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This year has been a blurry blur a year, days are long, weeks or longer, and yet months are passing us by so fast that probably doesn't make sense. But does anything right now I may add on our made mixtape this week, I have a great slice of some good indie sounds for you. This episode is called Breathe and I'll explain why I was doing yoga the other day and the voiceover lady on my yoga app told me to take my arms, put it behind and them together and lean forward.


And then she said, Don't forget to breathe. Literally no jokes. And I thought, shouldn't that just be obvious to breathe? And at the same time, I'm glad she told me because I needed to. It's strange, that line kind of hit me, and so Breathe is the name of my mixtape this month. Now, another thing you shouldn't forget is to please subscribe, write and review our little indie music podcast. It really helps people discover the show.


First up on this playlist, I have fresh faced RB soul pop singer from Chennai, Alvin Presley.


He released his debut EP Fall Today in July 2020. He started playing piano when he was three and was hooked. He trained at Hindustani classical and plays more than 15 instruments. I'm going to play you the first track on his record called Fallen Mornings. Before we play the music, Alvin has something he wants to tell you. Hey, Alan Pressly, here I am, a singer songwriter, music producer and a composer function, Falun Mourning's is the first track from the EP four today.


It's about a person's mental state in the night before the sad day. But he knows something chaotic is about to happen. And that particular night is quite uneasy, helpless. And, you know, it's one of those difficult to get through nights where the person questions everything around him, his visions and his thoughts. And can I stay awake and find a cure because and mornings you don't tell me now that this day has love. Now, this definitely was a way to put my thoughts out there and give words to it.


That's what the end of all today is about. The journey of a person from one evening talking about falling stars, making a wish to an uneasy night and to the bittersweet day. But something is about to happen.


Alvin Pressley telling us about his debut EP Fall Today. Let's take a listen to a single fallen morning's. Oh. Time I'm losing my mind. So I think. Take any pictures. I is it my. That was Alvin Presley with fallen mornings, as we take a deep breath and wander off the Indian map and bring you music made abroad, get it made abroad, why this joke will never die. Thanks to my friend Page Brahe from Third Culture, he brought a brilliant hip hop artist to my general vicinity.


I'm talking about Ahmed Mohammed Al Khalifa, a.k.a. Oddisee.


He is a Sudanese American and hails from Washington, D.C. He released a new album in July this year. And what an absolute beauty. It's so good to hear an album where you're spoilt for choice. But the song that stood out for me is called Still Strange, featuring RB soul singer Priya Raghu and St. Ezekial on guitar. Here's Olmer himself telling us more. Hello, everyone, I'm Oddisee, Sudanese American movie producer from Washington, D.C. I wrote and produced this song this year just after coming home from Thailand on March 9th and entering a lockdown quarantine in New York City.


While in quarantine in my studio for two weeks, I decided to dedicate my next series of songs to my experience, and I reached out to my band members one by one to replay my ideas. I had begun to write to it, and I wrote a chorus and something about the tone of the song. It really made me feel as though Predrag would be the perfect fit for singing the chorus I met so many years ago while on tour. She is Sri Lankan but born and raised in Switzerland.


While in Switzerland, we met each other and we've been friends ever since. You know, this song came about when I was in isolation and I really wanted to capture with that loneliness felt like for me this song is about breaking up with life. It's a love song, but it's a love song between us as people in life itself. And I wanted to capture that feeling and metaphorically use it to tell a story. So with the help of the Internet and a fast Wi-Fi connection, we were able to turn this idea into a song and I hope you guys like it as much as I do.


We don't make the mistakes that we're used to dealing with is but something useful for us to St.. Nothing's changed. We told lies only truthful, you go back to what we used to, but I still feel nothing has changed, took you for granted. Only now I understand it going in the wind and now the wind just makes me vindicated. I'm all alone. The isolation and the only thing I'm testing is my patience is thankful I'm alive and we it our so fast.


I almost became the president you gave me. I'm actually stuck most connection problem that they tried to make it work. I lost you first. Make matters worse, I lost my job. I'm nonessential. Maybe don't wash their hands of me. We should be closed by the British state. You hate what we've become, but to live with we plan to be our focus. But still random leave. My thoughts are suerte my whole life. The alpha phase is sure.


