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I mean, that's really up to them.


But I really liked what. Let me I'll just tell you. Where's my phone? It's in airplane mode, but I can still go to the audible, you know. Let's see. Thanks for taking a step by step into this.


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Thought you were getting really into Jordan Peterson. That's what you said. So I'm not sure.


Yeah, I'm eating only red meat and I believe some pretty wild things now go pretty wild, wild ideas I have about, you know, men and women.


You know why they're different.


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I highly recommend you know. Welcome to love it or leave it back to the future. John's taking us for. He's taking us back. I know what you said in that DST, I must be the death of me. It's time to turn to our favorite podcast. Take us through this pandemic disaster in the state. Troopers beneath a straight shooter that feel bound. OK, stop. It's hard to believe we're here to see it. Just believe it.


Now he's taking us by. He's taking us. That song is by John Spring. If you want to make it back to the future theme song, please send it to us and leave it at Crooked Dotcom before we get to the show. Cricket's new sports podcast Take on premiers on Tuesday, March 16th.


Each week, Emmy Award winning host Jason Concepcion and two time WNBA champion and new co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, Renee Montgomery will host a fast, funny, smart conversation about sports, culture, politics and all the ways that intersect on and off the court. They're so much fun to listen to, and it's going to be your new favorite show. Listen to the trailer and follow take line on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. This week on the show, I grilled Senator Ed Markey about the covid bill, the filibuster and Daylight Saving Time.


It was a great conversation and we have a apology from Pepé Lupu.


But first, he's a comedian and actor. Please welcome returning champion James Adamian.


Hi, folks. How are you doing? Gang, let's get into it.


What a week it has been one year since the pandemic began, and I still haven't eaten any of those beans. It's been one year since Anthony Fauci told us masks don't work unless you're a doctor.


I was realizing actually today that, like, oh, wow, after a whole year, I actually let my guard down a little bit and oops, I ran out of toilet paper.


Finally, catastrophe, catastrophe after being so on point with it.


It's a little bit of a bit of hope, right? Like, oh, you know, nature is healing. You ran out of toilet paper. It's not a.


OK, life finds a way. It's been one year of emails hoping to find you well, in these crazy times. Oh, I got some doozies.


It's been one year since the biggest pessimists in the group, Texans like. I actually think this could last till summer.


I remember that. Yeah, I thought I thought it was going to be about a year. You're right. I guess I was right. I don't want to claim that prize.


It's been one year since people were saying, you know, Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a pandemic. My King Lear my King Lear was customising the Egg McMuffin with bacon instead of the ham.


That's my that's my Lear blow winds and crack my cheeks. I didn't even finish reading King Lear during this pandemic.


No, the idea the idea of dense literature in this moment is impossible. It's also been one year since I made this joke at the Improv.


Welcome, everyone, to the Hollywood improbable all. Remember this show because this is where you got the coronaviruses.


I want you to know that I made that joke and I said that I would regret it. And then Travis cut out my saying I would regret it before it aired, which I didn't know. And I only found that out today when we were reflecting on the show from last year, because it doesn't include the fact that I knew in the moment I shouldn't be saying it.


Right. Yeah, sometimes people just want to zoom in on the juicy incriminating part. Right, right, right, right.


And it's good to have those people working on your show.


No, that's that's a good point. Yeah.


You don't want people keep you on your toes. Yeah. Yeah. Keep the pranksters closest of all.


So it's been a tough year, but we've learned a lot. Mostly we learned that what it would be like if our lives felt like when you're trying to download a file and then the time remaining starts to go up.


That's a good observation. Yes. We've been on a we transfer page without a status bar. No status quo, no, I want to sit here. Now, there's some good news which is vaccinated nursing home residents have gotten the federal Go-Ahead to once again receive hugs, which is such a dystopian notion. They are they've gotten the go ahead. The CDC has approved hugs.


Oh, my God. That sounds like a children's movie version of a dystopia.


What do you mean? What do you mean? In your country, you don't have hugs.


Tron has once again tentatively approved hugs for affected zones.


Where I come from, people hug all the time. That's what the yeah, the gotten out of town says. That's the last survivor of Happyland. And then we find out the nightmare that befell Happyland.


And sometimes we didn't just talk. We would. And then he'd sing anything of a beautiful song. President Biden's dog, Major, was sent back to Delaware after a minor biting incident involving a Secret Service agent. The agent was fine.


Then a reporter for The New York Post asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki this.


Just a quick clarification on the dog's OK. Can you confirm that it was a Secret Service member who was bitten? And can you also reassure the public that Mr. Biden will not be euthanized as a result of this?


Right up until that point, it was like a Ma'am Marmaduke comic strip or is like, oh, a little dog went too far, waka, waka. And then they're like, how's it going to be put down?


Well, this this this raises an interesting question coming off of the coattails of an out of control wild dog of a president in human form is like, what is the protocol for a presidential dog?


Maybe can't be put down and if they knew that, the power would go to their head.


Well, it is also like is this dog of defender of the president or a threat to the president.


Right. I see. Which team are they on? You know, so when I saw that clip, I kind of instantly know that it's a right wing journalist. You just know, like, oh, the only reason you'd ask that the dog would be put down is because it's a right wing journalist, which doesn't really make sense because it sort of implies that the dog has an ideology that the dog shares the ideology with with the president.


Come on at the time. Come on, man. So a little dog. He's a pooch such as Franklin Roosevelt said you could check. There's I got a dog. You can't take him, pal. Who are you? The Wicked Witch.


House Democrats passed the final version of the one point nine trillion dollar covert relief package with no Republican votes. And on Thursday, the bill was signed into law by President Biden using the blood of the Secret Service agent mauled by major.


That's weird.


It was more serious than his model of a modern major major. That's still test us a little test that came at grandpa's little test to come out there, you get the scary dog, you bring a guy out, he's new, you go, hey, pal, welcome. First day of work. Well, you didn't tell him what you smell. A little peanut butter, a little peanut butter in the back of his knees. Yeah, the dog chased him around.


Speed-up you film it, speed it up. Benny Hill soundtrack, pal. Come on, man.


