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Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mike Love, and. American Mark Levin, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. I want to thank ReGive for filling in Friday. I began to Friday. So, no, I'm not taking long vacations.


I've been doing a lot of work on those Fridays. Not personal work, but work for this program and work for the TV shows and at the appropriate time, I'll let you know. So just so you understand, no, I'm not I'm not on vacation and the past two Fridays. Matter of fact, I'm exhausted from the past two Fridays, but that's neither here nor there. Welcome back. A couple of observations here we are on the eve of the beginning of the Republican National Convention.


First of all, Joe Biden, Joe Biden really intends to win this election by pretending he's following the advice of scientists by not campaigning among the people. The president has shown you how you campaign among the people. You don't have to be in crowds of thousands and thousands at a rally.


But you can go to airport, you can go to other public facilities. You can go with a small group and then have at a distance an audience. Joe Biden refuses to do that for two reasons. Number one, he really is incapable of campaigning.


And so they don't want him to blow up with a little with a sentence here, there. The other is he can't get a large number of people on a tarmac 50 feet away. He can't generate that kind of interest. And the media are going to let him get away with this. The question is whether the American people are smart enough. To understand that this man is not only capable of being president, he's not capable of campaigning. So he talks about the science, he has his one line down with the science, you know, we can't have people congregating.


I was on four airplanes. This weekend. Two hotel. Multiple places. Following the so-called CDC guidelines with a mask and distancing. And so this is really, truly appalling. The idea that. Joe Biden can actually campaign it's absurd. He can and he won't. Now that's problem number one. Problem number two is. He will not stand for challenges and questioning about his massively radical 110 page agenda. His manifesto. I'm the only one so far on TV and radio who's gone through this in great detail.


Before you destroy every sector of our economy, every sector of our culture, before you destroy the United States, is the number one superpower on the face of the Earth, destroy our schools and our family. You need to be questioned about these things and he refuses to be questioned about these things. Ladies and gentlemen. That's absolutely unconscionable. Absolutely unconscionable. So he will not allow himself to be questioned. By serious reporters and, quite frankly, by the public.


And so they've got all kinds of rope a dope at many levels going on here. Number one, they have told the Bernie Sanders crowd, we're with you, we're going to implement all this. But they're telling the housewives or the the college educated women in the suburbs, you have nothing to fear from moderate Joe. And that they're telling the rest of the country there's nothing wrong with Joe, he's just following the science, that coronavirus, you know.


This is the greatest fraudulent campaign in American history. The candidate, Biden, is a fraud. The agenda is anti-American, anti family, anti faith anticapitalism, anti middle class, but they don't want to be challenged on it. That document was put out there for the hard left, which is exactly why I seized it and spent my time on Hannity last week explaining what's in it. So this is truly shocking. That a man who's embraced an agenda.


That will destroy your lifestyle, as you know, it will destroy your country as you know it, make God knows how many people impoverished destroy, God knows how many businesses and jobs will not present himself to the American people. And he is used the virus as an excuse. As an absolute excuse. But we're going to keep pounding away on this. He's not following the science. The science doesn't say presidential candidates should hang out in their basement until the coast is clear.


And I want to ask you this, does this guy look like and sound like? Somebody who should be in the Oval Office. Is he going to meet with people in the Oval Office? Is he going to talk to the American people? What's he going to do in the Oval Office? World leaders see what we see, world leaders see what you see. They see a feeble, weak. Early Alzheimer's am, I believe, a dementia individual, that's what they say they seize under control by the hard left of the Democrat Party.


But every now and then, they show us a little bit of ankle, little Dick Durbin of Illinois. Like Chucky Schumer of New York have revealed that they have every intention of eliminating the filibuster rule, the filibuster rule is as old as the United States Senate. The purpose in our Constitution of having United States Senate, the reason for the great compromise, a bicameral Congress, was you have one body directly elected by the people and another body elected or chosen by the state legislatures.


And slowing down processes in that body. Because we're a republic, we're not a pure democracy, we're not a mobocracy. So 100 years ago, almost to the year, 100 years ago, the progressives of both party destroyed the Senate. In a first step by eliminating. The legislature's role, the state legislature's role in appointing senators, so now they're directly elected, and you got to ask yourself, well, then why do we need a Senate now if they get rid of the filibuster rule?


We really don't need a Senate because now we have a bicameral parliament, not a bicameral Congress. It's a parliament. And after all these decades and hundreds of years, why do they want to do this? Because they figure. All they need then is two years, if they get the presidency, the Senate and the House, all they will need. Is two years, all they will need is 51 votes in the Senate. A one vote majority in the House and the president of the United States, and they will ram through every single thing they want, having destroyed the whole notion of a constitutional republic of checks and balances of a Senate as a deliberative body, they will do whatever they want to do.


And let me tell you, there'll be no stopping them. This is why they don't want to discuss this. This is why they don't want to discuss the agenda. This is why their entire convention was a joke, just anti trump and pablum and platitudes about how they're the light and wear the dark. Where the dark and the light. We're the good, they're the evil. That's the bottom line. If they're light, there is no light. And so we cannot allow Joe Biden to get away with this.


He needs to get in a jet travel around the country. He doesn't have to be near a whole bunch of people. He can wear his mask. He can wear a raincoat if he wants. He can wear a one of those Russian winter hats. He can wear, you know, swimming fins on his feet. He can come out whatever he wants. But there's absolutely no reason for him to stay in Delaware, by the way, now he's in Rehoboth Beach, man of the people.


He's got a multimillion dollar estate. In the Washington area, not in Wilmington, the Wilmington area of Delaware, and he's got a multimillion dollar estate at the ocean in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has a little little beach. So he travels. From one home to another, while the president of the United States is hitting four or five places in the same day. Four or five places in the same day. Please tell me which scientist or medical expert in the federal bureaucracy and I don't have much respect for many of including Falchi, but tell me which one of them.


Which one of them. Has stated that Joe Biden can only campaign this way, which one has said that, not one that would be nuts. And then the third point related to this. I told you I was at hotels. Yet Bellmon people work in the front desk. You have the cleaning staff. You have people driving Goober's. And taxes. You have the the waitstaff and the restaurants, the management and the restaurants. You have all these things going that's just that's just a hotel.


Where do you buy food, do you wonder how that food gets into that store? Gets packaged. The people, the cashiers. And all the rest of it, you go to a bank. Mostly, it can't go in, you do the drive through, but they're all working, everybody. In other words, when we have 10 percent unemployment, that means we have 90 percent unemployment. I'm not saying 10 percent is small, it's not, but we have 90 percent employment, that means those who are able to work and are not on the dole are not on unemployment or not whatever the situation is that of that percentage, 90 percent of working.


Doing hard jobs, grunt jobs, getting getting dirt under their fingernails, our assembly lines are still working car manufacturers, steel plants, aluminum plants. Automobile assembly lines, how do you think we got ventilator's by everybody hanging out in the basement? How do you think we got more people, everybody hanging out in the basement? How do you think we get prescription drugs, how do you think we get anything that we have doctors, nurses, police, fire, they're all out there, they're all working.


They're doing the best they can under difficult circumstances, but the man who wants to be president of the United States, Joe Biden, can't even get on a a private jet fly from airport to airport and give a speech and take questions. That's not a health issue, ladies and gentlemen, that has nothing to do with the virus. Is that the Democrat Party nominated the wrong guy and they're doing everything they can to hide. Behind the virus and to protect him and to protect their party.


Because they know that if they win this election, Joe Biden is irrelevant, he's an irrelevancy. That they're off to the races. And they not only want to turn this country into another. Democratic, socialist, European type country, quote, unquote. They're going to make you poor, they're going to destroy opportunities. It's going to be less safe out there. They are going to burn this country down figuratively and literally from the inside out. That's what's in that 110 page manifesto.


And that's why Biden doesn't want to be questioned about it, and that's why the media protecting him. I'll be right back. Much love in. Now, I know you love freedom, how do I know that? Because you listen to my show and my show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom and the form of government that secures it for us. It's the same with Hillsdale College, one of the very best truly liberal arts colleges in the nation.


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You know, there are two stories today and yesterday, really, that. That are so repulsive. Just so repulsive that I'm going to mention them to you. Probably the most repulsive is the exploitation. Of a 15 year old teenager. George and Kellyanne Conway, a teenage girl. Who publicly is trashing and smearing her mother? Sang some truly awful and vile things about her mother. And teenagers are capable of such things, frankly, as they go through puberty, we're all aware of this.


