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He for all those that don't know me, my name is Maime, I'm a humble music fan, and I'm inviting you to a special couple of mix tapes this month of August called Our Neighbors, Considering the times we live in, which is tough and tense.


It's important that we all know and realize that despite the untoward circumstances, there is love, camaraderie and friendship between all of us, regardless of politics and borders in this episode. I'm not bringing you music from the independent music scene in India, but I've decided to traverse just across our borders to our neighbors abode and bring you songs. From there, we'll be heading to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal through our made mixtape before I dive in. Don't forget to subscribe and review our humble little indie podcast on Apple, Spotify, Gosplan, or wherever you hear your podcasts, it helps people discover the show.


So kicking things off. I have a reggae rock outfit from Sri Lanka called The Soul. I met these lads at any given weekend or last year.


You know, when we could still go to music festivals, I got a chance to interview them before their live performance. I don't know if it was the South vibes, but I fell in love with them and their music. They actually told me something really interesting about Sri Lanka. Did you know that it's situated near one of the lowest gravitational points on planet Earth called the Indian Ocean Gweilo? Yeah, who knew? Does that mean they float a little off the ground anyway?


Currently they only have one album out, which is their debut record round and around that they released about a year ago. I'm bringing you a buy one get one free offer of two of my favorite songs by the Soul. We have optical illusion about a troubled time living in the city. But first, here's their track Lucky Child. That is about a kid who lost everything to war and is finding his or her way to cope through the struggle.


Uh uh, uh, uh. Run from the cold outside my plane. There's no place safe to stand. But somehow I must. Yet no one is screaming. Well, tough lessons have been learned. Don't sleep while living. And look to our screens, we turn. So, look, we're going to make me strong. And the whole world is screaming at. Lisa. The city trying to make the money to live in its hardest year, but no one leaves behind a living.


Together, we were conquered, but in the end, she found the man. I found myself, these pharmacist to enslave. Wake up in the middle of the night, I'm shaking my head one more time, but. The town, how much longer will have to be extremely difficult if you. You just heard Optical Illusion by Reggae Rock Act, The Soul from Sri Lanka, our next neighbor in the mix is an artist from Bangladesh, HealthOne Mutator, a.k.a. dictator.


I don't know how I found this song, but it cropped up during my random wanderings on the inter webs. It's this weird and wonderful song that I was really drawn to and I had to get it translated. So I asked our podcast pal and token bong friend of the pungent apple from the little pickers to tell me more.


Basically, it's a giant innuendo. I think it does make a lot of references to a banana tree. Well, to tell us more, here's the musician himself. Hi, my name is Donovan, the creator of Mikiko, like us, so collagen is essentially a song which is about replacement. So in school I learned that if you ever cut a banana tree, then another banana tree grows at the exact same place. So it's almost like you never cut the banality off in the first place.


So I kind of like applied to that to human relationships, I guess, you know, like sometimes you date someone. So I'm going to work out and then find someone else who will find a place. Now, when I see that, you would think that I am speaking from personal experience. That's right. But the weird thing about the entire process of making the song is when I wrote this song, I never got broken up with or anything like that.


It was always me or it was mutual. So however, however, the funny part, I finished making the song, but I didn't make the music video yet. So during that period of time, it was like five months in between those two things. So during that five months, I started dating this girl and she ended up dumping me and going back to her ex-boyfriend. And then I felt super out of place. And then I listened to the song, which I already made.


And it was super funny and kind of sad because I kind of predicted my own future predicament in a way, with this song, which I made months ago. And now I find myself in the same situation which I was talking about in this song. So, yeah, I guess that's really it. Have fun listening to it. I guess that was then.


Beer. Now it's time to hear that Jack here is dictator with Amichai Cola Gottsch. Only Johnny Nakano. On Ajani Nakano. McChicken, I got you. Army, KeyCorp College, Army Color Guard, Qanun are making Gorlovka. Mayor Michael. I'm looking at the village down at. Somewhere south of. I'm Di Sugarcoats. Oh, my God. God. I'm going to go now, I'm making Garcons to your love is. Oh, my God. Come on.


US colonel. Oh, Mickey, gone, gone, gone, gone. I'm gonna call. Michael Culkin. I'm a big believer that da da da da da.


Another one of our neighbors, this one's from Bangladesh, you just heard Dictator with his heartbreak song, Amichai Koula Gotch making it all a little better after that rough realization is a song called Subtheme Jagoff or Everything's Going to be OK by a pop duo from Pakistan called Biriyani Brothers.


Technically, they aren't brothers but sisters V.R., RZA, Peracha and Natasha Noorani.


If you check out their Facebook page, it is hilarious. Their genre of music is, and I quote, not pulao. Get it? Come on people.


I am waiting for the day I can go for a billionaire brothers gig in Lahore. Till then, we always have the music. Here's one half of the duo is talking about their song Subtext Kojiro.


The lyrics for Subcortical Jurga were written by another shows, Harnessing the Commander and also by us. And Natasha, what what happened was that I composed this piece of music and I was like, I really want to I really want to sing something on date. But I had a very particular story that I wanted to do. The story behind it is essentially that when I was growing up, I had this one song, one woman, and he really helped me through a lot of situations.


