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Welcome to a special episode of our humble indie music podcast, Made in India, a mini soad, to be precise, where I've collaborated with Toto Funds the arts. For all of you that don't know. It's an incredible non-profit trust that was started by the friends and family of Unidas Villani, affectionately known as Toto. After a tragic accident and his untimely passing in 2004, Totoo funds the arts was created in memory of his love for music, literature and film.


It nurtures and encourages young artists in India through awards, workshops and other events. Currently, they have annual awards for music, photography, short film, English writing and Kannada writing. We hear it made in India do our best to support musicians in this country. And like Toto, we want to see artists have the space and freedom to be creative. Right now, applications for the Total Music Award are open and I'll be telling you more about it, how to apply and what the prizes through this episode.


I'm also going to be showcasing some of the best Toto Music Awards and their incredible music. Before we bring you the music, please do subscribe, read and review our humble little indie music podcast. It really helps people discover the show.


We're starting out with a song by Chennai postpunk rocker Kishore Krishna, who helmes the band Adam in The Fish Eyed Poets. They won the Toto Music Award in 2013, telling us about his experience winning the award. Here's Kishor himself. So Toto is great, you showed me that there are people out there who care about standards, all the stuff that was important to me made me take things a lot more seriously after that. And the grant that Grant helped so much gives a huge boost.


Like we got much better gear, like go play live and even in the studio made a huge difference. Yeah, that was amazing. More importantly, I think I discovered that girls would talk to award winning artists, but they were not regular artists. So that totally changed my life. So, yeah. Thank you, Toto.


He's such a joker. That was Kishor Krishna from Adam in The Fish Poets. By the way, I've always been a massive fan of yours and I'm waiting for more music. But till then, I'm going to play you one of my favorite songs, Wartime Mornings, from his second album called Songs from an Island. Here's Kishore telling us more. Yes.


So the general concept of the album Songs from Niland was to write an Indian story. And I went with an arranged marriage between an undersexed engineer and his troubled Gibert conservative wife. So I didn't want to use conventional divorce. So I think it'll be interesting to present just subjective impressions of events and like sticking a mike in the character's heads and trying to capture the thoughts and feelings as they respond to stuff. I think that would be funny because people are generally tequila's in their own heads, untempered by external judgment, perspective or to irrationalities intact and pure.


So that be an interesting thing to document.


Yeah, so this particular song, what am I doing? So what's happening here is the husband thinks he's gaslighted, has already confused wife into an emotional breakdown. And like a lot of Indian husbands, he's been working for years to alienate her and strategically consolidate her dependence on him. So in his mind, he's super smug about having been all so clever and theming her and asserting dominance. So he's darkness, but so he thinks and like Bronco busting, what's actually happening is that she's just confused and upset about her nether regions fumbling when she looks at Katy Perry, which is the subject of a different song that takes place early, earlier in the day called Katy.


So that's also on the album. So, yeah, that's what I mourning's for you.


Radley's Amilcar another. It looks like someone will step away from online dangerous place, so. You just heard Adam in The Fish Eyed Poets with one of my fav songs, Wartime Warnings, as I mentioned before, I'm featuring the past winners of the Toto Music Award. And this year, despite the pandemic in lockdown, they're continuing to support creative endeavors for any young Indian musician who wants to apply. Please head to Toto Funds, the arts, dot blogspot, dot com and all the instructions are provided there.


The link is also available in our episode description.


Now, not only is this an award that has garnered a reputation for excellence, but it also provides up and coming artists with a cash award of 60000 rupees as well. Up next, I have folk rock band from Delhi, Peter Cadd Recording CO, who won the Toto Music Award in 2012. I've picked a song from the 2019 album Bismullah. The song is called Floated by here's frontman Surya Consignee telling us more about the song and about his experience winning the Toto Music Award.


So this is a Suriya come from Petechia recording company. I'm sorry about the noise, but I'm next to an ocean. I'm here to talk about the song floated by which we released another album, Bismullah. And I guess the way I imagine the song, it's when I wrote, I think many years ago, four years ago, it was almost a fantasy of someone who sort of skips through life in a happy go lucky fashion without really thinking too much about things, but still immediately having this desire to.


Hyper before might be something exceptional at what he does when, of course, it's kind of difficult to do both things at the same time, I guess for me, it's a pretty personal way of dealing with life. On the subject of Joto, well, I think we won the award for it back in early 2012 after we released this album called Cinema in 2011. It was the start of many of our music careers, even though I never really cared about awards and stuff like that, I think there was a deep sense of gratitude and definitely a validation which I received, uh, which I felt really nice about.


Plus, the money really helped because it was, um. Yeah, not much money in indie music if people haven't figured that out. But anyway. I think it was also nice to read the story of the award, and I think more than anything else, that is something which I felt close to and I'm glad it still continues. And I've seen many people who have won over the one that award over the years have gone on to do really interesting stuff.


And I think that's the most important aspect, is this in a sense of encouragement. It's giving people, especially in India, where a lot of what we do, I think is extremely difficult. And you need some sort of special help, a little push to just keep you going and keep trying it. That was taken by the ocean.


How jealous am I? Well, let's take a listen to Peter recording with their track floated by.


