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Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mike Love, and. I think what we have to do is all take a deep breath if we want justice to be served. We've got to wait until a thorough and complete investigation is done. We do not want to play judge, jury and executioner, whether we're talking about Mr.


Blake or we're talking about the police officer, one of the most sensible things that's been said over the past week about Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Have any idea who that happened to be? Any guest, that voice familiar to you? Probably isn't I mean, there's a chance if you are super, super clued in, there's a chance that voice is familiar to you. But and if it's not. It happens to be one of the people who had both the right skin color and right gender to be considered by Joe Biden as his running mate. That being Orlando Democrat Val Demings, yeah, no kidding, Val Demings, maybe Biden missed it on the running mate thing.


Just as an aside, by the way, if you're an employer, if you happen to be. A business owner. Are you able to discriminate on the basis of gender or race? And probably not, right? I have a feeling that you get just a little bit of trouble if you try to discriminate on the basis of gender and race, but it's cool when Joe Biden does it right and the news media, well, they're not even going to call them out.


And just as an aside, since we play identity politics these days and identity revisionist history. Hey, there it is, Breman, I host the morning rush Gaono in West Palm Beach, the Muchow WIOD in Miami, always an honor and a privilege to be here. Guest hosting for the great one, Mark Levin. You may follow me at Brahima Radio on Twitter. And what we need is a heavy dose of perspective. I talk about the premise, if the premise of anything is false, anything built on that false premise is bound to fail as well to sides stories.


One side of facts. And I noticed something and it dawned on me. And a even greater way. When none other than Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had this to say over the weekend. White people need to be coached up and they need to be educated about what the heck is going on in the world. Black people can't scream anymore, they can't march anymore, they can't bare their souls anymore to what they've lived with for hundreds of years because white guys came over from Europe and started a whole new country with a great idea and great ideals and wrote down great writings and laws and all of that about democracy and freedom and equality for all.


Is that what happened? INTERRUPTING what Mr. Carol outlined here for a moment, the great constitutionalist, Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks, is that how this country happened at a bunch of white guys who came over from Europe and said, hey, we're going to do this whole constitution thing? And yeah, and it was just all hunky dory. A little bit of a false premise going on here, just a little bit. OK, so continuing with Mr.


Carroll, what he had to say. And then that's not what happened, because we went down this road here and followed economy's rich white guys making money and they put together a system of slavery. And we've never left it, really, it's never gone away. Here's the irony of a guy who coaches a team of players. That are 80 percent black. With the average salary over two and a half million dollars a year. And. We never really left slavery, it really has never gone away.


Anything questionable about that logic, about that premise, Mr. Carroll continuing with our constitutional scholar, Pete Carroll and black people know the truth. They know exactly what's going on. It's white people who don't know. It's not that they're not telling us what they've been telling us stories. We know what's right and what's wrong. We just have not been open to listen to it. We've been unwilling to accept the real history. We've been taught a false history of what happened in this country.


Well, Dan Streeting, your case, Pete, I don't know where you got your history, but it definitely is false. And we've been basing things on false premises. Uh huh. And it's not been about equality for all, it has not been about freedom for all. It has not been opportunity for all. And it needs to be. This is a humanity issue we're dealing with. This is a white people's issue to get over and learn what's going on and to figure it out and to start loving everybody that is part of this country.


And I want to come to our country wherever they want to come from. So there you go, the statement of one Pete Carroll. I noticed a number of especially white football players. That ended up echoing almost that identical sentiment, and I don't know if it was like, hey, here are your talking points, if you're a white dude in the NFL, go say this, or if they actually all believe it. And somehow or another, this is what's taught somewhere along the way in either college or NFL, as the case may be.


We got a problem with the premise, one of the things I do because I'm typing. Extraordinarily passionate about what matters right and wrong about this country, about the people that fight. Defend, die for this country, for the people that put on the badge, leave their families every day never knowing what the heck is going to happen when they walk out the door, but they do it anyway. For about average income. So we can go about our lives and people like Pete Carroll can make millions of dollars to be a boob.


It's quite the luxury. The way I dealt with over the course of time, my frustrations not to hate someone like Pete Carroll. Because we're called on not to hate nothing good to come to that, right, we see what happens when we are attracted to hatred. That's when violence. Is carried out, that's when the worst of us emerges, that's when the worst of society. Ends up becoming a lot of what we've seen, so if we're called on to be thinking people.


And if we are called on not to hate. One of life's greatest ironies, I think life's greatest irony is that the more we learn, the more we realize how little we actually know. And at that point, it's simply about an accumulation of knowledge, you could have the highest aptitude off the charts, genius everywhere, and spend your entire life just trying to learn everything there is to learn. You never going to do it right? But it is important that we get the basic things right.


It is important that we have education, civics, history taught, understood. It is important that we understand the premise of this country. It is important that statements like Pete Carroll's don't become the norm, which. It's understandable now where some of this comes from if you've not been taught. This country's history in the school system. And how many school districts across the country have taught the Constitution have truly taught history? And if you otherwise looked up to somebody like a Pete Carroll and he says something like that.


You might just be inclined to go along with the right. Kind of hard to blame somebody who is listening to somebody who's in a position of authority, a coach. When he's saying he's had a bunch of white guys from Europe and they came in, you know, did this whole country thing with a bunch of slavery so they could get rich off of it. It's kind of hard to to fault them for being upset. Except. Has nothing to do with the truth, right?


One of the great ironies of this country. And I want you to think about this for a moment, one of the great ironies of this country. Is what it took to get here. And we take a look in our society today. I live in south Florida. There isn't a day that goes by, people are not fleeing from places like New York to come down here. That's what people of means can do. They can leave and when you have.


Boobs like homo. And Marxist like de Blasio. And all the others that are, you know, versions of them throughout high tax states. Who is it that ultimately is screwed most by their policies, certainly isn't somebody like Donald Trump. He's down here full time now, Mar a Lago outside of Pennsylvania Avenue. That's his house. Who is it that gets hurt? Well, it's those of the least means, right, who often are those of minority descent.


Those who get hurt most by leftist policies often are those who theoretically are being protected by them. And then what happens? Control. OK, so that's the game that's been played for quite some time. But that's what we do in our society today, right? Most people of means, when they've had enough, they leave. Think about for a moment what our founders actually did. Think about what had to happen, so a boob like Pete Carroll, who makes millions of dollars a year to coach football.


Think about what they did. The single most remarkable thing in a series of miraculous events that led to the winning of the Revolutionary War, who were the founders, by and large, who were the revolutionaries? Those who are ultimately behind it or who? Those who are among the wealthiest. And most capable in society, right? And rather than cutting deals and rather than going along to get along and rather than maybe just moving or doing something different, so they were in the what did they do?


They literally put their wealth, their businesses, their property and their lives on the line to fight. Think about what that would take for a moment. And then for somebody. Like Pete Carroll to come out and say. That white guys came over from Europe and started a new country with a great idea and great ideals and wrote down great writing the laws and all that about democracy and freedom and equality for all, and then that's not what happened. How much of a disservice is that to them?


To them. Let alone to the falsehood that is perpetuated by anybody that buys into that load of crap. He literally is in the position he's in. Near the top of society, articulating a bunch of lies because of those people, every one of us has the luxury to have whatever our gripe is today, because those people decided to put their lives on the line when they were among the most well-to-do in society. But when you don't teach that. This is what you get.


And if you embrace that false premise, there's no shortage of. Any number of different things you're going to get wrong? And that's what we're dealing with today. A false history being perpetuated. By people in positions of influence being bought into by those that haven't been taught differently. And that's why it's more important than ever that we have information and that we lead with information, not hate. And we open people's minds because if we do that, we can open hearts, talk a little bit about this, including some of the similarities between MLK and figures like I know Jesse Jackson and then somebody like Donald Trump compared to, say, somebody like Joe Biden, draw some parallels between our founders and all of these different things.


And we'll get to it. Coming up next. I'm Brian Mudd, in for the great one month in.


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You cannot imagine. What it feels like to look at your baby paralyzed from the waist down, shackled, shackled. Where was my son born? They already put it in the bag. You know who that's the voice of star of the show with Val Demings, Democrat Orlando making a lot of sense a week late, but making a lot of sense about not jumping to conclusions. What you just heard about that was the voice of. The father of Jacob Blake.