And, you know, I don't really have anything in common with him, actually nothing at all. Where is this, like, really wise old dude from TUD? And he has this way of making you feel like it's going to be okay. I remember around about the time that we were writing this, I was going to have a rough time. I remember the name of the dinner with us at this particular point after I had moved, but when I went downstairs there's a whole separate city.


I went downstairs and I saw him there and I was like, What are you doing here? And he was just like, I had a feeling something was wrong and he was right. Something was very wrong. And I tried to explain the problem to him, you know, and sometimes I have problems articulating exactly Maslach. And, you know, he just looked at me and he said certain things to me that really resonated. He said things like undecidable, many don't worry about it juegos or the subject, which I in the end and, you know, I'm like looking at inequal, like he's just like Odigo.


And in the end, he's always right about it. Somebody Koja. And that was the message that I really wanted to bring out in the song. It's basically an ode Nick Moments, an ode to my sister who also raised me, cuz everybody has that one person in their life who sort of, you know, says illogically everything's going to be fine, you know, and it really is going to be OK. So that was that's the story behind some kotoko and a small fun fact Nick moment.


I actually didn't know that I wrote the song and when he found out that I ordered, he got so excited he isn't tired. And I'm in Lahore. He asked us to send him the song on an SD card, and he's showing it to all of his friends and family. And he's like, look really bad. You know, maybe you're going to. But I just say, well, I need this.


And that was add up. And Pakistani Bob Diabete. Any brothers did you know that Zara and Natasha are also co-founders of the Lahore Music Meet, which is one of the top music festivals in Pakistan? I'm telling you, I'm crossing the border as soon as I can to hang out with these two. But so then here's your song, Sebti Kojiro. I'll pull back just a little humor. He got into a bit of. It's the height of honeybun.


Or Chocaholic is subcircuit on much Matko Milliman, he or Subsample Chiger. He said to. But or or Chocaholic is or JICA much, maybe he or some. They really have guy. You just heard Pakistani Pop Jobrani brothers with their track subtitle Giago. Now let's head over to our neighbors in Nepal. We have UK based Nepali Singer-Songwriter Ugo. He released his first full length album, Look Amadi in April this year. And with the lockdown in effect, he launched the album online and then decided to donate all its proceeds towards response projects tackling the covid-19 crisis in Nepal.


Listening to the entire album. It was hard for me to pick one song because the whole record was superb. But I had to and I did. It's called Kosheh. Here's your Gorell elaborating on what the song is about. Hello, and I must say, I am your little girl. I am a Nepali singer songwriter, and the songs you're about to hear is from my newly released album, Look Ommaney. So this song is basically about realizing your passion, something that you truly love.


It's about just getting out there and doing it. We live in a very competitive system where money and societal status drives us to do whatever we're doing. So it's a song about pursuing what you enjoy. Basically you. Yeah. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this show and I hope you guys enjoy the song. I mean, I did go to your. Coming out of the state of Texas about your mom. Time now to try cocktails on the.


Cordie, Kako. Garçon. Cassani. You just are an Singer-Songwriter Yuga Gurung with his track Kashish Moving back to Pakistan again I have indie rocker a second. Come on from Karachi with a song from their 2017 album Tethys or thirty six. There was a dispute here within the Made in India team about which song to feature. Genum wanted Jobi from their first self-titled album. Sean wanted a song called Zulfiqar Knocka, but of course I won because this is my show, my roles.


And so you're going to hear their track. Himmat talking to us about the song. Here's lead singer nerdish as Aitken. Hi, this is Novik from second they come him. There's a song that I co-wrote for John. The song is about God. It's about giving yourself to God and society more and society and how we see ourselves in modern society. And yeah.


So it's time we threw down some music here, a second to come up with him featuring Fezzan Riedinger, his.


I mean, I'm going to keep this little. How much could learn? And I want you to make that you see my daddy. So much more money on job after some time. Oh, my money and my. How much could you give us an. Oh. How much could have? From Pakistani indie rock band Second, their commander, you heard him right now as we come to the end of our neighbors made mix tape. I have one more song for you from Nepal.


Before I scoot, though, I just wanted to tell you that when you get the chance to write and review us on the podcast app of your choice, it really helps people discover the show and swing by. Say hi to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That's Akhmad in India that's made. Last but not least, we have an indie folk singer songwriter Jerusalemite with a single she released in December last year called Sun Sun. According to her, the lyrics conjure up the deeds and emptiness of summer afternoons in Nepal when time feels heavy and thick, she says this is how days generally feel while on heavy bipolar medication that she was having to take while writing the song.


The music video attempts to reconnect with her indigenous karati roots to find healing for all those that don't know. Gherardi is an ethnic group from eastern Nepal and northeast India. So as we end our sojourn to our neighbor's house, here's your Ruggeri with her song Sansone. Doolally. Come on, guys. So I think to stay on my legal read the diva now to two to one that Sunday night, cozy little bottle of peanut butter. But don't worry, peanut butter volcano started.


Daly City body cut this pseudo long line, so they go a little too soon. Oh, so dirty. Just quickly. So far, no trace of the Mubarak in the the Mubarak. None of the Mubarak in none of the Mubarak. But nobody can know about the hurricane now but one hurricane of the hurricane.