Time just floated by. But these are. That's how I want to go. Jane, I'll deal with it. Maybe I was always the. All I want to be. There's something so good. Something should. I know that. I was hoping my. Well, I'm going to be by three days until. That's how I was. I'll do the maybe I. I was always there. All I want to be. There's something so good. Thanks so.


And the. More time. Hey. You just heard Peter had recording go with their song floated by who won a total award in 2012, not for any of you young Indian musicians who want to apply. Please head to toe to funds the arts blogspot dot com for more details. They're open for entries and you must submit by August. Thirty first. Now, once you apply, what happens is that each application is evaluated, compared and debated intensely over before deciding who makes it to the long list, which is announced by November.


The next step is that a jury of professionals, usually music journalists, musicians, producers and other industry mainstays will be sent the long list entries to whittle it down to a short list. Once that's ready, they set up a jury meeting to get together and discuss their opinions. And from this meeting emerges the short list of the top three. The shortlist is announced in December and the winner is announced at a ceremony early the following year. It's exciting.


And I urge you, it's no better time than now to apply next on our Todo Music Awards list. I have serious and go up that a.k.a. plastic Parvathy from her incredible experimental electro soundscapes. I picked a single call, quintessential love song. There's a true vulnerability and honesty to her music. And she won the Total Music Award last year in 2019. Here is the Yashar telling us about her music and Toto. Hi, everyone, I am Sasha, some of you may know me from my monicker plastic Parvathy, I think, um, quintessential Lovesong came at a time when I was learning how to produce my music.


So I was essentially messing around with a bunch of W's. And the idea was to have a personal thought and also use Indian instrumentation, but not in a traditional cliched way. So I'd call it a song let because, you know, a lot of the plastic bag with the music that I put out on my SoundCloud are basically just experiments. And, you know, it's my journal where I think out loud and I invite everybody else to sort of listen in and see where I'm at emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically.


The song, quintessential love song is basically just me being young and horny and in love, as cliched as it might be, but I thought it was important to put out there, because I think as women we are told to suppress our sexuality and we are not encouraged to talk about it. So, you know, I thought, hey, you know what? I don't care for those rules at all. And finally, to funds, the arts has been such a pillar of support for a musician like me.


And they don't just help musicians, they help all artists in India, across India. And yeah, they've helped me actualize some of my dreams. And as somebody from Calcutta who is often overlooked in the larger dialogue, I think totally gave me that Bush that I needed. And I will always, always, always be extremely thankful and grateful to them for the opportunity.


Thanks so much, Asha, and I really love this track and that story. So take a listen to plastic Parvathy with quintessential Lovesong. Were you? I love my. Goussis. Chris. Plastic Parvathy with quintessential Lovesong, our last word in music awardee on the list is an electronica artist from Bangalore, Sharmarke Biswas, a.k.a. Disco Puppet. I've picked a song from his debut EP Astronaut that he released six years ago, and this is one of my favorite tracks called Teacher Destroyer, telling us more about his song and winning the Total Music Award.


Here's Sharmarke.


My name's Sharmarke. I go by the artist name Disco Puppet. The song's called Teacher Destroyer. This was part of my first ever release called Astronaut. It was an EP in 2014. I'd actually written this EP while I was in Bombay doing an internship in a design studio. I was actually just trying to learn the software, which is able to help write songs with my band. And I thought when I had free time during these two months, I could just, you know, open the software and experiment and that turned into this EP.


I don't actually know what the EP is about as a whole. They're all separately just different ideas about different things. And I was also learning how to write songs because I never knew how to write songs. I still don't. I'm still learning. So it's just about and on some sad lost love or something. But for me it was mainly about learning how to use the software and learning production. And for me that's still the fun part of this.


I received the total award that really well, important moment. I was out of work and I was trying to figure out what to do about whether to leave Bangalore and go back to Calcutta and stay at home. And I was like, I don't do that and I don't know how, but I got the grant and I was like, okay, amazing. I can now stay here while I'm looking for work and also do music. And that's what I did.


I found some design work and I was doing music on my own time. I'm still doing it well, both those things. But yeah, funnily enough, when I applied for Totoo, I was like, yeah, no chance. But sure, why not? And then suddenly it was like top ten, top three we got to perform, which was also really fun the night of the nominee. And then I won and it was great because now I had money to live.


And I also had that amazing award, which is like a twisty hand. And it I think I know Brath. Not sure.


I genuinely don't know where he's going with that. But anyway, that was Shumack, also known as Disco Puppet, who won in twenty seventeen. As I mentioned before, please do send out an application for the Total Music Award. We all know what a struggle it has been during this pandemic and the fact that they are still putting this grant out there for young Indian musicians is incredible, to say the least. Entries are open and the deadline is August 31st.


Twenty twenty. And you can find out more details by going to total funds, the arts blogspot dot com. The link is in our episode description. If you're not a musician but you know of someone who should definitely apply, please do let them know before it's good for all of you out there to continue to loyally support Made in India. Thank you so much. When you get the chance to read reviews on the podcast app of your choice, it really helps people find made in India.


Also, do you get in touch with us? We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


That's ad made in India, made right now. I'm ending this mini soad with disco puppet. Here is this track teacher destroyer. Oh. Take the memo. Sort of.