Now, you would have him be a martyr, right? I mean, a lot of people would have him be a martyr at this point. Brian Mudan for the great one, Mark Levin. Who are your heroes talking about the premise, talking about embracing a falsehood, false narratives learn something recently on exactly where I think some people are coming from for thinking that this country was founded on racism. This country is so unfair and everything else. Pete Carroll espoused the viewpoint that you just had a bunch of white Europeans that came over here and they went ahead and wrote some laws, put a constitution together and then ranked it on slavery.


Not that, you know, there's this little inconvenient thing, like a revolution that was fought for freedom, where you actually had the richest in society that literally gave up everything they have, including putting their lives on the line to try to fight for what ended up going into those founding documents. No, not the real history there. But in the case of of Mr. Blake. Does that sound like the father? Of someone who. Sexually assaulted a woman.


Does that sound like the the father of someone? Who violated a restraining order for a woman that he had sexually assaulted? Because that is who Jacob like is. Paralyzed as he may be at this point and without knowing. Still to this day, eight days later. Whether proper force was used or not. As valid, Deming said, we should let this play out. Is Mr. Blake someone who. Is operating on a false premise, perhaps. See what the challenges we're running into with the narratives that are being espoused, racism and everything else.


If Jacob Blake. Doesn't commit sexual assault. Are we having this conversation? If Jacob Blake doesn't violate the restraining order for sexual assault. Are we having this conversation if Jacob Blak? Doesn't resist arrest. For the outstanding warrant for the aforementioned. Are we having this conversation? And if Jacob Blake within resisting arrest doesn't potentially. Threaten law enforcement, are we having this conversation? How do we know who the real victim is here and this is the problem of holding up a false premise?


This is the problem from hands up, don't shoot, which never happened, or talk about some perspective who real heroes should be. Coming up next, I'm Brian Mudd and for the great one, Mark Levin. Now, I know you love freedom, how do I know that? Because you listen to my show and my show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom and the form of government that secures it for us. It's the same with Hillsdale College, one of the very best truly liberal arts colleges in the nation.


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Washington, D.C., New York, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, all of these cities are Democrat run, all of these cities have experienced anarchy, violence and destruction in recent days, the opposite of a peaceful protest.


Yeah, other than that, it's great, though, other than that, it's great. Pretty remarkable what's taking place in our society today, and I learned something over the weekend about revisionist history spraying mud for the great one, Mark Levin. I learned and spent a lot of time trying to acquire knowledge about real history, about the founding of this country, about our laws, our Constitution, and trying to figure out how it is to best apply in today's society for any number of different issues.


And then I realized, you know, along the way, when you hear something you know is wrong. What do you do? Well, the inclination is just kind of fight back, you might get mad, might make you angry at worst, it could make you hate not good things. None of that's constructive. But I realized I didn't know really what the revisionist history was, I didn't realize the revisionist history. Was that use had a bunch of white guys who came over from Europe and they put together some laws and some slavery and then made a boatload of money off of it.


And slavery never ended in this country as the great constitutionalist Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll articulated. And then when I heard other NFL players articulate something similar, I was like, holy crap, this might be the revisionist history I did not understand. And so it's hard to blame somebody who thinks that there was in this revolution, if you were never taught about the American Revolution, if he never knew who the revolutionaries were. Well, my main sense that you just had this land over here, you had a bunch of white guys that came over from Europe, they they shot up some Indians and boom, slaves were rich.


And you could see why people would really be upset about that. Especially if they feel like they're still being victimized, albeit his players, that average making two and a half million dollars a year to play a sport. But I digress. Those highlights, the two and a half million dollar a year plus lives. When you think about a few people as I'm talking about perspective, I'm going to come back around for the perspective on our police. Because this is really important to what's happening this particular moment of time.


Is critical, it's critical because, yes, we have 63 days before Election Day. It's critical because. Yes, we have to have an ending. To this nonsense, this violence. Yes, we need a real history to be taught in our schools. But what happens the day that good people no longer decide to be cops want to come back around on that one. But one of the things that I remarked about the onset of the show. Our founders.


For all the flaws that no doubt existed with these people. They were among the most wealthy, most capable, most comfortable in the society. Are revolutionaries at the top? And unlike people get comfortable today and by the way, I'm not blaming you. I'm not blaming you. You know what I mean, screwed by these high taxes, I mean taken advantage of by these politicians are not even able to run my business anymore. I'm going to go to a place like Florida.


We welcome you as long as you don't vote for the same politicians that did that to you in the first place down here, no one really got. Those people actually said Fort. And because they did and because they pulled off a series of minor miracles. Here we are. Able to complain the way we are. Where even the impoverished in this country is far more wealthy than the average person in the world. So what the other great. Ironies in our society, you know, that if you take a look at the average worldwide income.


The federal poverty line is greater than double what the average person in the world earns in a year. Federal poverty level. That's how good this country has it. That's how good this bastion of slavery that never ended, according to Whiz-Bang, smart people like Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. That's what it's supported, pretty remarkable. Anyway, here's the thing. You have people. That throughout the course of our history have been different versions of a similar thing.


Take someone like MLK. I mean, granted, you know, not from wealthy means by any any stretch. But nevertheless, you know, in a situation where he could have made himself perhaps comfortable, been prominent within his society and certainly lived a lot easier life for himself. What do you do? He put it on the line. Including his life. And he went about it the right way. Nonviolence, peace, actual protests, not riots.


And in the end, he paid with his life. And what was his dream, his dream was that one day we would judge people on the content of character rather than color of skin. Now, I want to point out the irony of the disservice that is being done to MLK dream all these years later. How many decades has it been since the dream speech? For Joe Biden to say that he has identified four black women. Which he was considering for vice president.


Was that MLK dream? Not that we would have a black woman who would be a running mate based on merit, but we would have. The consideration of only black women because we're considering skin color. And gender in this case, all things that if you discriminated as an employer on the basis of you would be in violation of federal law, you know, minor details. All right. So. Thing about this. Every time we use race. As an issue, every time we separate from each other on the basis of race, we're doing a disservice to MLK dream and to unity.


See what's ironic and this is the great farce. And you being an astute listener to this program, no doubt know that all Black Lives Matter, the organization, not the people who are ignorant that just say, yeah, black lives matter. But the actual organization itself is is a Marxist front organizations really somewhat disinterested about race. It's more about Marxism. You know that just the same. Black Lives Matter is a slap in the face. To Martin Luther King, Jr.


. So you take somebody who came after. The path that he picked. Where he did everything the right way and he paid with his life. Not unlike some of the founders in this country, right? And you have somebody like Jesse Jackson who steps up now rather than taking the progress that had been made and calling on people to make the most of themselves, that happened to be of color. What did Jesse Jackson do? Well, he built a whole movement based on what division rather than declaring victory, rather than acknowledging that progress was being made.


Well, he ended up making millions of dollars, enriching himself as a shakedown artist on the basis of race, pushing notions like affirmative action, which again, is literally the antithesis of MLK Stream. Ironic, isn't it? This is the problem when you embrace a false premise, when you embrace a false premise, you go along. With the Jesse Jackson's with the Black Lives Matter. You go along with any organization that is willing to separate people, you will never have unity as long as you have people that are simply taking a look at somebody's skin color and categorizing them as long as you have a presidential candidate.


Of a major party. Who decides that he's only going to consider people of a certain race and gender? We are not going to be unified. These are people who exploit division inherently. And that's the challenge that we face when people embrace a false premise. Two sides to stories, one side effects. Let's go to Ray in Pennsylvania. Ray, go.


Yeah, Brian. Hey, the Jacob. I can't take his last name now. Offhand, I'm sorry. Like who? Who was shot by these officers? It's troubling to me because the officers had hands on him. And to see that he was shot seven times in the back is absolutely inexcusable. When the officers had hands on him. Regardless, he broke parole and the crime that he may have committed, they had him in their arms. Why?


Seven times in the back? They were they were right there with them. So that's troubling. And it makes me think that this the same people that are burning down cities have sent or paid for this to orchestrate this event, to keep the chaos and the unrest and the division and the illusion going on as much as they can. Ray? A couple of questions for you, I mean, first, have you have you ever attempted to arrest a criminal?


No, I have not. So there therefore, you have not tried to arrest a criminal who also is resisting arrest. And therefore, you also have not attempted to arrest a criminal who is resisting arrest that is so aggressive that even when tasered. It's still allegedly able to reach for a knife. So in a moment in which you have not been through all these different things and we don't know the rest of the details, you're able to necessarily infer.


