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We watch monsters on the screen and read about them in books, dragons and fairy tales, ghosts in horror films, mythical creatures. But in this story, the monsters aren't simply works of fiction. And Lovecraft country, the monsters are all around us living on from generation to generation. And sometimes they even live inside of us. Ashleigh, is that really how you're going to talk for this whole podcast? You know, I thought given the fact that it was a horror podcast, that the voice was right, I understand that maybe we should change it up a little bit.


Maybe. Maybe.


Hi, I'm Ashleigh Sicard, writer and podcast host. And I'm Shannon Houston, a writer on the series. We are the hosts of Lovecraft Country Radio, the official Lovecraft Country podcast from HBO.


So I'm someone who's obsessed with horror and literature and black culture.


And so I'm excited for Lovecraft country because it brings all of my favorite things together. And Shannon, like you mentioned, you're a writer on the series, and I am so excited to dig into this with you.


Yes, but you know, Ashleigh, for the sake of this podcast, please don't think of me as this fantasy writer living in her fancy mansion with her fancy notebooks and all of her piles of money, like just consider me a fan of the series.


And because of my background, of course, a TV critic, especially since I'm not in a mansion because I don't have one. And I'm recording this at my kids closet.


Lovecraft Country premieres on HBO and streams on HBO Max on August 16th at 9:00 p.m. will be with you every Sunday night to process what the hell just happened together.


And believe me, there's going to be a hell of a lot to process.


So subscribe now to Lovecraft Country Radio on our podcast Spotify. And wherever else you get your podcast, you're not going to want to miss it.