Your first day, you spare a little peanut butter on the back of the knee with passage, 200 million adults and eighty million children will be eligible for stimulus checks up to 400 dollars, which will finally narrow America's NBA top shot gap. The bill is the biggest expansion to the social safety net in decades. We'll get some of the details later in the show. But the bill includes 85 percent of households will receive the stimulus checks, 300 dollars per week and unemployment benefits extended through September six.


That greatly expanded child tax credit. That is essentially universal basic income for parents, 400 billion in federal relief to buy back any exercise equipment. You didn't use 10 billion in rental relief for any couples who met just before quarantine and decided to move in together and know now it was a mistake, but they can't do anything about it. And most importantly, 60 billion in direct payments to anyone who can prove that they haven't had sex in a year, which was dubbed by Chris Coons as the horniness dividend.


Bernie wanted it to be 80 billion. But Joe Manchin thought it might reduce the incentive when fucking comes roaring back this spring.


I know Bernie was there, Bernie. Bernie was fighting for sexually active young people in America. We cannot forget the advice of Eugene Debs who said that. Are you getting laid is not enough? I have not gotten lucky until everyone in my cohort in my community has gotten lucky. With me, it seems like a threat.


On Monday, the CDC released new guidelines for people who received their final vaccine dose. Now they had the CDC's blessing after two weeks told endure mass free nonsocial distance gatherings with others who were vaccinated. So next time you go in with your parents, try to ignore that fishbowl full of keys again at it.


You know, they they earned it. Those who survive there was VE Day. They lived through VE Day and VJ Day, and now they get to live through VXI Day, victory over coronavirus. And it's going to be quite a summer on the town, pal.


Elizabeth Banks will direct a thriller titled Cocain Bear about a bear that did 75 pounds of cocaine and then would not shut the fuck up about his business ideas.


Now, what kind of bear was that? I know a lot of gay bears who. Yeah, yeah. No, that's where it would be like. Yeah, OK, good.


This takes place on that that weekend in. It's a story about Provincetown that's trying to sell cocaine bear.


Cocaine bear. Yeah I like that cocaine bear. In fact, a year a year ago that could have been a year and a half ago there could have been a prosperous nightclub, cocaine bear, cocaine bear.


And this week, the New York Times reported that in college, Senator Josh Holley, the insurrectionist, had a poster in his dorm room above his bed at Stanford.


He didn't deny it was there, though, claimed through a spokesman not to remember it, which is very strange because it's a very specific poster. It's a famous picture called Laffont, and it is a CPA stone portrait of a shirtless, very handsome male model holding a baby.


James, did you see this story? Yeah, I saw the story. And I mean, I saw the picture. I don't know if Josh Haley was imagining himself in the hot guy role or the baby role.


He was asked about it and he said it was because he was pro-life, which I think is one possible explanation for hanging the portrait of a super hot, shirtless guy above your bed in college. But there are other possibilities. It was there when he moved in.


It was because it was because he opposed abortion, but specifically because the fetus might develop into sexy, sexy men. It was about a cool haircut to show a stylist fair. He was one of those classic college guys who's obsessed with being a dad and is always talking about baby stuff. He originally had the poster of Einstein sticking his tongue out, but felt it was both too suggestive into Jewish or the poster store ran out of posters. Those are the only possible I don't think there are other reasons.


He also had the John Belushi poster, but on the shirt was written the word insurrection.


Well, the thing is that he he had the high guy because he was pro-life. He had the BlueSky poster because he wanted to fuck Bellucci.


Josh Holli's so exhausting he could have been removed from Congress, could have happened and everybody was just kind of like and give him a warning this time.


You can see in his eyes how exhausting it is to be him and to exist the way that he exists. It seems torturous. It's torturous for us, but it seems torturous for him and it's just excruciating. The whole experience of Josh Holly is excruciating.


Yeah, you got to be like you got to be living your life constantly upset at something. And to be like a major conservative, like you can't have an experience of being on mushrooms and sitting on a hill at a music festival going like, you know what, this is just life. And I can just sit back and watch it. A bunch of people just doing their thing. Not all of it's for me, but here I am and I'm just like part of it.


And wow how infinitely multifaceted this world is.


No, you have to first of all, you can't do mushrooms or go to a music festival without already having a long list of like.


Well, I don't agree with that.


And then if it did happen, you'd be sitting there disagreeing with everything that would even be like an experience that has some color and substance and life to it that he doesn't have, because he strikes me as somebody that goes to a music festival and thinks I need to make sure that nothing happens here that prevents me from becoming president. And everything else is secondary. Hate the music. I love the music. It's not about the music. The only it's the ambition.


There are these types of guys.


And, you know, I've met them. I hope you meet them your whole life, that you see them in politics all the time.


And they are they have this this unquenchable ambition, just enormous, enormous canthe fills every space fills every decision, every moment, every room. It's it seems it's almost primitive.


Ted Cruz is like that, I think. Yeah. Hair is the way it should be. Blood goes. All goes. Yeah. None of them has a personality.


You add them all together. You don't get Ted Cruz, Josh Haley, Mike Pompeo, Tom Cotton.


They are very similar men. Imagine Trump without the jokes.


That's what you get with those. Yeah.


You watch those guys on stage and they're constantly trying out. They're just always even when they're in charge, even when it's their moment, even their own events, they're auditioning. They're auditioning for whoever's in front of them. They're putting on this show and Trump puts on a show.


But he's not auditioning, right? Yeah, he's improvising. He's improvising. He didn't read the script and he just he showed up and he's like, well, wingin. Also breaking news.


Just as we started to record this episode, we learned that President Biden is announcing that he's directing states to make the vaccine available to all adults by May 1st, thus fulfilling a campaign promise I made to myself about going to Vegas this summer. No matter what, no matter what happens. Wow.


I know Uncle Grandpa says we're going to have a fucking summer.


We're going to have summer. Biden is promising summer. We're going to hide the vaccine around at Easter eggs. We're going to do an Easter egg hunt. We're going to have a little Moderna Needles are hiding it out in one out of every five eggs.


The Easter Egg Roll, but I mean, not in a long time, I mean, I've never seen a politician saying I will give you summer. That's got to make them popular. People love summer.


Yeah. That that worked for Emperor Augustus 20, 100 years ago. Famously so. Famously said, Oh, I give the summer Marcus Aurelius pulled that trick to get away with torturing a few more Christians in a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court.