That the police officer is guilty. I'm saying I don't I don't see it being reasonable, shooting someone seven times in the back when they are at arm's length. I think there is a lot that we don't understand. I think it's very easy for people who sit back in a chair and quarterback this thing, you know, to try to make assumptions with, look, it may be proven that excessive force was used. That's altogether possible. Right. But that's why we have investigations.


If it were so open and closed, we would not be sitting here eight days later without any charges being brought against a police officer. And the one thing that we have to remember, and this is one of the great sense, the governor of Wisconsin who opened the door for the riots to begin with. And the immediate aftermath two Sundays ago when the shooting of Jacob Blake happened. He said, we stand against excessive use of force, an immediate escalation when engaging with black Wisconsinites.


Tonight, Jacob Lake was shot in the back multiple times in broad daylight. And Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kathy and I join his family, friends and neighbors and hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries. Our state reels from another attack against a black man as communities grieve and exercise their First Amendment rights to demand justice. And as Sheika Blake fights for his life, we are reminded that racism is a public health crisis. This is the governor of Wisconsin who is assigning guilt to the police officer and who is necessarily indicating this was about race.


This is one of the other problems when we embrace a false premise. Is there any evidence whatsoever this had anything to do with race? No. Here's what we know if Jacob Blake. Does not sexually assault a woman. And if Jacob Blake doesn't violate a restraining order from a sexual assault. And if Jacob Blake doesn't resist arrest while being detained for the aforementioned. We're not having this conversation. Where does race enter that particular equation? Towards Foyt. Where does race enter that equation?


See, that's another thing that's been based on a false premise. Is there any indication whatsoever that Derrick Shervin did what he did because George Boyd was black? And it's another issue where we continue to embrace people. That have acted in a way that is problematic generally, if you don't have George FOID, who has a rap sheet longer than I am told, on five foot six. So I mean, look. But anyway, if he's not nearly a career criminal, if he's not being arrested for the latest crime he's committing, if he's not hopped up on a bunch of illegal drugs and if he's not resisting arrest for several minutes, we're not having that conversation now.


Everything that happened from that point obviously was wrong. But is there any indication race had anything to do with it, maybe in time, through the investigation, through the court case, we'll find out it was and if so, so be it at that point. But we do know that you had perpetrators that committed crimes, resisted arrest, and we have bad outcomes. And we also know that immediately you had people like governors that assumed that it was about race when there's no evidence of it fanning the flames of potentially a false premise, creating martyrs out of people that are not among the finest in society.


Are we choosing the MLK days of the world or the just the Jacksons of the world? These are the challenges that we have going forward. There is, but no question the governor, Tony Evers in Wisconsin, contributed to the violence that took place in Kenosha because in the immediate aftermath, he embraced the false premise. He assigned guilt to the police officer and. And he indicated what? In Kenosha, Wisconsin, this happened, you think that was a call to people outside the area to come in?


What did we find out about the people who arrived that caused the problems in Kenosha? Most of them were from outside, right. Be right back. Bryan Mudd.


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There are people from outside Kenosha, outside Wisconsin, and we've had some there outside the United States calling in here to scare people of what what's going to happen.


David Beth, the sheriff in Kenosha, people from even outside the country brought in, you think you have an organization of people that are just ready to exploit a situation, given the opportunity? You think if you have a governor of Wisconsin who immediately assumes guilt, immediately says that it's an act of racism, that might be a signal to those that are waiting in the wings to come to a place like Kenosha, Wisconsin, maybe a governor who literally makes his community less safe.


Pretty remarkable. Let's go to David in Maryland. David, go. We thank you for taking my call. I have been listening to the show on my on my ride home, and I'm a little bit frustrated, you know, from what you're saying. It kind of sounds like you're being dismissive. I 100 percent agree with you that, you know, politicians or anyone should not automatically jump to a conclusion and assign guilt or make it about race, because we don't know what the motivation is and we can't look into someone's heart.


We don't know. And I agree with that as a black man, however, and as a conservative, it does frustrate me that when I'm listening to conservative talk that I don't hear conservative radio host bring out the fact that there is racial inequality in this country.


No question, people. No question.


David, hold that thought and we'll be back. We'll tackle it on the other side, because you're right. You're right. There are racists. There are inequities. What's the premise of them? We'll talk about it coming back. Bryan Mudd and for the great one, Mark Levin. From the Westwood One podcast network. He's here, he's here. Now broadcasting live from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader.


Because I am a tremendous fan of law enforcement and I want to thank the law enforcement, they've done a good job. And when the governor says that I shouldn't come or he'd prefer that I not come, I'm the one that called him and said, Tony, you got to bring out the National Guard.


Well, I don't really want to do it. Yeah, I mean, kind of an inconvenient truth, there are two sides to stories, one side of facts, and if the premise of anything is false, anything built on it is going to be as well. It is Brian Martin for the great one, Mark Levin. I am the host of The Morning Rush W.J. in West Palm Beach, the Brian Muchow WIOD in Miami. Always an honor and a privilege to guest host for the great one.


And you may find me on Twitter and Brian, but radio as well. Now we catch you up to speed with where the conversation has been started, talking about the false premise. Of the systematic racism that is expressed by many who find fault with law enforcement, with whatever they want to find fault with in our society right now. And one thing I realized just over the weekend. Is that while I've spent a lot of time learning, actually history, learning the Constitution, learning about the founding of this country and learning about our founding fathers and what they went through so that we have the luxury of having this conversation right now.


I realized that I hadn't really spent any time trying to figure out what the leading narrative was from the people who believe Assignable. And then I realized when I heard Pete Carroll's comments, coach of the Seattle Seahawks over the weekend, in which and I'm paraphrasing at this point. You had a bunch of white guys from Europe who came over, put some of us together, hooked up some slavery, got rich and went to. Kind of left out everything about came over here, and even though they were, by and large, wealthy and comfortable, went ahead and decided that.


Freedom and liberty was more important than their comfort, their wealth and potentially their lives, so they fought this little thing called a revolution to provide for the documents that became the founding documents for this country that have allowed for the freedom that we all enjoy that allowed for this country. I learned that, especially when I heard it articulated in various forms over the weekend as well by other football players, and I went, oh, so maybe this is what the false narrative is that has been perpetuated.


And we're going to talk about schools a little bit later on in the show. Hoppen topic. You ever heard me talk about education? You know that I believe a lot of our ills right now today that we're dealing with have to do with the Department of Education and what public education, the education establishment has done and in many cases admitted in terms of teaching real history that I think is sitting in where we are for people not understanding the founding of this country, for believing that it was founded on racism.


One thing I want to do, and I didn't want to be dismissive, had a call right before the top of the hour and he was talking about how he's a black conservative, but he feels a lot of people on talk radio are dismissive of the issue of racism and that it does exist. And he's absolutely right. I'm a pragmatist and I'm also a numbers guy. So I want to walk you through something real quick that's just pure logic. Let's say, for example, X percentage of the population is racist.


It's not mutually exclusive, right? It's not like only white people are racist. People of every background are going to be racist, right? White people are racist, Asian people are racist, black people are racist, people of various Hispanic descent. Racist, right. They're racist in every. Walk off of life and every background, unfortunately, people are fallible and some people succumb to the worst of it. I think it's more important that we learn, we educate and we don't get motivated by hate and anger, but rather we try to understand each other a little bit better and through information.


Try to make progress. So let me just speak in sheer numbers, I just from a point of logic, can understand why many who are black feel as though it's more pervasive, because you know what? Let's just say that, you know, X percentage, whatever you want it to be. I have no clue. I've never seen anything empirical on this. Will we just be guessing? But let's just say for a moment that five percent of the population was racist.


Well, if you take a look at the makeup of this country, twelve and a half percent, this country approximately is black and just over 60 percent is white. The balance predominantly people of various Hispanic backgrounds and then Asians and, you know, folks that are from India and everything, you know, you walk through the spectrum at that point, you get into very small percentages. If you have. A static percentage of people across the spectrum that are racist, naturally, you're going to come across more white racist because they're simply more people.


I understand. I understand that it is logical. The importance, though, is we don't get bogged down in it. I was thinking about something and it had been a really long time. I'm from suburban Atlanta. I grew up in suburban Atlanta and. There are a lot of things that were interesting experiences in hindsight growing up at the time, I didn't make anything of it, but reflecting I really have because the city of Atlanta itself, the historical significance when we're talking about racial issues are well known.


