looking at in this episode is on aggregate, the word aggregate is used to describe a total or hole number that is made up of smaller numbers or things which have been added together.


For example, the aggregate attendance at Premier League matches in twenty eighteen nineteen was fourteen point six two million.


This total figure comes from all the matches that were played in the Premier League last season.


So there are 20 clubs in the Premier League and they each play 19 home matches. So that's three hundred and eighty matches in total.


Good maths rich. Anyway, fourteen point sixty two million was the aggregate attendance last season. All the attendances at all the matches added together.


The word aggregate is used most commonly in maths and economics, but also in sport, as we will see now.


We want to look at how the word aggregate is most commonly used in football, and that's when we use the phrase on aggregate, on aggregate is the phrase we use when the scores from two matches are added together, the phrase is used in cup competitions when teams play two matches against each other.


Normally, one match is played at each other's stadium, and the winner is the team that scores more goals over the two matches at the end of the second match, there would be the aggregate score.


Last week, Manchester City beat Real Madrid for two on aggregate, they won the first match to one and the second match to one.


If you add the two scores together, you get the aggregate score for two city one four two on aggregate.


But what happens if the scores are level on aggregate?


If the scores are level on aggregate, then the team who scored more goals away from home wins, or then there's extra time or penalties.


There's the final whistle will be back soon with more premie vocabulary from premier skills.


English bye for now and enjoy your football.