I see. We don't. I'm at a loss, thought I was better off than the people I could go jogging, know that I won, I can run away from me now. Am I able to ignore me and my man and tell him it's better when it was the way it was? Never meant people benefit. I'm letting go of my ego when it was something we should go to send. The happiness, I believe, is to come with the membership.


That freedom was limited, said we equal. We would say that this could be something we need to fight you for. You want to. Free lance will be key to legal reform. Communicating like we need to keep chains see through. Kept open, kept on going. Until now we still don't. The people we read for, we don't make the mistake. We don't make the mistakes that we use, so they'll be replaced by something useful for us to trade.


Because we're told lies. You can go back to where we used to. Breathe, then. Breathe out breathing. Breathe out. You just heard Oddisee featuring Dragoo and Saint Ezekiel. Next up, I've got an indie scene veteran in our midst. It's pop rock singer Shor's Nina Raith now with an album she released in September 2013. Now, a lot of people might know she's from her work as a playback singer, but I remember her from a classic rock band called Three Guys and a girl that featured Warren Mandans on guitars, Cejudo on drums, and Yohann Pei's on bass.


In the old days when the Blue Frog in Bombay was still alive. This album was produced by none other than virtuoso himself born Blackstrap bluesman Dansa. Her song After is one of my favorites and here she is talking about the song and more. Hey, everybody, my name is QAZ Nina Retin-A, and you're about to listen to a song called After it features on my EP called Dance Alone After is a song that talks about you reap what you sow.


You know, you eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions. And it was a song that I had written many years back. And it's a song that kind of grew up with me as an I kept adding verses as I experienced different phases of my life. In fact, the song was evolving. I recorded it. Yeah, till the very last minute, I think. So here it is, the third track of my evidence alone here is after.


Yum, yum, yum, yum. After you start strong, after you kill them all, after you felt your peace, after your breath to. The trees are gone after the birds are flown, after the air is safe. Melts away would melt in no way. Once was high, now you're bringing me down to LA. Oh. Hey, oh, hey. Oh, hey, yeah. Oh, hi. The lights are out and you done without down, so you lived a life here, the ship sailed away.


She breaks your heart after you paid your part, after you kiss goodbye, after your nights are some. That was shots Nina Rathner with after.


Now, from Pranayama breathing, we reach a Zen like calm as I bring you pseudonymously, whose father is a playback singer, so they both sleep and he's been performing since he was five years old today and playing you as pop song, then Orating, which was written while he was journaling during the lockdown. Now, according to him, we're longing for comfort for people, spaces and memories. The song was written and composed and produced by Siddharth himself. Here he is telling us a bit more about the track.


So my latest song, They're Not Out There, was literally made at home in this lock down, I was sitting in my bedroom, I took out my phone and I just wanted to write down thoughts and feelings that I had in my mind, because this time is a little challenging for everyone. And this song was just like me telling myself that, OK, it's going to be all right.


And sooner or later we will be through this, all of us together. And in the end, we will be with our loved ones, the notoriety that they died and begin to see the. Did the. But the Nikolaev and. The second guessing, but my first name is Rudy Decarbonize Nicole. You know, I think. Did they do it in? Good evening. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Dale. Sleep subtitles Julie. No, you can't.


Oh, yeah, oh, believe me, like I said, the be of the die dialogue, you just. There will be those opposite will be regarded as a vacuum.


But look at the. But dying. That song was then by pseudonymously, breathing a little heavily on this mixtape, I have Neo Soul Act from Boonah called Crack Chicken. Our dear friend from Easy Wonderlands Fame, Pratico Gopinath, features in this band. And we're going to play you their debut single, Kit Kat. It came out in August this year telling us the origin story of this song. Here's one part of Cracked Chicken.


Hey, everybody, my name is Charlotte and I'm the lead guitarist of Track Chicken Band based out of Boone, and unfortunately, the rest of the crew aren't with me to share a few words.


So I'm just going to tell you all a little bit about us, my friend Abraham, who plays drums and writes for the band. The two of us started this project sometime in 2018. Took us a while to put out anything, but we're finally here with our debut single, Kit Kat, out on all streaming platforms. Abe and I wrote it almost two years ago. A couple of friends came over to my place after the Supersonic Music Festival and just for a little bit of fun.


And so they played a beat on my sofa.