But just growing up in the burbs in a lot of the experiences was an interesting education for where we are at this point in life. I have two older brothers, I'm the youngest of five all in, and I always try to keep up with my older brothers, one of which played football, other brother, outstanding tennis player. He's recovering from knee surgery right now. Kevin, God bless you. Get well. I wanted to play football and where we lived, which was a predominantly white area, wasn't able to play Pop Warner football is young, so I wanted to.


But in a neighboring county that happened to be predominantly black, I was able to. So my dad ended up taking me over there so I could play football. First year I played Pop Warner football. I was literally the only white kid on the team. And I remember looking back all the different names I was called and a lot of the things that I suppose if one was looking to be offended, you considered to be racist. But I didn't because I just wasn't thinking that way.


And these were my teammates and we had a great. I love that. Your football. But if I had a chip on my shoulder and, you know, being called things like cracker, whitey, whatever, and, you know, along some other thing, if if I was looking to be offended by it, yeah, it had been pretty rough. What do we make of a situation applies to it as well, and the question is, are people meaning it with malice or are people trying to keep others down?


And that's where we've got to be careful. I talked to last hour about the difference with someone like MLK. He literally said decades ago now his dream was that one day we would not judge people on the color of the skin, but on content of character. Here we are decades later. What are we talking about for people who want to proclaim to be the social justice warriors? Who are they? Black Lives Matter. Aside from the organization being a Marxist front organization, just the premise of Black Lives Matter literally is a slap in the face to MLK.


But we have done such a piss poor job of teaching history. I've really tried to understand the message. Then we walk right past it and those that are alleged leaders on race, what have they done? Somebody like Jesse Jackson that took the torch from, OK, what did he do? He exploited it. He did the opposite of MLK. He went out there and ended up shaking down businesses, making millions of dollars, exploiting race. And this is the problem with so many that are part of the race culture today.


Rather than declaring victory and going home after the Civil Rights Act and just trying to make things better generally in their own communities, you had people that realize, hey, if we don't have division. I'm going to lose power and I'm going to lose the opportunity to make money. How much money is there in race? How much power is there in race, how many people? For political interest, for corporate interest. For just personal enrichment have used race to get ahead, to be relevant, how many people that are in those positions of prominence want to let that go?


If we actually lived in harmony. If we actually just took whatever these small percentage of actual racists are and we isolated ourselves from them. And just let them be and their place of hate and and pray for them to get out of that place. What do we need them? What do we need organizations that literally divide people based upon race? If someone like Joe Biden was really interested in racial equality, would he literally use race and gender as qualifiers for consideration for a position, or is that just pandering?


Until and unless. We stop dividing each other. Based upon qualifiers, until and unless we actually listen to the message of MLK. We're not going to get anywhere. I reject Black Lives Matter. Because it is a false premise, you cannot, you cannot. Believe and Dr. King's dream and believe and black lives matter. One does not wash with the other. And a lot of people, because I am. Middle aged white guy doing talk radio, I want to say you have no right to talk about these things or anything else, but you know what?


Aside from just not being afraid of political correctness and doing the wrong thing, I've spent a lot of time not only studying this, but actually going to people. They know a thing or two about this, including multiple members of the King family and learning from them. It's one of the things I've been fortunate to do over the course of time and talk radio. It's a message that still lives with some today, there's a reason why many in the King family who otherwise are prominent in terms of the cause and the concern, are not the ones that you see bandied about on most cable news programs and most news outlets, because it is the message of inclusion.


It is the message of equality, it is not the message of segregation on the basis of race or gender. So I reject the premise. That we need to be separating ourselves that way and the moment that we have an incident to where you have someone. Who is a sexual offender? Who violates? A restraining order. Against the person that he sexually assaulted and then resist arrest for the warrant and an effort to protect the woman that was the victim of sexual assault.


The moment we make that about race. We got problems. That's what happens when you embrace a false premise and all the people that automatically assumed it was about that, they're the ones that are trying to profit off of race and who loses everybody else. I'm Brian Mudd.


And for the great one month in. So I've been watching these riots around the country, I'm absolutely sickened, sure most of you are. You know, John Locke once said law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve in a large freedom where there's no law, there's no freedom. You want to let rioters burn down your cities, there goes your freedom. You want to get rid of cops. There goes your freedom. You want to elect Joe Biden.


There goes your freedom. As you've heard me say many times, I have a liberty agenda and it live on TV, which airs on Blaze TV. You can watch this come to life with our conservative pro-American content that reveres our Constitution and champions our individual freedoms. This is what we do each and every day. And there's never been a better time to check us out. Just go to Lhevinne, TV.com, LEVIEN TV.com and sign up today for a free 30 day trial.


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Fifty one officers were shot at or shot this year in Chicago. Do those lives matter?


Police matter. Ramadan for the great one, Mark Levin, one of the great injustices that is done aside from race, which we've talked about extensively, is the disservice we're doing to all of ourselves, not just police officers, but everybody in our society when we embrace a false premise. That police have done something wrong when there's no evidence of that having been the case. I want to bring up a couple examples for you. If I bring up the name Trayvon Martin, what comes to mind?


Can you remember the story of Trayvon at this point? Now, this isn't a situation of an actual law enforcement professional, George Zimmerman was, you know, quote unquote, like a community, you know, supporter kind of guy. And I mean, subsequently has been a bit of a piece of work, although Lord knows of that situation screwed him up. Anyway, Trayvon Martin, a lot of people will still cite that name as an injustice. You know what the investigation found?


Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman and was beating him into a bloody pole, might have killed him if George Zimmerman hadn't acted in self-defense. Hands up, don't shoot. In fact, there's a good chance that you've actually heard that cited by people recently, right? Hands up, don't shoot. You remember the situation that was involved with. It was Michael Brown. Remember the case of Michael Brown, hands up, don't shoot. You realize that years later.


We have people. Better sighting, hands up, don't shoot, and it never actually happened. Say, Michael Brown was another case of. A. Criminal who ended up creating problems. In the case of Michael Brown, you had someone who robbed the store and then attacked a police officer. No, hands up, don't shoot. No racial injustice. No police brutality of a black man. Simply a person who happened to be black, who robbed the store and then attacked a cop.


Is that what people remember? And you take the case more recently of George Foy. In the case of George FOID, again, you're talking about somebody who. Was essentially a career criminal. He would just committed another crime, he was hopped up on drugs and who was resisting arrest for several minutes. Again, everything that happened from that point. We now know is is wrong. And wrongdoing needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with law enforcement.


But still no indication race had anything to do with it. And then we take our latest instance, would Jacob like. And you'll notice a theme in these you'll notice a theme that with every one of these situations that has been exploited, every one of them that has been used to create division. You have people. That are being used as the catalyst. They were actually in the wrong to begin with. And you notice that in all these instances.


If there hadn't been a. Reaction against law enforcement, we're not having any of these conversations. There's no question but that if Michael Brown doesn't come after that cop. He doesn't get shot by the cop, there's no question but that if George FOID and resisted arrest, he wouldn't have ended up on the ground. And there's no question but that if Jacob Blake. Had not resisted arrest. We're not having this conversation, but we are it's what happens when we don't have the rest of the story.


Be right back.


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The new American Revolution starts here to Mark Levin show, call it at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


There were shouting threats to us, to kill us, to hurt us. But they're also saying, shout, shouting, say her name, Briona Taylor. And it's like you couldn't reason with this mob. But I'm actually the author of The Briona Taylor Law to end no knock raids. So the irony is lost on these idiots that they're trying to kill the person who's actually trying to get rid of no knock raids yet.


Rand Paul after the rioters in DC at the conclusion the RNC went after he and his wife. Irony, isn't it? Yes, ignorance. Well, there's plenty of it in society, and it's our job to not get angry, to not engage in hatred. But to understand and to win in the arena of ideas, I guess what's evident is that many people have been fed a false premise. And if you never knew differently, if you never knew differently.


Well, then he can begin to understand why people. Are all screwed up in terms of the way they look at things. And that's where education comes into play here and talk about that here in just a moment. Brian Todd in for the great one, Mark Levin. Want to put something in front of you for a second, some of the perspective on police. So here we have. All of the riots that have taken place. For most recently, two incidents, which to this day there is zero evidence race had anything to do with them, George Boyd and Jacob White.


OK, for whatever else we do know, there is zero. And I mean no evidence, none race had anything whatsoever to do with the George Boyd death. Or with the shooting of Jacob White and in the case of Jacob Blake, we as of now have an open investigation. Don't even know if the police response was inappropriate. Let me give you a couple of numbers here. Hundred and seventy seven. And 72 percent. Any idea what those numbers represent?