He predicts the clips. He says, if you don't do something, I'm going to make the sun go away. Right. Because it was good timing for him. Good week to show up in court this court.


So that's where that trope came from. That was used over and over again from Abbott and Costello on down to Ducktails.


Yeah, the time traveler predicting the eclipse.


Yeah. Oh, Twain's classic Mark Twain. You know him as Mark Twain. I think of him as Samuel Clemens.


You're always a purist's you're always a purist. I think of him as the person you know. You never let people get away with their stage name.


And finally, Oprah interviewed Megan and Harry Markle. That's not right. Last Sunday. And it's been big news and it's pretty well tapped out. But I do think it's worth noting that if Meghan Markle hadn't been in suits, she doesn't meet Harry. And if the creator of suits hadn't written on Everybody Loves Raymond, he probably wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to make suits. And if Ray Romano hadn't gotten on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, he probably doesn't get to make Everybody Loves Raymond.


But how does Johnny Carson get The Tonight Show? In 1960, Jack Paar, the host of The Tonight Show at the time, walks off the set because the night before he told a story that had a joke about a toilet and someone peeing in a church. And unbeknownst to him, NBC cut it.


And it was the last straw for Jack Paar. He was upset. He broke down basically in tears part. Seems like he was under a lot of pressure. He storms off. The announcer has to finish the broadcast. He briefly returns to host again. But it was the beginning of the end. And soon after, Johnny Carson was in talks to take over the show, which is what led to Ray Romano, which is what led to suits, which led to Meggan, meaning Howre, which exposed the royal family as racist pricks.


And so a prudish dweeb at NBC cutting a joke about a toilet in 1960 because it was too risque may just bring down the British monarchy.


Oh, I like that. I like that. Long live the pain, you know. Thanks so much to James Demián for joining us. When we come back, we have two special guests to unpack some of the details in the covid bill. We have Bernie Sanders and Mike Lendell here together.


Don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up.


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Sure. AM stimulus. Yeah.


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And we're back this week. Senator Bernie Sanders referred to the American rescue plan as, quote, the most significant piece of legislation to help working people that has been passed by Congress in decades. And seeming to agree, human frat padel Matt Gates said it's a Trojan horse for socialism. It is everything Democrats have wanted wrapped and branded in coronavirus. These sorts of debates are important. But Matt Gates was busy with Nestore in Cabo San Lucas. So we are going to.


The next best thing here to have a debate about the bill is Senator Bernie Sanders and the CEO of my pillow, Mike Lyndell. First off, General, thoughts about the bill.


Bernie Sanders, thank you. Good to be here. Thank you, John. First, I do want to say that I will be voting against the confirmation of General Fort's to be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Now that you brought that up, look, I think this legislation is fantastic.


I think this legislation is some of the boldest progressive legislation helping American working families in decades, going back to the Johnson administration when there was a mandate that all households would have available. Johnson and Johnson, no more tears. Shampoo, right? Famously. This does more to help working families since that landmark legislation, you know, over 50 years ago.


I do think also that my comments saying that this is one of the greatest bills, obviously, I'm putting a positive spin on it. There was some real sons of bitches that shot down 15 bucks an hour. And I will not forget that, especially in the cafeteria of the United States Senate when I'm down there. I hope not. And there's what the six, seven or eight even Democratic senators that really flopped on that one. We had it. We had it.


We had 15 bucks an hour. So, you know, it's going to come back to bite them in the fucking tickets because here's here's what's going to happen. They're going to keep shooting down 15 bucks an hour. And meanwhile, inflation keeps ticking up. By the time we pass the necessary upgrade for a minimum living wage in this country, guess what? Fuck, it's going to be twenty five bucks an hour. So, yeah, OK. Schalke, you know, Spaull, install, install, keep people poor, keep people, keep people poor.


We're going to rise up. I'm going to see it within my lifetime. 15 bucks an hour is no longer enough. It's going to be twenty five bucks an hour, you sons of fucks.


So Birney's position pretty clear, a lot of good things in the bill, but also fuck around on the minimum wage and see what happens next. We have mr. See what happens next. We have Mr Pelo himself. How do you feel about this bill.


While it's great to be here, the loyal love it and leave it program. I see. I look it's my pillow because it's good. I think what the American people, the Democrats, the Tea Committees, Democrats would put out was a program that was pure competition. When all this country needs is the micro fibres that are targeted for people to be laid down on and sleep in winter. In the shadow government run by Donald Trump, there was an alternate rescue package of three trillion dollars put into my pillow in my pillow accessory, OK, including my pillow sleep mask and my pillow.


Fuck pillow, no fuck pillows. It's a foot pillow, it's my pillow. But there's a little piece to it and a little love that you can think of. You can think of as a pair of breasts or a beautiful supple asshole depending on what you want to do. Wow. That's an interesting product.


One out of ten is pretested. Baby, make Lendell in Minneapolis.


I know you're stunned. They're loyal. Let me tell you, it's you keep saying Lyle Lyle Lovett is just an unrelated.


Honestly, I think I think you got nothing to be ashamed of. And I think that Julia Roberts really did you wrong. Well, I think it was a shame what the late night guys did together. And if you want, I'm happy to take it down to a there's a loving barbecue. I want to take you bring you out, you know, hit the pipe, have some barbecue run around underneath the freeway. What happened was a disaster. Joe Biden, the false president, the pope in exile.


There's he's he's the Babylonian exile of the papacy, all rolled into one. He's a Benedict Arnold. He's a Benedict Arnold. Let me tell you, we have a government that's putting billions and billions of dollars into Tifa. They're giving nineteen trillion dollars to Ecuadorian pedophiles. What's the whole thing? I have a newsletter. I'll send it to you if you're if you don't believe it. I have an email newsletter, my pillow pillow. You sign up for it and it has multicolored text font so you can know you can believe it.


And when you scroll all the way down to the email, there's a bunch of animated animated American flag gifs and eagles swooping in to tear apart a young protester. And it comes with the quality information that's OK to forward to anyone over 65 and get it out there in the forwarded e-mail chain.


There's a lot to unpack there. But but I mean, you must you must have a problem with 85 percent of households will get 4500 dollar stimulus checks. That has to be, you know, and I had 400 for each dependent child. Surely, you know, that's something that's something that Donald Trump supported.