But what's outrageous about this is that. A British tabloid and The Drudge Report, what exploited? A 15 year old teenager, they would exploit it with blaring headlines and read print. To try and humiliate Kellyanne Conway. Humiliate her husband, I have no no respect for him, he is he is a destructive, awful human being.


To treat his wife the way he does publicly. And it's had an effect on the kids, obviously, but for Drudge, who hides out in secret because he doesn't want anybody to know about him or his background or where he lives or anything else, to do that to another family is grotesque.


And for me, that's it. Whatever credibility he had, he has none now. Because that is just. Appalling, and what's even worse is how conservative media and radio and TV sit on their asses and don't take him on. I've been telling you about him for months and months. Everything that's at stake, he's become a propagandist for the left. Why, I don't know and I don't much care. But all that said. This is really the lowest of the low.


The lowest of the low.


Then The Washington Post, I have it here, multi-page or multicam story, really, on this niece of the president's Mary, who's already made a lot of money off a book.


She's very angry that she didn't get a cut. In her grandfather's estate that she believes she deserved and she writes this book that Simon and Schuster, my pathetic publisher, uses to exploit again to take out if they can't trump.


And then she tapes her aunt, the president's older sister, who's a federal judge, in part because of Donald Trump. Who attacks her brother, the president? So you have one person taping another within the family and The Washington Post finds this is a big story. That's a headline on Drudge.


Then I hear my my colleague, Howard Kurtz say, well, it's not much different than, you know, the blue dress, of course it's different. These are two family members. There's nothing to do with misbehavior in the Oval Office, so if you thought it couldn't get any lower, it is low and these people truly are low lives. I'll be right back. Now, I know you love freedom, how do I know that? Because you listen to my show and my show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom and the form of government that secures it for us.


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Mark Levin, a great one, the great one, Mark Levin dialing now eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one in voting.


I hope you were able to watch. Life, liberty and lovin, this Sunday, we took on two hugely important issues, Melen voting where I laid it out. Every. Way possible. Now, this is a disaster. And hydroxy chloroquine and I am prepared right now to debate even Dr. Fauci on these studies, which I've now reviewed and I have reviewed with experts on hydroxy chloroquine, I am prepared to debate anybody in the media who hasn't even looked at a single one.


Or any expert. As a matter of fact. It's not because I'm so smart, it's because I've known for myself. And I'm able to discuss it at great length. We had Dr.. Harvey Ridge on the program on Life, Liberty and Levin, he's one of the top epidemiologists in the world. He's a Ph.D. and a medical doctor and a professor at Yale. Sakuko. Dr. Fauci has never spoken to him, he's never asked to speak to him, neither is the head of the FDA.


And at the end of the program on on Fox, on Life, Liberty and Levin, he said something that was shocking. That there were over the counter drugs, a mixture of over-the-counter drugs which seem to be working. In addressing the HIV positive. Virus. And many of the the gay activist communities. Went to the FDA as well as medical doctors and so forth and said, can you can you give us emergency approval to use it for these purposes?


And it was Falchi who said no. Because we hadn't gone through the bureaucratic processes and this that in the other. Now, understand something, these are drugs that have already been approved by the FDA for other purposes.


So they're not dangerous persay. They're not dangerous, persay. But they said no. And Dr. Rich said that. When you look at that and you look at what's going on with the hydroxy chloroquine now, same guy Foushee. Tens of thousands of people have died. Because they haven't had easy access to these medicines that are already approved for other purposes. Tens of thousands of people. And yet now if you talk about hydroxy chloroquine, you're banned from Twitter or Facebook.


You're condemned, there must be something wrong with you. I even see guys on these business channels, you know, Trump, you know, he wasn't very good because he kept promoting hydroxy chloroquine. And so they don't know a damn thing. They can read anything. They haven't talked to anybody. It's repetition. It's group. Think that's all it is. And part of the problem is, to be perfectly honest with you, it's so cheap. It's so cheap.


These other drugs, it's 3200 dollars a treatment, and it works 30 percent of the time on 30 percent of the people and not to the not 100 percent on and on and on. It's really quite appalling, you know, you look at government bureaucrats in other parts of the federal government while we have government bureaucrats at NIH, at HHS, the infectious disease office.


These people have been hanging around a long time. If you're going to be in the federal government for 52 years at the top of the ladder, like falsies been first and foremost, you're a damn good bureaucrat. But he's being challenged by experts who may know more than he does and he doesn't even consult with them, we're in the middle of a pandemic. But we know the real reason the media, the media have politicized this and oppose it because it involves Donald Trump.


And they want to keep pointing to those numbers, I've said it before, I'm not ashamed of it. They keep pointing to those numbers. Look at the deaths. Look at the deaths. Look at the death, not the death rate. They don't want you to look at that. Not the mortality rate. No, no, no, no. Because those numbers are actually is a fraction pretty good compared to other countries.


But it's the president. It's Dr. Riesch, it's these other doctors, it's me, it's other people who are trying to save lives. And for the media, it's a game, it's a anything to defeat Trump because they want power, the Democrats want power and the Democrats have power. The media are happy because they're one in the same.


Melen voting. Nancy Pelosi. Is mentally unstable. She's a very, very sick old woman. And she's the one who's been pushing the mail in vote and she's pushing mail and voting, not because it helps the country, not because we'll get a good vote.


Nancy Pelosi only does that which empowers and enriches her and her family and her party. And so she wanted to nationalize mail in voting, even if states aren't prepared and ladies and gentlemen, I hope you saw the first line of the program.


States are not prepared. The evidence is overwhelming. And yet they're pushing it for the reasons I've stated over and over. It's got to be two months now. Which is they'll declare victory either way. If Trump is leading, they're going to demand votes. Through litigation, like I did a man, you know, it's like the hanging chads and the dimples, but it'll be a thousand times worse.


It'll be in scores of states, hundreds and hundreds of counties, hundreds and hundreds of local judges deciding what to vote, what not to vote, what counts, what doesn't count a disaster. And they'll blame it on Trump in the post office, even though it has nothing to do with Trump.


The post office, we already know what the post office problems are. And no amount of money is going to fix it. No amount of money is going to fix it. And they have all their sabotage and conspiracy theories out there, again, I covered this at some length. So this is what they're about. So here we have Nancy Pelosi on MSNBC today. I want to talk to the experts on the mail and vote. I want to talk so-called experts, right.


I want to talk to the so-called experts on hydroxy chloroquine. They don't want to talk to me. They'd have access to 10 times more people than they usually do on TV. People don't understand this. At this point, we have 12 to 14 million people in this audience. On the best night of cable TV when the president's not on. When the president is not on, maybe they have four million. This program. Is bigger than any cable news program on any cable news channel.


I should say, Newt, yeah, that's true. We just reach more people, that's the nature of radio. And I'm prepared to debate these people, they're not prepared to debate me, Nancy Pelosi on MSNBC today cut seven go.


We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies. Now, wait a minute.


Wait a minute, you idiot. And you are every bit the word of an idiot. I thought the Constitution. Was drafted, adopted and ratified, at least in significant part by slave owners. Right, Mr. Producer? So why is she signing the Constitution, she doesn't believe in the Constitution unless it empowers her. She doesn't believe in the Constitution at all. I'm sick and tired of these radical left wing kooks citing the Constitution when they want to, and then trashing the Constitution when they want to.


That entire Biden. Sanders manifesto violates your constitution. In no way that the framers ever imagined a government of the sort that they wish to impose on us, so we don't need lectures about the Constitution from this mentally sick old woman. That's right. I said it. Go ahead.


We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our constitution are right at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States. But again, let's just get out there and mobilize, organize and not let the president deter anybody from voting. And again, support the postal system, which is election to election central. They're doing everything they can suppress the vote with your actions, scare people, intimidate by saying law enforcement.


They're a diminished the role of the postal system in all of this. It's really actually shameful enemies of the state and adventures together.


They lose enemies of the state. And she knows that the. The media in this country will. We'll take every slobber that comes out of her mouth and give it a headline. They will. If the post office has been this bad, why hasn't Nancy Pelosi done anything about it earlier? Every single union backs Democrats, never Republicans associated with the post office. I believe they're seven unions. Why didn't she help fix it? Why only now? Why didn't she help fix it when Obama and Biden removed 14000 mailboxes from the streets?


And it all sorts of other things. Because she's a liar, she's a pathological liar. She's a very unstable, vicious, obsessed, power hungry old woman. Now, all of my enemies regurgitate that over and over again. I'll be right back. Much love in. Now, I know you love freedom, how do I know that? Because you listen to my show and my show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom and the form of government that secures it for us.