Hundred and seventy seven law enforcement professionals have been killed in the line of duty this year. One hundred and seventy seven. That's a 72 percent increase over the same time last year. You hear that articulated anywhere in your news media. Do those lives matter? One hundred and seventy seven officers that have died in the line of duty this year. And just how much more dangerous is it because of the environment that has been created by all those who who've placed politics and personal interest ahead of everybody in this country?


Seventy two percent increase in debt to law enforcement. Give you a couple other numbers here real quick. One hundred and one. And two hundred and thirty three. You know what those numbers represent. One hundred and one widow's. Of those one hundred and seventy seven law enforcement professionals that have laid down their lives in service this year. And that second number, the number of children who've lost a parent. And widows, two hundred and thirty three children who've lost a parent.


To the 177 law enforcement professionals that have died in the line of duty this year. When do they matter? And it's why it's important that we back the badge and we spread the word. And police are not perfect and police who do the wrong thing should be prosecuted. We are all screwed without them. And the sacrifice that so many make day in and day out again, when they leave their families, they put on that badge and these days go into often hostility, certainly more difficult situations than existed before.


Why? Well, because a false narrative has been embraced and perpetuated. It's so critically important that we know that they know that we're there for. Let's go to Andrew in New Jersey. Andrew, go. I want to ask you, what position did you play when you played football? Well, I ended up being pretty small. I ended up playing cornerback and free safety on defense, and I was a tailback and eventually a slot receiver on offense.


Yeah, I was a corner and a wide receiver. But I want to say the ignorance of Pete Carroll, the set up and how the country was set up, it was the great Reverend Martin Luther King, the Republican who said the Bill of Rights, he used to be set up by the so-called the Europeans. He said there's a bill. Do not only is it morally and ethically wrong to segregate and have discrimination, but it's legally wrong, according to our Bill of Rights and Constitution.


So he's ignorant on that. And I just want to say also to some, you know, the guy who called and said he's a black conservative, it sounds like a setup like, you know, a seminar and vote for Biden because he empathizes. But what about the institutional ways? Race, racism with affirmative action, the cities I came from New York, from South Orange, New York. It was difficult for my father to get promotions. He had to constantly sue, even though he had the most seniority.


He was the only military veteran. He would often score first on the test. He had to sue and to and sue. And when you apply for college, if you're black, you get extra points or whatever, and it's easy. So what about that racism?


Why there's all that poller, that call and that was really found by the Justice Department as well as at Yale that recently was found to be in violation because, yeah, you did end up having discrimination for admissions on the basis of race. Bottom line is those who are black in particular were put at the front of the line ahead of anybody who was Asian or white, and that was ultimately discrimination. That is still a pending court case. But good on the DOJ for doing the work.


And, you know, recognizing that racism and the use of race in a qualifying way is not right. And this is why, again, I mean, if you had on any honesty in the news media. And any honesty with those who proclaim to be, you know, some of the civil rights leaders in this country would actually be insulted and reject the premise of what Joe Biden did, because, again, it is unlawful in the United States of America to discriminate on the basis of gender and race.


And you quite literally had Joe Biden say that ultimately, in so many words, he was going to choose from a group of black women for and the end was the when he was very near the end, he told CNN there were four black women that he was where he was heading. Well, that is discrimination on the basis of gender and race that is not even legal in this country, but because it fit the politically correct narrative of the day and it satisfied the interest of being left.


And then then it's fine. It's just kind of cool. I mean, now imagine if you or you had Donald Trump say, you know what, I'm only going to be taking a look at, you know, some some white guys here. I mean, what would the message be then? Right. Point is, we shouldn't be looking at those superficial things. And when it comes to any number of different aspects of our life, we are never going to make real progress and not the progress.


You talk about Dr. King again, never the progress that he wanted. The moment that we use anything other than race as a qualifier against his dream was content of character, not color skin. All these decades later, all the people who use that are really the ones that are doing a disservice to his message and to his dream. But that's because we don't properly teach. I'll give you a little story about Jesse Jackson real quick, too. I ended up Helbert years ago.


He's been doing a Sunday morning show radio show for quite some time. And many years ago, when he was getting this set up, I landed an assist with the first broadcast to help get this whole thing going when I was in Georgia and I asked just for an interview with him and it was a writer and was it two thousand to three somewhere in there in affirmative action, which was always Jesse's thing, but was still a hot button issue in particular?


It was part of the message of the day. And so I ended up talking to Jesse about affirmative action and let him establish his thoughts on why it was so important and everything else. And then I pointed to professional sports and I forget what the exact percentages were there. But it's somewhat similar to what it is today in the NBA and what it is in the NFL to where you have well in excess of 70 percent of all the players that are black, like, OK, so you want affirmative action.


So we should go ahead and. And fire about. Ninety percent of the people who play and the NBA and about 90 percent of the people who play in the NFL because they're black. Oh, no, no, no. What do you say we need affirmative action, that means we need to have it be fully representative, right, of everybody in society. Well, no, I mean, you can oh, so you don't really want affirmative action, you really don't want representation based upon makeup of a community.


That's the hypocrisy, but again, the entire thing isn't something that's worthy of being embraced in the first place, but it is a good shutdown argument to any who play along those lines as well. In addition to helping educate people about the premise of Dr. Martin Luther King. Now, I was talking a little bit about education, and it's something that I want to delve into a little bit, because one of the big issues we have. Is the failure of our education establishment in many respects.


And when you take a look at the failures within education, we are being duped during the pandemic in many respects. Now, you can walk back to the creation of the Department of Education in 1980. United States was second in the world in education outcomes at the time of its creation. Only in Australia on a relative basis beat us. Anymore, not even close. So that said a lot of good, but it's also the reason why we don't have history that is being taught why people do think that this country is potentially racist.


But now we're also being duped in terms of what we're paying for and the name of the pandemic. So I want to give you a little bit of a thought here. Your taxes. The taxes that you've paid often with the roof over your head and. Businesses, payroll, you name it, they go to your school, did you pay for a classroom education? And yeah, you did, right? That's what you ultimately paid for. Well, what did you end up getting with distance learning?


Well, I did some analysis and you know that the average virtual learning environment. Is about four hundred and fifty dollars per pupil per month, cheaper than classroom education. Where's all that money going? While perhaps in your school district, if your kids are not being offered classroom education, where's all that money going? But wait, there's more. You know how demonized Education Secretary Betsi the boss has been. You know, she just wants all your kids go in there and get the virus and then kill all the teachers and kill all the parents.


Well, we got to study about the outcomes of distance learning now as well. This was a study that was just conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio's Urban Education Institute. And they actually have some hard numbers that we can now point to for what's happening, or as often is the case not happening during the course of distance learning, 11 percent is the percentage of students that actually learning more with distance learning. Twenty five percent percentage of students that are learning about the same.


Sixty four percent, the percentage of students that are learning less. Sixty four percent. All right, so this study illustrate illustrate a few really important points. First, in terms of unlocking the potential in students, you don't have a one size fits all model. So it is notable, I think, that 11 percent of students are actually thriving in this virtual classroom environment. But it's also interesting that about a quarter are performing the same. However, most are suffering.


Sixty four percent. All right, so. I think it's a little bit alarming that nearly two thirds of all children are actually learning less. The United States ranked 17th and reading 19th in science and 30th and math outcomes prior prior to the pandemic. So if now 64 percent of students are performing worse, what's that going to bring? And throughout the pandemic, one of the questions that's been brought about is whether the remedy is worse than the disease with certain policies when it comes to education.


What does the future look like for the next generation who are already trailing much of the developed world in education and are now being set up in a system which is producing worse results for most? And that's independent of the fact that you've paid you've paid for classroom education, which isn't being provided, are you being refunded that money? This is where you need to hold local governments accountable. They work for you and this is your money and back to the.


Premise of this conversation, we clearly have a breakdown with civics being taught or not taught, as the case may be, with generations of now adults that don't understand the founding of this country. They don't understand the Constitution, they don't understand this country was not founded upon systematic racism and therefore law enforcement is not inherently racist. If we already were failing before this and now sixty four percent of students are learning less. Where's that going to put us going forward?


That's another hidden crisis within what we're dealing with right now, and that's something I'm going to delve into about priorities as much as important as the presidential election is as important as. This entire cycle is the next 63 days. It could be that with many of these conversations we're having about law enforcement and about education, the single most important election that's going to happen for you and your family is whichever one is taking place next locally. I'm talking about those points coming up.