Yeah. This reminds me of propaganda coming out of Nicaragua back when Ronald Reagan was president. Fourteen hundred dollars. Every child's going to get a slap on the ass. They're going to get to meet Big Bird and Snuffleupagus. Let me tell you, I've met Big Bird and stuff. Lowercase, I slept overnight at the Minnesota fairgrounds right there in between St. Paul and Minneapolis.


I didn't realize at Accommodation's I talked to Snuffleupagus for 18 hours. We shared a pipe. Wow. Yes, we shared a pipe. I thought, you know, I know what I know the fantasy. And let me tell you what's really going to happen. What's really going to happen is that there's ten billion dollars that's going to go to excavate the body of Dr. Seuss, Ted Ted Geisel, and they're going to paraded around the country and kick a while.


He's dead one more time. That's he thinks communists want to do that. Ten billion dollars for his bones.


That's what these centrist, far left communist liberal Democrats, socialists want to do.


I got to let I got to let Senator Sanders have a moment to get in here. But, you know, look, there was a fight with the moderates. They reduced the unemployment insurance from 400 to 300, but they made the first 10000 unemployment benefits tax free for households. Feel that was an acceptable compromise. Senator Sanders?


Well, first of all, I want to say that Michael Dell is insane and in protest. I have boycotted not only his my poll product, but also all pillow's altogether. I've never really enjoyed pillow's. I spent most of my life sleeping on couches in various faculty offices and union basements. I've slept in the back of a Volvo more than I am familiar with the comforts of a twin, let alone queen, a king size bed.


So, you know, it's not much for me and I'm a little bit more comfortable now, so that although I do, I sleep at a very comfortable cot on the floor of my Senate office. When I'm in D.C., Jane comes over and goes, Bernie, you look like shit. She dumps cold ice water on me. Oh, really? She comes out with cold ice water. Oh, yeah. Let's just, you know, that's all she says.


Hello, cold ice water on me. That's how, you know, you like bathing a dog. But I'm alone. I am no longer using pillows after watching the insanity that Mike Lindow and the more people you know, let's face it, my pillow Nazis that they have unleashed on this once great country.


So I'm not I'm sleeping like a look.


I am sleeping like a populist left wing, cling on just the hard floor just to prove that I don't need a pillow, let alone the most comfortable pillow that I've talked to. I think, you know, it's not about my pillow, it's about our bill. And until everybody has the capabilities to sleep with, you know, shelter and a living wage and just adequate unemployment, go fuck yourselves, you moderate Democrats, then I think my pillow is not a solution.


It's our pillow. Layal, if I could jump in there, I.


No, you get in there. Go ahead.


Make what you heard is taken straight from a Joseph Stalin speech. I don't know how you people can hear this kabita say that kind of thing and not start gassing up. It takes to make another try at Moscow.


Mike, I'm going to need you to give me some I mean, let you let Senator Sanders finish what he's saying. All right.


I'm I've offered you the space to come talk here, and I need you to give this space to Senator Sanders.


Thank you. Loyal. I'm not vile. I've never been loyal to you. Agree with Senator Sanders. I'd be against any fight. Like we agree that the music of this country, the country music, a patriotic career was cut short due to an unfortunate hairstyle. Let's put it this way, from one six to another six. Let me tell you, I love it. If you score big, that's your prerogative.


Look, obviously, we are a little bit off telling.


Bobby Brown was a great friend of mine, and I always thought that Bobby Brown was a great friend of mine. Jesus Christ, what a life. Dear Senator. Believe me, Senator, you're no Bobby Brown.


Listen, OK, he's way off topic here. I want to say quick.


He's he's well, he's I don't know if you noticed the loyal he's attempting to do. Look, I thought I thought your call.


He corrected me, willing to admit that I'm broke.


He's he's trying to do I'd like to do so. What's his name? The Texas guy to contact the vice presidential candidate.


Mondale. Mondale. Oh, you're close.


Are we talking about a Minnesota reference? You got a deal in there. Let me tell you something. I won't rest until I get to crawl into Walter Mondale's grave and sleep next to him and give me my thoughts about what? Well, not only in eighty four, but after that.


So I've obviously lost control here. A couple of points. I think you're right. I think some of the humor directed at Lyle Lovett is worth a reexamination. I think we've begun to do that about some of the harsh rhetoric of the 1990s. Think that's an important step we should take. I'm not Lyle Lovett, and that's fine. Great deal of admiration for Lyle Lovett. Senator Sanders, thank you. I've made some very important points about the bill.


Mike Lendell, you're on your own path.


Before I let you both go, I am on a path of exploration where I'm opening up myself to the spirit and the great shamans, not only the wonderful. Marched on Washington, who I now believe in as a religious figure, but also I'm opening up and exploring great empathy's for great right wing movements of the past. Oh dear. Whether I'm in St. Paul taking the beautiful poetry of our Jesus Christ and turning it into it and turning it into a misogynist cult of eight or with each other, tremendous right wing figures that have rubbed the hallucinatory poetry of the human species.


I'm there and I'm learning new and new untold levels of right wing hateful empathy.


Mike, before I let you go, and I can't believe I'm asking this, is there anything you'd like to plug?


Look, I want to say what Senator Sanders was reaching for and he didn't get it was Lloyd Bentsen and Lloyd Bentsen.


Goddammit, Lloyd Bentsen argument burst to my core that Mike Lyndell remembers. But let me here's what I've got to plug in. This is going to throw you for a loop. It's my pillow. My pillow. It's so right and firm like a pillow should be. You could fluff it. You can cut it up into little. Look, I take cookie cutters that are in the shape of little sheep and I cut out little sheep, nighty night sheep out of wood, my pillow.


And I roll around in it and I start going to feel I'm going to have to cut his mike, don't you.


Cutting is look, you want to cut my mike, I'll cut my mike. Meaning I'll cut myself. Mike Lyndell. I'm not afraid to hurt myself and let the organs and blood and bile spill out. It's a special edition. My pillow will be short like Beanie Babies.


Mike Lendell, always a pleasure. Senator Sanders. And look, I'm sorry about Julia Roberts, but, you know, we can get back to Senator Bernie Sanders, thank you for my time.


I yield the balance of my time to the memory of Rosa Luxemburg.


When we come back, I guess I talked to the senator, Ed Markey. I guess that's literally what comes after this taylored hard for me.