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I got a lot to say today, kids, I hope you'll stick with me all three hours, I see that the United States is contemplating selling F-35 to the UAE.


Did you see that, Mr. Blitzer, when this first came out? I never heard about this. I, of course, was applauding the deal. I didn't hear about this till the other day.


The ladies and gentlemen, we have spent. Tens of billions of dollars developing this fighter jet. It's literally invisible in the skies. We're sharing it with very few countries. Countries that have been allies of ours for decades and decades. One of the countries that we agreed to sell it to is Israel. Why? Because during the Obama administration. In order to push through the Iran deal. They agreed in part to sell the F-35 to Israel. Now I'm reading that the secretary of state and others are running all around the Middle East trying to persuade Israel that it's no big deal will sell F-35 to the UAE.


Does anybody know where the UAE is on a map? Of course you don't. Does anybody know who runs the you know, they've been a long time American ally. Well, they've been an ally, but. It's not the same thing. That's number one. Number two. We have no idea if the UAE can keep this technology. Secret. We know that China is damn good at stealing stuff and we know that Russia is damn good at stealing stuff and they will steal it if they can get it.


So this isn't a bargaining chip, the F-35. OK, we'll get a few more small, tiny, almost irrelevant Arab countries, but I mean, it's a great peace thing. I got that. But this kind of undermines my whole thought process on this. It really does. So count me as strongly opposed to F-35 being sold to UAE or anybody else over there. That's not a long time ally, period.


I don't get it. And, you know, in order to get. I'm sure Israel to go along with this deal as opposed to sovereignty. Remember the sovereignty deal? I doubt they would have said. Oh, and by the way, we're giving the UAE F-35. F-35. So, you know, this technology has to be kept secret. This technology has to be protected. It's not that, oh, in 10 years, while new technology in 10 years, the whole world can change in five months, our country's changed from within.


So I don't get this. Because if that was the price, the price was too high. In my personal opinion. Tell you what's amazing.


So I've been analyzing and reanalyzing with you this whole Masland voting issue you've been going through the state issues, the the ballot problems we've had, there's there's enormous record here where they can you prove it?


How could you not prove it? It's it's all over the place. And this is typical. We laugh about it here.


Mr. Produce a mystical screener. So I have a guest on Sunday, Hans von Spakovsky, who I've known literally for decades, he was a commissioner of the Federal Election Commission for a couple of years and for several years.


He was also in the federal voting fraud unit at the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. He's a serious person and now he's with the the Great Heritage Foundation.


So I had him as a guest. And we spent half the show going over this. From soup to nuts. The president's been raising this, too, but we really put some meat on this and the president is 100 percent right about this and it could lead to a serious constitutional crisis.


So Hanz is now a guest on the new shows on my favorite cable channel, Mr. Richard. Now, I don't mind that, but I want to play a clip from my show where we covered it more comprehensively than anybody else. It's so bizarre.


So bizarre. I'll be right back. From the Westwood One podcast network. He's here. Now broadcasting live from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader. Hello, America. Mark Levin, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one, OK. Let's try something out of all kinds of individuals who listen to this program, you'll be shocked to know this.


If you are going to vote for or if you think you're going to vote for Biden Harris. I will give you an opportunity to call the program and convince. Members of this audience that they should agree with you. So. We have opened all but one line. How many lines? We have five or six, I only remember, so there's five lines open right now. Five. If you are planning on voting for Biden, Harris. Please tell us why, please persuade us.


Eight, seven seven three eight one three eight one one there, I even remember the number after how many years? 15, 20, whatever, eight, seven, seven three eight one three eight one one. We've pretty much cleared the deck for you to call. Maybe we won't get any callers, maybe people just have. No explanation for their desire to vote. And so I'm not trolling for calls, what I'm saying is if you. If you have a reason or reasons why we should all be voting for Biden and Harris as opposed to Trump pants, then we want to know what it is.


Now, by the way, Biden said today that, of course. They're only going to raise taxes on people who earn over 400000. First of all, I don't know what that means.


Let me give you a perfect example. If you're a sole proprietor, that is, you have a very small community business, maybe a retail shop, maybe your mechanics, something like that, your handyman. And you. Make 400000 dollars a year. And you have to pay overhead and you have to pay employees and need to pay local and state taxes and all the rest, but your gross income. The gross money coming in is 400000 dollars a year.


Are your taxes going to be raised?


Answer is yes. So you may not even be netting that, but who knows, who knows? He doesn't explain what he means exactly. Let's say you make 400000 dollars a year and you're expanding particularly during a difficult economic time.


And you're going to be able to expand your. Your little shop or your little business, your Internet or whatever it is. But now you can't because you just got whacked with a massive tax increase. Well, who's affected by that? We like all this is done in some kind of a test tube. It's not. If somebody wants to grow their business and reinvested in capital and research and so they're not going to be able to because the government is going to take it from them and do what with it?


Let's say let's give you a radical example, let's say. That next year or this year for next year, taxes. You make a billion dollars, whatever that means, you make a billion dollars, but you employ tens of thousands of people.


And you're going to get whacked, your corporate income taxes are going to go up a third. Well, then what are you not going to do, Mr. Producer? You're going to cut your staff maybe by a lot. You're not going to reinvest in research and development and you're not going to expand your plant capital expense. You're just not going to do it. So who does that affect? It affects all of you, give you another example, they want to get rid of fossil fuels, they say, right?


Can you imagine through taxation and regulation what they're going to they're going to massively drive up the cost of fuel?


Now, who's going to pay for that? You're going to pay for that. You realize with what's proposed in this 110 page Biden Sanders manifesto, the cost of a gallon of gasoline could go up three times what it is today, three times. So depending on the nature, your engine in your car and so forth or where you live, let's just pretend it's two dollars and 20 cents a gallon. That's a pretty good guess for regular. Where I live.


You're going to be paying six to seven dollars a gallon. And that's not just you. That will reverberate across the economy, much of your clothing involves fossil fuels. You're sure as an example, your sneakers, but but coats, shirts. When you build a house, virtually everything has some element of fuel in it. But he used Tile's. The the roof. Just think about the costs that all these cost drivers are going to be kicking in and pushing the expenses while you're trying to hang on to your job, but the economy is not expanding.


The government's expanding. The government's expanding through taxation and through regulation, and they're going to continue to. To let the class warriors out there believe. They're going to continue to let the class warriors out there believe this is all about the rich people. All right, we we're ready in Santa Rosa, California, the great cast Sapho, and you want to vote for Biden. Why exactly, sir. You know, Mark, to restore the decency and leadership, not only domestically, but internationally, I think that Joe can bring us all together.


I'm just upset, Mark, that we probably can't even have just a good spirited dialogue. I was golfing with three Republicans. All right. All right.


I don't care about that. I want to go back to what you said. Joe will bring us together and bring decency back.


You said. Yes, what does that mean? What does that mean? It means it means right now that we're just wandering.


I got that. What does that mean specifically? What is Joe going to do to bring the country together and bring leadership in the country?


I think, Mark, you can see it in his leadership style. He brings people.


OK, what's Joe going to do? He's going to destroy the. Have you read the 110 pages? I have not read.


OK, so in your massively increasing taxes on a part of the population, when are you getting rid of the filibuster rule in order to ram through your agenda when you're taking 160 million people potentially off their private health care, when you won't allow inner city kids to go to schools of their choice when you're taking jobs away from blue collar workers by having open borders.


When you're massively increasing taxes across the board, I don't understand this unit, what are you talking about? You say a lot of this stuff religiously. I don't say anything religiously, pal. You're ignorant. You don't want to know about Joe Biden. It's 110 page document. Have you read it, yes or no, Eddie?


I've not read it. Well, why not? To hear the Seiders. Why haven't you read it? I have not read it. Mark, I've had not.


I'm asking you a question. You're golfing with three Republican buddies. Why haven't you read it? They're telling you what they want to do. You're going to give me your planet. You know, I kind of feel good. He's a leader. He's said, why haven't you read it, Eddie? With the talking points that you read? I'm not using talking points. It's in their documentary. This is what I've always said. They're morons. We're actually reading this stuff.


You'll read a damn thing right here about the phone, you idiot. I couldn't help it, folks. I lost my temper right away because all he's full of his s. We need decency, we need leadership, you know, he sounds like one of these media types. And I'm using talking points. Who's talking points am I using, Mr. Producer, does the RNC even bother sending us anything? No, I hate the rhinos. I'm here three hours a day for 20 years.