I really wish I could explain that to you, but all you need to know is that it had a kick ass bass sound and we made everyone there one musicians at all just laugh and sing shitty lyrics, you know, just messing around when suddenly my brother was also there, started singing this backing vocal line, went like kick, kick, kick, and it just got stuck in our heads.


A week or so later, we decided to write the song with just the hook in mind and decided to write it about my broadcast live dingy apartment on the outskirts of the city for cheap rent, a car that's literally 15 years old, which would break down, had the most opportune moment, like on the highway to Bombay for a gig twice. I think it was the same venue also. But despite all the shit, the little things like being able to afford a 20 rupee chocolate and making music with your close friends or something, that's truly special.


I hope you guys check out the song and enjoy it as much as we do, and here's to hoping we can play the song for you guys soon. Well, I'm walking up and down stairs and not around for a good scene, right scene. Yes, I wanted and I needed what I got in my pocket, some peanuts, a free nuts walking all around because my Kosoff in town, you may be thinking that, hey, say the ball drop from the ground.


Don't know. You got to feel the breeze down. Well, and all I got is a five 10 split. Kickett. So my daughter, since you've opened papers, covid dazed. Not in twisted promises, stand on my fridge for a little bit of taste, the way goes is not in a way where it's all around spiders about access to the place. Tabs don't drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drop, no guts, only marks and all kinds of shock.


All I got is one whose blood flow from the Cornerstone Speedway ticket to. Jack, Jack, Jack. Can just. You heard Crack Chicken with her debut single Kit Kat taking it down a notch, we've got lo fi dream pop artist Bolls, which is the moniker for Dhruv Bhullar, who's known as an instrumentalist in many in the deli scene, the basis for Peter Cadd, Recording Co., the guitarist for Ronettes, The Kid and pretty good and so on.


Now he stepped into the limelight with Bulls and released a two song EP called Pretend Friends in June this year. I've got one of the songs to play for you. But first, here's through telling us about what inspired the song. I rode two feet in 2016 during a period in my life where I constantly felt misunderstood by my friends, but over the years and a few regrets later, the song, while it seems devoid of hope, is actually a longing for the stability that good friends bring in your life, the realisation of the triviality of some arguments and a renewed understanding of what being a friend really means.


I've got to feet, but they don't do. And I've got two legs, but they don't and my feet. I've got two friends and they don't seem to like me, I'd say, but I think that they find it funny. Felt unable to keep myself clean. I said too much now. I don't know. I mean, I think. Slating my words, I've said on. I say, what? To friends and to. With Krusty The.


Strath. Bowls with his song Two Feet. Can I just say I want to be Theroux's friend, not pretend friend, real friend. Lastly, we have a massive hip hop collaboration that I've been holding my breath for, but before I bring you this massive dunaj, when you get the chance to subscribe to us on the podcast app of your choice. It really helps people discover the show. Swing by, say hi to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


It's made in India Amidi and now ending this with barely any breath left between words, phrases and beats. Here is Mevoli hip hop featuring Kabaddi, Spitfire, Slow Cheetah and Devil. The Rimer produced by Nootka, known to most, as Anoushka mentioned, that it's supposed to be a collaboration of unity and exclusivity to create a bond through these unprecedented times. You can hear the magnetism and unique flair and style of each of the emcees given their own space through the track.


Even the music video was shot entirely during the lockdown by each artist in their respective homes. So in my final breath, this mixtape here is my Philly hip hop with somebody Spitfire, Slow Cheetah, Devil Rymer Nootka.


Some had to think about it because that I come to my skin, but I had the red carpet that said that he got I'll be better than anybody gets folded up on the phone on the on the way up high up high school cupcake de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de la.


I've got to be who will be stamped on propaganda because you kind of put a mixed picture of a picture show that many people will put on the table protocol. But thank you both. What you the lead up to these talks will be so good order. But among the public you can get the street games. Don't come back. I'll be bothered by it. How are you? I'm fine. Beethoven in a big way. Observe a new thumbs up.


Decency always in the limelight. Sunkist, what are you seeing on the field on this gong speed limit? They'll be hitting the people we love.


We love to the public. Go to the to go to the thunder.


Anthony Asheton isn't something that nobody got to go to a meeting on the other day with his daughter. Then I got to be part of this. And that's what I'm going to be put on a little bit in the middle of a little girl who woke up in the short term and had no capacity for someone who knew somebody that call that a company bonded with the bank.