And if you could put the rest of that soup on the dumbwaiter, I wouldn't mind finishing it off.


So a lunch request. I thought it might be a policy matter. His office was directly above board. I think it checks there's a dumbwaiter you sometimes share. There's a soup comes at you like a cup is four dollars. A bowl is six dollars, but it's twice as much soup.


I'm not going to eat it all. I want them to taste. It goes up and down in the winter, so it's probably good for another 24 or 48. James Adamia, thank you so much. It's very fun.


Hang on. Hang on, hang on. Hang on, hang on. Thanks, guys. Thanks, folks. When we come back, I talk to Senator Ed Markey about everything from the filibuster to ending the tyranny of switching between daylight saving time and standard time.


Don't go anywhere. Love it or leave it. And there's more on the way.


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Dotcom ETG and we're back. Joining us now, he is the senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Welcome back, Senator Ed Markey.


Good to see you. Thank you. Great to be with you again, John. So let's start with the legislative achievement this week, the stimulus bill. It will cut child poverty almost in half. It's tilted toward working people in a way previous relief was not and every Democrat got on board.


It was pretty remarkable that while there was a defeat on the minimum wage, the right flank of the party took issue with some parts of unemployment benefits, some parts of the direct payments. But the scale of the bill wasn't in jeopardy. That seems to me to be a pretty big shift. What did you learn in terms of some of the big fights to come from this victory?


Well, first, that we shouldn't expect a lot of cooperation from Republicans on the big issues. Well, that was pretty clear. They wanted to scale this package down to about one third of what it ultimately wound up being, which clearly did not match the magnitude of the problem and the help that people need all across the country. What we saw on our side was disagreements, but not disagreements that went to the the core issue of whether or not we had to provide unemployment insurance, help that we needed to send a check to everyone, that we needed more funding for cities and towns, that we had to reduce child poverty in the United States, especially in this coronaviruses pandemic environment.


So from my perspective, what we saw was Democrats were willing to work together. There wasn't a unanimity of opinion in terms of every single issue, but ultimately it got worked out. And the one point nine trillion dollars, while not the exact form actually that any single member would have wanted it to be, did pass. And it's going to mean a lot for a lot of families. But it's also going to speed us on the route to to getting a shot in the arm of every American and to having an economic recovery that puts people back to work as quickly as possible.


So the last time you were on the show, we talked about abolishing the filibuster. You were a little skeptical at the time you wanted to give Republicans a chance to come to the table. I was skeptical of that. I did want to have you here to say, you know, I told you so, but now you've come out in favor of abolishing the filibuster. And this seems to me to be a really important conversation taking place inside the Democratic Party among senators.


That is about genuine persuasion. What is that conversation like right now among you and your colleagues about how we abolish or reform the filibuster to get some of these big piece of legislation done?


No, you are right. It's pretty clear just from this first bill that the Republicans are going to be obstructionist when it comes to doing the big things which we need to do in a country that's including increasing the minimum wage, dealing with the climate crisis, ensuring that voting rights are extended to everyone in our country, and that those rights are protected, that we have comprehensive immigration reform in our country. All of that clearly is going to be blocked by Republicans who will use the filibuster.


So to the extent to which they failed this first test, it's a prediction of coming attractions from their side. So what Democrats are increasingly doing is talking about abolishing the filibuster. I am a big fan of that. It's just got to go. It's really an historical impediment to the implementation of the kinds of fundamental. Changes that we need in our country and the sooner we have that vote, the sooner we begin to confront these issues. So, for example, labor unions right now, they're realizing that there is no increase in minimum wage unless the filibuster goes, that there is no overhaul of how unions organize in our country so that we have more union workers unless the filibuster goes.


And so I think every part of the Democratic coalition is coming together to say very clearly that the time has come that this remnant of the Jim Crow era, this remnant actually of something that goes all the way back to John C. Calhoun, using it as a way to block any reform of the laws which permitted slavery in our country has to go. And to anyone who's listening right now, there's a great book out is called Kill Switch and Kill Switch is the book which details the history of the filibuster.


And right now and actually historically, for the most part, the filibuster hasn't been used to block bad things from happening. It's been used to stop good things from happening in our country and that civil rights laws in the 50s and the 60s all the way up until today, where voting rights, climate crisis, minimum wage, we can go on and on are going to be blocked unless we change the rules of the Senate.


So it seems like we need to put pressure on the outside, on some of the Democratic senators who have not yet come around to, if not abolishing the filibuster, putting in place a number of reforms that would change the way it works. It wouldn't become this de facto 60 vote threshold. But I do think we need to do some genuine persuasion inside of the Senate. So here's my pitch to you. I think you should just be walking by the cinema or mansion like you're on the phone, like you're not even talking to them, like you're on the phone and you just say things like, oh, man, we could do so much more bipartisan deal making if we didn't have the 60 vote threshold or geez, I sure wish the legislative branch could reassert its primacy in the constitutional order, but we can't do that until we change the filibuster.


What you think about that?


Well, in a way, that is the cacophony that that he is exposed to on the on the Democratic side every single day. And not just the senators, but I think just Democrats in general. It's something I think that's going to happen over the next several weeks, the next several months when it becomes clear that, for example, on union protections, that the Republicans won't allow it to come up. And senator mentioned some very strong pro union senator.


He and Senator Toomey, a Republican, have a bill to ensure that their background checks on anyone purchasing a gun in the United States. And it's highly unlikely then in a Mitch McConnell controlled Republican minority that 40 votes will show up. Forty one votes to ensure that we can begin to debate that and pass it. So in each instance, we are going to be in a situation where it becomes clearer and clearer and clearer. The system is broken, it's just not working, and it can't work as long as we have the filibuster in place.


So that's my view as to how this is going to unfold. It will be a story that will actually make it very, very clear that on issue after issue, the Republicans will not come to the table to have meaningful change, and that ultimately that will make it much more likely that we can get all Democrats on board in order to effectuate this historically needed change.


So let's talk about that, because, you know, we have this 50 50 Senate. We have a slim majority in the House right now across the country. We have Republicans in state legislatures trying to restrict the right to vote on a massive scale. And Republicans have said just with redistricting, just with gerrymandering alone, they may able to close the gap in the House. And that's not even accounting for the fact that in a midterm like this, the incumbent president traditionally loses seats.