Talking points. What a joke. See this guy, Eddie? I even went through some of the stuff that they intend to do, and he calls them talking points, they're not my talking points. That's their agenda. Linda, Los Angeles, California, Charolais 870, the answer, how are you? Oh, fine, thank you for taking my call. I have to vote for Biden and Harris because I just detest Trump and you as a dog lover should be concerned that Trump has either done so or wants to open the Alaskan wildlife refuge where animals are protected.


He has opened lands to hunters. And for some reason, you don't care about hunting you.


Linda, Linda, Linda. What do dogs have to do with hunting? What do you eat for dinner, Linda? Pay attention. We're going to try and have a conversation. It's hard for lips. I get it. What do you eat, sweetheart?


What do you eat? Well, guess what? Some of that food has to be killed. Do you eat? No. Do you eat hamburgers? Do you eat hot dogs? Do you eat steak? Yes or no? I just bought my dog hamburgers at Jack in the Box. Wow.


So you support killing cattle for my dog? Oh, for your dog. That makes it OK. What do you eat?


I. But you didn't let me finish. I coleslaw, cheese and bread and a tangerine. Oh wow. That's irrelevant. You don't want to be crumb.


I don't mind hunters if they if they conduct themselves in the right way. I understand hunting. I understand thinning the herd. A deer is not a dog. Do you understand the difference. No, I guess you don't.


What was the other argument you made that you that you love about? Well, that that by the way, I mean to me too.


Did you know that? OK, Joe Biden needs me two. Did you know that the Biden they all eat made from what I understand now. What do you think, by the way? By the way, do you have a car? Yes, well, you know, you put in a car. What gasoline? Yeah, where does that come from? But don't let anybody finish. I said, where does it come from? Well, I guess the land really, so you have to drill for it, I guess I'm not I'm an entertainer and I'm not an expert on oil.


Oh, man, you don't have to be an act that's third grade stuff. You get oil from the ground.


I pay attention and I'm talking slowly so you can hear slowly. A lot of the oil is in Alaska and it's done very cleanly.


We need oil pipelines to move the oil or we have trucks that move it and they pollute, too. And so in order to have an advanced society so we can feed and clothe our liberal friends, we have to have fossil fuels.


Tumi, with solar panels, provide you with energy for your car. Why don't you let me finish? You want to talk about. I'll give you 30 seconds. 30 seconds. Go. OK, I think Trump Trump is despicable, he's a liar, and I goodbye, you're an idiot.


You're not going to get on here and just start defaming the president, the United States. You don't want to engage. Ladies and gentlemen, doing this for a reason. I'm doing it for a reason. And I'll explain it in a second. Ethan Wichita, Kansas, XM Satellite, why should we all vote for Biden?


Because Trump is hey, pal. I said, why should we? Well, try to explain why we should vote for Biden without mentioning Trump's name. Go.


So the thing about Biden is I agree with you in a lot of ways. You know, I would say, you know, I'm not a fan of of taxing people in the lower tax brackets too much. I want small business owners to have, you know, a fair chance. And, you know, who's you know, who's raising the taxes when they when they give corporate tax breaks to multimillionaires.


For Trump, it must be Trump. Well, tell me what corporate tax breaks that Trump give to corporations mentioning Trump's name.


Yes. Answer my question. What corporate tax? Pay attention. I'm educating you. What corporate tax breaks that Trump give. So, oh, what corporate tax breaks the trump you. So now you're the one talking about. I'll tell you what the tax returns just have.


Yeah. What did they do? They gave upwards of 20 million, 20 million dollars in tax breaks.


No, no, no. What he did is he lowered the capital gains tax. Now, what is the cap? Who pays the capital gains tax? Another way of saying I know.


Ethan, Ethan, you're losing it. Well, you pay attention, but who pays pay attention. Who pays the capital gains tax?


Giving a tax break. Hey, idiot. Who pays that capital gains tax? You do that consumer. Got it. Goodbye. Let's try again. Showing. Frank Scranton, Pennsylvania, the great WTW, this is the home of Joe Biden, I think he was five years old when they moved from Scranton.


I've been in Scranton longer than Joe Biden has. Frank, how may I help you?


Oh, no, no, no, no, no. He was one and a half when he left. One and a half. I'm never going to forget this town.


No, he's a Scranton and he says it over and over again.


He's a Scranton, right. He's not going to forget us, and that's why. And how do you know that, by the way? Because he said it.


Oh, he said it. And what is it that you don't. What what is it what is it that you don't want him to forget about Scranton, Pennsylvania, next 45 years.


He does not lie. Are you out of your mind? I've got clip after clip after clip with this guy lied coming out of the womb. This guy lied about his grades. He's plagiarized either. Are you out of your mind? That's my. It's one, but that's big news, right?


It's fake media that Joe Biden lies all the time, never lies, never.


He's never he's going to take care of Pennsylvania. No, he's not.


What's he going to do? He's going to kill fracking. OK, let's say what is Joe Biden going to do for Pennsylvania? I'm a Pennsylvanian, as you know. What's he going to do for Pennsylvania? To bring jobs back, no. Well, come on, pal, can't you do better than that? Bring jobs back from where? By raising taxes on America. Yeah, you hung up by raising let's listen to their logic. Joe's going to bring taxes by jobs, back by massively increasing taxes on American corporations.


So who does that benefit? Ladies and gentlemen, foreign corporations, China, China, China's not massively doing anything to their corporations. So Joe Biden is going to hurt our smokestack industries with his radical kook environmental agenda. He's going to massively includes, regulate, increase regulations and taxes on American businesses and companies, making it much more difficult for them to compete. And who's going to benefit? The Chinese government. And the Democrat Party. We'll take some more questions.


So are you convinced the vote for Joe Biden yet, ladies and gentlemen, based on many of his supporters, if you support Joe Biden, we want to know why we should vote for him, too.


I'll be right back.


My love in. So far, we have a guy who calls who's playing golf with three Republicans. Who had no specifics and didn't want to know anything. We had another guy who called who kind of thinks Biden is bad on taxes. And then. Quickly moves into class warfare, and then we have a woman who calls who doesn't believe in drilling in Alaska and hunting. And yet she drives a car and her dog eats hamburger meat. And last time I checked by Newsis.


Fossil fuel related transportation, and he needs me to. So you Biden supporters were very interested in hearing for him, and now if you want to tax the hell out of American businesses, here's what's going to happen. Farm businesses are going to beat them in competition. American businesses are not going to be able to invest in R&D capital improvements.


They're not going to be able to hire more people. In fact, they're going to fire more people. And that's particularly the case when you're in the middle of a pandemic. So massive tax increases, massive regulation, fuel shortages, brownouts, blackouts and so forth. That doesn't sound like a people positive agenda to me.


But I could be wrong, of course. Do you ever talk back to your radio that you must be listening to Mark Levin pick up the phone and call eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one.


All right. Let me try this another way. Cow Bend, Oregon, a wonderful place. Sirius Satellite. How are you, Carl? I'm good. How are you? Very well.


So tell us why you like Biden?


I like Biden for his role in the environment mostly.


And what's his role? He supports the Green New Deal and he supports moving away from fossil fuels.


All right. May I ask you a few questions? Can we keep this as a rational discussion? I'd like to. Do you do you have an automobile? Yeah, I do. Why?


Because I live in a society where fossil fuels are still the main dominant source of energy.


Well, what would replace it? Well, ideally, we would move over time. I think that's where you keep on messing it over time to an electrical grid based off of renewable energy.


OK, two things about that. I'm not missing anything. They say this is going to be done in 10 years. That's not going to be done in 10 years as a cow.


No, they don't say it's going to be done. Did you read the 110 page document? Yeah, that's a goal.


That's not what, sir, why you have not read the 110 page document?


No, but I don't think I have to. OK, but I think you do because you're projecting. But let's let's play along here renewable. So all fossil fuel we place with renewable what? Solar.


Nuclear, what all fossil fuels will ever be replaced. But we need to move towards a less fossil fuel.


OK, tell me what we would move towards.


Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal power. I mean, there's there's title power.


I mean, oceans. Yeah. And how would we do that? I mean, what do you want? The science.


There is no science yet. We don't know how to do it. We don't know how to do that yet.


OK, do you think that humans are capable of learning how to do.