I'm Brian Mudd.


And for the great one month in. I like being free to be able to walk out and go for a walk in the park. We cannot go outside now. It's become so dangerous for us. And I don't hear Joe Biden or Kamala Harris saying one thing about the violence. This mob is their voters. This is the New Democrat Party. And if we don't resist this, the United States is going to become Portland.


Yes. Senator Rand Paul. Pretty remarkable, and the double standard is remarkable, Brian, but again, for the great one, Mark Levin, wrap up the conversation about the perspective on police and then we're going to talk about the role that local government plays and why it's so critically important that we keep our eye on that ball, too, and not just focus on what's going to happen November 3rd specifically. One thing regarding society, I mean, this is true of all walks, there are good and bad people, every aspect of life, right?


When it comes to law enforcement, we are all screwed without them. This includes the ingrates, which slander and abuse police officers who put their lives on the line every single day, they imagine right now what it's like for cops. Imagine the environment they have to deal with. I talked to a lot, lot of law enforcement professionals. And, yeah, it's tougher for just about all of them than they've ever seen. What do you want to get up and do that every day?


Now we need as many good people in the profession as possible and what happens, what happens if and when the day comes that good people say, you know what, screw it, not doing this anymore. That's the problem with false narratives, that's the problem with the rush to judgment, and every time this happens, it further dis incentivizes good people getting into the profession every time it further disincentive. Is this proactive policing in every time and makes us less safe?


So I got Sporter police. Be right back. Mud and for the great one, Mark Levin. From the Westwood One podcast network. Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour of the podcast is sponsored exclusively by the Association of Mature American Citizens, now over two million conservative members Strong EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we care about faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support Amen. And you can become a member at Amax U.S. Join.


He's here now broadcasting live from the underground command post here. Deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Local law enforcement, first line of defense, state law enforcement, both of those fail and obviously the federal government can step in and we need that. So we need that request from the state governors. Many of them have requested that. And again, and when we go back to Portland, we see exactly how not to protect your communities.


It's a case study on the wrong way to do this, 90 days of continued violence. There is a lot of wisdom derived from that simple statement, I mean, you hear that from DHS Acting Secretary Chatwal, super sharp guy who was just nominated permanently for that post. Absolutely. Should be confirmed as soon as possible by the Senate. You hear it at face value and you go, OK, so that's how this process works, you have local officials and they reach out to the administration and if they do, then we can provide assistance.


And Portland, the reason we've seen three consecutive months of anarchy there is because they refuse that assistance. But the lesson, the lesson that's within that is a critical one and it's one that ties in to what my theme of 2020 has been. I've been saying this for as long as I've been doing talk radio, so it's been around 20 years or so at this point. But it's as true today and as significant today as it's been at any point.


The elections that happen closest to us. And I'm talking about geography, starting with an HOA, if you ever had an overactive away, you know what I mean? The elections that happen closest to you geographically often have the biggest impact on your daily life. That was absolutely true at the onset of the pandemic remains absolutely true at this stage of the pandemic. Absolutely true, as we're talking about law enforcement. Law enforcement response and the safety of one's community, especially this day and age of looting and riots.


Ramada in for the great one, Mark Levin host The Morning Rush, Gaono in West Palm Beach. Brian Muchow, WIOD in Miami, always an honor and a pleasure to guest host for the great one. Mark Levin, love being here with you. May follow me on Twitter at Briem and Radio. So let's talk about the role of government and this conversation we're sixty three days away from the presidential election. It's huge. It is that big of a deal.


And for all the obvious reasons. But it's not the biggest deal day to day in many of these conversations we're having right now. And there is a reasonable chance, the basis upon where you live and what your circumstances are, the next local election you have will have a bigger impact on your daily life. They want happens on November 3rd at the top ticket. It sounds odd on the surface, and I'm not saying that we don't have the heart and the soul of our country and the future of this country a stake.


But if you don't have. Security in your own community. How much really matters? I want to do an exercise real quick. And don't worry, I'm not taking you to an inherently unhappy point, so it's an exercise. I want you to think for a moment about the worst day of your life. What was the worst day of your life? All right, you have that one. Now, I want you to think about the best day of your life.


What? Comes into play when we think about what's most important to us. It's based on perspective, and that's a lot of what I've been discussing during the course of the show today. There's a good chance that the worst day of your life. Was the day that you lost something or someone? Might have been the loss of a loved one. Might be a divorce. What is that associated with? Well, it's it's a lack of control. It's a lack of.


A sense of being able to help a situation, it's it's pain and. All those things that go along with that emotion. The best day of your life, what does that come down to? Well, that's going to be something that is is based upon well beyond what you can't control, right. It's going to be based upon something that made you feel good. And why is it that you were allowed to feel good and how good was that best day of your life?


Imagine for a moment that your let's say let's go to China, let's say that you're in essentially one of these slave labor labor camps, the work in the Chinese factories. So you make next to no money per day. You work nearly from the time you get up to the time you go to bed and you know, that's that's your life. What is the possibility of the best day of their lives? It's a little bit different than yours. But if you take a look at the worst day of their lives, isn't there a lot that we would have that similar?


You might say that no matter where you are in the world or no matter what your life in an. Entails while the highs will never be as good and a place like China for those working in factories because of the chai comes. As what we have here, again, the average American in poverty. Earns more than double what the average person around the world earns its perspective for you. Our tragedy tends to be something our worst days tend to be something that we don't have control over.


And they're similar. The reason for this conversation, the way I'm framing it, is this. If you don't have security. If you lose a loved one. If you're worried every day about looting and riots and if the mob is going to come get you, get your business. Does it really matter, the rest of it, the rest of the conversation? It's interesting because as I talk about perspective and I always like to use numbers and specifically facts, two sides stories, one side to facts to illustrate the points.


16 percent. You know what that is percentage of the federal budget. That is used on the only thing that is mandated. Within our Constitution. So the only thing our federal government ever had to do was to provide for the safety of its citizens. And beyond that, it's our job not to sacrifice liberty in the name of security, a battle that we fight ongoing. But the reason that we didn't have a permanent income tax, we didn't have the 16th Amendment to the Constitution until 1913.


Was because for. The first 100 plus years of our country. We focused on the basics, the government, they worked on protecting us. And we were allowed to have the freedom to prosper and to reap the rewards and benefits of what we were able to accomplish, and it is what took most predominantly a group of ragtag colonies that just won a remarkable revolution, turned it into the world superpower inside of one hundred and fifty years. And we think about that with all of these countries that had existed for hundreds, in some cases thousands of years.


Here we come along and boom, we zoom by everybody inside of 150 years, why not is because of the system of government that allow for the opportunities that this one allow. But back to the system of governance. So 16 percent, that's how much of the federal budget is used on anything related to defense. So already our country has been so out of whack with priorities that we spend 84 percent of our tax dollars. Imagine if you had paid eighty four percent less federal income tax.


What would that mean to you? How much money would that mean to you? Kind of a big deal, right? Anyway, that's what we spend. That's what we're taxed. That is completely arbitrary. At the base level. When you boil it down to matters in our community. Why do we elect local officials? What is the role that they ultimately play? And if they are not providing. For safety and security of your community, is the rest of it really matter?


When it comes to elections. There's a lot of irony associated with this. Had this question, it just came up. Do you see the looting, anarchy and destruction continuing if Biden gets elected? That genie is hard to put back in the bottle once it's gotten a taste of some power unless it's dealt with by force. And I understand the point of the question, but in reality. You're really placing the emphasis on the wrong official, so let me rephrase the question for a moment.


Let's say that Donald Trump or mayor of Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, Seattle. Do you think there's any chance that I mean, any that the rioting and violence. Which we've witnessed and continue to see what have taken place or would have been allowed to take place. Ditto, if Donald Trump were governor of those states, you think he'd have the full force of the guard protecting those cities within a state? Now, note that each day where we've had prolonged violence and riots have had Democratic governors, and that includes what's happened in Kenosha.


As a smaller community than all of the bigger cities that are commonly cited and where we've seen the violence playing out for an extended period of time. You actually had the county commission in Kenosha immediately call for two thousand National Guard troops from the state, but guess what? Democrat governor waited a day to act on that request, rejected the president's offer of assistance and ultimately only said one hundred and fifty. They were overwhelmed. A second day of violence. And ultimately there's an acquiesce that takes place.