So we have a big challenge coming for us in six hundred and seven days. Do you believe that right now Democrats in the Senate are showing enough urgency around issues like H.R. one, especially when, you know, what we have to do is not just get it on the floor, but we have to get these things on the floor, watch them fail, then persuade some colleagues to come on board with reforming the filibuster. We've got a lot of work to do, not just to protect the vote, but then also to pass bills to earn the votes.


So do you do feel like we're doing this fast, that we're moving fast enough?


Well, we just finished this historically huge relief package for the country without any real cooperation from the Republicans. So we just finished it. But having been instructed by illuminated by the experience we just had with the Republicans. So as we just said, going back to John C. Calhoun, they were using essentially a form of the filibuster to stop minorities. In our country, African-Americans from voting, but participating in our system, they wanted to keep them in a slave like condition, actually to keep them as slaves and not just extended all the way through the post civil war period where you are theoretically on the books look like we had passed some laws that would make it possible for now these freed slaves to fully participate in our democracy.


But we know that a consensus developed in the country, Democrat and Republican, that the old South would just be allowed to continue to impose their very rigid restrictions on the ability of the black population to fully participate. Martin Luther King came along with a big battle filibusterers from Strom Thurmond to stop any progress that would be made in terms of voting rights. And ultimately, we had big laws in nineteen sixty four and sixty five to make that possible. But we still have a long way to go.


And as you're saying, all across the country right now, at the state legislative level, new laws are being proposed to restrict the right to vote, to make it more difficult to vote, to make it more difficult for anyone to be able to participate in. What's their plan? What's the Republican business plan? What are they trying to do? It's to stop blacks and Latinos from easily registering and voting in our country. That's their business plan. They don't want them to vote because they know that when we get a full participation, that state goes blue.


That's what we just saw in Georgia. The state goes blue. It's not a miracle. It's just a result of voting activism that took over. So from my perspective, that's the great lesson. Every Democrat knows right now in the Senate that we're in the majority because we we just won two seats in Georgia. No one had that on the scoreboard two years ago. And why did we win? Because Stacey Abrams and Wapnick and John Ozalp put together a tremendous plan to increase voter turnout.


What are the Republicans doing in response to that victory? They are now putting together across the country state by state plans to reduce to restrict the ability for people to vote. So it's not lost on all of us who are now chairman. Each one of us has a gavel. We're called Mr. Chairman because it's 50 50 with Kamala Harris breaking the tie. And by the way, every time she votes, we win. So we're not unmindful of that.


And we want to hold on to the majority. So H.R. one is at the top of our minds, at the top of our agenda, because we can see across the country what's happening right now. And if it's allowed to happen, we're just going to revert back to decades ago levels of turnout in our country because it will just be so difficult for people to be able to register and to vote.


I want to move on to to Daylight Saving Time, because that's a topic near and dear to both of our hearts. But I guess my my fear my concern is, you know, you were you passed a climate bill through the House and it died in the Senate. That's my only fear, is that we repeat some of what happened in those years where we had we had the house was in a position to pass things like H.R. one, and then the Senate was just so sclerotic, so broken that a lot of House members took risky votes and then things didn't move in the Senate.


But you feel like we can get these things moving through the Senate?


Well, you know what we always said in the House and again, Henry Waxman and I passing our comprehensive climate bill in 2009, which did pass to reduce greenhouse gases by 80 percent by the year 20 50. That was back in two thousand. And we won and it went over to the Senate. And again, you need 60 votes over in the Senate to do something this that comprehensive. And they stalled out it maybe fifty five. Fifty six votes.


So what we always used to say is the Senate is the place where good bills go to die. And that's a reality that we're going to have to deal with right now. How do we respond? So we're going to use the reconciliation process and we can do a lot of great climate related things inside of that reconciliation. And again, it only requires 51 votes. That's the key. So we don't have to have climate deniers giving us permission to move forward who are inside of the Republican caucus.


But there are going to be many things that we may not be able to get done. And then along with, again, minimum wage, gun safety laws, immigration, comprehensive legislation, it's all going to come back to the filibuster. Yeah, if we're going to take up an opportunity to be able to get this done in my congressional seat, my old congressional seat, I had a dog track Wonderland, and I had the horses running at Suffolk Downs.


And here's what I know. After all those years of growing up within three miles of those two tracks, it's that. You don't hit the trifecta that often the House, the Senate, the presidency doesn't happen at the track, doesn't happen in politics. So we have two years here to get it done. If we don't, there's no guarantee that we will be able to come this way again. So on each and every one of these issues, including climate, we have to do whatever it takes in order to put the policies in place that solves this, again, existential threat to the planet.


So Daylight Savings Time also on the agenda. You just co-sponsored a bill that's out to make daylight savings year round. You have 10 co-sponsors in the Senate right now. And we talked about this last year. You said you said this was why you said, I'm sure I'm going to wind up in some conversation with some farmer Republican from Kansas or Nebraska. What's interesting is you have both Oklahoma senators on board the Rubio bill. That's hard for me to say.


I support the Rubio bill. Rubio Bill. All right. Got it out.


How do we get to 50? Senator, how do we get 50 votes to end this time shifting?


Well, from my perspective, again, you just have to continue to remember, remember, remember, remember. So, again, I had a hard time back in nineteen eighty six. I was the chairman over time, nineteen eighty six. And I was able to move it from the end of April to the beginning of April. But negotiating with the farm state members of the House who said that the cows operate on God's time and I kept telling them they don't have wristwatches, they don't have clocks, they don't know what time it is, you know, but that's how they view kind of this farm culture.


We work on God's time. So I was able to get those three weeks. Then I had to wait until all of the members who I negotiated with then were gone. And then in 2005, I went over to another group of Republicans and then I moved it from the beginning of April, all the way down to the beginning of March, which is where it is now. And I picked up those weeks and and and now I think enough time has elapsed where we can actually begin to say to people, don't you enjoy daylight savings time?


Don't you enjoy the sunshine? Doesn't it make the corners of your mouth turn upwards? Doesn't it make it easier for you to go out and to take a walk or go shopping or play with the kids? Is it a time now that we make that last year? So that's the case I'm going to be making to Democrats and Republicans. See how much you liked it. We got you seven weeks, by the way. I added a week at Halloween, so it's no longer the last week of October.