OK, we keep moving. Of course there is. Now do I think humans are capable? I think over time the economy evolves. That's the great nature of capitalism. It's not because of government. Let me ask you a couple more quick. You have a computer?


Yeah. You have a car. You have a house. Oh, yeah, I assume you don't. I assume you don't roam around naked sometimes. Well, you know what I mean. Now, most everything I've just mentioned has a massive amount of fuel in it. Yeah, you're exactly right.


And you think they can all be replaced if we use solar and so forth. Ta ta ta ta ta. Power an electrical grid.


I don't know if it can all be replaced, but I do know that our dependence on fossil fuel is this bad.


I forget about that. I know. And I would love rather than to have water rain, I'd love it to be lollypops.


But I want to finish with you for a second. So where do you think all this ingenuity is going to come from?


Scientists and researchers all over the world. What do you mean? That's what capitalism is for. No, no, no, no, no, no. Capitalism is about the market. Capitalism isn't about the government telling people you must do this. Capitalism is about a market system, a competition. Let me ask you this. If what you say is possible, then why isn't it happening in Canada? But what isn't happening in Canada? What did you just say, why aren't they why aren't they almost fossil fuel free or mostly fossil fuel free?


I mean, why pick Canada? I'll pick Germany, I'll pick all these countries. Why is that?


Yeah, we're we're moving towards that as we speak.


No, no, no. You're not answering my quote. These are centralized, mostly socialist economies. And I'm asking you why they aren't.


Far more advanced in this area than we are. I mean, in a lot of ways, Canada is more advanced. No, they're not more energy. Canada relies on fossil fuels more than we do. As a matter of fact, they're floating on oil in Canada.


Yeah, I know, but that's the problem. We cannot afford to take all of that oil out of the ground. We're not.


Well, first of all, we can afford to take it out of the ground. It's cheaper now than ever before and it's cleaner. They do it now. That's had an effect on the environment. The hidden effects. Yes. Like what? Like global warming. Which like global warming.


Yeah, there may well be global warming, but I don't think we have a damn thing to do with it. You've heard of the sun, right? Yeah, I've heard of it a little bit more powerful than whether we drill oil wells.


But you do realize that the greenhouse effect is caused by the sun.


You do realize without the greenhouse effect, we're dead. Yeah, of course. But there's a limit. You do realize it's called the atmosphere, right? Yeah, of course. But there's a limit to that, right. Why? What's the greenhouse?


What is what is greenhouse effect? What is what are the elements of the greenhouse effect? I mean, what's the biggest element. One but CO2. OK, but what's the biggest element of the nitrogen. No. One. This is water. No, there's 70 percent nitrogen in the in the atmosphere.


The biggest element you talked about the greenhouse effect. Right. The biggest element in the greenhouse effect is condensation.


You do realize water is not an element. Why don't you pay attention?


I'm educating you. Now, let's take let's talk about carbon dioxide. What percentage of carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere? We don't measure it in percentage. There's about 450 parts per million.


Yeah, but that's a percentage. And let me tell you something. There was a great deal. There was.


You don't want to we want to talk. You want to show everybody how smart you are and and you're showing everybody the opposite. Let me let me let me let me explain something to you.


I'll give you an example that's very understandable. And I've used this before. There's a stadium with 10000 seats.


And that's and that's the greenhouse. And let me ask you how many of those seats are carbon dioxide? A few, but enough to affect it. I mean, for saying for like saying, hey, there's five people in a crowd of us. No, no, it's not.


It's not because we've had the greenhouse effect since the beginning.


A man and many believe it was much, much worse, quote unquote, than it is today because of the movement of the earth around the sun, because of the nature of the diner, whatever the reason is, we know very little about this, but we also know this man contributes a tiny, infinitesimal part to it.


No, because Mother Nature is a hell of a lot bigger and more powerful than we are with our automobiles into the atmosphere than any other natural gas combined.


So that, again, we put in more you know, we don't know. We don't look, I don't have a ton of time for this.


That's a that's an absolute falsehood. The sun does more damage, quote unquote, to our atmosphere than a thousand Americans.


Then a thousand Americans and depending on how the sun behaves and we have no control over that, obviously it could destroy the face of the earth.


Yeah, so could climate change.


But climate change, it's not that we disagree about the potential that exists with climate change because the climate does change. It's who's responsible.


Right. And I know I just told you that humans put in more CO2 and I just told you you're full of crap. Yeah, but you're you're wrong. And I encourage your listeners to look that up.


Look it up, folks. Thank you for your call. I'm 100 percent right and I've written about this as well. We have such a minuscule impact. On the climate. Minuscule impact on the climate, if we could control the climate, don't you think we would, ladies and gentlemen? But I can't I can't win a debate with the. And I went with the witchdoctors, if you will. I can't I can't win a debate with the with the ideologues because that's the religion.


It's not my religion. Carbon dioxide. In fact, we've had experts on this program, on my TV shows to they've talked about how the level of carbon dioxide actually it's maybe tipped up a little or tipped down a little bit, but nothing significant.


Let's go to Floyd, Long Island, New York, the great WIBC Go ahead, Floyd. Why would you vote for Joe Biden? That quite it's why now, Clyde Cloyed. I'm sorry. OK, thanks for taking my call. Yeah, it's first of all, it's really hard at home because my South American immigrant wife thinks Trump walks on water. So I'm really tired. But it's not so much of a Biden fan, does he?


What does he walk on? Clean water or polluted water? She thinks he can do no wrong. All right. Go ahead, Floyd. Anyway, I'm not so much a Biden fan because he was not my first choice. I am just basically a slided, disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter. And I really feel that. Okay, I'm running out.


What do you what is it that you like about B.S. that all the free stuff that he can do, like the free Medicare and the.


But I don't want to give you free stuff. I know, but it's going to be I don't want to be your servant, I don't want to work for you, but also there's another thing to hold on. I'll pay attention. I'm going to walk. Why should I work? And pay for your free stuff. Maybe free was the wrong word, but I mean, but but that's what you meant. I'm asking you a question. Why should I be your indentured servant?


Why should I work? And my money some of the go to you rather than my own family.


Right. But some of the stuff that I work for, too, will go to trust me, I don't take anything from you. I'm a net giver by I can't even tell you how much. But that's not what your interests are. You said you want free stuff so you don't want to give up your stuff. You want somebody else to give up their stuff. Right.


Like the rich or whatever it is. But everybody to contribute more is what it is.


But how much more should we contribute? I that that I don't know. And that but when you say contribute more.


Let me ask you something. If I don't work for the government and I don't receive anything for the government, but I create and invent things, maybe an assembly line or whatever, maybe I'm making more of these masks for people are ventilators for people or whatever. I'm making automobiles and so forth.


Aren't I contributing? Yeah, sure, sure, yeah. Ana Arni contributing more than writing a check to Washington, D.C., where passes through layers of the bureaucracy and politicians decide where my money should go to reward their constituent groups or or to or to pay for their theoretical nirvana and so forth and so on.


I mean, isn't where the rubber hits the road where I go into a store and buy something or somebody opens a store and sells me something? Isn't that where the hiring goes on? The inventiveness goes on, the the creativity, the productivity. Isn't that where it takes place? We the people.


Yeah, I know. I see this. You know, I work for like a European company and I just see the differences of the safety net that they have over there that compared.


So we have a safety net that's so big it's devouring the nation. I don't think it's enough, I really don't. I know, but you've said that, but I'm trying to walk you through this. In order to create jobs, in order to create business, in order to create prosperity.


The government can't do that. And by the way, who is it in the government exactly that does that?


Which department is it that, you know, it's like it's like driving a car. I don't know all the inner workings of it, but of course.


But somebody else does. The people who make the car, you see, it's easy to tax things and regulate things any moron can do that any semi intelligent human being can do that. But but think this through a second. I'm really trying to get through to you. We have a bureaucracy full of people. They aren't there based on merit. They're based on seniority. They're public sector unions. We don't know who they are. We don't know what their expertise is.


We don't know what their background is. We know they push a lot of papers. We know they make a lot of money. We know they get pensions and health care and this, that and the other. You have no idea what these departments and agencies do other than regulate and tax people and tell people what to do. And you want to empower that.


That's the other thing I don't understand about Bernie Sanders supporters. You keep fighting the system, right? You are the system and you want to make it even bigger. Yeah, I just I compare isostatic compared to what I see, but don't compare it to Europe.


I don't care about Europe. You're upset about communism. Europe sent us fascism. Europe has sent us all kinds of crap when America for a reason. Huh.