And finally, the assistance of the president is accepted. So this, of course, never would have been the case had Donald Trump been governor of Wisconsin now having gone through that exercise. He can work it the other way with Biden, draw your own deductions. But this takes me back to the theme I mentioned of 20 20 elections have consequences, and it's often those which have been closest to you that have the biggest impact in your daily life. Yes, the president of the United States is the most powerful person in the world.


But it's what the uniqueness of this representative republic, the most powerful person in the world, doesn't dictate policy within our states and cities. All of the cities with violence and riots have exactly what they voted for, or as is commonly the case with local elections, bother not to vote for, but got from those who did. So just as is the case with who makes the decisions that lockdown's if your state and your city is still in the phase of lockdown, is it because of Donald Trump or is it because your governor and your local politicians?


Does it matter that Donald Trump is the most powerful person in the world? Right. Well, it's understandable that we place all that added emphasis on the president. But the answer to the question of who will determine how safe our communities are, the single most important officials. The mayor of one city, mayor of one county, we have one governor. Those are all bigger factors in this conversation than the president of the United States, and there is one caveat, and this is when it comes to matters of national security, which at home this was illustrated, and it's something else that has seemingly been forgotten by your news media, like by the rise of ISIS during the Obama administration.


You know, when he called on the Muslim Brotherhood to rise up and they did in the form of ISIS anyway, as the Obama administration allowed ISIS to proliferate around the world. What happened when we ended up having a proliferation proliferation here in the States as well, people who identified with ISIS that became radicalized and committed terrorist attacks within our communities. Notice how the crushing of ISIS and the caliphate under the Trump administration led to the end of the ISIS attacks within the United States.


But that's how the president impacts security in our communities. The rest of it, it's the local officials. So the bottom line is this. I have a little doubt President Trump will be stronger on these issues generally, should he remain president. But your question and those questions are about looting. They're about anarchy. And the broad answer is that neither will inherently have the biggest impact. And that is ultimately why this is happening while Donald Trump is president.


We've got to engage at the local level and it's easier to make a more tangible impact more quickly there as well. Be right back.


I'm Brian Mudd, in for the great one month in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


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These are terrible and very incompetent people. I've offered to send in the National Guard. I've offered to send in anybody they want. I could put that out in 45 minutes and it would stop. And I think the people of Portland and the people of Oregon, I know it's a liberal state considered liberal. They're tired of it. They're tired of having of living with this curse.


How could you not be? And when you don't have security in your own home, what else really matters? And that's part of the conversation been having here. So we place so much emphasis on the president of the United States and we look to the president in terms of directional and all these different issues. But the exercise we just want through ultimately was to illustrate the point that it's often the elections that are closest to us in geography that have the biggest impact on our daily life.


One of the areas that I will commonly take a look at turnout based upon election time, and I can't speak broadly to the entire country. I don't have the latest numbers on my hands. But being in Florida, I keep track of hours. And for example, in Florida, we averaged seventy five percent turnout among eligible voters for a presidential election. If it is a local only election, we averaged 12 percent turnout. Now, think about the irony as we sit here during the pandemic.


When 12 percent of those eligible decided on who would be making the decisions as to if our businesses would be allowed to be open or closed. If we would be able to have classroom education options for our kids and in many instances parents that would be allowed to earn a living to try to maintain a roof over their head because they have to now stay at home with their kids. Because there's classroom education options are not being open. All the various different factors that have come into play and then you take a look at local law enforcement.


So how do you think police are funded? You ever taken a look at the breakout of where money comes from for points? I've heard some people say, oh, yeah, I mean, look, defund police, whatever isn't that big of a deal, you know, the police aren't going to go away a really. If you take a look at where money comes from for our police, you're adding. Fourteen percent from the federal government. Two percent from the state government.


Eighty four percent. At the county and municipal level. Now, what happens if your local government does decide they want to defund 16 percent of the law enforcement? Telling you local elections, pay attention, make an impact, and for mothers. We'll be right back. I'm Brian Mud, in for the great one, Mark Levin. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk.


AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. EMAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us.


We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Armacost. That's a m a c dot us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for. Join amoc instead. A m a c us.


To Mark Levin, show the pool feed for the conservative media division, now eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. The job of a president is to tell it straight from the shoulder, tell the truth, to be candid, to face facts, to lead, not to incite. Go, Joe Biden, just just like the Obama administration did, right? I mean, just shooting straight from the shoulder as the case may be, not for the hit, but shooting straight from the shoulder and telling it like it is like, for example, you know, laying the groundwork for Trump Russia collusion, like, for example, having a State Department intelligence agencies and ultimately the Justice Department that were all in on this false dossier and that.


Falsified evidence that was presented to the FISA court. I mean, it's almost like if that happened on his watch. I don't know what happened, shooting straight from the shoulder, a straight shooting straight from the shoulder, like with Benghazi right in all this, very honest on the level politicking by Joe Biden. So glad that he is the example of getting it right, of shooting straight, of telling the the truth. Like, where's Hunter, by the way?


You know, while anybody seen Hunter and shooting straight from the shoulder on how Hunter came by his position at Prisma and shooting straight from the shoulder, how China got their money from Biden, I just. Straight from the shoulder, let's go to Jimmy in Brooklyn, Jimmy, go. Yes, what we're seeing in the streets, these are Marxist revolutionary groups, they have other people among them who might not be Marxist, but this is a Marxist movement.


We had an incident here several years ago in Harlem, 125 Street, Harlem, New York, where Al Sharpton and his radicals fired up a crowd and the crowd didn't want the white staat white owned store up there. So one of the people from Sharpton group went into the store and shot five people. When that black guy was arrested in his apartment. They saw the reports that it was full of Communist Party literature. And with more background checking on him, it turned out he was a follower of communism.


He he had friends. So you get communist in the crowd. They know how to agitate. It's violent. It's pretty much like an open revolution here. Now, this happened once before in America, a big communist revolution, 1922 and three cities. 1922 was Seattle and Portland. Just like today, the communists know their history better than most Americans.


And to your point, Jimi, in you know, somebody who recently ended up laying the groundwork for a lot of the racial tensions that we're experiencing and a lot of the rise of socialism most recently and happened to be none other than. You've got this one, Jimmy, it was Al Sharpton, but it's also this Antifa thing, this is a direct antifa, basically, when they don't have the masks on, that's the revolutionary Communist Party and it's also Freedom Road, Socialist Organization.


And some black lives matter. When they put the masks on, it's antifa. They claim to be fighting against fascism because the communists always try to tie everything to World War Two, where the Nazis were clearly the bad guy. So they try to make it again. Why? This is the same thing. The Soviets fought the Nazis. Therefore, communism is good. They're trying to do a replay now where the communists out in the street are trying to save us from the fascist.


However, the people they're attacking are not fascist. This is just the way the communists get their people fired up. Well, foreign foreign connections to China, Russia, even Iran. And this is all documented stuff. I have friends that do research. It's been published. This is a highly organized. Soros is funding a group called Global Exchange.


OK, ding, ding, ding. There we go, Jimmy. And you just nailed it. So let's complete the circle. The official who brought it to the forefront was none other than somebody who studied under Bill Ayers. Yeah, you had Barack Obama. And so being that Obama was a student of all this, it wasn't just that he called on the Muslim Brotherhood to rise up and they did and became prominent as ISIS. It was also that he created the rules for radicals in action.


And it's not a surprise. This is something that I've discussed from time to time. And it's very much the case today. A lot of people will take a look at what's happened and will view things that a very linear path. You made a really good point in that the groundwork's been laid for quite some time. This didn't happen overnight. And the very first signs that under the Obama administration, you had this element ready to act. It was the Occupy Wall Street movement.


The Occupy Wall Street movement really was the first organizing of these Marxist. And that grew and over the course of time, they ended up gaining even more traction and part of that traction is related to some of what you're talking about, the influence of China, the deals we talked about Biden and the connections and Hunter and the like, connections to Russia into China. Who benefits from that? What politics are they interested in? How did that end up playing the role in some of the activism here?


You mentioned Soros and where a lot of the funding is. Remember, in Kenosha, we found out that most of the people have been arrested, came from outside Kenosha, some people from outside the country. How did they get there? No doubt they've been paid to be there. Paid agitators roles for radicals straight out of the book. And the person who was responsible for that book, well, it was none other than somebody that Barack Obama learned from directly and laid the groundwork all throughout our government and ended up cultivating a culture where it became active within communities here in the states.