It's the first week of November. So I've had it like two months so far. And we've got these final four months to go now. And but I think people, when they try it, they like it. And and that's why I think there's increasing support on Daylight Savings Time. And I'm very hopeful that ultimately we're we're going to be successful.


So the bill that you're on, it just makes it permanent. And basically, any state that's on daylight saving time right now, they move to permanent daylight saving time. But the states that are on standard, they stay on standard. Here's my pitch to get this done. If you have objections from some of these farmers. All right.


Which is all you need is to give states a period of time to choose permanent daylight saving or standard, because it is true that there's a difference between you're a you're an Eastern Time zone state center. Right, Massachusetts, Maine, they're all the way on the east edge of the time zone. So sun rises earlier and sets earlier. But a place like Michigan or a place like Kansas or some of these states that are on the western edge of the time zone, they basically are in a version of permanent daylight saving time because the sun sets much later there because of where they are geographically.


I'm just trying to get this done. All right. I'm trying I'm trying to find a pragmatic solution, OK?


And again, give me your solution, because that's what I'm looking for. So I think I think that's one way to do it. We can just basically be just because right now you basically say if you're not on standard time, when we pass this thing, if you're on the daylight savings time shift, that's it. You go to permanent. But some of these places would have pretty late sunrise's because they're in the western edge. Right. Especially a place like some of these farmstay, some of these Midwestern states that have pretty late sunrise's.


So all you do is really just give them the option. And then in practicality, they just end up it just redraws the time zone lines slightly. But you still get what you want for Massachusetts. We get what we want for Florida. We get what we want from other states. Also, I want to work on Dianne Feinstein and Podia. I think we can get them. I don't know where will we got to get these California centers where a sunshine state, California.


Yeah. And I like you. I like your concept. We have to be a little bit flexible here towards achieving the ultimate goal. And I like where you're going. I like the thinking you're putting into this. Oh, thank you. Historically, you know, important thinking that you're adding, I should add and believe me, I love the company because, you know, I was a lonely, lonely sentinel back in nineteen eighty six and we have to change it.


And now I think people increasing. We love Daylight Savings Time, but we need a kind of a set of practical solutions, compromises that we make if we're ultimately going to pass this comprehensive bill. So I like where you're going. And and I'm going to now take what you're saying and kind of bring it back with my staff. We can sit down and look at all the time zones to see how perhaps we can get the votes. But I agree with you.


Focusing on California is very important. The Golden State, no. So let's get them on board.


Also, I know you haven't gotten anybody from Wisconsin. You haven't gotten Illinois there on the eastern edge of their time zones. They'd win. They'd win with permanent daylight's. And we've got to go to these eastern edge places where they got these four o'clock sunsets in the winter. And now my final pitch to you. All right. Now I know the branding is locked the clock. I've seen that out there, but I think we can do better. All right.


So I want to give you a couple options. All right. Here's one. I think that you could lead a group of people called the Dust Busters.


The Dust Busters. All right. Yeah. And then this one is, I think, just for you. All right. If you want to get your get your brand on this thing. All right. Make sure you get the credit you deserve. And this is Daylight Saving Time. It's remarkable. Remarkable.


You know, that really does. That's a little remarkable.


I got it. I like it. And for your show, you know, as your branding.


So you're on this messaging on an ongoing basis. I think. I think if we look at Bill Withers and and we just get inspired by him, this great guy who just passed away in the past year, I think your show should be Ain't No Sunshine to Daylight Savings Time is gone. That's good, sunshine. Yeah. We we have we can use Bill Withers in the in the background, you know, so maybe we can make it. But darkness stops today.


Making Daylight Savings Time stands for that. Or even the chickens hate daylight savings time or convo. With Mr. Sunshine, you can rebrand yourself as Mr. Sunshine. Oh, that's good. A show can be composters. I like that. Yeah, that's become yeah. You become the the the embodiment of this movement that we're creating.


I also think you could do a tick tock dance. You could think about that. Oh what a times. It's just you dancing and with words about it's just it's a it's a time to party. We'd call it time to party because daylight saving time gives people time to party. All right. We've got a lot of great ideas for you. All right. And and here's the thing. Here's the thing, Senator Markey. I think you owe me.


All right. And here's why I gave you a softball interview, and I really cream that Kennedy kid.


Oh, all right. In a way where you better pay you back is I'm going to I'm going to do a tech talk in the next two days. All right. With a little headline. Time to party, you know. So good. And try to put that out there. So we're going to test your idea. All right. You know, just see what what when it's a market acceptability. And so I'll be doing that. And I got to figure out what moves I'm going to be used in order to have it sync up with Daylight Savings Time beginning again on Saturday night.


But, you know, thank you so much. Thanks for actually thank you for giving me the opportunity last year to get on your show. And thank you for letting me back on you.


I didn't really scream. I do. I didn't really group. Anyway, Senator Ed Markey, thank you so much. It is great to talk to you. And I'm going to I'm going to keep reaching out because I want to I want to see if we can really push this. We got to I can't have any more four o'clock sunsets. All right. All right. This has been too depressing of a year as it is. We've got to move.


We've got to move past this shit. It's done.


I am one hundred percent with you. I just I think we can see the light at the end of Daylight Savings Time. I think it's time for us to just admit that the corners of your mouth turn upwards when it's sunny out and it makes everyone feel better when they're driving at night. And it's not pitch black at 4:00 in the afternoon and they got a little bit of daylight left they can enjoy with themselves or with their family. So I'm with you.


Great. I'm on board. And and I will be talking to you again about this issue, because it is it's at the top of my agenda as well.


It's time now for one of the most ridiculous things I've ever said in the history of the show. Thank you so much to Senator Ed Markey for joining us. When we come back, Pepy.


LabView, take don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up. And we're back now.


It's time for a segment we call Notes of Apology. Throughout history, there has been one method by which celebrities and political figures have shown that they are truly sorry, and that is through statements typed into the notes app. Screenshot it and shared on social media this week on notes app apology here to express his fetid regrets over Phal prowling his. Malodorous and dolorous, very sorry, Pepé Lupu Pepé, hello, hello, it's me pipper here to apologize Papadopoulou.