I know. And I'm just hoping it could be a little better in some ways, but it can be. But I'm going to tell you a little. You know what I pay in taxes percentage. I pay 55 percent. Fifty five percent state. Local. And I said 55 percent. Wow. OK, I don't hide my money overseas. I don't play games. It is strictly earned put in the bank or wherever it's put stock market or whatever.


That's it. But on the paycheck I receive, that's it right off the top. You think I should pay more. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to work less. I don't need this. And then all these people who rely on me for jobs, over 300 radio stations, I've got advertisers got all this stuff, the government can't replicate this. No, they can't. But they could maybe take your 55 percent and do it better than they're doing it now.


And who's going to do that? Bernie Sanders. No, Bernie Sanders is not Bernie Sanders. Never run a hot dog stand.


You say you see theory is what entices you theory. We can do a better job. You know what that is? That's a bumper sticker. Where are they going to go to the DMV, where do you live? You ever go to the DMV in New York? Oh, yeah, yeah, I they're closed, but I know. But is that efficient? It's more efficient than it used to be.


It used to be a disorder. That's not the test. What's that? That's not the test. That it's more efficient than they used to be. What the hell isn't better? I thought I. Can I send you a book?


Floyd. Sure, I wrote it, you promise you'll read it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll send you concern of a mid-level book. But I think I think you're a young guy, right? What how old are you now? 54. Well, you sound like you're like twenty eight. No, I'm just immature.


Do you want you want a more complicated book or a more basic book? Whatever you think makes sense. Well, listen, and my wife will probably read before I do because she's I don't know.


But I want you to read it or maybe she'll read it to you. I'm going to sign you plunder and deceit. OK, ok.


Mr. Producer, get Floyd's address. I like Floyd. He didn't come on here like a jackass.


He wants to have a discussion. That's a good thing, Floyd.


All right. We'll be right back. Much love in. Wow, more than two dozen former Republican lawmakers are voting for Biden, more than two dozen.


Oh, yeah, like Jeff Flake announced. Anybody remember Jeff Flake? This is how they get national exposure on television. Jeff Flake, nobody even knows what.


Who cares? But here's the little secret. Millions of Democrats voted for Donald Trump. Mr. Producer, you wear this.


Millions of blue collar Democrats voted for Donald Trump at the best the media can do.


And I want more than two dozen Republican and former Republican elected officials, you know, like Shaq and and Jeff Flake. And, you know, people like high, high quality and substance, Whitman and Whitman and yes, Jeff Flake, they're they're voting for Joe Biden. Wow. And we all must. So are you now going to vote for Joe Biden? It's all a sham. It's a pseudo event. It's a fraud.


Nobody's following Jeff Flake or Katika Whittman anywhere. In fact, most of us can't stand them, and all they've done is expose themselves. So we've said they've been for years.


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If you heard that, Mr. Producer, we breathe in oxygen, we breathe out carbon dioxide.


Carbon dioxide is oxygen to plants because they create the oxygen that we breathe. It's called nature's cycle. But I would like to ask all the leftists or the climate change purists, you know, that mask you're wearing when you breathe out your carbon dioxide?


What happens to a lot of it? Oh, my God, you're inhaling it. Oh, my God. I'll be right back. From the Westwood One podcast network. Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour of the podcast is sponsored exclusively by Aimé, the Association of Mature American Citizens, now over two million conservative members, Strong EMAC believes in and stands up for the values that we care about faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support Amen.


And you can become a member at Amax U.S. Join me here.


Now, broadcasting from the underground command post, deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader, Mark. Hello, America. Mark Levin here, our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one kenosis. Not one of the callers supporting Joe Biden. We're done with it. Missed a call screener.


The experiment is over.


Not one of them said, I want to vote for Joe Biden. Because he'll create jobs. I want to vote for Joe Biden because he'll put down the rioting and the arson and the looting in our streets. I want to vote for Joe Biden because he'll secure the border. Tell support, law and order. He'll increase our liberty. Have you noticed that, Mr. Minister? Most of the people are going to vote for Joe Biden, do not embrace American principles.


Or unwittingly, they don't embrace American principles. One guy calls, he wants free stuff. That's what he says. Now the guy's playing golf with three other buddies and he just wants more decency and leadership.


So I guess a guy hanging out in his basement demonstrated decency and leadership, but he doesn't bring up Tara Reid. A Robert Bork or Clarence Thomas, other examples where Joe Biden was a vicious character assassin. Now I get calls up, he's a climate change and idol worshipper. Thanks, man, has more to do with the atmosphere than the sun, this is what we're up against, the flat earth. I asked each and every one of them, they read the 110 page report, three out of four said no one lied, was caught in a lie, but nonetheless.


It's just very matter of fact, isn't it? We already see the threats. These are the Joe Biden supporters. Not one of them said, you know, he's smarter than trompe. Because that's obviously not the case. Now, one of them said because. I want my taxes raised. Because they figure somebody else's taxes are going to be raised. And so this apparently is the Biden support or they just hate Trump. The Democrats do this with every Republican, though people don't remember the way they treated Reagan.


They tried to build hate for Reagan, the same stuff. Reagan's a racist, he's a xenophobe. You know, we got all this, the reason Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor to the court is because he was being called misogynistic. He didn't believe in women's rights to the same game plan every time. Every time. Except now they have a media behind them like never before. Like never before. But do these people really represent so many other people who are out there?


There's a piece in The Wall Street Journal from the other day, push to defund the police faces headwinds in some poor black neighborhoods.


Three days after his 29 year old son was shot and killed, Keith Harris joined a group of residents who clashed with the protesters during a demonstration outside the Chicago Police Department seven district station in the Englewood neighborhood.


The turbulent confrontation last week pitted demonstrators seeking to defend the police against crime weary residents who say they want the department to better serve them, I don't see how defending the police is going to help anything in Inglewood, said Mr. Harris.


You had something take place in Kenosha.


Or a long time hoodlum, as it turns out, a sex offender, others, other things resist a police arrest. All we see is this very short clip. He walks around the passenger side of his car, walks into the driver's side of his car. He's brushing off the cops. Who have the guns out and he reaches into his car, going into his car, and then all you hear are shots. We're told seven shots, he didn't die.


He's expected to live. And so they're riding in this little town of Kenosha, which is, what, 120000 people or so destroying businesses, I mean, destroying them, destroying a museum, destroying a library.


I'm looking at the list here. A car dealership was burned to the ground.


Lots of looting and arson. It's all these innocent shop owners, all these innocent people, their families are being destroyed, their livelihoods are being destroyed. And automatically, Joe Biden comes out. Kamala Harris comes out, the governor of Wisconsin comes out and trashes the cops. Now, I don't know what went on here, none of us know what went on here, none of us. The guy's going into his car for all they know is trying to grab a gun because apparently some of the arrests he has in the past was the use of a weapon.


I mean, just as a rational matter, if some guy who has a record. Is resisting arrest. I don't even mean physically just pushing the cop away, gone into the car for all they know is going in there to get a handgun. Now, again, I don't have all the facts, I'm just giving a cantrip possibility. So the cops just put seven bullets in them and we're told she was shot in the back because they want to execute a black man.


I don't believe that for two seconds. Certainly not with all the the the attention they know what's going to get. And so the reaction now is destroy, right, don't even know the facts, it doesn't matter. And let's be perfectly honest. If a white guy was shot like that, nobody would give to give a crap. Nobody would even pay any attention. They would pay attention. So why is it assumed that the cops were wrong here when we don't have all the facts?


Why is it assumed the cops are wrong? We don't know. And why do they need the top leadership of the Democrat Party jump in immediately, trashed the cops and then try to use it to exploit and attack the president of the United States? I mean, is this really. Sensible, rational. It's demagoguery. It's demagoguery. So a little town, this Kenosha, Wisconsin. The people whose whose businesses were destroyed or the people who work at the library and the museum which were destroyed and have the foggiest idea what took place, they were not involved in anything.


Well, we got to teach society a lesson and what's the lesson? We don't have all the facts. It's almost any excuse for a ride, any excuse for arson, any excuse for looting, you're going to get back by the meat and you're going to get back by the Democrat leadership. You're going to get backed by the Democrat governors of these states. Can't we get the facts and then we'll know who to blame for what? But now, apparently we're not.


And what I'm telling you is if Biden's elected and is the vice president and they control both parts of the House of Representatives, of the House and the Senate, that is Congress.