And that is part of what we're dealing with right now. Let's go to Steve in Louisville. Steve, go. Well, first of all, and there's this guy I got to start out with this guy. But anyway, I certainly disagree with you making comments a little while ago that none of the social programs, the Democrats, that they all do not help the people they're intended to help. Did I say anything to that effect? Let's take a look first.


Did I say that? I heard maybe I heard another show and I'm not sure.


But something like what I said, Steve, is that 16 percent of federal spending, 16 percent of the federal government spending is on defense. At the time of the founding of this country, the only mandate was the protection of the people. The reason we didn't have a federal income tax until the 16th Amendment in 1913, we never had a permanent federal income tax until 1913 is because up to that point in American history, we didn't have anything other than the essentials that were being provided and ultimately defense.


Now, over the course of time since we passed the federal income tax and people got into our pocketbooks. Eighty four percent. Eighty four cents of every dollar that's spent by the federal government is spent on nonessentials. Now, I didn't offer any commentary beyond that. I didn't say anything about Democrat programs or this or that. So anything else that you took from that point is as you just kind of running away with something in putting words in my mouth.


How it goes to public education? What does that have to do with anything? What does that have to do with anything? Well, you just said 84 percent is no good. Not working. I didn't say so. No, I didn't see quite literally. Did not see. This is the problem when you hear what you want to hear rather than what's actually said. And this is what happens when you don't understand the Constitution. At the time of our founding, the only mandate was the protection of our citizens.


That is the only non-negotiable that our federal government has. That's it. Everything else is a choice. They do not have the choice to not protect us. Defense spending represents that. Eighty four cents on the dollar back prior to 1913, you had essentially all money that was going towards essentials. Once they passed the federal income tax, then you had nonessentials. Now, I didn't say that nonessentials are no good or whatever else I have. I think a lot of them are crap.


But see, if I got a question for you. How many federal agencies do you think there are? Oh, by about three or four hundred, you know, at least three or 400. OK, so so you think that is necessarily the ideal use of all your tax money? One of them is Social Security. You have parents or aunts and uncles that aren't Social Security. My dear, did I bring up anything about Social Security or Medicare that that's neither here nor there in that conversation?


See, because it is a fact that it's a choice. That's the reason that we ended up making it to the 40s and eventually the 60s before we had the aforementioned programs that you're talking about. We didn't have even the the initial social programs of which you're discussing and place until the 1930s. How did we get to the 1930s in American history without those programs? Because they were non essential? It's a choice. That's the point. You conflating it with what you think is good or not good, but at least you know that there are a bunch of bull crap agencies in the federal government there.


Happy to be four hundred and thirty. And actually one of the things I've long thought we should do, we we should take every member of Congress, everybody in the House, everybody in the Senate, and let everybody write down as many federal agencies as they can. And if your agency can't be named by one member of Congress, it gets defunded. How many of the four hundred and thirty do you think go away at that point? Let's go to John.


John, go. Yeah, I was just calling in about the comment that you made about Trayvon Martin and you sort of grouped him in with all these other, you know, suspects, I guess, for lack of a better terminology. And to me, there's only two people that knew what happened, because really, you you referenced the investigation and you were saying, well, Trayvon was beating George Zimmerman to a bloody pulp. Well, really, I mean, the investigation was more or less based on George Zimmerman's testimony.


And Trayvon had every right to be there because his dad lived there. He was visiting his dad. And to me, George Zimmerman basically profiled, stalked and murdered a 17 year old boy.


Then why did the investigation find otherwise? And why did the legal system rule the opposite of what you're saying?


Because because you know better than they did, I didn't say I knew better than they did, but I perhaps John and perhaps John, you should take a look at the medical records with one George Zimmerman, and you should take a look at these cell phone forensic evidence that was brought into it. And honestly, I really don't care here or there because I don't necessarily think George Zimmerman was a good person. And in the context of what was going on there, I don't know that my personal opinion is that he was not necessarily motivated by the right reasons.


I think both of them were a problem and we saw a really bad outcome from it. My point is we had a legal determination in that instance. And Trayvon Martin, to many in this country, still hailed as a victim when in fact, he was found to be the perpetrator. So we can sit here and, you know, trying to infer whatever we want to. But the fact of the matter remains that ultimately it was found to be self-defense.


The evidence, the preponderance of evidence found as much. And that is the the ultimate outcome here. And anything else is is not really going to be constructive for the greater purpose of trying to figure out why it is that we take people that are perpetrators and paint them as though they're victims. And it's and it is similar. It's different in that George Zimmerman was not a law enforcement professional, but it's similar and that immediately you had Barack Obama, president of the United States, say that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin and assume that Trayvon was the victim.


It's the same as Michael Brown robbing a store and then attacking a police officer and Barack Obama president. The United States jumping in there and assuming guilt of the police officer and having this establishment of a narrative that exists to this day of hands up, don't shoot. When we found out that the police officer was acting in self-defense and it plays into the victimization of perpetrators, George Boyd was a criminal. Did he deserve to be killed by Derrick Shervin? No, but he was a criminal.


If he wasn't a criminal and if he wasn't resisting arrest and if he wasn't hopped up on God knows how many illegal drugs there were, not having these conversations right now, the guy certainly isn't a martyr. And we have no evidence that it was racially motivated. Same as Trayvon, same as Michael Brown, and, yes, same as Jacob Blake. Jacob Blake was a sexual offender and he had no warrant out for his arrest because he violated the terms of his parole for sexual assault.


And so as police are trying to protect a woman. That he had already victimized he resisted arrest to the point where even being tasered didn't stop the guy, we're waiting for the rest of the investigation to ensue. My point is, every one of these instances, you have the news media, you have politicians on the left. You have the race baiters that throw those in law enforcement in front of the bus, assume the worst fanned the flames of race and everybody's the worse off for it.


Two sides, two stories, one side to facts. I'll be right back.


By Mud and for the great one month in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond.


Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a C dot U.S. stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for.


Join AMOC instead. A m a c U.S..


I disagree with a lot of what he said, he said keep it open for China, that was a big mistake and he admits it. I just I get along with him. But every once in a while, he'll come up with one that I say, where did that come from? I inherited him. He was here.


And she's talking about. So, yeah, you know, he he came with the furniture and the White House strategy guy, you know, most parties are right and he's got some pretty good stuff here and there, but it sometimes is like what he said what? But, yeah, he was here and we kept them kind of funny. All right. Let's talk a little bit about the election itself. So I want to walk you through a couple of things real quick.


That will be a lot better than a lot of what you're hearing from mainstream news media pretending to suggest that Joe Biden is in a much better position than he actually is. So walk you through a couple of things first. The convention bounce or the no bounce thing, it's nonsense, you had ABC that ended up producing a poll that wasn't even conducted after the convention was over with and they tried to say, oh, yeah, and it doesn't look good for Trump.


There's no Trump bounce. Well, that was completely bogus. But you know what we did see there actually four polls, four polls that were conducted before the DNC and after the DNC and in those polls, you know what happened? CBS, YouGov, No Change CNBC and change research, Biden going to Rasmussen, he lost three and economist YouGov he lost one culminates into a net loss of a half of one percent across four polls in the polling age.


You know how many conventions have resulted in no bounce of any sort? Numero dos. You know who those two conventions involved, very interesting similarities here. And both of those instances where there was no measurable convention bounce, it happened to be years where he had Democrats challenging incumbent Republican presidents, it was George McGovern in 1972, John Kerry in 2004. Interesting right now, you see some of the other polling that certainly come out like Emerson, definitely looks like there was a Trump bounce coming out the convention.


I got one more here for you. And it is about how this cycle looks now, which one this most resembles. This election will always be mostly about President Trump because presidential elections are mostly about the incumbents if they're running for election. And if you go back to the incarnation of the two party system, these are Republican incumbents which have won re-election since 1860, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W.


Bush. There are two that ran for re-election and failed. Herbert Hoover and George H.W. Bush now. Of those nine cycles, which one does this most resemble? Pretty interesting. Remember that whole Kerry 2004 thing, one that really stands out above the rest, George W. Bush. Here are the similarities. Both won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote the first time. Both presided over a recession brought about by unforeseen national emergencies, both past tax cuts.


Both saw record stock market performances heading into election year ago. Something to feel good about. Have a great night. Always a pleasure being with you, Bryan Mudd. And for the great one, Mark Levin. From the Westwood One podcast network.