I am here because I am so very sorry for the unintended harm that I have caused and I would like to express my sincere, stinko apologies to the cat that I have harmed. Her name is ah is this year that she had no lines and no official name. But in the letter marketing materials she was assigned the name Penelope Pussycat. Ah this is fascinating. Visa Wikipedia, her purse and miaows were provided by now blonde. No woman got anywhere near that creation.


I was episodes for which I am solely to blame. Look, this was a very long time ago. I am seventy six years old at the time, grabbing a pussy cat against her will. It was not frowned upon by. How do you say then? Here is a chilling factoid. I am based on a real person. You may counsel me now for my behavior mazars, but I won the Oscar for it. That is real. Look it up.


I am French. I do not joke. In conclusion, I apologize to my fellow Looney Tunes and I regret any shame I have brought to the La LaBron as my scene partner. I have come to see that this is not the stink badger I want to be. I will be taking some time off to listen and learn. My spray may be toxic, but my masculinity cannot be serious and well, I will always smell. I hope to shed the stench of misogyny I have spread for generations of La Lismore's Pepper Pepper let you?


Well, Pepper Lupu, thank you so much for joining us to share that personal reflection.


When we come back, we'll end a lot of don't go anywhere is love it or leave it. And there's more on the way. And we're back because we all needed this week. Here it is, the high note.


Hi it. This is Kane. I'm from Santa Fe, California. And my final out this week is that my brother just got his Johnson Johnson vaccine through school. And so he's the first member of our family who not been vaccinated. And then I have an appointment next week. I'm an essential worker. And so I've been working in a grocery store this whole pandemic. And it's really exciting to know that both me and my brother now are the first in our family to be vaccinated and start, you know, this whole fun series of getting everybody safe and the whole herd immunized and everything you do.


Hi, this is Ellie calling from Fairport, New York. And the thing that brought me hope this week is that my kid finally lost her first tooth. And this has been a year where her world has been totally ripped out from underneath her. And she's had to deal with so many disappointments and all that she's wanted was to lose a tooth just like the rest of her friends. And she finally happened today. It just reminded me that even the little things can bring you so much joy.


And in the bigger picture of my six year old's world, it was the best possible thing that could happen.




I love it. This is Adrian from Orlando and a college professor here. And my highlight of the week was that my Tony Stela vaccination site decided that vaccinating university faculty and staff is a priority, despite what our governor has declared. So I got my first shot of Pfizer and I'm so relieved because this means I can volunteer to do everything I can to help to see our governor, Rhonda Santos and Marco Rubio and twenty to their disregard for humanity during covid has been very clear.


My husband is a respiratory therapist here and he's been caring for covid patients over the last year. And I've watched so many health care workers struggle on so many levels. So I decided my support for them will be shown by knocking on all the doors to keep the Santos and Rubio from becoming reelected. So that is where I will be taking my new Schierholz future energy. Thanks for everything you do. They love it.


This is Jenny from Seattle. I signed up for the week is I got to hug one of my very good friends for the first time in over a year, over covid. She had her first baby and I'm now pregnant with my second and. Both social workers and finally got our vaccines and we just hugged and never felt so good to hug someone before. So that's my high note. Thanks for everything you do and for keeping us laughing. Thanks.


Thanks to everybody who called in this week. If you want to leave us a message about something that gave you hope, you can call us at three two three five two one nine four five five.


Before we go, this is Travis Healthways last week at Crooked Media. We've been working together for the past three years on this show and on tour for Love It or Leave It in positive America. And I'm gonna really miss him. And I'm especially grateful for how in the pandemic he'll figure out how to turn a live show in front of an audience into a show that works in the closet. But this show owes so much to Travis and how it's evolved over the past four years and mean I'm very grateful and I'm glad that I'm pretty sure we became actual friends.


We'll see if that holds. But it's also bittersweet because I'm excited that he's working on a scripted comedy with Crooked starring Rosamund Pike begat. Very cool. And I'm happy that he's going to be able to go back to his roots, which is working with Mike Glover. Again, something that I know that has always been a passion of his. So good luck to Travis with his new role with Bloomberg, your sweetie pie.


Thank you to Senator Ed Markey, James Ajemian, IRA Madison, the third the my pillow guy, Bernie Sanders and Pepe Lupu. There are 605 days until the 2022 midterm election. Happy Daylight Saving Time and have a great weekend. Love it or leave it is a crooked media production, it is written and produced by me, Jon Lovett, Lee Eisenberg, our head writer, and the person whose gender reveal party started the fire, Travis Helwig, Jocelyn Kaufman, polyphenol, and Peter Miller are the writers are assistant producer is Sidney Rapp.


Bill Lance is our editor and Kyle Ségolène is our sound engineer. Our theme song is written and performed by Shirker, thanks to our designers Jesse McClain and Jamie Skil for creating and running all of our visuals, which you can't see because this is a podcast. And to our digital producers, Normal Conine and Milo Kim for filming and editing video each week so you can have it or leave it to any camera on you coward.


I'm going to miss you, Travis. I'm going to miss you, too, Johnny. All right. I'll talk to you. I don't have to do it in here. I love you. I love everybody on here. This is great. I'm going to miss everyone.


I already regret it, you know? All right. I put my hat on for you. That's good. We make sure we use this zoom audio. Travis being vulnerable at the end of the podcast. No, I won't turn up my audio. I already turned off my audio, but I think you can just use the same audio.


Yeah, I think you got it wrong. No, I'm not going to work for Mike Bloomberg. I'm the new host of Reply All. I'm going to bring a new perspective. All right. We're done. We're done.


I love you, Johnny. Over to Travis. I can't look at somebody in the eyes when I say that. So I have to look around.


Seems like something you should go to therapy for. A lot of things.


You go to therapy work.


That's what the problem is for listener. Yes. You enjoying this crooked pod that you're listening to right now? Great. Then you'll definitely love my podcast. Take line from Crooked Media. It's hosted by me, Jason Concepcion and me, Renee Montgomery. And every week we'll get into the week of sports and culture, from the games to the players to the issues happening both on and off, the court will be tackling the important political and social issues happening in sports head on.


And, you know, it'll be good because, Jason, both our winners, I mean, I've got two WNBA championship rings and I've got an Emmy, so it's kind of the same. That's cute.


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