This kind of conduct and behavior, this violent. Mob reaction is going to spread. It's going to spread. Because Biden and Harris don't even talk about this stuff. They even discuss this stuff at their convention. It's really appalling. I'll be right back. Mark in. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk.


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As I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a m a c dot us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for. Join amoc instead. A m a c us.


We have a really cool reporter who's going to report to us from the Republican National Convention.


Well, he's not really a reporter. He's the Republican leader in the House.


Kevin McCarthy. How are you, sir?


I'm doing well, Mark. How are you? Good.


You'd be the best reporter we ever had on here. Reporters aren't really reporters anymore, you know.


No, but, you know, so I was with the president today. And did you listen to his press conference today? He walks into the reporters and he says, I hope you had a good time at your convention, but I didn't see that.


That's hilarious.


And it was so good because we got so I was in North Carolina today. I'm actually the chair of the convention. And what we did with the delegates were so different than the Democrats are. Our nominees actually showed up? Yeah, exactly. At their home, they came to where the delegates are. The delegates nominated President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. And we signed the paperwork going off to all the states. And the president will accept the nomination on Thursday.


But what difference does it make to the nominee actually comes and accepts it and talks about what he's going to do for the next four years?


Kevin, can I just say this to you and I want you to go about this. This is really I mean, we talk about it, but people need to know the man is not campaigning and he wants to be president. The United States. And you go to grocery stores, people are working hard for minimum wage. You go into a restaurant, you go to a hotel, you go.


People are making the country where 90 percent of the people are employed. And the president of the United States, he shows no example. He has no faith in the American people. He doesn't want to be questioned. Kevin McCarthy, about that 110 page manifesto, which is outrageous that they've put. Is he going to get away with this?


He can't. I mean, the American people have got to sit down. And if you're going to make a vote, there's someone's going to lead you for the next four years. Will they leave their house? What are they going to do? Barack Obama says there's no difference between me and Bernie Sanders. The Joe Biden is the same as Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a register registered socialist to me. Sanders just Joe Biden's going to be the most progressive person.


But what's even worse, Mark, remember what they did to us in the last election? Remember when they went out and they called us deplorable? They called you, me, your listeners. But what did they do now? Now Nancy Pelosi thinks were domestic enemies. We are domestic enemies because we believe in our philosophy of limited government, that we believe in the individual, that we believe that you should actually work to become president, that if you're in Congress, you should actually show up to work.


Do you realize that 68 Democrats didn't even show up Saturday? All right. Hold on there.


I want people to really understand this, 68 Democrats. So they're really in the minority. But she changed the rules where certain Democrats have proxies from.


We've talked about this with other other Democrats so they all don't have to show up.


But remember what Nancy did? It wasn't showing up for this extraordinary time because we were going to deal with covid and unemployment. Are small businesses are helping with the schools, with their. No, no, no. We're going to show up for a post office. She said the post office is going to run out of money. You listen to Mrs. Goldwing, who's a Democrat commissioner for 18 years, appointed by Bill Clinton. She said, no, no, it's a hoax.


The post office can handle all of this. They have 14 billion in the bank and another 10 billion line of credit that we already gave them in the care that they have more money now to go one way into the next year. But Pelosi said, no, everybody's got to be back. This is an extraordinary time. We ask about one third of all the Democrats didn't even show like their boss, like like Biden.


Exactly. They're taking the lead of who they're who they're following. You don't need to show up. You'll still get paid. But every other American, you have to show up to work. It's just like the mayor of Chicago. She's got to protect her street. But nowhere else in the city is there going to be protect.


Shocking, shocking. And I'll tell you, Kevin McCarthy, they want mail in voting and all these states because they know the states aren't prepared for a mail in voting and they'll blame Trump and the post office if they lose. And they'll and they'll accused Trump of using the post and they'll accuse Trump of not wanting them to leave the White House if they win. So they they figure they'll win it both ways. Exactly.


But the post office has none of the problem. If everybody voted by mail, that's only three quarters of what the post office delivers. They can totally handle it. The problem is exactly what you said. It's the election office and we've watched it time and time again. They can't handle it. They'll reject the votes. Hmm.


And so this is the problem on Election Day. And the president's exactly right. We could have. A significant constitutional crisis. We have Florida in 20 states and we're not even talking about chads here, we're talking about dates. Did he come in time? Was it stamped on time? Was it filled in on time? All these local judges making all these decisions, they are undermining our electoral system and then they're blaming Trump. Exactly.


But remember what? You had four days of their convention. What do we know that they're for? Well, they're for defunding the police. They hate the president and they're going to raise your taxes. That's their agenda. I guess you wouldn't want to come out of your house if that's what I get. Now, wait a minute. I believe he does move from room to room, though. I've heard this. This is a rumor. But you know what?


You can't do too many rooms in one day yourself, but honest to God. Listen to the experts. But the experts tell you you should go back to school. You shouldn't shut the government down. But he's going to shut all of business down again.


Now, this is a very, very important point because I think he said something he intends, but he didn't mean to make public. He said that if the experts tell him, he will shut down the country. Now, which expert? I mean, this is so if one bureaucrat at NIH or HHS or even Dr. Fauci tells him to shut down the country, he's going to shut down the country. Imagine all the people who die who won't have the head that had the prescriptions they need, all the people out of work.


Are Republicans going to talk this point up?


We are, because it's exactly what he said and what experts he's going to listen to, because Dr. Fauci says you shouldn't shut the shouldn't shut it down again. So I don't know what he's thinking because how does he even know anything? Because he's not even getting out of his or getting out of his house because he had the convention in Wisconsin. He didn't go. We just held the convention in North Carolina. The president and the vice president showed up when they held their convention.


He stayed in his house and our president went and toured the country. That's what leadership is. You show people example the same thing. That's with our doctors, the same thing with our grocery workers, the same thing with our truck drivers. They're showing up to work. The only people who or not is Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress.


He's showing no leadership, none whatsoever. And as we just said, people are going to work for minimum wage in this country, make sure we have food on the table and clothes on our back and roofs over our head. The country's functioning. Despite these Democratic governors, the president, the United States won't even come out of his house to campaign. And, you know, we know he can because Trump's doing it.


Yeah, Trump can do it, Biden. But, you know, the other thing that's so important, President Trump has been the president. So let's judge him on the job he has done. How many times have you ever sat back with elected official? And he said, you know what, you made all these promises before. Have you kept any of them?


Well, Kevin, Kevin, we're going to have you back. I have to I have to go because of the music. We're going to have you back. Keep fighting. Keep fighting. We got to win this election.


And I want to thank you for what you're doing. All right. You take care. God bless Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House. I'm sorry to have to cut him short.


We'll be right back. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. AMOC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. Advocacy.


Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more. And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a m a c dot us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for.


Join amoc instead. A m a c us.


Mark Coffin, an unapologetic patriot and unapologetic constitutionalist, you can reach him at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one, you know.


One of the powerful. Distinguishing features. To make between the Republicans and the Democrats was just made. The opening video of the Republican convention. The president loves America. And we embrace patriotism. Do you know what patriotism is? Patriotism is love of country. Had such simple. You saw no honest patriotism at the Democratic convention. Quite the opposite. It was a hate America rally, day in and day out, night in and night out. But we love this country.


We're not hypocrites. We're not wealthy athletes, wealthy movie stars. Wealthy industrialists. Who then support the undermining and evisceration of the foundations of this nation. In fact, the overwhelming vast majority of you are not wealthy at all, and yet you. Despite the lack of material wealth, love this country more than all those I just spoke about. And the president feels exactly the same way. Exactly the same way. And you can tell by the nature of the convention, you can tell about the the positive belief in this country, you can tell by the patriotism.


President's going to be honoring patriots, veterans, police officers, small business people.


People who've overcome so much. And experienced the American dream. Let us go to John Atlanta, Georgia, XM Satellite. John, go right ahead, please. I would love to tell you, thank you. Keep up the good fight. Thank you, lady that called it. And for the lady that called in on feeding her dog hamburger meat, found out from her if they were brought to her by a battery operated truck or an electric train and mail her a book of from opaque.


And maybe she would understand while this drill, baby, drill.


You know, the funny thing is, John, I'm old enough to remember when the left used to say that capitalism is incapable of creating prosperity for the vast majority of the American people.


Now, they tell us we're five percent of the population use 20 percent of the world's resources. In other words, the economic systems to successful these people are anti us. They're anti the people. They want to control us while they pretend to represent us. They are the worst of the worst. We are energy independent. This is a magnificent thing that should be celebrated, celebrated, and yet it's not.


All right, John, God bless you, my friend Mark. Oak Creek, Wisconsin, XM satellite go. Hey there, Mark. It's an honor to speak with you. Thank you. You're welcome. I listen to you every day. I live just north of Kenosha and just south of Milwaukee. And, you know, it's the Jacob Blak here, the black gentleman that got killed here and I guess injured here in Kenosha. Police incident.


You know, he wasn't killed. He's he's going to survive. OK, no, there was, you know, the black gentleman, the Trump supporter in Milwaukee, Embryonal Trammel, who was killed back about a month ago. The media here was silent. The governor was silent, and the mayor, Tom Barrett, was silent. No outrage from the social justice warriors or NFL players. It's pretty pathetic. Pretty sad. And do you remember when that.


This horrific thing where the neighbor who was an African-American gentleman walked up to a five year old kid on a bike who was a white kid, put the gun to his head and executed them at point blank range.


I actually don't know. Isn't it amazing? You don't know? It happened about a week ago, and the neighbors and the neighbors, the white neighbors had had him over for dinner the week before and they knew nothing of this. And the reason you don't know about it is it's only a few news outlets even cover this.


Now, can you imagine if the shoe was on the other were on the other foot?


Exactly. You'd know about it and you ought to know about it.


Do you know the names of the people this weekend who were murdered in New York or Chicago or I was going to Chicago? Do you know their names? I don't do know. Nobody does. And this is the point, isn't it? Exactly.


So you have a guy who's got a criminal record. We don't have all the facts. We have an eight, nine, 10 second video.


And that guy represents justice. Apparently, we don't have all the facts.


No, nothing. It's incredible. All right.


My brother, my brother, my brother is a police officer and in the great state of Indiana. And I just want to say that, you know, there's more of us side to this love. The police support him. And I've been on a ride along with them. And it's an amazing thing, actually, what they have to deal with every day. And more people should do something like that. I mean, police officers are great people. They yes, they are dangerous and take care of us.


So, you know, props to my brother and all of his fellow officers out there across the country. So amen. God bless.


And we do that every night on this program, the end of the program. You know, it was not possible because Fox and others would never let me do this. I would have loved to give a seven, eight, nine minute speech at the Republican convention. Wouldn't that be great, Mr. Producer?


Even though there's almost nobody in the audience, it doesn't matter. Man, Oh, Manischewitz, don't you think that would be cool? But my employment situation prevents it. The man, would that be cool? I'm just saying just my opinion. Brian Stelter has a I give it that right, Brian Stelter has a book coming out, I'm not going to give you the name. I'm not going to link to it.


You actually have a guy with a very small program, very small ratings on CNN on the weekends who's written an entire book trashing Fox.


I might be in it. I have to assume I am trashing Sean Hannity. Now, first of all, let's think this through.


His publisher, Simon and Schuster. To hate Trump books already, then there's going to be a hate malani, a book coming out and now this book that's for books. They're my publisher. And you say, Mark, why don't you get out of it? I can't get out of it. I'd like to get out of. And so we actually have this guy who's trashing one of my employers, the Fox News Channel. It's so bizarre. Truly bizarre, and you see Fox as a threat because Fox propaganda guy works at CNN.


CNN. And I want you to listen to some of this cut 13 go, and what we are going to see in the next few days is a truth imbalance, because if we've learned anything from the trumpeter's, it's that there's a real likelihood there's a real forecast of lies coming fast and furious from the president and sadly from many of his allies. All right.


So let's stop. This is supposed to be reporter. Now, this guy has written his book. Jim Acosta wrote another Trump painting. But these are Trump haters. These are never Trump. He's supposed to be a journalist, this isn't a journalist. He said they've crossed the Rubicon, they crossed it. And now they're fighting on. He's not going to talk about. The outrageous attempt to criminalize politics with the investigation of Trump and his family, he's not going to talk about what Cyrus Vance, the D.A. in Manhattan or the attorney general in New York, are trying to do to the president of the United States.


He won't talk about the fact that there was no Russia collusion, but that it was used by the media and the Democrat Party in the Obama administration. He's a liar, he's a filthy, no good damn liar. And I challenge Brian Stelter to come on this program, not to promote his book, but the debate me. I'm happy to talk about truth and lies. I know your record, you a little puke, and I remember what happened. When I dug into the FISA issue and your your pathetic.


STAMMERING. And I have a lot of questions for you. I really do have a lot of questions for you. Go ahead in these speeches, in these videos, in these events that we are about to witness, so nothing has taken place yet. Presidents are serial liar, his supporters are liars, the videos and the speeches are going to be filled with lies. He's basically Nancy Pelosi in drag.


That's what he is. Or maybe she's Brian Stelter in drag, I can't tell, and that prepubescent voice of his is very off putting. Look, I know I don't have the most beautiful voice in the world, but compared to him, I'm Frank Sinatra.


Go ahead. There's a real difference, there's a real contrast in how much lying and deception takes place between Trump World and other parties.


See this? This is the this is the the thesis, the hypothesis of his book.


So now he's he's corruptly and unethically using his position as a so-called journalist to promote his book.


Look, I'm not a journalist. I don't pretend to be one. God forbid, what if what a phony profession that's become. Go ahead. I don't think we can paint with too broad a brush here, Democrats versus Republicans, but it's definitely Trump World versus other political leaders. I think it's something called asymmetric line. I mean, look at this. This is from the DNC, a CNN fact checking team led by Daniel Dale checked out the DNC speeches.


Here's the review of the first to see.


It's a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. So now he's checking a Democrat. A CNN fact checking team checking out that they were largely telling the truth, but the Republican convention starting Monday. You know how that's going to be ranting and raving and negative and all the rest of it? What what what a corrupt operation, the media in this country, how they've destroyed our First Amendment. I'll be right back.


Love Globin. AMEC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now, over two million conservative members strong, and I'm one of them, a man who believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about more than talk. AMOC fights a full time presence in Washington. EMAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. Advocacy. Joining a map gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member only, rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cell phone plans and a hell of a lot more.


And if that's not enough, you'll get Amax bi monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm an EMAC member and you should be to join today at Amoco's. That's a C dot us stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other 50 plus organization has been pushing for. Join amoc instead. A m a c us.


This is very, very important to Joe Biden with ABC News yesterday on Trump attacking his mental fitness and so forth.


That's not the one I want. Oh, no, no, no, it's cut five, actually, about shutting down the country. I want you to listen to this very important cut five go if you're sworn in come January.


And we have coronavirus and the flu combining, which many scientists have said is a real possibility. Would you be prepared to shut this country down again? I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus. That is the fundamental flaw of this administration's thinking to begin with. In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed, you have to fix the virus.


You have to deal with the virus. So if the scientists say, shut it down, I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientist.


He would shut down the country. No one shoving the constitution. He has that power. Number two, this demonstrates that that's what number of these governors are all about.


They're trying to deliver this country to Joe Biden and empower themselves. But number three. The fact is, you shut down this country. The economic impoverishment will be like this country has never seen before. It'll make the Great Depression look like nothing. Can you imagine going through this again, number two, we have got to get our schools open at some point here or we're going to have an entire generation of children who are not properly educated.


And we're paying a fortune for these damn schools. And their unions and their facilities. Number three. Never do they discuss the health consequences of shutting down a country. Shutting down a country that means more hospital closures. Fewer ICU beds. Fewer pharmaceuticals available to the public, it means more doctors appointments missed. More surgeries canceled. Cancer, MS. Diabetes, heart disease, MS. Strokes, mist. It means widespread, ubiquitous mental health issues, which we already know are taking place in this guy just blithely says, I'll listen to the scientists, I'll shut down the government.


You understand, if the president of the United States followed Falchi every step of the way. We'd have more deaths in this country. We'd have more unemployment in this country. So when Joe Biden talks about the economy under Trump. What is he talking about exactly? These are frauds. I want you to think about this, ladies and gentlemen, your jobs, your way of life, they're going to be attacked by rioters, they're going to be attacked by government taxes and regulations, and they're going to be attacked by a misuse of so-called science.


You're never going to have a breather. You're never going to have a chance. And neither your children. And then what, rely on more and more Bernie Sanders government? This is the picture that they're painting, this is paint by the numbers. It's not Mark's talking points, it's their talking point. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. And I'll see you right here tomorrow. I hope you'll join us. Thank you.


My beloved audience, all you patriotic Leibnitz. God bless each and every one of you. See you tomorrow. From the Westwood One podcast network.